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Bob Barker to retire


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Obviously they will try to replace him before they throw in the towel on THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

I can only think of one man that would even remotely fill the void Bob Barker leaves: Todd Newton. He does the V.O. for the DVD game, hosted WHAMMY!, HOLLYWOOD SHOWDOWN, and other shows. He's also young and good-looking enough for the 18-49 female audience, but has game show experience. He would be my #1 (and as of right now, ONLY choice). Not to mention that Newton is a man with staying power. Even though he isn't a "name"(i.e. Arsenio Hall, Ricki Lake, etc.), he would be the least likely candidate to look for work elsewhere.

Jeff Trachta(ex-Thorne, B&B) also comes to mind as well. Isn't he hosting the Vegas Version? How is he as a host? Has anyone seen him?

Anyone but Doug Davidson(Paul, Y&R. Host of the half-hour syndication version in 1994/5(?)). He was dull as dishwater.

The thing that will kill TPIR is if they decide to revamp the set and make it look youthful, modern, and fast-paced. Syndie Champs WHEEL and JEOPARDY haven't lost their audiences because of their revamps, but they haven't lost their hosts either.

This is probably a hot topic on the "Golden Road" board right now.

ETA: If people think that the honchos at the networks are corrupt(RE: daytime soaps), they have nothing on Fremantle Media. While lurking Game Show MBs, I've noticed purists of the genre have always complained about their interference in the production of TPIR and their lousy game show revivials.(I wonder if they were in charge when FAMILY FEUD was revived in the late 90's with Louie Anderson or the lousy Michael Burger MATCH GAME revival of '98). As worried as I would be about CBS/Barbara Bloom's interference, I'm especially worried about Fremantle trying to revamp the show once Barker retires.

Let's just hope Bob Barker has a huge stake in all the production aspects of TPIR for the rest of his life. Otherwise, the show may go to hell.

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Oh my goodness, I mean I knew it was coming, but I figured he'd stay at least 2-3 more years. :(

As a TPIR fan since I was old enough to understand the game (1981)

I am just in disbelief and saddned by this news. Bob seems irreplaceable, and I can't fathom anyone else doing the show.

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Even though I knew this could happen at any moment, this news still feels like a dagger through the heart.

Right now, I'm going through the anguish I went through when AW was cancelled, multiplied by 100.

TPIR is my favorite TV show of all-time.

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Price may be 'Right'

to replace Barker



What's in a name? If you're Dave Price and you're being groomed as a possible successor to Bob Barker as host of "The Price Is Right," a lot more than homonymous serendipity.

"The Early Show" weatherman recently signed a new contract with CBS that also calls for him to do "entertainment-based projects," a CBS News spokeswoman told the Daily News last week.

And one of those "entertainment" projects may indeed be "The Price Is Right."

In September, Price was trying out Barker's job in the Broadway offices of FremantleMedia (which distributes and produces the game show with CBS), according to a Manhattan man who answered a Craig's List post to be an audience member in a mock run-through.

"The Price Is Right" executive producer Howard Huntridge was there to put Price, who the source described as "very personable," through his paces.

CBS spokesman Chris Ender said yesterday it was too early to talk about potential successors to Barker.

Barker, who turns 83 in December, will step down in June after 35 years of calling out: "Come on down."

"Bob just informed us of his decision [to retire on Monday]," said Ender, "and you don't replace a legend like that overnight. Right now, we're focused on honoring Bob."

CBS has been working on a prime-time retrospective to honor the man who started his TV career in 1956 as the host of "Truth or Consequences."

Ender concurred that Barker's announcement didn't exactly come as a surprise. But, he said, "It doesn't make it any easier."

Barker told the Associated Press that Freemantle has been looking for his replacement for "two or three years," adding that the most important part of the job is being well-versed in the show's 80 games.

"The games have to be just like riding a bicycle," Barker told the AP. "Then he will be relaxed enough to have fun with the audience, to get the laughs with his contestants and make the show more than just straight games, to make it a lot of fun."

Price has been at the "Early Show" since 2003, where he is frequently called on to banter with the crowd outside the CBS studios. He has also hosted the network's coverage of the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade and the Thanksgiving Day Parade.


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Dave Price kinda annoys me on "The Early Show." But I'd rather have him than Ricki Lake. Looking back, I have to wonder if CBS was testing and grooming her as a potential replacement for Bob Barker by having her host the "Gameshow Marathon" this past summer. And she was dreadfully horrible.

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