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  1. I liked yesterday's scenes, but there wasn't enough T&L for me. Nice to see Robert again, though, and Tristan was acting his little heart out. About the bake sale: I have a few more avenues to try, if I get shut down there, I think I may just wait until after the first of the year. That may be best, anyway. I personally think a bake sale during the holidays would do the most business, but it is also hardest to find a place to have one(obviously). Not giving up yet..... Around the net: Can I just say, in between this and one of my other shows I dare to follow, the warring fanbases g
  2. Well, the internet has been mostly quiet about it I guess. I'll have to watch and then post my opinion. I'm just glad she is on at all, so I have a reason to NOT delete my recording. PS Remos, I have been shut down on all avenues about a place to have my bake sale. I have a few lone places left to try.....I hate to give up, but it looks like if I'm going to have one, it will have to be after the first of the year.
  3. I didn't see any pics of Tracy when I clicked on that link. I am okay with being totally spoiled though, as far as any scenes or whatnot. Has anyone here ever hosted a bake sale, and do you have any helpful hints if so? I want to do one, but have been calling around looking for a place to have it. Either they have no open slots between now and the end of the year, or they don't do that kind of thing, or they haven't called me back yet. It's dead end city so far, and I haven't even gotten a group together, just trying to find a place to have it. Verrrry frustrating. Funny girl
  4. Thanks for the heads up, hooked. Remos I'm not too concerned with what others will say about Tracy being at the christening in place of Lulu's mother and father. Lulu needs a parental figure there, and her own aren't/can't be there. I don't see a thing wrong with it. Anyone who doesn't like it can take a walk. As I said, I don't post anywhere but here anymore, and then only rarely that. Now, if I still posted at SOC, I'm sure the ridiculous things they'd say would give me a migraine, but since I don't....c'est la vie. Actually, I realize Maxie and Spin are the God Parents for pl
  5. I can just imagine the outrage when Tracy dares to sub for Luke and Laura as Lulu's parental presence. Better have plenty of aspirin on hand. At least I would if I still really posted anywhere, but since I don't.....Eh. They'll just have to get over it. I hope this Friday isn't Tracy's only day on.
  6. Luke is back on Monday and we don't get Tracy until maybe FRIDAY?? *kicks show* I am with ya'll. No Jane/Tracy...I just go along and hit "delete" to get that day's show off my DVR. I will say, I did catch Crazy Heather showing up at Franco's, and wanting her BLT. And Julian shooting his man. But those are bits and pieces I catch on SN if I am home at night and flipping channels. Otherwise, I just can't with GH. So many of the characters are so lackluster. Why are Felix and Carly even sharing scenes? They don't really know each other. It's all so random and odd. I guess Carly doesn't real
  7. I'm sure she isn't there, it's likely all about Sonny. About the vets. I think some are needed at all times. And I think a good writer COULD potentially come up with stories for all of them. It's not so much that they "don't fit" or whatever. It's several reasons. The cast is overblown already, and the vets that were here already weren't/aren't being utilized properly. I think the vets are what ties soaps to history. There is no other medium like that, where you can do real flashbacks of real events thirty years ago and show the same actors. And yes it's pure nostalgia, but it also helps a
  8. Exactly. I normally love Kin and his scenes with Genie were so boring, and he was fine with others so I have to assume it's her. I will say, their final scenes were some of the best acting either of them have done since coming back. Hmm. Interesting if Tracy is with Luke on the search. Can't really see her up and leaving town right now with Monica being fired and AJ in jail, though. Is Sebastian back as Jerry? Or another actor? As far as TPTB, I think they brought back most of these vets with no idea what to do with them. Poor Ian Buchanan has been completely wasted. Gosh how I wanted a Duk
  9. Remos, I can't actually petition to be the guardian. If I could, I think I would. I live in a border city, and technically, the baby and the boyfriend live in one state and I live in another. CPS tends to want to keep it in the family, so if and when they find out, they'll search high and low for an acceptable family member first before they put the child in care. I don't think there is such a person, but who knows? From what was said yesterday, I do think the mom will come back soon. I hope so. I do think it won't be long though, before CPS has to step in because the boyfriend has no legal
  10. Real life rant: Why is it that there are couples struggling to have children-single people who would love to be parents-then you have these women just leaving their babies behind with boyfriends (well, ex boyfriends I guess, now)?? I mean, she left a note. Adorable little girl. And I just don't get it. I don't. I mean, I'm not a parent, and I know it can be overwhelming and all.....but still. IF, truly IF, you have first sought out help and can't get it (okay, so the family, mom and two sisters, are either alcoholics or crack heads or both), then you should give the baby up properly.
