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  1. *waves to Ms.Q* Yeah, I DVR the show every day just in case, and I did catch those episodes. I saw yesterday's, and apparently, Alice is going to need a new heart. Coincidentally, at the same time Molly and Rafe are both injured in the car accident. Unfortunately, they aren't going to kill off Molly, so it'll be Rafe and I guess Alice will get his heart? Nina will think her secret about being able to walk and being eeeevil and all, is safe. BUT. I think I know where this SL is going. I think that phenomenon known as (I think I am getting the term right) cellular memory is going to play a part here. There are documented cases where an organ recipient for instance, has attachments to certain people or places, or craves certain foods, etc, and they find out it has a connection to the organ donor. I think Alice is going to mistrust Nina and not know why at first-I don't know if she'll actually have Rafe's memory of knowing Nina can walk, etc....or that Nina paid him off to leave town, etc. But I do think she'll start snooping around and be one of the ones to help expose Nina. And since Rafe was apparently paid by Fuke(or Fuke's flunky) to run Patrick off the road, she might even be the one to open Tracy's eyes. I really don't like Alice, but this could be interesting. If Fuke starts being hateful to Alice, if that doesn't wake Tracy up...she's truly beyond stupid.
  2. Has she been on this week at all? Eh, I am glad they are acknowledging how stupid this story is. Really, this regime isn't much better than Guza or the recent others. Sonny, Sam, and Carly are still monopolizing more screen time than any others.If they ever recast Jason, of course he'll be right up there with them. They are never really back burnered. And yes, we do have better integration now, but the pacing is horrible. Is Carlos, for instance, still on this show? Is Ned? It's been weeks since we saw Lucy and Kevin, so anyone invested in their story is just left hanging. I guess if the stories were compelling, it'd be worth it, but right now, they are not. And I can't STAND Nina. I don't mean, I love to hate the character. I mean, I want her to go. Far, far away, and never come back.
  3. hooked lol about your comments re: Chad. I like both him and the Morgan actor, don't know his name. I like their brotherly relationship, too. I think Chad is very good at being vulnerable though, and I actually think I agree sort of, about the sad sack thing. I think that's what draws me to him, because he's AJ-and yet, at the same time, he's NOT AJ. If that makes sense. Morgan is actually AJ, and Michael is the Jason in that pair, IMO. I think Chad is cuter, though. I hate that the annulment is fake. I hate that this story is dragging on. They are going to beat that horse until no one cares by the time it's resolved. But thanks for the heads up about Jane and the "kids". I love that they always seem to pair the best younger actors with Jane. And I kind of get a kick out of Morgan and Tracy as well. I still remember Tracy telling Morgan to go get a juice box (when he wanted to drink alcohol to celebrate his engagement to Kaka) and Morgan asking Tracy if she wanted a turn (with HIM lol) when Tracy was asking about either Ava or Kiki, I can't remember which. He's snarky with her. I like it. And I think she likes him too.
  4. So, they didn't air the show on network tv at all? Eh, now that I know Jane didn't win, IDC really that I missed it. Did she get a lot of cheers when her name was called? I have to say, about the show....I love Chad D and Jane scenes. I know they are supposed to be sort of adversarial, but they just seem so WARM to me. I love them. Not as much as Tracy/Ned or Tracy/Dillon back in the day, but my fanwank is that Tracy actually kind of adores Michael and feels a little compelled to watch over him because of Alan. Really hope that the annullment is for real, though, so that Tracy can get wise to Fuke.
  5. I like Maura West okay, I enjoyed her scenes with Jane early on. I just think Ava has kind of lived out her usefulnness. I normally don't like saying that about characters, because many have said that online about my faves over the years and I couldn't disagree more with them. But Ava IMO is the kind that's best to stir up short term trouble and then leave or be killed off. I felt certain that's where the show was headed with her, and they still may be, pregnant or not....but I'm kind of tired of her character now TBH. But of course she likes Jane. I think the only person we've ever mentioned on here that disliked Jane and had bad things to say about her in interviews was that actress that played Sheila, the nurse, years ago? Oh, I'm sure that there have been others that didn't care for Jane, but most don't say so publically. No matter how great we think she is, she's so out spoken, she's bound to irritate and annoy some people.
