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9/1/06 Days Promo

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I saw it during Passions and I am loving what NBC is doing. They started this week with Passions with this big, blue lettering emphasizing words like PASSION, etc. and this week for Days they did the same but made it look like a primetime promo by using the letterbox format and awesome backgrounds behind words like BLACKMAIL, MURDER, AND KIDNAPPING. The promo was absolutely chilling but, anyways, I digress.

I was wondering if anyone had caps or could post a link to it online as we used to have some that did that. I would like to see it again and I know many may not have caught it. It was truly awesome and one of the best promos in years.

(I know this is not a spoiler but the promo contained spoilers so into spoiler island it goes :lol: ).

Anyone have it? :)

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