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  1. So who are Tracy's three surprise visitors? Luke Gina Edward(although I don't see this as a surprise). If not Edward....Helena?
  2. I don't care who has relationships with who. I just don't want to sit through JE/GF scenes, period. For any reason. JE can act circles around GF, and it is annoying and distracting-not to mention flat out painful-to try and watch GF try to keep up.
  3. I don't really care either way about Laura returning, that is not my main issue.
  4. I just don't want to have to sit through GF/JE scenes if they bring her back to GH. I don't even care at this point if they keep Lacy together. It would be about right that just as we get a different writer who could do Luke and Tracy differently, GF might come back so GH could bore us to death with another round of LnL. But if they must bring her back, fine. If they must reunite LnL, fine. If that's the way it has to be, that's the way it has to be. Just keep JE out of that. Kill Tracy off. Whatever. I cannot abide some stupid triangle, or Tracy losing to LAURA. I cannot. I will just not bother anymore if that's the way it is going to go. *sits next to Lainey*
  5. Uggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. SOC Ethina fanbase. Headache. That is all.
  6. One thing I've never understood is how they can make Tracy so dumb sometimes. She's so astute normally, but I guess that comes from being on the outside looking in? When it comes to herself, she never seems to know what's what until something tangible is at stake. I remember she never believed Larry about Nicholas Van Buren aka Domino, or that Harlan was a part of the cartel, or that Paul was either, until her father confirmed it. Guess it has something to do with desperately wanting attention? I don't know. I cannot buy that Tracy is so dumb she doesn't realize AZ would bump her off. And for the show to go there will just irritate me. Not that I mind Luke stepping in to "save" her. As long as she is not perceived as ignorant of the fact that there is something to be saved from. She's no hapless female, and even if it got her hubby to finally play "hero", I really don't ever WANT to see her be a hapless female. It's not who she is. AZ could bury her alive, and she'd scream for help, of course she would, but after that went nowhere, she'd just start digging her own self out. Not doing the Perils of Pauline thing, just lying there tied on the train track, waiting to be run over. GAH.
  7. I still think AZ is the one who will end up dead. He's threatening and being threatened by, too many people. I'd love to see Tracy be the one to get blamed for it, but we find out she is protecting someone else. Michael would be a nice twist, but I don't know if it's wise to make him responsible for the death of AZ after he killed Claudia.
  8. Well, I think the hot cup of water helps with pain, too. Try if you want. I know it has helped me, just last week matter of fact. My ear was throbbing-no idea if there was an actual infection or not. I just know keeping it over the hot water for about ten minutes, killed the ear ache. Good luck!
  9. Ms.Q-if a doctor already diagnosed the ear infection, see if they will re-fill the antibiotics for you. If not, try this: heat a cup of water until steaming(not boiling). put your ear over the cup as low as you can stand it. The heat from the steam in theory will kill the bad bacteria that causes the infection. I have done this before, it works. HOwever, if you've already been taking meds, I'd try that first. The cup/heat definitely helps with the pain. Also, (and this is a little more gross)-OTC antibiotic cream-wipe it inside your ear(but not close to the ear drum) at night, and while you sleep, the heat from your body will activate the antibiotic and some of the cream will (in theory) drip down into the ear canal to medicate the infection. I've tried this also, and it helps. GH wise, should be a good day-date day w/Anthony, right? GH needs a TRUE villain-and I don't know that they have one, although Anthony could be one. I'm talking the kind like Cesar Faison-when they came onscreen, you were filled with dread at what they would do-the ones that actually kind of scared you-and thrilled you at the same time. I am back into reading Alexandre Dumas, "Twenty Years After", and I think he could write a villain unlike most writers even today. Milady in The Three Musketeers, and her son Mordaunt in Twenty Years After-these were real villains-the kinds that sent chills down your spine-the kinds that actually DID something-unlike Helena and her lurking and Franco and his idiotic stunts. Milady carried a dagger and poison with her, and used them. Often. Her son stabbed a man while dressed as a monk. These two didn't mess around, but more importantly, we knew we were supposed to fear them because the principal characters, grown MEN, feared them. We knew they weren't just talk. But when they did talk, even their talk could scare you. One of the scariest scenes in literature, is when Mordaunt is standing on a rock, watching the boat go by with Athos, Aramis, and Lord De Winter on it, and he simply points at them and says "I know you". When the author writes that cold chills go down the backs of these men who have seen so much- shivers, I'm telling you. And GH doesn't have that, sadly. Valentin could be it if they wrote him right-but they need this kind of villain that isn't mobular, that the whole town bands together against-that is a REAL threat, and REAL major characters die.
