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SOW: Days spoilers 10/2-10/6

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SOW spoilers courtesy of Second Chances:


I got the following from "Dustin's Thoughts on Days" blog. Anonymous posted them and I'm not sure if they are true or false, whether the tipster is reliable or a troll. I'm just posting them as rumors in case they happen to be true (and yes, I know better considering past tipsters who passed on false spoilers)....


Again, I don't know whether to believe these rumors b/c that seems like a lot of stuff to happen in just one week!! I guess it could be true if Hogie wanted to make a big splash during his first week, but I don't know!! Most of these would definitely make the fanbases happy though and Corday & co. are trying to get ratings up. Either way, we'll find out next week in the soap mags whether these are bad rumors or true spoilers....

More SOD spoilers courtesy of 2nd Chances:


More SOW spoilers for Bo/Hope fans, courtesy of the Silver Link:


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Well Hogan is very hit or miss. I know he pulled off those 4 Emmys, but I certainly wouldn't say he's one of the best. But for Days, a major step up and he's pretty entertaining. His fluff storylines were out of place on ATWT, but they'll probably work better here.

I'm looking forward to his arrival!

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As fast as Days is movinig now, I can see this all happening, too. October 12 will be here before we know it and that is Kyle's last day as Philip. It's good to know he and Belle will reach an agreement...I assume since he leaves without an argument.

Also, fast as it's moving, these things will breeze over before we realize it and hopefully then we get into the great mystery he has promised.

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