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  1. I liked all you mentioned, Ms.Q. I really liked the time in Florida, especially that Luke/Tracy kiss and "take a bus". Remains one of my favorite of their moments, ever. Did you dig these moments up from memory? if so, yours is way better than mine, but my job kills my brain. LOL It takes so much of my brain power just to do this, it's sad. LOLOL I also liked the kidnapping scenes, and really liked the Luke/Tracy convo before he kidnapped her. How he acted jealous over Coleman. How protective he was of her when Helena held them captive. Even the moments that made me hate Luke, I loved. I'm weird that way. I may remember more later, but I honestly don't know when I'll be able to get my thoughts together and post, TBH. I may not be able to watch/post about the show for a few days. It's probably better that way cause I'm more than a little mad at the moment. Work related. Am calming down, but still so disgusted. I cannot. Anyway, I'm about to get petty if I don't sign off. LOL It's a Dillon and Tracy day! Please, let's get two seconds of Tracy confronting her son about lying. I know she won't be allowed to stay mad for a minute, but I want to SEE it.
  2. I'm just trying to be as positive as possible, MsQ, about Genie, Laura and the whole bit. I want to go off about some of the things I read about that whole situation, but I won't. Both with Genie and Laura as a character AND the things the "fans" say about JE and Tracy. But....I won't. Posivity, right? Keith, and coolkid, what a blast from the past with those names. *waves to Truke* Read a rumor that Paul may be involved in the situation where Sonny's territory is attacked. I doubt Paul is Mr Big, but he could be working for him, what do you all think?
  3. I don't believe he dislikes her, I never have believed that. I do believe both of them want to be the "boss" in that pairing, and that just doesn't work. And yeah, you are totally right. He needs to suck it up and give that fanbase something before he leaves, and if they don't get a goodbye scene, who can blame them for being angry? This storyline has been crappy all the way around. I do think many lurk here and don't post, but yeah, several who posted ages ago either don't watch or whatever, and they have moved on...... We don't bite, ya'll. I even give out chocolate chip cookies from time to time. OT: I can't believe it's been THREE YEARS since Joe Scully. Three years before JE even got a hint of another man who might be interested in her. Ridiculous.
  4. I'm gonna have to come back in later and respond to everyone. Busy, busy at the moment, just coming in to dash this off. I hope Genie and Tony get some good stuff next week. GH must have big plans for Richard Burgi, I can't imagine they'd spend the money to get him and not use him. Oh, wait..... Nope. Positivity. They DO have something big planned. What oh what could it be? As long as it includes Tracy and Jane, and Tracy isn't looking like a fool, I'm in. They are getting ready for a big story for Jane and Tracy. I have no idea what it is, but I get that feeling in my bones. Anyone else feel it? It's something unique, and wonderful, and Jane's going to rock it. I'm excited. They are getting ready to use her like she hasn't been used in a story since coming back to the show. It's gonna be something awesome. Ya'll just wait. We are gonna be so glad we hung in. Jane AND Tracy are getting ready to school some people. Major stuff coming ya'll, don't give up.
  5. Oh, a lot of the people who posted here in the past don't post anymore. I'm sure some don't watch anymore, others just get too busy......I go through my periods where I just catch clips and may not post, but right now I'm into what's going on, so..... I will forever think of David Lewis as Edward, John Ingle, bless his soul, was miscast IMO. So my favorite Edward and Tracy moments are from the DL/JE years-but as you said, he's the one she mostly acted opposite. I did like that scene you posted, though. It was during the hospital crisis, right? And Luke was gone. Again. Anyhoo...... Absolutely we'll have to arrange a time to watch, I don't think any of us have similiar schedules and plus some of us are in different time zones and some of us are even in different countries *waves to Remos if she still lurks*. Might even have to be that Saturday after, I know that will be easier for me. About that DL Edward/Tracy scene. I believe that scene says so much about Tracy, and her relationship with her father, and the Q's in general. *sigh* I miss complicated, layered writing. And I can't believe we get two straight days of awful characters and it looks like we'll get ONE of Tracy this week. I guess we got spoiled these last six weeks or so, but I don't think wanting Tracy on consistently twice a week (I'd love her on more than that, myself) is too much to ask. And we BETTER get something about Tracy confronting Dillon and/or Lulu about lying. But we can't even get her and Paul bonding by the pool, so......*sigh*
