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  1. Thanks for reminding me! Total brain freeze (I actually posted about it last weekend). Yay! You may still get to hear her speak her way through Chic C'est La Vie! Although you are right -- she should have gone to jail if that's the punishment everyone else gets for violating probation.
  2. OH MY GOD There won't be a Countess at Reunion either. For the second year running. ETA: Seriously tho I'm sorry about the tix. I was dying to hear all your tea from #CAF!
  3. What I don't understand is: what did they cut out? And why? Was this all Jill Zarin scenes? Did Bethenny throw a hissy about Jill being there? It feels like this was all set to be 18 episodes and a nice slow burn, and then around ep 10, they told the ladies to wrap it up quick. OTOH I am happy they didn't try to force them to stretch out the season. OTO, I feel like short seasons are for shows struggling to find their feet, like NJ after Teresa came back or early Potomac. It makes me worried because this is RHONY! It is a slow burn but always builds to a good pay-off. Also, WTH is going on with Ramona? She seems totally over it and most of her life is happening off screen. I wanted to see her and Mario more, and the snog with Harry Dubin. (Well, I saw the pics, don't need to see a close-up of those eel tongues, but you know what I mean). Potomac: God, Karen gives me so much life. And I love the background music they use for this show. I liked seeing Katie again. I felt she was dismissed too hastily in S1 and IMO she has enough crazy to warrant a place on this show. Especially if Robyn hasn't got much going on, and Candiace wants to remain on the show. Ugh that song! Ashley and Michael are so performative with their relationship. Next week in NOLA looks really good! Well, at least you busted the scoundrel who thought they could make up sh!t about you without consequences. What a shitty thing to do to you.
  4. So RHONY filmed their reunion on Friday. I feel like this season has just started -- we are only at episode 11 -- so it feels way too early for Reunion time. Is it a shortened season this year? IMO the cameras could show up in any of these women's lives at any point during the year, and always be able to find something RH-worthy to film. Anyway, here was the seating arrangement. I would have swapped Sonja for Tinsley as I don't think Sonja deserves to be at the end of the couch. In sad news, Mama Elsa of Real Housewives of Miami fame was buried this weekend. Many of the HWs showed up at the funeral (which they obviously mistook for a catwalk). It was nice to see Marysol, Alexia, Adriana and Whatsherfaces who was married to the plastic surgeon. Miami was great. Mama Elsa was the best character in the cast IMO, and the show was never the same after her stroke. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7042953/RHOM-rally-Marysol-Patton-mother-Mama-Elsas-funeral-South-Florida.html
  5. I don't think it is only LVP 'stans' who are pointing out the holes in this... SL? Takedown? Dorit, Teddi and Kyle's story keeps changing, but LVP's denial has been consistent and unequivocal (unlike in S6 when she was basically caught red-handed and prevaricated about what she did or didn't say). I also don't think LA restaurant-owner LVP has more power than TMZ or ROL. They could blow this whole thing wide open and expose her and get the clicks. But they haven't. In fact, they keep saying her camp did not leak. Why bother covering for her? I really do hope the new BH without LVP has with a new energy, because the last 3-4 seasons have been awful. But if you think there is no game-playing and backstabbing going on, look again. Rinna and Erika have silently designated Camille as the next target. They aren't too pleased about PK kissing up to the Todds, either, and Kyle has it out for Dorit. If I were Teddi, I wouldn't feel too secure in my standing with Erika. The more things change, the more things stay the same. First of all -- it is so great seeing Wendy energised and invested for the first time in over 2 years. It has been a long journey, and I thought she was going into freefall and about to lose her show. But she clawed her way back and is getting rid of that free-loading hubby! I'm so glad for her and hope she comes out the other side a winner. Secondly, creamy yellow really is Karen Huger's color. She looks phenomenal, and I loved what she said about having to be careful with money when the money troubles started. Karen is a little crazy and delusional sometimes, but not here. She was perfect, and open about her own failings and vulnerabilities, and that makes her a true Grande Dame. Wendy really seemed taken with her. I'm so glad Potomac is on the pop culture radar because it is a fab show. I don't usually like RH weddings, but Candiace's wedding was so gorgeously filmed with that diffuse East Coast light, and there was so much going on with the cast interactions, that I was gripped from start to finish. Ugh that sucks that you had to go through something like that. I understand the need for validation for your own peace of mind. Some people take unfounded gossip as fact, so I'm glad you had an opportunity to vindicate yourself and put that to bed.
