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  1. EPIC smackdown of Luke. I loved every second of it and rewatched like three times. I'd love to think it'll lead to a real romance, but because of TG's times off...ain't holding my breath. I will withhold judgement to see where the writers are going with this. I still pretty much am of the court that Tracy needs things Luke just can't give. But I ain't afraid of Bora, nor do I think she'd ever be a threat. Luke could have claimed her AGAIN and chose to let her go. Doesn't sound like undying true wuv to me, but whichever. I still wish Joe Jr would pop up alive. Or a new character played by RS.
  2. Well, you know the saying. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And you can't replace a boring "matriarch" with a sexy, dynamic diva. It simply cannot be, must not be done. The universe would collapse. Seriously. *an hour and a half until Star Trek: Into Darkness* Have a good weekend, ya'll!
  3. RH is actually a decade younger than Wally, who plays Ned. Which would work out perfectly if they wanted to say he was a baby Tracy had right before she came to town the first time, or right after she left. I guess we find out pretty quickly who he is, though?
  4. There is a part of me that wishes RH's new character was another of Tracy's long lost sons. I guess it's too much to hope for with the anticipated "Lauren Frank" character. But man do I miss her in Mama mode.
  5. Well, I'll say it: I think Jane and Tyler have great chemistry. If there was just a little bit less age difference, I could go for it. He certainly has more spark with Jane than with Becky, IMO. But then, honestly....BH to me has always played Liz so blandly that I have never found any of her pairings remotely "hot". I did like the Lacy kiss we got recently, and I like that they seem to be getting closer again, but as someone else said, (was it Remos?) if they are doing Lacy again, they need to add the romance/wooing that has always been sorely lacking. Nothing totally sappy or syrupy or OOC
  6. I think Tracy is one of those characters you can throw in with anyone and it can work. I don't know if that's just because Tracy is awesome, or Jane is awesome, or both. Probably both in tandem. That just makes the current stuff that much worse, because she is once again relegated to comedy. But Jane LOVES the comedy. So as long as she's happy, I guess.... I love comedic Tracy, but I also love Power!Tracy. Thing is, while I love Power!Tracy, I don't need to see the actual business SL play out. Or at least, not played out like this. Some of Tracy's most memorable moments have been when she's br
  7. Thank you, Remos. As far as condiments..being southwestern US, I'm a Salsa/BBQ sauce girl myself. Yes, even on a hot dog. Although, I do like kraut on a dog. Hate the smell of kraut, love the taste. Pickle Relish has always been something I could take or leave, mostly leave. For some reason, I tend to dream GH/Tracy when I post here. I had such a dream last night. Tracy had a new man *ducks from the Lacy lovers*, and the man was a hottie for an older guy, LOL. Anyway, the story was that one had blackmailed the other into marriage(think Tracy blackmailed him) and he was a sort of bad guy
  8. I never said TG was an atheist. I've never said he denied the exist of God-which is what an atheist is. I fully believe TG knows the God that Jonathan Jackson used to serve (no idea if he still does, he certainly never mentions it the way he used to) exists and is real. It's LUKE who claims to not believe. I did say he(TG) comes across as a God hater, and while I have read things over the years that made me feel that way, that might have been a little strong. I DO believe TG still incorporates (because he is one of the few cast members who can change his dialogue) his own views into Luke's P
  9. I'm kinda over Luke as a character and TG as an actor, honestly. Which means that unless he(both TG and LS) step it up and start to impress me, I'm forever and a day over Lacy. Tracy simply deserves better. And Jane, while I love her, might be more challenged with a brand new scene partner. Why couldn't they bring Thaao P back as Victor, and given them a past? Oh, well. I guess what really set me off was Luke's ranting when Lulu "died" about how this is why he didn't believe in God. I've honestly always known TG had his serious issues with "religion"(which is a whole separate thing from God a
  10. Eh, I only want Lacy again if they do it right this time. I half way want Tracy in the adventure, saving them all. I was intrigued by Tracy/Duke honestly, and yeah....if lacy does find their way back, Luke should FINALLY have to fight for her. I liked the show yesterday and today. Today, I teared up. Yeah..I did. I am a wimp. Great show. Seeing SD and NL put me over the edge.
  11. Tracy has only been on what, one day in the last two weeks? I am so bored, I keep hitting my skip button on the remote. I did like seeing Nik, and he was never even a favorite. I just have nothing I'm invested in w/out Tracy, although I will admit once again, I really like Britt, more so than ever now. But then, it's easy to like her, when she's up against Sabrina and there's just nothing interesting, rootable or likable about Sabrina to me. I kind of want a random day player to just shoot her in the face. But then I wished that about Bora for years and never got my way, so eh. I would n
  12. I wonder if it's going to be Connie and Tracy, because I can't imagine Tracy doing a solo number. I just hope it's not something unintentionally funny, where Tracy is humiliated. Otherwise, it should be fun.