  6. Wow, if I didn't already dread their last scenes, I do now. I already kinda figured I'd be bawling and now I know for sure. I'm gonna miss Tony. I'm gonna miss TG/JE in scenes because really, there aren't any other pairs (romantic or otherwise) that can consistently bring it like they can on this show. I'm gonna miss Tracy/Luke, but I think I'm also mostly mad as well as sad. I think about how Jane has been both blessed and cursed being paired with him. She got some focus, she got some good stuff....and she also got ignored when he was gone, wasted when he WAS here...and the pairing was never given a fair shake and treated seriously. That's why, when I read the inevitable whining from some LnL'ers, I just shake my head. Most of them didn't even watch-they have no idea. They should be grateful Genie wasn't here, and LnL weren't together that whole time, cause SHE would have gotten that treatment as well. They have no idea, and they need to take a seat. Never mind the fact that they think Luke should just forget about being with Tracy off and on for the last TEN YEARS, and just fall at Laura's feet and kiss her toes. I wish they'd just have enough respect to let us have our ending, without making their childish remarks. I swore I wasn't going to start ranting about that again. Forgive me. Anyway-yeah, mostly just really sad about it all. There won't be any more Lacy after next week. And if *I'm* this sad, I cannot imagine what JE and TG were feeling taping those scenes. BUT-does JE crying mean she cried while taping, cried after, or cried while watching the taped version? Either way MsQ, sounds like you might get your wish. YAY! hooked, you haven't weighed in on what you think about Paul or Paul and Tracy. Any thoughts? That Edward/Tracy scene, isn't it also the one where he tells her "you are a Quartermaine. You smile in public, and you cry in private?" If so, I liked it too. It's one of the only times Edward was soft with her. As soft as that Edward got, anyway. ETA-hey, I know it might be hard to arrange, but does anyone want to try and set a time for us to watch the last show together and live post? Even if some of us watch it before then, we could watch the last one together if we can agree on a time. Anyone want to?
  7. Ms.Q, you know I adore ya, and I hope, for your sake, you get your Tracy and her tears. I love that JE doesn't do that, and has said in interviews she feels it's better to hold back. Personally, I think the only reason she might not hold back is if one of her kids or Brook, or even Lulu, died. And really, when you stop and think about some of the saddest moment in TV, not just soap, history, very few of the actors outright bawled. Debbie Morgan has said it, Jane has said it, other actors have said it-it's more effective to hold back. But again-for your sake-I hope we get some tearyness. I'm going to be positive for you. Personally, I love her the way she is. Don't know if she "can't" cry on cue, and don't care. She's fab, and she, unlike other actresses and actors , doesn't have to resort to waterworks to bring emotion to a scene. THAT is real talent. And I know you aren't saying Jane isn't talented. I totally get that you want that, and I support you. What was going on in the Paul scenes that's got you so steamed? I will say, in 93, during the Ned/Tracy goodbye, if you look closely, they both have tears in their eyes, and I think a little even spills over Jane's eyelash, but only a *very* little bit. Yeah.....her kids? Pretty much the only thing that's going to bring that out. LUKE? Pfffft. Let him go find Bora.
  8. Yeah, I love the vibe with JE and RB. I don't want them dragging out why Paul is back, though. That Dillon/Paul hug was the best part of yesterday, better than the Tracy stuff, for me. Just......awwwwwww. If Paul is not back for his son, and Paul hurts Dillon, Tracy will kill him. Hee Hee She's got her mojo back ya'll, and I'm loving it. Leave it to GH to make us wait for more follow up. If they aren't on today, me no watch. I am loving this branch of the Q family unit. Do you guys think that spoiler-or is it a rumor-about Luke rescuing someone, is about Tracy, or Laura, or nothing at all? I think it's not really a "rescue", but some scheme of Luke's to get Tracy alone, and he hooks Lulu into it. I guess Jane and Tony's last scene will be late next week or on Monday the 27th(isn't that his last airdate?) I can't believe it's so close. The ratings, ya'll. They are bad.
  9. I agree, she should be featured year round ! Also, that yeah, Monica and Tracy are pretty much sisters, which is one reason they bicker so much, LOL. I may go back and watch today's show later for the Monica/Jake stuff. I did hear Luke is already at the Q manse, looking for Tracy, so maybe he and Dillon will find Tracy and Paul at the same time? I do think it's just going to look like they did something, when really, they didn't. But we shall see. Thanks to all who have posted clips, they are much appreciated. I actually broke down and did the free Hulu script and that's how I've been watching, but that's only a month, so we'll see after that. Glad to hear RB has a contract, I wonder for how long?