  6. TBH I am enjoying this season more than the previous couple of years. Why? Because for once everything is laid out on the table. We aren't watching some petty proxy war about Erika's underpants. These women want to expose LVP once and for all, and for that I am grateful, because they expose their own asses while they're at it. These women all use the media(s) to brief against the other, control the narrative and destroy reputations. Ok! Well, then time to stop playing innocent victim. Time to prove yourselves as entertaining HWs worthy of the franchise. I actually do want them to 'prove me wrong' and entertain me, instead of solemnly lecturing to me in their VTs and on Twitter. LVP doing the lie detector test -- what a sleight of hand. She blindsided her cast members Tuesday night, and the fact that Bravo kept that secret all these months says something about production hedging their bets. They knew this was a boss move. IA with @DaytimeFan -- LVP will not be back next season. She is isolated and reviled by the others. This is the last play for this group. Fans may be watching, but many of us are watching for a last resolution to the last 4 poor seasons. It simply cannot continue like this. They all want to ruin each other in the court of public opinion. Sure, that is the name of the RH game, but it feels especially vicious, scorched-earth and personal here. LVP has lost the joy she used to emanate (as that S1 clip illustrated). For that matter, so has Erika. For this reason, LVP absolutely MUST attend reunion. If she blows it off, then (it pains me to say it) she should be fired. Contractually, Adrienne was fired for doing the same (I don't count NJ Jacqueline because nobody missed her whining). It also sets a precedent. If LVP skips it and comes back next season, HWs across the shows will do the same in order to avoid accountability. Can you imagine OC reunions without Vicki during those Brooks years?? No! Vicki manned up with some Xanax and showed up. She faced up to horrific mistakes in judgement. Reunion can be cathartic, for them and for us. It is also an opportunity for those on the back foot to surprise the audience and turn things around. That is what I expect will happen with LVP. She is well paid and has built a brand thanks to Bravo; one day of questions is a small price to pay. And she can hold others to account, too. She has kept a consistent message/defence this year while others have changed their story. She's got this. She is the key to closure of this whole mess, the last four seasons of BS. After that, let the chips fall where they may as far as BH is concerned: LVP can count her advertising dollars from VPR.
  7. Ohmygod. That was.... When Somja tripped up on "the horse's mouth" This week we got Ashley straddling the crypt keeper, and now this I have no words!
  8. What happened at the end of NY? (Will be watching it later)
  9. Teddi totally set this trip up so she could show off how real she is and how coddled and useless the others are. Camille saw through that right away -- and Dorit was basically beating Teddi at her own game with the activities. The hype has gone to Teddi's head this season. She is setting herself up as the morality police calling people out, and given how BH operates? LOL you in danger, girl. Somebody like Camille will be sufficiently pissed off to dig up some double-dealing on your side. As for Camille, I thought she was as extra as Erika with some of the one-upmanship. But at least she is bringing pot-stirring S1 Camille to the party! Without her, everybody would just be sitting in their usual Halloween costumes staring each other down (the last 3 seasons basically). IMO Camille should have got a diamond this season. She isn't a parrot like Kyle agreeing with what everyone says. And she isn't going to let herself be corralled by Teddi into becoming a foot soldier against LVP. Not that LVP will welcome her with open arms after the teeth comments, but I appreciate that Camille isn't afraid to be bitchy amid the fake-nice popularity contest that is BH.
  10. No BH discussion? It has been largely quiet on the internet front regarding this episode -- the first in which LVP did not appear at all. Well, I thought it was OK. Don't get me wrong, something was definitely missing. The chemistry between the women needs work: it is more strategic alliances as opposed to actual friendships. The dynamic was different, but in some ways it was lighter. These chicks HAVE to prove themselves without LVP to lean on, though. She came up a lot -- mostly by Teddi. Teddi also nailed Camille for her pot-stirring. Camille came off thirsty and try-hard this episode. It's clear that she is the next target for this group. I was surprised at how quiet Rinna was. She was almost a non-entity. Denise was definitely the most entertaining. What was interesting was the way Erika acts around her -- jumpy and nervous, like she was feeling the pressure to dominate. When Denise wowed everybody with her happy-endings story, Erika felt the need to jump in about how Tom had been with hookers or some such nonsense. Erika seems to be intimidated by Denise, while also being a little bit star-struck and wanting to impress her. I hate to say it because I cannot stand her fake ass, but Dorit came across OK this episode. She was good at a lot things on this camping trip, and that was.... surprising. I'm sure I will go back to hating her next week. Oh! Speaking of the Kemsley's, apparently PK settled with the Bellagio today! Just in time for Reunion. Those 'stolen' handbags of Dorit's came in handy after all.
