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  1. He wants to take Sonny's place, basically. He wants to be mob kingpin of PC. I guess he is a baaad guy, after all, even though he is certainly no worse than Sonny, and Sonny was/is a hero for years. Poor Joe. He does care about our girl. Nice to see Tracy and Luke, but the scenes were kind of filler compared to everything else. Nice to see them continuing that "friends" vibe.
  2. This still bothers me.....such a waste of an interesting character and good chemistry if they kill him off now. Loved the Tracy/Luke stuff from yesterday. Wonderful friend interaction Funny Tracy lines yesterday, came back to add. Also, when the doctor with Duke was saying whoever helped Joe Jr messed him up, LOL. hooked I replied to you, thanks!
  3. You could be right. What would be the point, though...of establishing the connection at all, with Duke, then killing him off the next week or so? I know, I'm thinking logically, and logic doesn't need to apply here. I have read many people say RC's writing makes no sense. But honestly...if they knew they were going to get rid of him-makes the most sense(there's that word again) to have just had Jason burst in and shoot Joe dead when he first kidnapped Kristina. Or John, or even have him die from Trey's bullet(this would have been simplest-to have him die at Trey's hand. But they didn't. I
  4. Some of the spoilers I saw, worded it as "Tracy and Duke share a connection". Technically, it IS right. Joe Jr is the connection. I'm just wondering if Duke was the one at Joe's door. Some on SOC were saying it's Bernie. But I think we here all sort of speculated Joe and Duke and Jerry are all connected. If we didn't already know Joe Scully IS Joe Scully (or is he?), I'd start the guessing as to what dead character he really is. I'm just happy he's still alive. I'm so afraid to hope he might stick around. Wouldn't it be a kick, though, if the real Joe Scully, the one who raped Conni
  5. I read Luke rolled his eyes when Duke was talking about true love and soulmates to Luke. UGH I feel like an idiot typing their rhyming names in the same sentence. That, peeps, is why Tracy needs a new man. I'm not even arguing the point about him being or not being Tracy's soulmate. In fact, it was Laura Duke was talking about. My issue is that this version of Luke is still projecting the attitude that he does not believe such a thing exists. Maybe it doesn't, but he has had wonderful romances that came close, and he should acknowledge that. The fact that he is unwilling to about ANYONE, mea
  6. So, the whole Duke/Tracy past connection was made up, unless the article is just not mentioning it? Honestly, the only part of that which really stinks is the possible rumored long lost kid of theirs. Plus, I was looking forward to Jane and Ian in scenes. Otherwise, I'm kinda glad. I'm sick of Tracy pining over Luke while he pines over someone else, and since both men have feelings for Anna, Tracy would come out the loser. I guess we'll find out for sure on Friday though, since that is the day she was supposed to tell Luke about her past with Duke.
  7. Hooked, do you have the new issue, that is supposed to go on sale 10/15, or do you have the old one with JE's "Gold star" scene? I have the JE one(first time I've bought a soap mag in years) and I didn't see that in there. If you have the new one, does it say anything at all about RS/Joe being out, and what day if so? Call me an optimist. I am still hoping something might happen there. *shrug* But about the Edward dying stuff. I know JE and others will tear up the material, but if they are kiling Jason off or even presumed dead exit, isn't it "overkill" (pardon the pun) to have Edward die
  8. If the rumor about her being arrested is true, I'm hoping for Thursday, as well as Friday. Guess we'll see. I think my biggest issue with the "possible" Duke/Tracy/Luke/Anna quad is that I'm tired of Tracy playing second fiddle. Luke's WHOLE heart will never belong to Tracy, not without some creative writing(which I don't think we're going to get here). And while Duke and Anna were totally not as popular as LnL, she'll be second fiddle there, too. Never even mind the characters on screen-there's the fans online to deal with, and how Anna belongs with Duke...just like Luke belongs with Lau
  9. Ms.Q-a neurologist would be the main one you'd deal with if it's a nerve problem. If your insurance is like mine, your PCP has to do the referral. My PCP did do a basic nerve test in her office, just to see if that was likely the problem, and when she saw that there was blockage, she sent me to the neurologist who did my surgery. Yeah you are right about going to several different people-it's annoying sometimes. I have heard some people say chiropractors helped them with their carpal tunnel. I would imagine you'd still need the referral from your PCP. Also, as remos posted the exercises, I w
  10. I honestly think that if they do get rid of Richard Steinmetz, it will turn out to be a big mistake in terms of a romantic interest/story for JE. I know Joe looks pretty bad at the moment, but....if they can bring back characters from the dead, they can fix him. I am actually more excited at the idea of Luke and Tracy being besties than ever being a romantic couple again. Not sure how I feel about anything Duke/Tracy. Will have to see them together and see what pops up. I don't think they have a kid together, there are already too many mommy/kid issues with different characters going on. Too
  11. I read it in some interview when the news was announced. Not sure if it was SID or SOD or an online one. Whatever I read definitely said five weeks, but since TIIC are obviously pulling things out their butts as they go along, it's probably changed since then. Oh I see the article was talking about how long it would be between the first time we saw him and then again today was a total of five weeks...not the nubmer of weeks he would be staying......