  10. You guys are cracking me up. Don't misunderstand me, I do think sexy times are a possibility between Paul and Tracy, I just said I didn't think it was going to happen, based on the wording of one site with their spoilers. Of course, most sites just copy others, and re word them to make them look original. So who knows? I don't remember where I read the one I'm talking about, it just made it seem like something or someone stops Tracy and Paul before they get "that" far. Really like them, though, and I am afraid to get invested, because nothing's been said about a contract for RB. I don't want to get hopeful and then have it taken away. Besides, if we can't have Joe Jr back, it's time for Tracy to have someone who is about her. Unless they are casting another man for her that's even better than the chemistry with Jane and Richard, I vote Tracy/Paul. I'm kinda with you, Ms.Q, that if they don't leave Paul in Tracy's orbit, I won't care about him nearly as much. UGH if the spoilers about Laura helping Liz keep little Jake a secret, I hope Monica beats her down, Tracy can beat down Nik, and Sam can get Liz. They'll all deserve it! What I want is good emotional scenes for Tracy/Lulu and Tracy/Dillon over them not telling her the truth.
  11. I don't think Tracy and Paul will go that far, but I am wondering what Luke sees or hears that upsets him, because seeing them talking won't do it alone.
  12. Well, thus far I am loving Paul and Tracy! I was unsure what to think, and I'm scared TPTB's gonna mess it up. Do we have any idea how long Richard will be around? Any chance he could stay as long as JE stays ? LOL I miss "fun" Tracy. And this version of Paul brings it out in her. And um. RB is hot for his age. The two of them together are sexy. Tracy was definitely looking at him like a juicy piece of steak yesterday. You guys, I cannot get upset about the scene with the two of them LAUGHING about her running over Jenny. It was so unexpected. I was dreading that moment because I knew they'd have to discuss it. Then Paul tells Tracy Jenny left him and Tracy basically says she should have backed up and hit her again. ROTFLPIMP!!! I cannot tell you how that line alone has me grinning like a loon. The only bad part of this-other than the fact that yeah, I think Paul is up to something-is that having them on three days a week or more is spoiling me. No Tracy/Paul today. Boooo!
  13. Okay, I finally found someone who posted it to YT. Gotta post quickly. I might have to rewatch the scenes to get a better idea, but for me, he's exactly what I didn't want him to be-smarmy. I'm glad they are not making him as dull as last time, but it does seem he is going to use getting to know Dillon as an excuse for something. I wished I had more faith they'd write a layered character, but if he's just going to have this slick façade-IDK yet how I feel about it. One brief day isn't enough for me yet to determine if there's even any chemistry with JE, but they seemed to play off one another well. So do we know if RB has a long term contract? What did anyone else think? I know we're all busy with different things, but it's been quiet in here....
  14. So, I have been watching the show on YT, but apparently those who were posting the show are not allowed to do so anymore? IDK. So, can someone post Tracy clips, or do you know if anyone on YT posts Q clips? Would love to watch if someone can help. Sorry for sounding desperate, LOL. Was depending on YT and apparently ABC is deleting it when they do it or something? Anyway, for those who HAVE watched: how is RB as Paul?
  15. Thanks for the clips halee and MsQ ! I love clips like the charitable endowment ones because they prove Luke and Tracy were more than a joke. I call scenes like that definitely proof of their caring for one another. Not that we need proof of it, because we've actually watched the show during most of their scenes. I'm just excited Jane is getting fresh material and Tracy is going in a new direction. I'm *really* curious to see if RB and JE have chemistry. I just hope they don't do any triangle with Paul and Laura and Tracy. Why would anyone choose Laura over Tracy? About the only thing Laura has going for her, is the fact that she's younger. She isn't smarter, wittier, funnier, more sophisticated, or anything else more than Tracy. A man would have to be an idiot not to realize what an amazing woman Tracy is. I'm okay if Paul and Laura date-as long as he isn't dating Tracy at the same time, and as long as Tracy isn't dumped for Laura. I just feel, it's beyond time for Tracy to truly come first, to be someone's first choice, etc. Just me, or does anyone else think Tracy "bumping" or "running" into Paul is going to be literal? Guess we'll see tomorrow.
