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The State of Y&R

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With all the trashing I see about this show I think it's time I say what I've been feeling.

I'm horrified about the Kimberlin situation and the whole Phyllis/Sheila business. I'm hoping it's NOT over & that Kimberlin shows back up. Soon.

But outside of that I've still been enjoying the show tremendously right along.

I thought Dru's reactions to Carmen Mesta were a bit odd but I didn't find it dull.

I LOVE the reliquary story. I never cared much for Brad Carlton but this story has brought all kinds of depth to what was a fairly dull character and given Don a chance to really show what he can do.

I don't find it at all unlike some of the stuff Bill Bell could come up with now and again. Certainly not on a daily basis but there were some "big bang" stories like this once in awhile on Y&R over the years. Further I have a suspicion that this story may have a huge payoff at the end. I may be wrong but I think we may find the resolution very satisfying. That's another thing Y&R has always been excellent at doing over the years (under former regimes.) The much-maligned Lynn Latham has also been able to carry that off on her other shows.

I'm quite sure not all that's being blamed on Lynn is her own doing. There are other parties at work on this show.

I must also mention I wasn't thrilled with the whole Davetta thing either.

But I've been loving the chemistry between Daniel & Amber. Unlike the various Amber-haters who seen to irrationally despise her for existing, I find her refreshing and entertaining. She brings a new fresh quality to Y&R. She's far more full of life than some Valley Girls I could mention from the past.

I also love the new character Cane, the Amber/Cane stuff, and I adore Maggie Sullivan and her romance with Paul.

I love Gloria too, have always loved her since she first showed up in another guise. I don't generally get the Gloria-hate either. Judith can out-act all kinds of others I could mention.

It's way too soon to comment on the Kay/Jill stuff going on or where that may head.

I liked Janna who may be gone, but must confess I never did understand just what her purpose was. Still I enjoyed seeing her.

I'm also mystified by the professor who maya be bad guy.

Is the show perfect? Of course not.

Is it what it used to be? Absolutely not.

Is it better than the other soaps? Definitely. It's still by far the best other than quickly rising Days. Days has improved a great deal lately thought it also has a few glitches & rough spots to work on.

B&B is still wildly erratic, the P&G shows also uneven (though I'm generally enjoying ATWT. Or at least I was enjoying parts that didn't involved freak silly storms, screaming gun-waving hostage situations at the hospital a la Guza-Pratt stinkathons, & this bizarre Adam Hughes thing yesterday.) ABC is a hideous worthless mess. Passions is too annoying most of the time for me to care anymore. The non-supernatural stuff was always too weak and that's pretty much all that's left these days.

Y&R is still the one I look forward to watching every day. And still the one I rate highest (although Days is quickly catching up.)

I don't get the hate. I disagree with a lot of what I've been seeing posted. I felt it time I said it because so many others are just throwing out all this hatred and venom (which should probably be directed at the still horrendous GH. GH is eastily the worst soap opera EVER and has been for way too many years. Ever since Guza & Pratt returned to wreck the show it's been unwatchable.)

Oh yes, and now Y&R has Vincent Irizarry which may end up creating all kinds of good story.

I loved all the Victor/Jack story with the twists and the latest "setting Jack up for a fall."

As for real criticism I don't know why they killed off John, why they got rid of Ashley, and to repeat, WHY ON EARTH they didn't bring back Kimberlin (yet.)

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okay, heres my view on Y&R...

The Phyliss/Shiela stuff, i actually kinda liked. i loved seeing michelle take on the two roles, and i hope its finnaly all over. do we really need shiela to pop up yet again? nope, i dont think so. even tho i love the char and KB is one of the most amazing and underrated actress ever. but i think her time has come and gone. And i know almost no one is agree on this, but idk..

The Lauren/Michael thing is still by far the sweetist thing on daytime.. imo..

The Dru thing... idk. i started watching Y&R in like 2000 so i dont know how the char was before that, but i have never liked her. VR on the other hand is def one of the top 10 most underrated actress on daytime. But the char. i just hate. i find her whinny and annoying and i cant stand her. a lot of it has to due with when Y&R was the Winters PSA show. so im glad shes leaving...

i also love the reliquary story. i love brad and think DD is a great actor and im glad to see him in a story where he can shine. i also lvoe how it involves so many people. i cant wait to see it all play out and i hope it has an amaing payoff in the end.

im aslo enjoying the romantic pairings and hooking ups going down. i for some reason can almost stand colleen when she is with korbell. i hope that jt and victoria hookup soon again. and im loving Amber, with... well everyone! but esp Daniel. I also enjoy Jana & kevin, i actually really like jana. no i dont thinks he has some huge purpose on the show, but i still enjoy her char.

oh and victor setting jackass up!! go victor go!!

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Let it all out :)

I don't find Dru dull at all. :)

I suspected there were others out there who enjoyed this story. However, I disagree on your assessment of Don Diamont. Donny Boy has only one emotion and it's actor. Lately, he comes across VERY smug to me. I can barely stand to watch him anymore. I think adding EP (Adrian) to the story was a good idea, because atleast the actor can show various emotions.

She hasn't delivered anything though. It's either her stories go around in circles, or take an immediate halt. I blame her most because she is headwriter and executive producer.

I was happy to see Amber coming to Y&R. But when they immediately linked her to Katherine/Jill story, I was DISGUSTED. Moreso because Amber is LEADING this story. That sh!t isn't right.

She's best when she is subtle. I don't understand her need to upstage or go hysterical 90% of the time. She was good during the kidnapping, and I can take her in small doses.

I hate the way the Jack/Victor thing is written. It's too black and white. Plus it makes Nikki and Victor come off as self-righteous a$$holes!

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Sheila is so not done. Brad Bell needs to save her and place her on B&B. At least he has some idea of what the character's about unlike wacko Latham. Kimberlin has played many roles on daytime (on OLTL, PC, AW) none compare to the nanny from hell - Sheila Carter. Sheila need to high tail it to L.A. to confront Taylor, Brooke, Stephanie etc...

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Kimberlin was hands down the best Supporting Actress of 1995. That was the year she held James in the dungeon and threw her goodbye party at the Forrester mansion with Lauren, James and the gang in attendance. An emmy winning performance if ever there was. Unfortunately, the pathetic emmy system was totally flawed and didn't know which end was up with regard to tallying the nominees.

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No sh!t Sherlock

& this is the part where you say...

Keep digging Watson


Atleast the thread resembles Y&R, as it too has turned into a joke. I remember when Y&R threads had integrity. :Shakes Head:

IA with you... but heh, that's the team you're rooting for.

BTW heatherwebber I hope you post more in the weekly Y&R threads. Would love to read more of your thoughts. :)

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This entire story makes me CRINGE. If I hear Jill say Phillip's birthdate one more time, I'll pull my freaking hair out. Not only is it disrespectful to long time fnas, but it doesn't make a lick of sense. THAT WOULD MEAN PHILLIP WAS LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD WHEN HE DIED IN THAT CAR ACCIDENT. No LML, researching the freakin' date, doesn't mean your doing a good job. Idiot.

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