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GH: Lucky & Sam

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what does everyone think about lucky and sam on GH?

im kinda torn here... cuz i love lucky and liz, and sam and jason, but then again i love liz and jason more than anyother couple on the show. and lucky and sam beig there ex's/currents could be intersting, but also kinda stupid.

i def see the chem between KM & GV tho.

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I've been on the LuSam train for a while. They'd be gorgeous together. One, the obvious thing is they will have something in common to bond over. But best of all, I think Sam being away from Jason is a good thing. I think Sam's ingenuity may be the thing that gets Lucky out of his forever screw up mode, and will allow him to man up. Its kinda interesting too. The cop and the con.

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Lucky is boring (he is nothing like luke) that is why he was with Liz.

Sam's type has been Jax, Sonny and Jason. Not Lucky. If Luke was a younger man, he would be her type.

I can see Sam going back with Jax. I could even see her with Patrick Drake because he has a bit of bad boy in him.

On GH, boring/straight laced is always paired with boring/straight laced. If a boring person gets involved with another character they are never a popular couple. See my examples.

By boring I mean non trouble makers, no pazazz, no danger ect.....

Boring = Boring

Lucky & Liz

Nik & Emily

Nik & Courtney

Alexis & Ned

Dillon & Georgie

Boring & trouble

Liz & Ric

Alexis & Ric

Emily & Sonny (the worse ever)

Courtney & Jason

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