  11. @DaytimeFan Joan Collins was the star of the Met Ball last night -- this year's theme is Camp.
  12. I know there is some filter going on there, but Watros looks breathtaking. How I wish she were playing a brand new character!
  13. Me watching Whipped Cream with the Crypt Keeper: "Stick your tongue out." *shudder* Those words are now scarred on my brain! 🤢 Was that some poor attempt at damage control?? At least when Tamra & Eddie splashed around in the tub, I believed they were genuinely into each other! I noticed that too -- Monique spoke to her kids the way my mom would speak to me and my brother. It was instantly recognisable, that 'don't test me' tone! Man, I would never want to mess with Monique in mama mode. Her little girl Milani is adorable, though! One thing I have to give Gizelle, she seems to be a great mom. Her girls obviously love her, and she is natural, funny and... human with them. No ice-cold lack of empathy here. Going back to Sherman after he ghosted her, though.... C'mon Gizelle. Have some self-respect. If I was Ramona, I would be nervous about next season. The Big Apple Circus likely paid Bravo for the two-episode promo, and Ramona did the bare minimum and left. Unlike Sonja. Sonja considers this stuff to be a perk of her job. Ramona might consider it a hindrance to support another HW's paid promotion, but Sonja knows that what the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away just as quickly. Got to enjoy life while you can and the opportunities that come your way. And that is why she is such a joy -- she is a good sport and a team player. Without that albatross of a town house around her neck, she can now truly enjoy herself, and finally be herself. That's why she did such a good job with the clown. She was totally un-self-conscious. I liked The Hustle promo with Sonja and Dorinda because both women started talking about the others with a lot of understanding and, dare I say it, even love. It makes a nice contrast with the bitchiness elsewhere. I find I don't miss Carole much, either.
  14. NYC has been a little overshadowed by the hate-watch which is BH recently. It makes me worried that this might be the last season that we see the NYC cast as it currently stands. Which saddens me greatly because even with a strange, filler-y episode like this, I still enjoy every second of the interactions. Sonja is My Favorite this season -- putting that toddler on her lap, not worrying about poop, and participating spontaneously with the clown. She is also kind and supportive. She, Dorinda and Tinsley appear to have grown closer this season. I am digging this friendship group. Tinsley & Shady Dale. Now, I read some recaps that went IN on Dale, saying she was cruel and uncaring to Tinsley during their talk. I did not see any of that. I saw Tinsley having reached the end of the line with Coupon King, and Dale giving her some tough love. Dale is right: Coupon King won't let her go but doesn't want to take her, either. This is absolutely not fair to Tinsley. I found her advice sensible and straightforward. And understanding of Tinsley's need for approval and support. It's weird seeing Luann's scenes about how her Cabaret show helps her stay away from the booze, esp given the news that she has violated her probation a second time. I never quite believed that rehab took fully with Lu. I think she saw that alcohol was prompting terrible decisions and a breakdown in her family, so she had to cool it, at least publicly. But I don't think she stopped social-drinking. Because Luann loves the social whirl and parties, and that's what this cabaret thing is all about. She is addicted to cabaret and is desperate to make it last IMO. If and when that is taken away from her, she will be crushed. And if Palm County make good on their threat to jail her on violation, that could happen sooner rather than later.
  15. @j swift As a fan of both GH and SB, I knew the Hursleys and Dobsons were family, but I never knew the bitterness between mother and daughter. You make a compelling argument about their anger and resentment with each other playing out on their shows, underpinning the characters' psychology and emotions. It casts the tragedy of Eden on SB, who succumbed to multiple personality disorder at the end of her run, in another light. As if the daughter could never escape her past traumas, her mother's abandonment. And what a mirror those multiple personalities were with Sophia returning to town early in the show's run, disguised as a man and assuming a male alter ego.
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