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  1. Nah, Tracy isn't Sonny or part of that crowd, so her birthday doesn't matter. I'll wager a guess the current writers have no idea when the show has established that it is. Fun fact, that in actuality, many years ago, it was established her birth was in September or thereabouts. I don't think the show really knows or cares about those things. Again, unless it is a plot point, or you're important enough that they make it an issue. No Tracy last week, will she not be on again this week, either? Bummer. I will watch if Finn or Dillon or Ned are on. Otherwise......... Hope everyone is having a g
  2. Okay, sounds good. I have several ideas floating around. Just don't want to do anything too complicated right now I don't think. I will let you know more later as I decide. I really do like the way Tracy stepped up for Monica on Thursday. I love that the show has them closer now-one good thing this regime is doing is showing their relationship evolving. It's nice. Love that Monica has her job back !
  3. Good show today, glad to see Tracy will be on tomorrow. Tracy/Finn and Tracy/Hayden today.
  4. I don't know that I will go through with the story ideas, but I'd like to. One of my issues-other than the fact that I haven't written anything in so long-is Finn and the secret of what he's shooting up. I don't know how to handle that. Should I offer an explanation? I know I don't want that to be the focus of the story at ALL. I'm just wondering what would be the best way to address that. I'm also hesitant because my favorite genre to read is mystery/suspense/adventure(been on a Hitchcock kick all weekend), but I'm thinking that might be too ambitious for now. I don't have a Beta Reader, and
  5. So....Wally's mostly been wasted. I can think of a few people they can fire to make room for him. Hate that Tracy gets nothing re: ELQ. Jane's scenes have been incredible these last few months.
  6. I think Jane and Michael E have great chemistry. In fact, it's second in my mind only to her chemistry with Dillon's OG daddy, Paul Satterfield. Unfortunately, this show is notorious for not building upon great opportunities, so they may waste this one. I hope not. I think they could be an awesome older woman-younger man romance. Oh sure, there are people out there that will make rude comments, some will hate it-but who cares? Not me. I've waited years for someone to care about Tracy just as she is-to like her for herself. The last time that happened was with Joe Junior. The last time before t
  7. I'm so enjoying the Q stuff. I even have sort of been enjoying Jakeson. Wally, Jane and Robert just about had me crying. Thanks hooked for the spoilers. I would imagine Tracy maybe has to have brain surgery. I wonder if Jane will wear a bald cap, though I know these days the procedure is less invasive and they don't have to shave off all your hair. I just want the Qs to continue getting focus, and Tracy's recovery to not be the end of their airtime. We've seen so much of them lately, I am spoiled, but this is how it should ALWAYS be.
  8. Am loving all the Tracy stuff. Jane, Leslie and Robert are rocking it.
  9. I've been enjoying the Tracy stuff lately. The scenes are way too short, while JaSam and Liz/Franco and other stuff seems to go on and on and on..........but Jane has been so good. Really enjoy her chemistry with Hayden, but miss Tracy/Lulu. It's so dumb Lulu and Tracy have barely shared scenes. Not everything has to be ABOUT something. Looking forward to whatever is in store, thankful JE finally got that story ! It's only taken thirteen years ! Ms Q, where is that Burgi quote from? Congrats on the upcoming wedding, truenorth. I have one to go to today...gotta go get ready, have a good weeke
  10. Sorry I haven't been around. Personal/family issues, long story short. Loved the Tracy/Ashton stuff, and I refuse to believe he'd ever purposely do anything to hurt Tracy. I missed Jane's birthday wishes, that'll tell you how crazy it's been for me since just before Christmas. I loved the Tracy/Laura scenes too, and I really liked Hayden's wedding dress. I'd wear that. Not to get married in, but just as a dress. I like it. Hope everyone is doing well, looking forward to Tracy's stuff this week. Take care, all.
  11. Wow it takes forever to get to reply here on the computer I'm using. I was kind of underwhelmed by Tracy finding Paul in bed with Grossie, but at least now she knows. I hope the rumor about a big story is true, I've been calling it out for months now. Positive thinking really does work. I just hope it's a GOOD story. Her story is probably about whatever Paul knows.
  12. Haven't watched Friday yet, really liked the Sabrina/Tracy scenes. I even stopped to watch Ned and Olivia. I miss Wally. Didn't care for the Tracy/Ava stuff, but then, I think Ava needs to die, so...... Still hoping Jane is going to get something good coming up.
  13. I do love Jane and Chad scenes, just hope Michael doesn't go full mob-but I don't think he will. As far as Ava and Paul falling in love, I don't see it happening, sex maybe, but love? Doubt it.