  16. The bolded is what I am most excited about. I am sad, that there will be no more Luke and Tracy. I will miss TG. I will miss Luke. I hate that the show's best actress and best actor were in a pairing and the opportunity to make them great was mostly squandered. But now, I'm ready for change. I'm happy for Jane that they seem committed to giving her material. It does seem though, that Sam and Jake are going to have a bigger part in getting ELQ back than Tracy will. And that's just crap. Seriously, show? Please don't do that. If Tracy doesn't have a major part in reclaiming the company, it's going to feel like such a fail. Anyway, I know Jane and Tony are going to play the rest of their material for all it's worth. I know I'm gonna cry through most of it. But I'm ready for what comes next for Tracy. I'm a TracyFF. Unapologetically. I feel out of all Tracy's "stories", one of the most wasted and unfinished was Tracy and Paul. Now, I don't even know if RB will act like Paul of old-but what I most care about, is will RB and JE have chemistry? Because I know he's a good actor, so really...what counts is how they connect. I want good material for JE out of this. I don't want a triangle with Tracy Paul and anyone else, unless it's another man fighting for Tracy. Interestingly enough, Paul will be around for Luke's last few weeks. I wonder if they'll meet. THAT will be a must see moment. Anyway-I don't want Tracy fighting another woman for another man. She's had enough of that in her lifetime. Time for the tide to turn. Plus, I just really hate triangles. Like, haaaate them. I'd much rather see a couple with internal issues like trust and personality conflicts and other things. So, in short-I want Tracy involved in ELQ heavily, I want a chem test with Paul and (yeah right like they would) maybe even some other man. I want good Tracy scenes with:Luke, Dillon, Sam, Sabrina, Lulu, Paul, Michael....everyone. I want *heart*, and I want TPTB to realize what idiots they are for not making TQ a leading lady a long time ago. I want Jane on twice a week, with something to do.(Okay, I'd like her on four times a week every week, but HA !) I find it curious that there is no word on RB's and JE's first scenes yet, maybe because I don't think it's "official" that he'll be playing Paul? Do we even have confirmation he's supposed to be a "love" interest? I guess we'll find out if they click, next week. My thoughts are that Tracy doesn't leave town to regroup, she leaves to go find Dillon and Lulu when Dante tells her he thinks Dillon and Lulu are having an affair. No ELQ jet anymore, so Tracy Q has to fly commercial. The horror. LOL And she never makes it on the plane because she sees Paul. Me.Excited. I haven't been this happy about a TQ spoiler since the early days of Lacy-and that was TEN YEARS AGO, people. Happy Fourth to everyone, if I don't check back in !
  17. thanks halee, I will watch those ASAP ! I liked yesterday's Q scenes, but not enough Tracy. Boooo!
  18. Haven't gotten to watch yesterday yet, hopefully will soon. MsQ, since you are so good at finding clips, IF you have time: can you find the one where Tracy is in Jenny's hospital room apologizing to her after the hit and run? Jane did such fabulous work, of course she always does, but I really loved her stuff during her last months in 93. I'll never forget her hiding in the garage with the car afterwards, almost curled in a ball, especially when Marco came in and found her. *chills* I am so looking forward to the first Tracy and Paul scenes! Dying to know if JE and RB have any chemistry. Also really interested in the possibility he's back to work for Nikolas at ELQ, because honestly, why else would he come back, unless he knows Dillon is in town? But even that, I kinda figure he'll have an agenda.