  6. I just came here to say that. I DO think TG has been doing good work in the story, but I think Friday was just outstanding work by him. I was mesmerized all during his scenes. Hated that Fuke called Ned "reptilian". Die Fuke, die for that! Loved, as Remos said, how the mention of Tracy woke drugged Luke up from his fugue state. Still tired already of the mystery of the identity of Fuke. I think the show can reveal who he is and still keep it a secret from the other PC'ers. In fact, I think, if he is anyone we should know or be afraid of, that knowing his real identity would add to the suspense, not take away from it. I also love that this is a TRUE umbrella story. With the exception of a few, like Maxie and her crew, and Britt/Nathan, etc, it touches almost every cast member in some way. Alexis is being just as stupid as Tracy-believing Julian over Ric. UGH UGH UGH. Poor Ric, at least Elizabeth believes him for now. But yeah, ready for the Big Reveal about Fuke's real identity. After Friday, I have my doubts it is Bill. So I will say, they keep you guessing. I just can't see why Bill would hate Luke so much, but then, Bill did "die" because Frank Smith's men thought he was Luke. The thing is, whoever Fuke is, he was talking to someone in Heaven, and from the way he talked, I assumed the deceased someone was a guy. So unless Slye Eckert died and it was because of Sonny or Luke somehow, I just can't justify Bill. Actually, after Friday, I am thinking now that Luke and Tracy are just convenient tools, and the real target is Sonny. At first I thought there was talk that he wanted to get revenge on Tracy as well, but that's hardly mentioned now. So.....IDK.
  7. halee you are killing me! LOLOL Oh, I just want it over. I am going to be so disappointed if Heather or some other lame psycho is behind all of this. I almost don't want to know.
  8. Yes SeanM I agree, the drama would be awesome, but I honestly hope they find some other way to give Tony and Jane something meaty to do. halee lolol you are so right. Unfortunately all it would take is Fake Luke having a gun or some other weapon and his own intimidation to pull it off. Did you see the scene where he murdered the guy who shot Lucas? He is cold blooded and has no qualms about killing. The guy was younger, and looked to be stronger and bigger, and basically did nothing but stand there and beg. So yeah, I can see them showing him raping someone. I do hope it doesn't go down that way. But would they do it? Of course. And I can't deny it would probably be great drama. I will agree, I'm ready for it to be over. Do the big reveal and get it over with. They have stretched it out so much now, I think people are "meh" over it already.
  9. Yeah, I think Bill is the most popular guess-didn't someone here post that tomorrow's show will give a big clue? What I'm wondering, is who will Fake Luke/Bill rape, or attempt to rape? Because I do think that is a definite possibility. I don't want it to happen to anyone, but especially not my girl. I don't think I could watch that. I do think he's all "handsy" for more than just showing us it isn't Luke. I think it is building up to something. I just don't think I could watch it though, if that is where this is going. Because sleeping with Fake willingly, Tracy could get over. But anything else.....ugh Sorry to be a downer, but I really do feel they are giving the guy that kind of foreshadowing. And from a strictly generic POV, it's kind of an awesome plot point. The woman(Tracy) who loves a man who raped his first wife, ....being violated in the same way, with a man who has his same face. Plus, Tracy being of a certain age just drives home that rape isn't about sex or sexual attraction. Plus, it can literally happen to ANYONE. It's about power and control-which is why I loathe Luke and Laura to the bottom of my core. You don't take something as sick as rape and EVER spin it into it being about love, because the two things just don't have a thing to do with each other. At all. It's kind of brilliant, really. But I honestly don't want such a thing to happen. It makes me physically sick, TBH. Which is why I think they very well may do it. Not that it's any "better" if it happens to Kiki or someone else. Just that I care more about it happening to Tracy. Either way, someone, in some way, is going to get hurt by this. They are spending so much time building it up, he isn't just going to go away without creating true havoc first.
  10. The more I think about it, the more I do think not only is this Bill Eckert, I think Paul is involved. Paul and Bill were BFF's at one point. And while I'm kind of confused about Sonny's part in this, I am inclined to think it's more about getting his territory than revenge on him. Unless Jane is leaving, we know Tracy won't die. I have a feeling, a bad feeling, that there is too much set up for something NOT to happen. I also have the horrible feeling that whatever it is Fake Luke does to Tracy is something she won't be able to forget every time she sees Luke's face, and will therefore transfer her feelings over Fake Luke, to Luke himself.
