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Veronica Mars: Discussion Thread


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Last night's episode was no where near as AMAZING as the the second season premier but that is ok. It is obvious that the new format and new network are interfering with classic Veronica Mars but I still have faith.

I am really upset that Kendall was killed. I hope there is more to it.

I have more comments but I'm going to simmer for a while. It is great to have the show back but last night's episode lacked the punch of previous season openers...

But boy doI love Logan and Veronica together.

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I loved the episode too. For the first fifteen minutes, I was worried that the show would be so different. But then it became really good. Like the new character of Piz.

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I was out of town and missed it! Is there any way to download it? When are they going to get it on ITunes?

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Since there hasn't been much talk about the show this season I thought I'd start one up :)

I am really liking it this year. It's 150& different than seasons one and two, which was - in my opinion - a work of television art, but it's still really good. I wish that the Hearst College rape mystery was a little more involving - I LOVED the mystery of the bus crash last year. Still, Veronica's starting to get alot more involved in it. I like the new characters, though they're really just supporting and I wanna see more MAC!

The one thing that's REALLY worrying me though is the odd one-sidedness of the Lilith House angle. Why are the feminists being portrayed as such troublamakers on a show that stars a strong female lead? Though I LOVED tonight's episode, the ending left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth when the guy at the ATM was revealed.

Tonight's episode was fabulous otherwise.

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Why are the feminists being portrayed as such troublamakers on a show that stars a strong female lead?
I don't think they are. Not in the way I belive your thinking of anyway. They're fighting for what they think is right, so it's only logical if there's some trubblemaking on the way. How else would they get their voice heard?
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What a great episode! Loved the Harmony/Keith story as well as Parker and Veronica starting to get along. And did you SEE that preview for next week? UH OH...

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Another great episode tonight! Here's my suspect list:

Professor Landry Sexy teacher with some shady secrets. Could he be trying to throw Veronica off by being such a nice guy?

That TA I forget his name, but he's just a jerk and could be a lunatic.

Dick Casablancas "I messed up. Bad."

The RA He is too mellow and bizarre.

Chip Diller Would seem too easy since he was a prime suspect.

Dean O'Dell Just because, but I have a feeling it's not him since I have an idea about the season's next big mystery...

This is all speculation, but what if the "perfect murder" paper Veronica's writing ends up actually happening? To someone like, say, MRS. O'Dell?! Why would they introduce the dean's wife and have her sleep with Prof. Landry? They could have just made it a slutty student but they are clearly building to something...

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