  10. Huh. Interesting. I would imagine being a young married, that she knows a little about what Lulu is going through, so it might not have been all acting. Then again, there have been times with Jane, in scenes, where I am not sure if she's acting either. I think that's when you know they are good: when you can't tell if they are acting or if it's real emotion. But then maybe in certain situations there is no difference, like when Anna Lee died and Lila also died.
  11. You know what I think I like most about what everyone is saying about the TraLu scenes yesterday? Bora would NEVER tell her daughter to get over herself. Bora would prop and excuse Lulu to Kingdom Come. Lulu NEEDS someone who won't sugar coat it, and that person is TRACY. People keep saying Laura's kids need her back, but to do what? To sit and cry with them over their problems? I don't think they need her. I think Tracy is what Lulu and Ethan need, if not Lucky. It's a shame they don't seem to have any plans to ever develop Trucky. Tracy could do him a world of good as well.
  12. It sounds good. I am always up for some good Tracy stuff. Isn't today the "date" day?
  13. So today sounds like Jane had significant scenes with Lulu and AZ....tell me, is Tracy's "big secret" really going to be just stealing the money from Gino? Really? I was hoping for more. *sigh* But I'm glad JE has something to do. Some on SOC were complaining about AZ/Tracy being boring. I don't expect everyone to enjoy Tracy-I don't care, honestly, who doesn't-but for those watching-if you weren't a Tracy fan, would you be interested in the scenes? I kinda look at it like, I've been bored by the same people for years now, I can't muster up sympathy for anyone being bored by Tracy. *shrug* It does sound like the build up of Tracy and Luke's first reunion meeting is going to be emotionally meaty, lots of layers to play there. For those watching....GW's GH...better or worse than Guza? In what ways better or worse?
  14. I didn't watch, but Edward's actions sounds like old school Edward to me. I just don't buy that JI can play old school nasty Edward. I mean, he seems like a nice guy off screen, and he can do kind and cuddly, but he doesn't have the chops David Lewis had to play mean and oily. Even Jed Allen could do it(too bad about him being so young). John Ingle, when trying to be menacing, just looks like a buffoon. Maybe because he's just too nice IRL? I don't know. And Lulu/Ethan ghost busting? Really? I guess it gets him away from Kristina, but dear Lord. What nonsense. I still say AZ is either going to be murdered, or he fakes his death to set someone up for his murder. A good story is that he fakes his death, someone is set up and either cleared or sent to jail, then he turns up alive and someone kills him for real.
  15. I guess I just misunderstood the riddle spoilers, then, because I thought one of them said "love haunts you" or something like that. Luke loves Tracy, and he is haunting her, in a way, by standing in the shadows and lurking, and also possibly helping her without her knowledge. Plus, it was specifically said that Tracy's past "haunts" her, and that word hasn't been in a legitimate spoiler for anyone else. But I guess I just interpreted them wrong. I personally don't see how the lady at Windemere can fit into "love haunts" when Ethan doesn't know the woman, much less love her. Or AZ "dying" and haunting Kristina, because that's not "love" haunting you. Guess I misread or whatever, because none of it makes sense except Tracy/Luke. Unless Ethan realizes he does love Kristina (dear GAG)and she DIES and comes back briefly as Ethan's "guide" or whatever. She can't be a guardian angel because humans aren't angels, guardian or otherwise, but that's a can of worms I don't want to open here. Which would be the best thing GW can give me for Christmas. Kristina's death, that is. Doubt it, though.
  16. I think the Kristina kills Anthony thing was someone's guess at the "haunting" riddle, but I guess now we know the haunting riddle is about Lacy? All I know is, if Kristina is supposed to be paralyzed, how (and why) would she kill AZ, when : #1, she basically owes her life to him #2 she'll be in a wheelchair. I mean, what's she going to do, crush him under her wheels? She's a joke, I don't really care....but I don't think the rumor about her offing AZ has any truth to it.
  17. So at least Tracy can't pretend the thing with Anthony is all her choice, Luke will know better. I still say Anthony is a goner soon. With all the people he's threatening or that are threatening him, it won't be long.