  11. Oh, and can I just have, Wally and Jane have such fabulous chemistry. They don't even have to have dialogue, and I can just feel the history and emotions and issues with these two. It makes me feel old to know it was 27 years ago they first started working together as Justin and Anjelica on DOOL. I remember watching them. Yes, I was just still a "kid", but....yes. Me....feeling old right now. LOL And..um...ya'll don't judge me...LOL..but remember how Jane herself commented that when Wally first started playing Ned, she had to get used to NOT flirting with him, like she did with him as Justin? Well...it's not flirting, exactly, but I kinda get the same vibe lately from the two of them in their scenes. That there is an undercurrent of....well, let's just put it out there: incest. The Q's (or at least, Edward and Tracy) are a little incesty, anyway-remember Celia and Jimmy Lee?(first cousins once removed, if I recall correctly). Anyway, I'm not saying they ARE incesty-but I don't necessarily get a "son looking out for his mother" vibe in the scenes. It could be because Wally and Jane are such good friends IRL, or it could be that to me they have always looked like (and acted like) peers instead of Parent and Child. And I think that's really just all it is...they come across as more two people on the same level, looking out for one another-and they have chemistry, which some will interpret in ways other than Mother/son. Anyhoo...just say no to incest. And, I love having Wally around for Jane to act with. It's nice that she has Tony, but everyone gets bored with the same scene partners, so it's good to mix it up.
  12. I thought the show was dropping rather heavy handed anvils that he's Bill Eckert, during yesterday's episode. When Anna and Jordan were talking about Julian's boss, they mentioned "Barrett Enterprises" and then went on to use the initials "B.E". Now, I know that was probably just supposed to be the short way of saying the company name, but I think it's more than that. I think that is the show's "wink,nudge" that they are giving away who Fake Luke is. B.E-could be Barrett Enterprises, could be Bill Eckert. I do NOT think it's coincidental that they are mentioning Barrett so much-it has to be someone who is a member of, or with close ties to, the Barrett family. If it were Bill, it would certainly explain his disdain for Ned. I don't really know why Bill wants Sonny, unless it's just to take over his territory. It would explain Bill wanting to hurt Tracy for the hit and run of Jenny years ago. I think the show having "Luke" not care if Lucas was the target at the Julian Jerome family dinner, makes it clear this isn't Luke being brainwashed. Or maybe that's just what the show wants us to think. I keep flip flopping between "it's really Luke, just brain washed(which makes me think Cesar Faison, who is the one person still alive that has old ties to Barrett due to being part of the cartel). And that would fit perfectly. However again-and it could be just sloppy writing-shouldn't we be seeing shades of Luke at least "trying" to emerge, if this were so? I would think Lucas being shot would have triggered it, but it not only didn't, it seemed to give him a thirst for blood. Soooo. But then, there's Tracy, who has been having sex with this man off and on for nine years. She should know his body, his smell, his way of love making. His habits, etc. Perhaps I'm naive-but wouldn't it only take once in the sack for her to know ? And even if the "Honeymoon" was the first time-that's ONE TIME. So, I am sticking with what I said weeks ago-that Tracy and Ned are, or maybe at this point just Tracy is, playing the game with Fake Luke. If she didn't know before (but she DID know, she was the first to suspect, remember?) she has to know after the sex. Because I cannot believe Tracy would just let ANY PERSON threaten her son like that-her BABY-like Luke did Ned yesterday. Not without putting his head on a platter. No matter who the other person is. I think Tracy has known for a while, and is playing along, and placating Luke to protect Ned and anyone else until she figures it out. Then again, you gotta figure-Tracy isn't the audience. She isn't seeing everything we are seeing. Why isn't anyone else telling each other what's happening? Why isn't Ned going to Anna with his suspicions, or even just to report Luke threatening him? If these people would ALL just talk to each other, it would have been discovered a while ago. But I guess, that's the point? Kinda ready for this to wrap up, TBH. Or rather, I'm ready for it to reach the next stage. At least reveal who Luke really is.
