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All:Would game shows other than TPIR survive in today's daytime climate

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In on the Big Three Networks the only daytime network game show we have left is The price Is Right.I know back in the late 80s, NBC had Wheel of Fortune and Classic Concentration.CBS also had the late 80s version of Family Feud with the late Ray Combs.At one point ABC had the Match Game.Why don't the Big 3 networks ever debut new game shows to daytime tv anymore? Is it because of the dying daytime genre? Is it because of ratings? Are they cheaper to produce than soaps? I hope the Game Show Network doesn't effect its chances of new game shows coming to the airwaves.

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This should probably be in the Off-Topic section.

Talk Shows/News Hours are cheaper to produce than Game Shows.

Game Shows are cheaper to produce than soaps.

Talk/News cheaper to produce than both.

Honestly, I don't see networks trying to do daytime gameshows anymore. There just isn't a market for it, and PRICE will beat them if they put a game show up against it and if a network were to ever put a gameshow up against something, it would be Daytime's #1 Gameshow.

From a business standpoint, if NBC was smart and really didn't want to replace PASSIONS with another soap, they would have replaced it with an hourlong gameshow and have it go head-to-head with PRICE this fall(who will have a new host). Definitely not a daytime DEAL OR NO DEAL, but maybe revisiting the shopping version of WHEEL OF FORTUNE(In an hourlong one episode block) or they could have attempted to do a daytime revival of LET'S MAKE A DEAL.

I think the question is better suited for syndication. I wish there were more traditional game shows in syndication. The only successful syndication game show launch this decade has been WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? with Meredith Vieira. And a lot of the reason why that show is successful is her. God forbid if she ever leaves.

And GSN has nothing to do with the lack of network/syndicated game shows, because there are hardly ANY gameshows on the network. GSN backtracked a few years ago and decided to develop it as "The Network For Games" meaning 24/7 Texas Hold'Em. SOAPnet is about to do the same thing with soaps/drama series if you ask me, but that is beside the point. The last thing worth watching on GSN was the Michael Larson(PRESS YOUR LUCK winner who remembered the patterns on the board and amassed over $100,000 in cash and prizes...a big deal in the early 80's). That was probably one of, if not, the BEST TV documentary I've seen.

Back on topic: network gameshows are dead!

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