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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Credit to Jules at the Z/K board:

Main story: Ryan Learns He's Emma's Father

Zach is given truth serum this week on AMC, so naturally he blabs a biggie: Ryan is Emma's biological father.

"It's amazing how that worked out, huh?", quips Cameron Mathison (Ryan) of his character having had a vasectomy, only to learn he now has two children thanks to the sperm he donated when he first arrived in Pine Valley. "Ryan already adores Emma, so it's going to be interesting."

He immediately confronts Kendall about keeping the secret. "He's pretty damn angry," warns head writer Megan McTavish. "He's sick of the secrets and lies."

Kendall defends her actions. "Kendall has such abandonment issues," sighs Alicia Minshew (Kendall). "She was afraid for Spike. She didn't want Ryan to focus all of his attention on his new daughter and forget about his son. It's typical Kendall."

Ryan's next move isn't typical of him, though. He decides to keep "mom" and not tell Annie the truth.


Revolving Door: Out: After playing beloved Dixie Cooney Martin on and off since 1988, Cady McClain was let go from All My Children in December, a move that the show asked the actress and this magazine to keep quiet until the Slayer strikes again this week.

"Despite their choice to do this, I wish the show every success," says McClain. "It's a wonderful cast of good-hearted actors, and a fantastic and committed production crew."

She acknowledges, though, that Dixie's death next week means fans will not get the happy ending they've been waiting for. "I feel especially sad that the fans were led to expect a living reunion for Tad and Dixie with their one biological love baby, Kate, because they will be let down," sighs the actress.

See next issue for McClain's exclusive interview--including the truth about her "negotiations".

Out: Tanisha Lynn (Danielle). Derek sent Dani to Hawaii last week so she'd be safe from the Satin Slayer. "The character can always come back," reminds head writer Megan McTavish.


Buzz: Though all the attention is on AMC's controversial transgender story, another ABC soap is about to launch a storyline that is similarly cutting-edge. It will certainly get some fans all "fired up."


Week of Jan. 22:

JR catches Babe and Zoe in bed.

Maggie comes face to face with Jonathan.

Zach is injected with truth serum.

David becomes a suspect in the murders.

Josh discovers Tad killed Madden.

Can't Miss: Fri., Jan. 26: Dixie and Tad kiss.

Week of Jan. 29: Zach remembers more about his past. JR reveals his true feelings for Babe. Kendall makes a dangerous move to lure the killer.

Mail Call: Forget Zarf. Binks got a hot New Year's kiss from Leslie!

Two AMC letters in Public Opinion. One criticizes AMC for the following reasons: (1) Please put some clothes on Erica. Grown women do not go around dressing like teenagers; (2) Ryan is a joke. Find a new "hero".; (3) Babe and JR are pathetic. No sane woman would stay with a man who tried to kill her. Let it go.;(4) Colby and Sydney are too ridiculous for words. If I wanted to watch airheards, I would watch Paris and Nicole.; (5) Utilize more established characters.; and (6) Stop rehashing the same storylines. How many times must we see a "Who's the daddy" story?.

The other letter praised TK and JC for their performances during their characters' big reveals on New Year's Eve. I'll type up this letter in the Magazine thread.

In U Said it to Us, there is a letter criticizing the Zoe/Zarf story because (1) Zoe/Zarf is so obnoxious that the author wants to hit the FF button when she/he comes on the screen and (2) the character has no roots or connections to PV.

Viewer's Voice: AMC: Do you like Ryan and Annie together?

69% yes

31% no

There's an interview with SP where she answers fans' questions. No scoops here.

There's also an interview by CH with VI: He doesn't think David is the serial killer because killing people isn't David's style, but turning everyone's lives upside down is, and David has nothing against Fusion. He said he couldn't believe they let Julia Barr go and didn't even write her a farewell scene. I will type this next part up verbatim:

Question: You were at AMC for nine years. What do you think their goal is, getting rid of all these veterans?

Answer: I don't know what their ultimate goal is. I mean, I certainly know that they're trying to change the demographics on the show. That's obvious. But I'm not sure about the way they're trying to accomplish that goal. Their strategy seems bizarre, unless they're willing to cut their losses for the next five years or so in the hopes that they can re-create the show. That's a long time to abandon your entire base and try to build up a new base, especially in a world that's not the same as the world was when that base was created.

He goes on to talk about the internet, playstations, Xboxes, etc. grabbing kids' attention these days. When CH asked if it made sense for AMC to try to attract moms rather than teens, VI replied:

"Yeah, but they don't seem to think that works anymore. I don't know what the answer is, but I don't think this is the answer. I think they're burying the show even faster than they would if they held onto their core audience. It's a tough situation. The medium itself is really struggling. Let's hope that daytime will be here 20 years from now."

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Go vincent. The only thing that keeps me watching is erica, I'm actually hoping SL will retire soon so I don't have to watch all my crap anymore, which is very sad. :( When is the actress that plays barbara suppose to show up, I really don't see the point of her coming with Walt/jack rumored to be leaving unless they will end up leaving together.

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All this stuff sounds pretty good (except Dixie <_< ). I can't wait to see Ryan react when he finds out Emma is his daughter. I also have been waiting for the Jonathan/Maggie scenes. Interesting David becomes a suspect. Well whoever is the Serial Killer I hope it is resolved quickly! The Who Killed Greg Madden went on for way to long and I don't want to sit through another long murder mystery.

It will be interesting to see what Cady will say about her negotiations. I also love VI!

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