  13. I love and adore seeing Ned. Wanted to vomit though, when Olivia used him to get past the cameras. I loved that when Ned realized what she was doing, he walked off in disgust. Please keep that heifer away from Ned. Please and thank you. I don't think the show has ever been "good". Not for me. I've always been a Q/Tracy fan first. When the Q's and/or Tracy were present and getting good story, I was happy. When they weren't, I wasn't. And that's how it's always been for me. The same people I skipped through years ago-Felicia, Mac, Lucy, etc, are the same people I ignore now. So, my enjoyment of the show is, as always, based on Q happenings, and/or Tracy's storylines. That said-I have the attention span of a flea, and while the cast is way overblown, I like that each set of scenes is shorter, and no one really seems to dominant the show anymore. Except Sonny-I don't think that will ever change. But even Sonny, because he IS on less, is more tolerable to me. I can actually sit and watch most of the show and not be totally bored(again, probably because so many characters are shown in one episode). If you don't care about who you are watching, wait a minute, and you'll get someone else. That doesn't mean the show is good, but it IS finally far more balanced than it's ever been, since Jane came back in 2003. Okay, so Luke not wanting to bed Tracy-is it him being repulsed by her-or is it because he doesn't have the chest scar, and he knows that will give him away? He doesn't seem to mind kissing her-so I don't think it's repulsion.
  14. Oh I guess I just assumed she meant her own children having children. LOL. Oh well. halee and hooked, I either did not know or forgot, that Jane and Gloria didn't get along. Come to think of it though, I may have heard things like that in the past, it's just been so long I put it out of my mind. So, are they setting a "who killed Ava?" storyline up? I'd say Sonny, Olivia, Morgan, Monica, Michael, Julian, FakeLuke, and Carlos, could all easily be suspects after yesterday's show. Is the actress leaving the show? And...still getting a "not good" vibe with Ned and FakeLuke. Not good. At all. And in SOD or SID one of them, I think it was FV who said there'd be "dangerous consequences" to the FakeLuke plot. At this point, I am voting he is Anthony Zacchara. IDK. Seems as good a guess as any. If not for the fact that they have gone out of their way to show he is a totally different person, I'd say it was Luke with brain washing. It IS odd, that we have not once seen Real Luke in captivity trying to get out. I mean, by now, the audience knows, or believes, this isn't Luke. So, you'd think they'd show Real Luke, no matter what his situation, even if they are keeping him comatose or drugged or what have you. The fact that they are NOT showing him....that makes me think perhaps it IS Luke, and he IS brain washed into believing he's someone else. But if so-why not show, again, Real Luke struggling to emerge? I think too much about it-when it's probably just sloppy writing. If they kill Ned, I will hurt someone. That is all.
  15. What cute babies GH has! I love that pic Ms Q. I love how blase Jane is, and I'm not surprised to find out it wasn't her choice to be submitted. Wonder why Gloria Monty refused to submit her the year she won? Wow, I mean....ugh, I've never liked her just based on the things I've read (especially how she was totally fine with wanting the Q's to be killed off when she was EP the second time). Still, you'd think GM would want recognition for someone other than TG. Eh, oh well. She mentions kids getting married and having kids-I didn't know either one of her kids was married with children-which one, or both? She's a grandma-that's so weird, I know she's more than old enough, but still. Weird thinking of her in those terms. On other notes, I like Michael and Morgan in scenes. I'm a sucker for brotherly and/or sibling love, and I so far like Britt and Nathan, as well. I'm shocked I even care about anything non Tracy on GH-especially two of Sonny's kids-but when Michael and Morgan hugged the day of AJ's memorial service, I loved it. I went "awww". Yes, I'm a sap.
  16. I adored seeing Wally and Jane together. My babies! And yeah, WK is now showing his age to the point where it is near impossible to believe he's Tracy's son. There were only eleven years between JE/WK in the first place, and the mother/son thing was only believable when he had a baby face, and even then, only because of the talent of the actors to make me believe it. Still, they've got the mother/son vibe down now, so there's no escaping it. I did NOT like the looks FakeLuke was giving Ned. Like, murderous looks. Not.At.All. And, I'm ready for this to be over. FakeLuke grosses me out. Yes, Tracy has always been a fool for love BUT she's never been STUPID in other ways. When Harlan Barrett was courting her AND Lucy, and Tracy found out, she got revenge by drugging him (well, with Lucy and Monica's help) and encasing him in a body cast. When she found out the truth about Paul, she blackmailed him and made him stay. Later on, she hired Marco Dane to dig up dirt on Jenny.She was PROACTIVE. She didn't just grin and bear it. So, I get her being desperate for love, what I don't get is being stupid overall and ignoring the clues. I want FakeLuke to try and kill Ned, and for Ned and Tracy to fake Ned's death to trap him. THAT is my Tracy Q.