  14. I like that Tracy has always been attracted to, and fallen in love with, dangerous men. I think she'd be bored with a typical good guy, and a truly good guy would spend his time being frustrated with her or judging her. I think she needs a guy much like herself-a bit of both. With the two of them balancing each other out and pulling each other back from the edge whenever needed. I wanted that guy to be Paul, and if there's a way around all this where he can be redeemed, I still do. Mainly-I'll be honest-because I can't see the show going out of it's way to bring on yet another new man for Tra
  15. I really love Chad and Jane scenes. I think Chad is at his best with her. Hate that they have possibly ruined any potential Paul and Tracy had, though.
  16. I really enjoyed Maxie, Tracy, Dillon today. I love Robert and Jane together-he's getting so much better, gotta feel she's been giving him pointers. Maxie is fun with them, I like it ! I LOVE how Maxie notices that Tracy smiles around Paul. So, they are keeping in history that Paul was forced into the cartel. Hmmm. Still holding out hope for Paul and Tracy. We'll see.
  17. I enjoyed yesterday's Dillon/Maxie/Paul/Tracy stuff. Fun, and light-and boy, doesn't this show need that right now? Not sure what Paul is up to. Would they do a repeat of him being forced into something? I am just glad Jane is on, and again Monday and Tuesday. I hope she gets things to do while Paul is mixing it up with the rest of the cast. There's a spoiler that Paul and Dillon get closer. I am looking forward to this as well.
  18. Well, I just don't put much stock in what HNY has to say. I don't believe any Laura/Paul/Tracy story was ever planned. For several reasons. Number one, we heard rumors that a few of Richard's scenes might have been cut, and maybe one Tracy/Paul/Dillon scene. But Genie Francis never once gave any hint that she had any significant scenes with anyone other than her family, Luke, and Liz. And of course the players in Luke's exit story. She never gave one hint of actually being told any romance was planned with ANYONE. She just said she hoped they might give her one. She also said, when asked what
  19. Hey guys! Finally got to watch Tuesday, liked the Paul and Tracy scenes. I am still being hopeful they have an amazing story coming up for JE. Positivity never hurt anyone, right? Hope you all are doing well.
  20. Sorry I haven't been posting as much. I can lurk at work, but since they've done their maintenance, I can't post at work, and can't post from my phone, so it's going to be less frequent for me too, I'm afraid. I think we should all think positive thoughts about the show in general, because ratings aren't good. I keep seeing people say that even though GH's overall ratings are slipping, it's safe because it's still the highest rated mid day program on ABC, but positive thoughts(while we are praying for change) can't hurt. Positive thoughts about Tracy and Jane's airtime, as well. I don't know
  21. Hey guys. I know I talked about possibly chatting this past Saturday, but I didn't see the board was back up until late Friday/early Saturday, and by that time I'd already made other plans. Anyway, sounds like no Tracy news anytime soon. Which leaves more free time for me, because no Tracy means I ain't bothering with GH. I'd really like to watch for Dillon, but not with Valerie, LOL. Keeping positive, hopefully we'll hear something about our girl, soon. Take care, all !
  22. Oh and MsQ, wanted you to be able to join in on the chat, would you be able to join us if we made it this Saturday around 3 central time? I am assuming anyone else even wants to or will be able to then. I'm also assuming I'm going to be able to get in, LOL.
  23. Oh crap Ms Q, I'm getting teary again looking at them......UGH stupid show Anyway, I wish we'd at least get thrown a bone and know that she has good stuff coming up soon. And I know we all agreed on trying to be positive, but let's be honest: I think Paul is probably going to be her last chance at any kind of a romance, but I don't mind them just being friends for now, and even him dating Laura or someone else for a while. I surely hope he's not involved in the mob. UGH I'd much rather, like Ms Q said, he be involved with Nikolas at ELQ. I just can't see this show bothering to cast someon
  24. I'd be down for Thursday anytime between 6 and 8 pm central time. Thursday is really the only weekday I don't generally have set things to do after work right now. Either that, or maybe a Saturday afternoon. I have so many medical bills and other debts I am trying to pay off, I don't have home internet. It was hard, but I've had to cut out a lot of non essentials these days. No cable either, which is why I'm doing the HuLu thing to watch GH. I'd have to sign on at the library probably. If I didn't show up, it'd be an issue with their computer, otherwise if we set a time I can make it, I'll try
  25. Well, I finally watched Mon/Tues of GH, still haven't watched Wed. I do like Paul, and I like the little family dynamic with Tracy, Paul, and Dillon. I think all three together, or in any combination, has great chemistry. I do think it's very odd Richard hasn't been on more. He is either really expensive, or they don't have any idea what to do with him. I hope he stays with the new writers, and they do something good with him. I liked how Tracy looked at Paul with compassion at Dillon basically blowing him off. Even if they only end up being friends, I like their dynamic, and I think they hav
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