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  1. Totally agree. And for that awful, show-eating Lucy Cooper with that nails-on-a-chalkboard baby voice. It was totally disrespectful, and I never felt the same about GL after that. It was that big of a shark-jumping moment for me. Too bad Black Twitter didn't exist back then.
  2. Bernie Tomic is so embarrassing. He just doesn't give a [!@#$%^&*], does he?
  3. Rick would never have recovered as a leading man if he had physically attacked Maya because if B&B ever tried a redemption story or attempted to have Maya and Rick reconcile down the line, the trans community would rightfully feel angry and betrayed. But I agree that Rick should have been more torn.
  4. To be fair, the bulk of the audience erosion happened under Pratt's watch. And we know how difficult it is get viewers back even under the best of circumstances. I've been critical of Sally, but I'm not a proponent of getting rid of her just yet, especially considering the alternatives (Higley). I just realize how trigger-happy execs can be when there are multiple weeks of ratings declines.
  5. Not a shocker but I hoped that she'd be able to play. Serena's playing for 25 now, not ranking points, and it's good that she's being careful about her health. The break she took between the U.S. Open and Melbourne really helped her get back into dominating shape. In terms of ranking points, she was defending a ton from making the final last year against Vika. Apparently she's out of Miami as well. http://www.tennis.com/pro-game/2017/03/serena-williams-withdraws-indian-wells-angelique-kerber-no-1/64666/
  6. Querrey pulls it off. There's maybe something to be said about Kyrgios only really bringing his A-game for Fedalovic.
  7. Honestly, the WTA has made it so difficult to watch matches that I've become a bit apathetic about the women's game outside of the Slams and bigger tournaments. Watching the smaller tournaments is how you discover exciting new talent to root for. But when they present so many barriers to viewing, you just give up and stop following the sport as much. I did see Svitolina beat Wozniacki in Dubai a couple weekends ago. Nadal is currently dismantling Marin Cilic on the TV right now.
  8. I wonder what the median age is for each soap. Those 18-34 numbers are jaw-dropping.
  9. I'm not too worried about Novak. I thought he was in decent form today against a huge server he'd never played before. I think there's reason to be optimistic based on his performance. Interestingly, Nishikori has beaten Kyrgios all three times they've played. Gasquet has beaten Nick five times (same as Murray) but lost to him twice.
  10. Kyrgios defeated Novak, who completely collapsed in that last game. Until that last brain fart of a game, I actually thought Novak played the best I've seen him play in a while. He was just up against a hot opponent. Seriously, Kyrgios' serve was basically unplayable. One of the commentators said it was Sampras-like, and that's pretty accurate.
  11. Apparently Thiem beat Querrey in straights at last year's Acapulco. That was their only previous meeting. Novak is playing Kyrgios for the first time right now, and Nick is in scary form on serve. I remember that Nick beat Fed the first and only time they played.
  12. Yikes, Thiem goes out to Sam Effin' Querrey.
  13. I know. I almost had a heart attack watching that. One of the most intense tiebreakers I've watched. Too bad Kohlschreiber wilted in that third set.
  14. Djokovic avenges his Olympics loss to Delpo in three tight sets.
  15. It'll be interesting. Neither played their best in their opening round matches, but they came through when it counted. I can't imagine Novak wants a repeat of the Rio Olympics match.
  16. I love Delpo, but I so wanted that win for Tiafoe. In the end, experience prevailed, but Tiafoe can take comfort that he gave the big man a run for his money. He has tons of potential to go far, but he doesn't get nearly the hype of some of his American peers. Hmm, wonder why...
  17. As entertaining as this Delpo/Tiafoe match has been, I'd have loved to have seen Sock take his ass-whupping.
  18. Nishioka just beat Jack Sock in three sets. Wonder what happened there. And, wow, Tiafoe is going toe-to-toe with Delpo. Some truly amazing shots, reflexes, and athleticism.
  19. Tomic is a loser. A waste of talent. Watching the Tiafoe/Delpo match. Frances is built like a brick sh!thouse and has ass for days. He's 19 so I don't feel creepy about it.
  20. Djokovic made it through in the end, thank goodness, but man, if he gets Delpo in the next round, he's going to have to play a hell of lot better than that. So many errors. His movement was off too. I say this with love, but get yo sh!t together, Nolé.
  21. Milos withdrew ahead of the Delray Beach final so Jack wins the title in a walkover.
  22. Kay Alden went fi-core during the strike back in 2007-2008 so I suppose it's conceivable she could step in should a new strike happen?
  23. Slight tangent, but apparently there may be another writers' strike on the horizon. http://deadline.com/2017/02/writers-guild-america-contract-talks-approach-wga-members-ready-for-strike-1201989113/
  24. Delpo, definitely. But whoever wins, I'm rooting for against Jock Sack the dudebro.
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