  17. So I've almost caught up. I guess the mystery fake Luke isn't a Cassadine, or a Jerome. Possibly Damian Smith? Harlan Barrett (they did mention Barrett Industries). Unless of course, the man isn't a Luke Spencer enemy. He only seems to be interested in Sonny and ELQ. Could be the only reason he chose Luke's persona is so he'd have an automatic in with Tracy. I think the fact that he is so sex obsessed is a clue, though. Thing is, I can't recall anyone in Tracy's past or Sonny's that was like that. Maybe he's a brand new enemy? But then how does he know so much about PC and the people in it? It's not Cesar Faison-there have been no moves on Anna. So, I have no clue. I don't like how dumb they are making Tracy, though. I guess they either aren't having sex(not likely) or the guy even has the scars Luke has-but again-a lot of trouble to go through. It COULD be Bill Eckert. But BE was a good guy at the end-and I don't think he had anything against Sonny.
  18. *waves to everyone* Sisters and Brothers....haven't you all learned by now to just shut out all that LnL garbage, especially the baiters? They are just mad that TPTB don't care about Genie, and if I liked Genie, I'd be mad, too. I never thought I'd say this, but if I were watching this show on a regular basis, I'd much rather have Genie around than Finola. Finola is so scary skinny it hurts my eyes. At least Genie has some meat on her bones and isn't afraid to be a real woman! And that's all the praise she's gonna get from me-ya'll don't get excited. I have not been taken over by some pod person. Oh Jane. That haircut is....unfortunate. But yay to the Pre Emmy Nom, when will they announce the final noms? If she makes it, I might actually tune in to watch the show for her. Oh who am I kidding? I'll catch the YT clips. Would anyone be so kind as to give a quick run down, if possible, of Jane's airdates for the past month or what not? I have not watched in so long, but I still DVR the show...... If no one has time, no worries. I feel bad about not keeping up with this board or the show, but I truly only really have time for one or two shows, and never at the same time, it seems......things are nuts around here as always. I hope everyone is doing well. Oh, and even though I'm not watching, I'd put my money on the fake Luke being Stavros. I would say Victor, but if TP is coming back(is he?), it'd be hard to explain VIctor suddenly looking like himself again. It's weird though, that didn't Luke start acting this way right after Victor left? I dunno. Again, haven't been keeping up. Stavros seems the safest bet-and he was trying to take down Sonny also wasn't he, years ago? So that would fit with Sonny and Tracy, but Stavros isn't younger. So maybe it doesn't fit. And then of course, I can't imagine Stavros willingly wanting to look like Luke. But whoever it is-I don't think it's a rubber mask-I think the person either already looks like Luke, or they had surgery to look like him (which is a far stretch for revenge, so it'd have to be someone crazy-hence, a Cassadine.) Possibly Stefan, then? He'd be younger than Luke or Tracy by a few years-though still not younger than Sonny is supposed to be, I don't think. Now my head hurts. I hate it when shows I like, or used to like, have stupid plot points. I am rewatching "Heroes" from the beginning, and I hate what they did to Nathan Petrelli in the end. I have so much bad luck when it comes to my favorite characters. So.Much.Bad.Luck. Half of me wants Adrian P to get asked back because of the revamp they are doing next year. THen I remember what they did to him the first time, and how my other faves returning-*TRACY*-turned out to mostly disappoint me. Off topic, I know. Sorry, had to rant. I would love to see JE get a job playing a character who actually got her own stories. Because from just popping in here, this seems to be again, mostly about Luke. I sadly think I gave up over five years ago, on Jane ever really getting anything about TRACY, ever again.
  19. Thanks for those airdates, hooked. I did manage to watch the one with Olivia and Tracy-but I guess I've just missed a LOT. So, when did they "un-Q" Franco and make him Heather's kid? Oh well. So the Qs keep dwindling. And yesssss halee, it was me always wanting Thaao on GH. *backflips* Has he started? And I hope hope hope he interacts with JE. Oh, MAMA.