  13. I never said I didn't like Connie/Tracy. Two posts ago I was talking about how adorable they are. But I do think Tracy/Kate makes more sense from a personality standpoint. Won't be the same if she's not a little "Connie", though. I'm okay with Duke/Tracy with him having an ulterior motive, because she'll likely have one, too. As long as he has genuine feelings for her in the end, I don't care too much if he starts out using her. They had a chance with a story they could have told with the guy having no agenda with Tracy(Joe). They blew it. So I'm okay with some "I hate this woman but I
  14. FTLOG just keep Tracy and Laura apart. Until and unless we have a Lulu baby shower or something. Even then, please don't give them dialogue together. They have no reason to speak or interact. Period. I think the show has dropped Tracy/Lulu, but even if they haven't..no reason for Tracy and Bora to have to talk about it. I believe Laura already thanked Tracy for looking out for Lulu, back during her last stint. Leave it at that. Ya know, I have no idea if IB and JE will have true "I ship them" chemistry, but I do believe that involving him with AJ/ELQ is a definite chem test. Didn't Duk
  15. Haven't been watching it on soapnet, I've been taping my local channel, so no to the promos. Honestly I am way past caring about Lacy as a couple, but it angers me that they were never given a fair shake. I say let Bora have him. I do want Lacy to stay friends if TG stays on the show, but I have to say that since I only cared about him in reference to Tracy, it's not going to break my heart if he leaves. I don't have a good opinion of GF either, but this is a JE thread and I ain't tainting it with no more talk about THAT one. Except to say that now that Tracy has her BFF, she's got so
  16. That's because GF can only play Laura types convincingly. She doesn't have the talent to make any other type of character remotely interesting. And since Laura is boring, well.....eh.She never changes, there are never any surprises-and you gotta know that gets on TG"s nerves. That he might be relegated to playing the same old scenes with the same old character after all these years.....I can't imagine it would make anyone want to rush to work. I don't want Connie as Tracy's kid, I just want Dillon and Ned back full time.
  17. I don't think Tracy "Needs" a love interest in order to be interesting, unlike some other females...BUT because I think she's just as deserving of one, I want her to find one who is into her, before she leaves town again and/or the show ends. Just because I think it's a nice ending for the character to find a good man who loves her. Not because it's needed. What about the Connie/Tracy spoiler? Is that today? Franco's daughter. Hmm. The actor is only 35. And they tried to hint that Jason was only 30 just before SBu left. But even if you forget that and SORAS Franco a little to 40, that
  18. UGH do we really even have to talk about Bora? I don't care who she is with. I won't be watching any of her scenes, nor will I give a crap about any story she is involved with. Ya'll can carry on talking about her if you want I guess, that's your perogative, I find her to be not all that worthy of the effort it takes just to type this out. If they try to do anything like having Tracy fighting that troll over Luke, I am DONE. Sorry guys, Tracy deserves better than Laura's sloppy seconds. I'm all for Tracy and Luke still being great friends, and I hope that continues, but I hope I never hear of
  19. partyperson, I thought the two episodes of Redrum I saw were actually fresh and interesting. I forgot I was watching a reality crime show TBH. I do like that they keep the shows to just a half hour, I think that helps. I imagine Tracy runs into Connie and offers her condolences about Trey. Really, I don't like the implication that Carly knows of another Q heir and the Q's don't. It doesn't sound like it would be Tracy's, if Carly knows something about it. Are they gonna say Morgan is Jason's, not Sonny's, and that Carly has known all along? Because if so, eh. I think that's where
  20. I love George Lopez, just don't watch it that often anymore. I go in spurts with most shows, then I leave it for a while and start watching something else, but I still like it. I actually watch mostly non episodic TV. I guess because I don't have to worry about keeping up with plots? LOL Just last night, I caught a new series on ID, "Redrum" (okay, yeah I know) but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It is a half hour show, reality crime show, that tells a tale of a murder in reverse. You see the victim, then it flashes to "one week prior" and all that stuff. Anyway, the two sho
  21. Ms.Q that's how I feel about it: unless I hear Laura has some great scenes with someone I really like, I have no reason to even bother acknowledging her existence. Truthfully though, I don't want a single Laura/Tracy scene again. Ever. For any reason. That is what would please me. Of course, they aren't asking me.....I don't have insider information so I don't know for a fact that it is going to affect Tracy in any way. I would much rather it did not. Let Frumpa McBore stand on her own.
  22. I actually don't think we're going to have real vampires this time around, just a reference to the old PC show. If we do, yeah that's going to be stupid. I will say that I have also missed TraLu, and really the only part of Laura coming back that bothers me is that her return will likely mean TraLu's relationship will be officially gone. They haven't had a scene together since I've been back watching, obviously this regime isn't invested in them. But still. Once GF comes back, it'll be TraLu who? Which is really sad, but if they give me Britt as a Q, I might forgive them somewhat. I reall
  23. I don't think it's possible for me to care less about Genie Francis. I find her and her character to be completely irrelevant. I will say, that I'd rather they just put Laura back with Luke and got it over with because I had enough of the crazy stalking GF fans hating on Jane and Tracy from the last times Luke chose my girl. *waves to the GF/Laura lurkers* I don't care if she does come back and Luke and Laura get back together. I just don't want Tracy being hurt by them or by Laura, and I honestly don't even want to sit through any Tracy/Laura scenes. I'd be good with Luke and Tracy being BF
  24. Yeah, as a major Diane hater, not only do I not want them working together, I don't see the point of it. Then again it could just be that seeing CH's face on my screen makes me grind my teeth. The thought of Tracy making nice with Sam makes me ill, but that's a spoiler I'll just have to deal with. I um....really think Connie or Kate or whoever she is...is pointless and boring. Can she go now?
  25. Yeah you can tell about the HD for sure, I guess we're so used to it now it's hard to know a difference. I wish I could care about Maxie/Lulu surrogate thing. It just seems so predictable that Maxie will fall into a coma or almost die because of it, and Spinelli will pour his heart out to her. Boring. Especially since it has happened once already between them. I don't think they have romantic chemistry at all. Ellie is a much better match for him right now, but TBH, I don't need Spinelli with a love interest. I miss Joe. Random, I know...but there it is. So, if Tracy does form her
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