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  1. *goes into corner and cries* I really doubt it's true-the constant rumors about Joe being a goner remind me of how people kept saying Ethan would be killed off or written off because almost no one liked him when he first came on. I think at least some of it is someone just jealous of the character's attention for some reason. If it IS true, they need to bring the actor back as someone else and still hook him back up with Tracy. They have far more chemistry than TG and JE ever had, and I actually buy that Joe is into Tracy-something I rarely bought with Lacy, no matter how badly I wanted t
  2. No I haven't had a chance to read the fic yet, I still don't have internet at home, so I can only skim stories when I get the opportunity. I am way behind on many I used to keep up with....when I do get the chance I'll pm you to let you know it's me...my sign on name there is different. I wonder what the spoilers mean for Joe. I just don't get the point in him getting any "romance" time at all, if the plan has always been to kill him off or send him to jail. I don't think he's just a plot point to bring Luke and Tracy back together. But honestly, how is he going to get out of this one? I
  3. I don't know if I buy the history argument. That would mean Tracy is destined to withold someone else's heart pills, that Sonny is going to open another strip club, that Luke is going to rape again, etc. I am perfectly okay with Joe going to jail for a few months and then coming back, or even being in jail onscreen. I don't have a problem with him paying for his actions. My only issue is, I don't want to waste time since who knows how much longer GH will last? I'd rather he be redeemed somehow and not have to leave the canvas, so that no real time is wasted.
  4. I will say, though-GAH her man showing up needing help, the conflict between wanting to help him and wanting to turn him in: SO.SOAPY.
  5. What is the name of your fic? Is it on ff.net? I will have to check it out. Erhm....that hotsheet spoiler doesn't sound good. Is he really even thinking about killing Kristina? Not that I care about Krusty, but if they really aren't going to try and redeem Joe-if he's gonna continue doing this stupid stuff....I don't know if I want him with Tracy. Great chemistry or not. Tracy is bad, but she's not EVIL. I don't need Joe to be "good" or "nice" overall, but I do need him to be more on Tracy's level in terms of lines he will not cross. Unless of course, this is all leading up to someth
  6. Of course not. You know, there is just such a wealth of potential SL's with Tracy and Joe. The age difference, the class/social difference, the backgrounds, etc. They should milk it for all it is worth. There isn't a more complex couple on GH. There are really no couples like them left on daytime, are there? Good old fashioned soapiness. Are they inspiring anyone to do any fan fics? Let's speculate how Joe will react when Tracy turns him in. I would imagine he would be the one to end things this time...but for some reason I am prepared to be surprised by his reaction.
  7. Ah see, now I like this. I will admit, a part of me thinks they'd be great at an on the run sl. Such a sl though, would only be root worthy if they were innocent. Knowing he's guilty of this, I like that Tracy is most likely going to turn him in. She should. I like the idea of her taking care of him-but again-if he's guilty, and she harbors him....Tracy is far from perfect, but she tries to do the right thing. In this instance of course, the right thing is probably going to make Joe mad at her. But that's also good. I am actually loving this all the way around. Ms.Q, you are right about t
  8. I have been thinking since I started back watching that Tracy is still filler, compared to the lengths and total of the scenes for the others. And I'm a little okay with her just being supporting-but today doesn't even count as filler IMO. That scene wasn't even five minutes long, was it? It definitely still has the "show eaten by the mob" feel to it. That said-i still like Tracy and Joseph, although knowing he's got the bad taste to kidnap Krustina makes me dislike him. I mean seriously dude. Kidnap a character that doesn't suck butt. Kristina is like a migraine laced with a sinus attack wi
  9. So I guess it's safe not to bother about Tracy until after the show on Thursday?
  10. I would imagine Joe blames Sonny for contributing to Tracy now not talking to Joe. Which makes sense in a twisted way. Plus, hearing what Kate/Connie said to Trey-I'm sure all that just fueled the fire. The 88 million-is this money what Jerry had to give the guy he was working for? And how does Heather fit into this? Because she knew Robin was alive. Was it clear that Duke was the guy Jerry was working for? Or do we still not know? Sorry for all the questions, LOL. I don't like being confused. I just want this to be a GOOD Thing. Not another case of Joe working for a psycho.
  11. Is Duke a goodie or a baddie this time around? Do we know yet? Cause if he's just involved with another really bad guy.....*sigh*
  12. I know. *kicks rocks* But I hate getting so much of her(though her scenes are STILL way shorter than Jason/Sam/Sonny's) and then not so much. BTW-maybe it's just my hoping-but I'm calling it before the show is over. I HOPE I'm right. I have no reason to think this, but, I think Lainey may be right. I HOPE Joe Jr's big secret is that it wasn't Jerry Jax that got him out of jail, but that he is cooperating with authorities and working for the feds. Okay, so some people will still hate him, but it'll do a lot to help redeem him. Spoilers say "BIG secret". What else could it possibly be?
  13. Well, I just hope they do something to partially redeem Joe and keep him and Tracy together. I hope Tracy doesn't disappear. And no Clint/Tracy if JVD does come to GH. Clint is so boring. And we have enough characters, no more OLTL'ers. If Tracy and Joe don't make it, and Tracy gets stuck back with Luke or disappears (or both), well...back to not watching for me. And I hate that, but......TIIC need to know when they have a good thing and just go with it.
