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  1. Awww, I am already hormonal and it's not been the best day ever, so I might want to wait to watch that if TG is getting teary.
  2. It's funny that you say that because she reminds me of one of my junior high English teachers. And in a way she is a teacher-just not retired yet. So many of the younger cast talk about how she is a great mentor for them.
  3. Oh hooked I have no doubt JE and TG will rock their scenes. I'm just more than ready for Tracy to move on........ As halee said, she's fun to watch again. Ms.Q I doubt you'll get your wish. I've never seen JE in any role just bawl her eyes out. In her goodbye with Ned in 93 I think she was teary and so was he, but even then it was just enough that you could see it on her lashes. And when AJ died the first time and Tracy comforted Alan, I think there was a tiny tear on her lash. When Anna Lee died, there were several times you could tell JE was about to break character and cry for real.
  4. MsQ I replied to you! Ya know, I think JE has inappropriate chemistry with several guys on the show. I have never really figured out if it's Tracy or JE or the combination. I don't remember if it was like this on Days, but it might have been. I remember her having quite a bit of chem with Wally of course, but also John Aniston and Matthew Ashford. I always felt she had chem with Greg Vaughn-a lot, actually. And Nathan Parsons. And Tyler Christopher. And Ric Hearst. And Maurice Benard. And Tristan Rogers. She even had it with Jed Allen when he played Edward, which is creepy, but Edward an
  5. Oh, I think it's just that some fans refuse to see those moments or acknowledge they exist. It isn't even a matter of them being forgotten. Though in truth because Luke and Tracy have interacted for so long, I can see how they would be forgotten by some. You know, it seems a little strange they'd bother casting a love interest for Laura if she's only going to be around for a few months. And yes MsQ I think you did say rumor. I guess we'll see. I can't see Genie liking the new way they do things-being on with a story for a few months and then not being on the show for months. I guess if yo
  6. Ah, so if it's just a rumor, it's a toss up until we hear more. I'd love for PS to come back short term, not sure about anything else. But if there's an issue with RC and PS, and it's a recast....would have to judge that when I see the actor. I've always wanted to see Dillon interact with his dad, though. I guess it depends on what version of the truth they are going with. I do believe during Tracy's time on The City that it was mentioned that Dillon sometimes visited his dad, but I can't be sure about that. I think there were also mentions of it when teenage Dillon came back in 2003, right?
  7. halee, much like Jane, I really don't do the social media thing, so if I wanted to see what others are saying about Jane or Tracy on Twitter, how would I search for it? Yes, I am that unsophisticated. I still use regular snail mail, too. I've wanted to tell you for a long time, I LOVE the Luke/Beaker pics. LOLOL And I agree, Tracy is getting fun to watch again. For some reason, I've been watching old GH clips tonight. For those LnL fans who diss Lacy and say they never got good loving moments, they are so wrong. They have had so MANY great, emotional moments. I think with them, it's
  8. Well, since she doesn't have a Twitter account, they can't rally around her. IDK. I honestly don't care as much what the general public thinks about Tracy as I do what TPTB think about Tracy and Jane. I want Jane to be used and getting good stuff, as long as that happens, I'm good. I do think Tracy is loved though, I have been hanging out at the GH Facebook page and most of the comments about her are complimentary. Many people are sad/disappointed/mad at Tracy being hurt yet again. Anyway, about Tracy and Paul. I think Tracy has always had genuine feelings for most of the men she's been
  9. I think even this regime is smart enough to realize Tracy is fairly popular and that JE is the best actress they've got. I'd like to *think* they wouldn't do something as dumb as the Monica/Walters thing. Honestly, if she doesn't ever get a romance again, I think it'd have more to do with the fact that ABC would have to spend the money to hire someone, and with the ratings the way they are, I'm not sure they could GET the money approved. Because unless she hooks up with a younger man, there isn't anyone currently on canvas she could be paired with. I wouldn't mind Silas and Tracy, actu