  20. Oooh. That Goruck Light thing looks fun. I have a rapid heart beat though, I doubt I'd get very far. I did do my very FIRST 5K this year. I was like, the tail end of the finish line, but I did it! Walking, not running. Lawd, how I miss the days when I could walk a mile in less than fifteen minutes. Don't ask me how long it took me to finish. Just....don't. What I really want to do, that I've never done, is zip line. Haven't worked up the courage to do it yet, though. Hope everyone had a good holiday for those that celebrated. I haven't peeked in, in a little while-I actually forgot my password for a minute! Can someone break down which dates Tracy has been on since they came back from the island? I have the shows DVR'd, just need to go back and watch them. I've got house guests camped in my living room(and have for the last two months) so not a lot of time for TV watching. If anyone could break it down for me, it'd be appreciated, if not, that's okay. I guess we didn't get a Q Thanksgiving, huh? Bummer. Everyone hunker down for the winter weather. We have some coming our way this weekend, and I get to travel for it. Yay me. Take care, everyone.
  21. Oh, I'm all about Tracy and Luke pulling any kind of cons together, and any subsequent adventures because of it. Lots of people who hate Luke and Tracy as a couple, try to say Tracy doesn't fit him, and that just isn't true. Tony Geary even said once, years ago, when asked what character of the opposite gender he'd like to play given a chance, that he'd like to play Tracy. He said she was the closest thing to a female version of Luke Spencer on GH. And he's right. Tracy pulled cons long before Luke, so it's not OOC, and it's not all of a sudden. I still remember her conning Jacob out of a huge wad of cash, on The City, before they became real friends. And that's just one instance. THAT kind of stuff? Tracy and Luke could do forever, and as long as they keep it fun (which basically means JE and TG would have to write all their dialogue and maybe even the whole story, too), I wouldn't mind too much, if at all. But Rambo Tracy? Not digging it.
  22. Oh, I think it's both=she sucks as a shooter, and when it comes to actually hitting someone with a bullet(I'm sure Jerry is her first), she can't quite bring herself to do it with a steady hand. I still don't like it, but eh. At least she was on, right? That's always a plus.
  23. *waves to TracyLuv* Yeah I have to say it. I don't have a problem with adventure Tracy. Her whole life has been an adventure-and in some ways, not unlike parts of Luke's life-like when she and Dillon were a "team" when they lived in Europe. But Tracy has always been anti-gun. I balked at her having a gun in her safe at the mansion, and I'm balking at her shooting a gun at anyone now. It's not that she CAN'T. Obviously, she can, will, has. But there was always a part of Tracy before that was strictly anti-violence. It's part of the reason she hated Sonny. Not JUST because he was a criminal, but because he was a criminal of the lowest common denominator. Tracy has committed crimes, but she always, ALWAYS prided herself on using her wits. Her WITS. Not bumping off an enemy. It's just so OOC. She'd see it as so banal and ordinary, pedestrian. Uncivilized. And taking away Tracy's wits and making her shoot a gun makes her ordinary. I don't like it. I'm not saying again, she wouldn't ever do it. I think she'd kill to protect Luke, Lulu, even Ethan and Lucky, Dillon, Ned, likely even Monica, Michael, etc. Thing is-it would always be a last resort for her. And I get, this was kind of a last resort thing. It was either shoot Jerry or let him hurt/kill Luke. So I get it. I'm just on the fence about liking it. I mean, Jerry deserved it, don't get me wrong. I just think OldSchool Tracy would much rather see Jerry rot in prison. But I realize I'm in the minority here on that, so eh.
  24. JE really hasn't worked much lately, it's just testament to her that it SEEMS like so much more, because she's that good. I cannot believe-or perhaps with this regime, I can-that they have Tracy and Luke in the room planning on getting the antidote-then don't show them for THREE DAYS. It's such bad continuity/editing. Really bad, like high school AV class was better at putting together film. *waves to funny* halee, who's wearing the rubber mask today? Anna? Dr O? I want one of those things.
  25. Dear God, can we just keep this to a Tracy/Jane thread and keep the LnL talk out of here, period? She/it leave a very bad taste in my mouth. I am guilty too, but as Remos said, it just reminds me why I don't bother with places like SOC or SZ anymore. Keep garbage like the fan wars for those nut job places. NUTS. I have to deal all day with them at my job. I REFUSE to deal with them on a voluntary basis. This is a Tracy/Jane thread. If you've got something nice to say about either or both, post away. If you're so immature that the only reason you're posting here is to argue, GO AWAY! And if you think I won't report you to the mods....you don't know me very well. *exits stage left*
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