  12. I don't understand how or why Duke can even be part of any kind of "quad" since Ian Buchanan is only signed on for five weeks. I also don't get why they'd introduce a romantic past for Tracy and Duke, just to give a reason to tie them together. Why tie them together at all? To give Jane something to do? She HAD something to do. Why end it for a "quad" that's going to start and stop in less than a month and a half? I'm beginning to think many former OLTL's on the board are right, and these writers/PTB are just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Jane is still better than wi
  13. Yeah I was mainly kidding, I don't think it's Spinelli. I do think there's some reason they are tying them, and it's not for a quad. And I think if not for a quad/romance, most people's minds go to long lost kids. Unless of course their "tie" now is that he is involved with Joe Jr. Which makes no sense if JJr is dead. I did see a promo on SoapNet where it shows Jason with a gun telling someone else to drop the gun, but it's a generic promo of GH, Y&R and Days, the three soaps they air. I do think it's something that happened recently or is about to happen, because the Days clips have ha
  14. Why are we assuming it's a child they share? Maybe they were MARRIED and never got divorced. I am feeling mean. Besides....perhaps if it is a child, it's not a girl? Maybe it's SPINELLI. AHHAHAHA I told you I'm feeling mean. My Joe. My Joe and Tracy. *runs away crying*
  15. Ms Q I'm so with you on the Jacy scenes today. Just so natural together, with her griping about him bleeding all over the couch. It's obvious he adores her, and I'm going to ship them until the end, whenever that might be. And if and when they do end, I'm going to cry. Because you can't bottle that stuff for a million bucks. And, I don't think she's ever going to get anyone to so blatantly obviously think she hung the freaking moon. It's not going to happen again, so they'll have to pry this couple from my cold, dead fingers. That-and I just REALLY, really like Joe. Lying creep that he is.
  16. Yes, Larry and that sexy British accent. Rowrrrr. I wish they'd bring him back as the man at Joe's door. Assuming it's a man, but what if it isn't? What if it's Helena? I think that's a name no one has mentioned that it could be, yet.
  17. He's important to me, because he's the first man in Tracy's life to truly like her for her. *goes into corner and cries some more* Why are they trying to make him as scuzzy as possible now? To prop Trey and Kristina? I guess, since previews showed Jason listening to what Joe did to Kristina, that Jason will go after him. But did your insider say for sure that Joe kills Jason-or just that Jason dies around that time? Cause I still want to say Heather causes his death. Because mainly, I was told it was going to be a "presumed" death, and if you get shot on the docks, well....there's eit
  18. But they've already spoiled Steve's exit weeks (or was it months) ago. And I doubt Joe's death, would be something they'd hide. SONNY'S death they might not spoil, but Joe's? And again, the mags generally come out enough in advance that they report exits in time for anyone to be able to tune in to see it. I suppose it's possible that GH sees Joe as insignificant enough that they wouldn't give the mags the info until the last minute, but still. Any insider, any REAL insider, if Joe is dying the middle of October, would be able to give airdates, including last airdate. Including info like what
  19. If Joe is dying that soon, it would already be in the mags and the scene would have been filmed, and any legitimate insider would have spilled it the day it was filmed and given a last airdate. And I repeat again, I am almost certain it's Heather who is going to be responsible for Jason's "death". I could be wrong, but I don't think I am about this. Heather is far too crazy, and she is Jason's target right now. Not Joe. And while I realize this isn't Guza's GH anymore, when I think of all most of these characters have done and gotten away with, if they are killing off Joe for what he's do
  20. I think the plan from the beginning was that he was going to try and kill Krusty or fake her death. Nothing else makes sense. I also don't see how Steve, John and Sean's RL comings goings and passing away, effect RS's airtime/story. Maybe Tracy's. But I don't see why she can't have a hand in an ELQ Sl and still be with Joe. After I watched the scenes yesterday, I still don't feel he is irredeemable. We're talking about a show where the "romantic lead man" shot his own son, a cop, and would have watched him die if Olivia hadn't burst in to tell him who he was. I think my issues with Joe are
  21. funny and Ms.Q, I replied to your replies, LOL
  22. It didn't entirely work. I still don't want Tracy back with Luke. If they aren't going to redeem Joe or bring him back as a different character, as far as I'm concerned, if Luke is the only option....Tracy can be alone until GH ends. I don't think that was their "strategy". If it was, it was a stupid one. Because why waste airtime getting us to like a guy, only to have him be rotten? Why not just let him BE rotten from the get go, and *maybe* have Tracy like him, but have the audience know for certain that he was no good. Really...what WAS the point of him saving her life, only to have him t
  23. Legitimate spoilers from a legitimate source, or just anonymous "insiders"? Because I could say Joe is dying, and say it every day from now until the day RS was to leave, and if Joe got killed off, I'd be right, but that wouldn't make me an insider. I think if they can't confirm a date of death, or who kills him-they are full of crap. SZ BTW, generally just posts things they get elsewhere. I'd bet it's Heather who presumably kills Jason, over Sam's baby. Jason may be the one to shoot Joe, and Joe might even shoot Jason, but I don't think that is how Jason is going to "die". Jason isn'
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