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ATWT: SOW Spoilers

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In at ATWT

Bruce MacVittie (Mr. Tull): Emily has something to be concerned about on Jan. 9 and 11.

ATWT's Paul Sees Dead-ish People

Paul foresees a chilling spill for his mom. Barbara, this week on ATWT.

"Barbara lost her daughter, her ex-husband and her grandson, and she sees her firstborn as having a way to find that grandson," previews CZP (Barbara) of her psychic offspring.

But Paul is less than a happy medium. "Paul thinks it's very selfish of Babs that she's always thinking of herself first," sighs CZP. "Barbara sees this as a way to help her family heal and get her grandson back. Of course, Paul doesn't see it that way."

In fact, "he sees things that are far more violent. Barbara touches him. She grabs him. That's when Paul has a vision of blood and things falling."

Later, when Barbara tangles with a young doctor, she becomes a thing falling. "It's not comical, especially when Paul and Barbara realize that he does have 'the gift.'"

Fortunately Barbara is okay - but the next victim might not be so lucky.

Carolyn Hinsey did an interview with Maura West. Maura is due at the end of Jan.

Sneak Peeks

Casey cons Maddie and Margo

Daniel's plight leads Tom to have a heart attack.

Will decks Adam.

Mike asks Vienna out.

Holden catches Lily with pills.

Can't miss: Friday, Jan 12

Jack and Carly get embroiled in Leonian consulate wackiness.

Week of Jan. 15th

Margo fears the worst when Tom collapses. Katie's luck changes. Barbara attempts to bring Paul back to reality

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