  11. Eeeee Jane gets to tape with the Julian actor, finally? Me likey. How much do I love that Luke might be dreaming of Tracy? Assuming she isn't there in the flesh. Me likey that, too. I guess I get Heather lurking around the Q's, but she's never shown much interest in Liz or Carly before, so why spy on them? Why not spy on Franco when he was alone? And why spy at all? What's up with that? The only one of those on recurring who haven't taped since July that I care about is really just Kin. He deserves better than the silly scraps they are giving him. But TBH I never expe
  12. Thanks hooked for the info. I hope things are going better for you, on a personal level. I thought I had read that Genie was not on contract anymore (I never realized she had a contract) and was put on recurring, and if so, who knows when she'll be back? Of course, I feel Jane is almost recurring herself, which really frustrates me, as there is so much that can still be done with Tracy. I really liked the Q stuff yesterday, and I felt sorry for Franco all alone on his birthday. I think the mystery person at the Q's may be a back from the dead Emily. Just speculation, of course it would have
  13. I just know that without Tracy, GH doesn't interest me. And since she isn't on, I can't really think of anything to post. LOL In some ways, this is just like Guza. The only difference is, Jane's material, when she gets it, mostly has more depth and heart. OTOH, it's really weird because there have been times in this new regime when she's been even more one dimensional than Guza wrote her. But then she'll have great moments, like the speech to Luke about not wanting crumbs. Obviously some on the writing staff "get" her, and some don't. I am afraid to take GH off the DVR because I might miss
  14. I think it's more than fair to be harsh about a show that has a character learn one of her only friends was just killed, and then NO follow up. That's just stupid. No ifs, ands, or buts. For some reason, they want this show to have this big, overblown cast. Fine, whatever. I don't like it, but what can you do? However, I think the size of the cast shouldn't have anything to do with how they do this all.the.time. Take Franco for instance. We know he's "missing" and it takes THREE episodes to pick back up and show he's climbed out the window. The pacing is horrible on this show. B
  15. Not only did they NOT follow up on it yesterday, I don't think Tracy was on today, either. Oh, well. God forbid they waste a minute pimping their faves. I guess every regime is that way.
  16. *Cries* I'm going to miss Tracy and Connie being buds. Crap, show. Why you gotta do that? Whyyyy??
  17. No worries. I want a happy ending for Tracy, because I'm a TracyFF. I think out of all the characters on canvas, she deserves it more than most. Mainly because just about everyone else has had one really GRAND love story. If they want to sell me Lacy as the grand love story, with Luke being everything she needs and wants him to be, fine. But they have a long way to go. I get loving Lacy. In my Grinch's heart, I still do, too. And yet, again, as a TracyFF, how can I root for them when Tracy just admitted (in PC time) less than a day ago, that Luke could NOT give her what she needs? He has
  18. You might be inclined to agree, with what? Which part of it? I said several different things so I'm not sure which part you are talking about. I wasn't talking in terms of their chemistry, anyway. Simply making the statement that based solely on how TG is playing his scenes, that's how I am seeing it. Of course he IS playing a man that's dying, but he's been in a hospital bed before and still flirted like crazy. He didn't even make the effort to flirt with Holly, not really. There was an energy there with the opposite sex that isn't there now. Not just Tracy, to be fair. I've
  19. Honestly, with the more time that passes, I keep getting the feeling we won't be seeing "romantic Luke in a pairing" ever again. Couple that with what Tracy and Connie talked about yesterday, and I just think Lacy may stay that way-as BFF's. And to be honest, while the missed opportunities are sad, they are exactly that: missed. They are gone, and nothing is bringing them back. If they could write and mold Luke into the man I believe Tracy deserves, I'd rethink it. I just don't believe history is pointing us in that direction. However, to my ever lasting JOY, I don't think there's ever going
  20. I loved Tracy/Connie yesterday. We get good stuff and then they kill off Tracy's friends. I normally hate "girlfriends" on soaps. But I liked the two pairs from yesterday-Maxie/Lulu and Connie/Trace. *stomps foot* It isn't fair. I came to a conclusion yesterday, though. Tracy needs to stand her ground and get over Luke. They can still be friends. But that woman needs two things: #1, she needs a hottie like Joe Jr. Luke..though I appreciate and respect TG's skills....and how he can, or used to, pull off the sexy, has never been a hottie. #2, she needs a man all about her. And
  21. Um...did Laura lie and tell Luke that Tracy did NOT tell her what was going on ? Because that's what it sounded like to me. Laura tried to brush it off as some sort of soulmate connection, that she just "knew". Wow. Okay. About Tracy. I have a feeling that she is just going to be relegated to being Luke's BFF and that she's not going to get anything remotely resembling a love interest ever again. With Luke or anyone. But I also get that feeling with Geary, that he's done doing the romantic thing (although HE is probably happy about it) and that he's perfectly content to just be pals w
  22. So I finally caught up, and I actually watched most of last week even though Tracy wasn't on. I don't care for about half of the characters on the show, but I can't say the show is boring right now. Except for Mac and Felicia, but then, they've always bored me, that's nothing new. Still, I only skipped through maybe 30% of the scenes, as opposed to about 90% of the scenes under Guza. I am curious: if Jerry IS dead, or even if he isn't-who was it Obrecht was talking to when saying Cesar was in jail, when she had the Robin stand in in hiding(as a "flashback") I don't think it was Jerry. E
  23. Where is everyone? Is Tracy's stuff that boring right now, or is it that she just isn't on enough? She needs a man. If we can get Holly back , why can't we get Larry? Hugo and Jane used to be so hot. They could make the most innocent exchange sexy. Sorry I am so far behind, I have literally weeks of GH to catch up on. I was ill and didn't go to the ER like I should have, and have been trying to recoup on my own, which has been not fun. I am still not 100%, and dealing with work at the same time has not been a barrel of laughs. So, is Connie dead yet? Anyone think Tracy
  24. Well, technically Luke and Tracy aren't "with" each other. They are still maintaining the friends only guise. Either way, I just wanted Tracy to punch Laura in her smug face yesterday. Even if Tracy wanted to tell, it's really NOT her place, or her secret, to tell. And as much as some of us hate one dimensional sniping Tracy, I'd hate it even worse if she were a useless busibody like Laura. Because like it or not, it really ISN'T Laura's business about Luke if he doesn't want Laura to know. And it's not Tracy's secret to be telling. I just hate Laura, and I hated her even more in yes
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