  18. So no Tracy this week? *waves to TL* Long time no see.
  19. Jane is so SMART. I love that she points out she wasn't a good student, but that doesn't make her not intelligent. All you have to do is read her comments to know she's witty, and she doesn't take herself too seriously.
  20. Tracy has been popular even without Luke. Ethan was gaining in popularity and he has never had a "serious" romance and has been on two and a half years. A truly interesting character doesn't NEED a coupling to make them interesting, and I believe most of the audience agrees. Then you have that portion of the audience that are only watching for the moments when a man takes his shirt off. I'm not talking about THEM. I think most people would agree, it's best to give the audience time to get to know a new character before throwing them into a half baked romance.
  21. My issue with this: I think every character should be on for a year or so, giving the audience time to like them, before even seriously pairing them with anyone. No matter her personality, it's a mistake to pair Gina with anyone right off.
  22. I'm sorry, but like I said....we don't need a Kristina clone. If that's what she is going to be, might as well kill Kristina off...and kill me now, because even with Kristina gone...I don't want a character even remotely LIKE her, interacting heavily with Tracy. OY. My head hurts thinking about it. I'm okay with giving the girl some spunk and personality. But I've had it with the loud mouthed bratty teens on soaps these days. I cannot. I'll smile prettily and ignore her existence, if that is the route they are going.
  23. Oh I agree the internal discussions about trust are overdone...but the most interesting couples for me are always the ones with internal conflict as well as some external if needed. That's ONE reason (other than the fact that they are both boring) that JaSam don't interest me. There is no built in conflict. The only way JaSam even have story is if some psycho-Trevor, Manny, Jerry, Franco, AZ-is trying to stalk one or both or cause other problems. Luke walks into a room where Tracy is, and there is so much THERE to dive into. They don't need angst from a third party-but if they get it, it is so much richer because things were not "easy" before. I think everyone is just speculating Michael and Gina are for each other. I haven't seen that in print yet, and if she isn't even cast, I think that's up in the air. If Gina is not related to Tracy in some way-I don't know if I'm all that interested. I don't need Kristina Version 2 to come on my screen and make me grit my teeth. We already have enough suckage from that one.
  24. *shrug* Tracy isn't cut like that, true. That was my major problem with Gooz writing the abortion garbage. It could be said that "family" defines Tracy. If you used just one word to define her, that is. It doesn't sum up everything-but it's a lot of the core in her. Which was why I never believed, or bought, the abortion. However-I could believe her walking away from the child if it saved the REST of her family. She wouldn't want to do it-but she'd see it as a greater sacrifice, to not be able to be around ONE-but saving the lives of the others. With the refocus on the Cassadines, I wouldn't rule out TP. It's a VERY long shot, true-but not impossible, especially since Stavros and Stefan are even longer shots than Victor because of the portrayers either no longer acting, or being on other soaps, or dead(Mikkos). There's also Tony, and he was involved with Alexandra Q, so Tracy stealing her cousin's man isn't too farfetched. It's just an idea. We will see what GW does, what her "secret" is, I guess, if the whole thing isn't dropped.
  25. Not really, since having Dillon back would open stories for him automatically if he had a previously unknown sister. As far as Michael, we don't know Gina is for him...that's spec. If Gina is Tracy's daughter, it's not going to matter anyway, unless GW's does kissing cousins. The thing is, an unknown child is really about the only secret that would rock the Q's if it were found out. Besides the dirty money in ELQ. BUT there is something Tracy thinks NO ONE knows, and it isn't about the money. Realistically, what else could it be? IF they make Gina her daughter, regardless of her age, my favorite scenario is that Tracy is trying to save her bacon. She has blurted out to Gino's men that she is pregnant. She is sitting in a restaurant and in walks her old friend and paramour- Victor Cassadine. She either knows him as Victor or doesn't(preferably doesn't). Tracy Q never was one to slam the door in opportunity's face. They have a brief fling-he leaves her again-she is pregnant-she never tells him-and of course the kid looks a bit ethnic when born (a plus, because the Q's are WASP-Y as all get out)because of the Greek heritage. No one really questions that she doesn't look like Gino-she doesn't look like Tracy, either. She is the spitting image of her REAL daddy-who will come on to the canvas just in time for Tracy to admit to Luke that yes, BOTH of his wives have had secret babies with Cassadine daddies. Come ON. That too, is too good to pass up. Plus, I'd get Jane/Thaao Penghlis/TG in scenes. WIN.....WIN.
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