  19. Yeah, re: Dillon, me too. Although, even when SC played him, he probably got just as much if not more, non Tracy scenes than with her. There's only so much bonding a grown man and his mama are gonna do. LOL At this point, I like the actor, and I have watched most of his non Tracy scenes, and I agree that those are the ones I want, the ones with him and Tracy. No need to shove him into a pairing yet, especially not with Lulu. And, you'd think with everything going on, he'd be more about his family and less about the Spencers, but oh well. About Paul. I have no idea what RC is planning. I think he's going to keep their relationship pretty antagonistic, at least at first. Why else wouldn't it be? I don't think he's going to retcon it and say Paul ever really loved her. I can buy it though, that Paul never hated her (until maybe the very end after her trying to get revenge on him). I can buy that he will come back intent on causing her or the Qs/ELQ some trouble, and that most of their interactions in the beginning will be as "enemies". As far as to whether or not they will be a "couple" down the line, that depends a lot on viewer reaction and what RC already has planned. I'm one of those "rebound relationships never work" thinkers, so IMO Tracy should get a short dalliance with someone else before being with him, or he should get someone else after Jenny, or both. It could be a great love/hate relationship, a bit like old school Alan and Monica-the type of relationship GH doesn't currently have. And every soap needs one of those, I think. Minus the cheating, because if IC, Tracy isn't a cheater, and she's had enough of that done to her for a lifetime. I'm excited about Paul coming back, I just want JE to get good material and screen time. And her being MIA at all while her family just lost ELQ is RIDICULOUS. Does anyone really know what the status of Dillon's relationship is with Paul? They've given two different accounts: that he has spent time with his dad, and that he hadn't. I'm very sure he knows nothing about Tracy accidentally running down Jenny, or that Paul married Tracy for her ELQ stock, or that Paul was sleeping with Jenny while still married to Tracy, etc. It should be some good material for the three of them.
  20. Thanks for that answer, truenorth. I guess that means we're supposed to assume the Q's believe Ned left town out of grief? IDK. So frustrating. MsQ, loved that clip, I guess I've probably seen it, but didn't remember it. John J York, he's another one JE has inappropriate chemistry with, LOL. Adrianne is so luminous and beautiful. I miss Brook AND Maya. Our cast is so big already, though. But the Q manse needs a few blood Q's of the younger generation to come on board IMO. So, what do you guys think about the pretty solid rumor about Richard Burgi coming on as Paul? I could actually dig a love/hate thing with Paul and Tracy. I know we've discussed her not needing a love interest, but this is a soap, and without a love interest, I do think she definitely will be shoved to recurring.I'm for it, for that reason, if no other. And I hate that I don't have anything better than that, but I'm also for it due to other reasons, as well. He'd have to treat her right and love her, if they ever became an official couple. If he does that, and he doesn't come back a big fat slime ball, I could ship it.
  21. And can someone please clarify, do the Q's know that Olivia's baby is NOT Ned's, and that it is alive? Because Tracy seemed to be clueless about what Nik could have over Brook Lynn, and if they all knew that Ned was helping protect the baby....? Confused.
  22. Hee I loved that, too. Say what you will about Guza, the man truly got a kick out of Lacy I think. Wasn't it mostly BG's idea to do Lacy anyway? Re: Paul. I just hope Jenny is dead, or they had a truly bitter divorce and she's moved clear across the country. Not that Paul and Jenny were this "great love" like LnL, but competing with yet another woman is the last thing Tracy needs. She also doesn't need to be a rebound. Wouldn't it be a kick if they could get Richard Steinmetz to come back, but as Paul? Yes, I know it's not likely, especially since he bears no resemblance to the Dillon actor. But I can dream. No Tracy today?
  23. LOL! What I love best about that is Tony's face, actually. Like if Jane would've lost it, he would have, too. I love Adrianne's totally deadpan look. Oh, about the whole "bringing up the heart pills thing". Lots of people do that. And it just annoys, because we don't constantly bring up everyone else's old sins, even Luke's rape of Laura hadn't been mentioned on screen in years(and even rarely by the fans) until Jennifer just mentioned it. And yet people constantly throw that around about Tracy. My thinking is, those people must not have any other legitimate, coherent argument, and I just ignore them. Because if that's all you got, move along. So, I wonder if Paul will be eeevilll. He'd either have to be, or be really ignorant, to come work for Nikolas at ELQ. And it's not even that I can blame him if he wants revenge on Tracy and/or the Qs, but still. If he's out for revenge, his not so nice side (which was always there, IMO) is going to come out and play. So maybe he'll be more interesting this time? Guess we'll see. I'm sad though, that it won't be PS. I'd love to see him and JE mix it up again.
  24. That board meeting was a wee bit pitiful. Does anyone remember the days when the board meetings were full of people and fun? Oh well. I do love that Tracy and Michael seem to be getting closer, but I guess if they can't even bring LC back for this story, she's officially not even recurring anymore? If they're going to do that, they should just kill her off. And now that I've said that, they probably will. Don't misunderstand me, I think JE should be the mentor/matriarch of the Q's, anyway. But Monica is still needed. As is Ned, Skye, and Brook Lynn. Lucy sucks. That is all.
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