  14. *points at halee* DREAM KILLER!!!!! *runs off* Sorry for the outburst. I just spent the last twenty minutes yelling over the phone at a client because she couldn't hear ME because she was switching buses. I could hear her just fine, but I had to repeat EVERY.STINKING.SENTENCE. at least three times and almost yelling at the end because of the stupid bus motors. I so wanted to tell her to hang her phone up and call me when she got OFF her bus. Uggggghhhhh TGIF people, TGIF In all seriousness....I am into JOe now because of Tracy, but if Tracy's not at the wedding...it's
  15. Do we know when Tony is back? I am just wondering, because I heard the rumors someone will get shot at the wedding. My first thought was the victim will be Johnny, because isn't BB leaving? My second thought was, let Luke be back by then, and let it be Tracy who gets shot. Because I like beating up on characters I like, and I think a gunshot is one thing Tracy hasn't suffered yet. Besides, if Luke is back, he'd be at the wedding. And I would imagine Joe is lurking somewhere. Why or how it happens doesn't really matter I don't guess, as long as Joe isn't the shooter and he hits her by acci
  16. Did anyone else get the feeling the show was dropping hints yesterday that Joe and Connie are married? Trey said something about Joe telling him they were married, then Joe said it was just to keep him from getting upset. I can buy that, but the whole thing with Connie and Johnny yesterday, where I guess it's implied that she is talking about them getting married so she can't marry Sonny. I think they won't be able to, because they'll find out Connie is already married to Joe. Maybe both of them thought it was annulled, but the annullment was never final. And in the end the reason the marria
  17. Is this a legitimate spoiler that's been verified by someone reliable? Because otherwise, I don't believe it. If it IS true, and he is killed or written off, there goes my enjoyment again. I don't want to see Tracy with someone like Scott Baldwin. I'm sure Jane would rock ANY material, but been there, done that. Joe is different and fresh and I like it. I know he's done heinous stuff, but some of it can be explained away. That which can't, well....I'll deal when the time comes. They don't bore me-and quite frankly, Tracy and Luke were boring me long before I stopped watching. I LOVE Lacy as f
  18. I am more and more convinced Joe didn't rape Kate. Didn't get to watch Monday (yet) but just reading the transcript made me go "aww" at the end. They will be on today, yes? I set my DVR. Oh, and I watched yesterday. ConKate is cray cray.
  19. Oh, had to come back in to say that last part, that Joe dares Tracy to deny their connection: The girly idiot part of me *swooned* at that. I think seeing them relate when they aren't sexing, is going to be very interesting. That is what, I think, is going to make or break them. Personally, I just think this story can't be passed up because Joe IS into her. How many times has that happened, that a man has just liked her for her, with NO strings/agenda? How many ? I don't even need to count. One. Him. That's why I can't just blow this off so easily.
  20. I actually haven't read GH fan fic in years. I read mostly "Sherlock" fan fic now, but lately haven't had the time. Joey, hun, I'm really starting to like you, and I love your Tracy lovin', so don't be a douche, okay? I know you're mad because you think Sonny ruined your chance at happiness, so you want to ruin his. But just....sit your butt down and chill, M'kay? This, I agree on. They could have been so great. But I just told Funny, if we really think about it, this regime is kind of ageist as well. Yes, they are giving Luke love scenes(kind of) and Tracy, too....but BOTH wi
  21. Amen brother! He doesn't deserve Tracy. I have always wanted a man who just LIKED TRACY. Joe seems to, and I love it. They are on tomorrow, yes? Looking forward to it ! I won't be able to catch clips right away, so anyone who watches, can you give a recap? Muchas gracias!
  22. And, she was on four days this past week total, no? For those watching all the time, when is the last time that happened?? And it isn't even sweeps ! Although I guess that was a sweeps like story, but still..... About Joe. I watched the Joe and Trey scenes, and I've seen him with Tracy. There is something different about him. He isn't just a typical "enemy of Sonny". In the first place, Joe is sort of in the right. I realize "mob rules" are that Joe Sr betrayed Sonny (I forget how) and Sonny killed him in self defense, and then Sonny took his territory. I get that it's sort of accepted th
  23. Ditto this. I really don't want Tracy going back to only appearing onscreen when Luke or Lulu are around. If it means a whole new man for her so I can see her do her thing....I am more than happy to accept this. Besides, they are sexy. Did I say that already? It bears repeating. Frumpa can come back and have Luke. For the moment I am more than happy with Luke and Tracy as good friends.Now if Frumpa doesn't stay (please have her not stay) I would love a triangle. Two men fighting over Tracy. No Frumpa. Win/win. It was in one of the articles I think someone posted here, she was ju
  24. I think some of us here are Lacy or Tracy/someone else fan firsts. I'm a Tracy FF all the way though, so as long as Jane gets good stuff...as long as I enjoy watching her and she seems to enjoy playing it...and I prefer Tracy to be happy, but if not, as long as it's good...then I'm good. I do think there seemed to be a note of sadness in Jane's comments when she mentioned Tracy and Luke breaking up. Like I don't know if more sad Tracy and Luke were ending for now, or more sad about not working as much with Tony. But she does seem to me to be enjoying the heck out of RS and their scenes. I th
  25. Honestly, if Guza hadn't left, then Joe came along to spice up Tracy's life, I doubt I'd be bothering to keep up once again. I'll say it: I'm tired of Luke and Tracy, and I want a change. Depending how they write Joe and Tracy, I might change my mind, but I doubt it. I prefer Luke and Tracy as friends for now, at least. I keep seeing "Joe is toast" type comments. If this were still Guza's GH, where none of Sonny's enemies survive and thrive, I'd agree. This ain't Guza's GH anymore. What that means, I'm not sure yet. I just know it means there's a better than average chance Joe might NOT be t
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