  10. Well for me, it's about the fact that a romance of any kind with someone not Luke, should mean more screen time. If all she gets is ELQ, that's not going to be much, and I'm greedy. There's also the fact that IMO I don't see GH lasting much longer. Soaps are and have been dying for a while now. I'd like Tracy Q to get her enchilada, so to speak. I am going to hope for the best, that they'll care enough to write her a love story worthy of Tracy's Q's eventual exit. As we were saying earlier, the fact that she's just a woman crying out to be loved (didn't WK actually say little girl in his quote
  11. I don't know about "huge", but I do think there will be some sort of confrontation, I think they keep making too much of the fact that Tracy trusts Dillon to tell her the truth. I also thought it was weird the way Tracy talked about Lulu yesterday-maybe I'm reading into it but it was just a feeling I got. I do think she'll forgive them, but....well I guess we have to wait and see. Forgot to mention that I loved the "fist bump" moment with Rocco and Dillon. I do that with my 2 year old nephew all the time. I'm okay with Tracy Q-I just think she deserves a love interest, too. Not that
  12. I liked today, and I liked Dillon with Lulu. I was afraid my infatuation with the new actor playing Dillon was due to the "JE is queen of all" thing. But he had good rapport with her. Not sure if I would want anything to come of it. Didn't Tracy say once way back when that she and Dillon would kill each other if they were a couple? Can't remember. Dillon is certainly more like Luke, though, and I think in the end, Lulu will end up with someone like Luke. Dante does not seem to have anything in common with Luke, IMO. By like Luke, I mean having no problem with picking up and going on an adven
  13. The scenes today weren't as bad as I thought, and Dillon is obviously conflicted. Every time he tells Luke off, I SWOON, people. It's about time Tracy had someone in her corner fighting FOR her. I love him. Please don't ruin this, RC. Well, I think TG is totally playing it like Luke loves Tracy. He and Jane have had me near tears several times, and the only time I normally cry at a soap is when someone dies. But they aren't getting the bulk of the last days together. So it's kind of a draw in the LnL versus Lacy debate. One gets most of his last airtime, but he loves the other one. I am s
  14. Are we certain it's Dillon, and not Sabrina, Michael or someone else, who comforts her? One spoiler said Dillon, another said "someone close", which okay Sabrina isn't yet, but.... Does anyone know? I can't wait to watch. Oh, Dillon. Dumb, dumb Dillon. I don't think it will ruin Tracy and Dillon, or Tracy and Lulu, permanently, but I do think there's going to be a rift there and a big blow up and hurt feelings for a minute. But Tracy loves them too much, and they her, for it to last long.
  15. I think what we are saying is that the general audience sees Tracy as a snob, and years ago her snobbery was a lot more pronounced. Now personally I think she's always been able to get to know the people she WANTED to get to know, and didn't bother with the others, and many people misinterpreted that as snobbery. But don't most people do that, although on different levels and for different reasons? At any rate, my personal opinion is that she's not so snobby anymore. But as Ms Q and I were saying, it's ...."awkward" (to say the least) when employers and employees form friendships. Sabrina is
  16. I will reply to you in more detail later MsQ, just came in to say: my guess is that Dillon covers and lies and says he came to the HS to ask Luke to take Tracy back. I guess we'll see.
  17. I think Tracy is, as Wally Kurth once said, " a woman crying out to be loved". It says a lot about her so called family that she'd take scraps from Luke, scraps from servants(I can remember Reginald comforting her several times) and those "lower" than her, because she's so hungry for any kind of positive attention at all. I think the reason Tracy will take Sabrina's offer of friendship is for those reasons, and those reasons are the same ones why she's so "warm and fuzzy" about baby AJ and probably Danny, too. For someone who is supposed to be so snobby and uppity, she just wants what everyone
  18. Well, I am suspecting the whole thing could somehow be about ELQ, and that the shares Luke has, he'll have to give up to get Lucky released, but I wasn't specifically thinking Tracy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were Paul behind it all(I don't even care about the reason. I know it's not likely, it's probably Helena, it's such a stupid, stupid story.
  19. Actually, I almost teared up during the proposal and the confrontation at the party. I think TG is really selling it right now that he loves Tracy. I think the woodeness is because he was trying to not show how he was really feeling when they were lying to Tracy. Agreed that GF just isn't very good. And yeah again I love me some Dillon. I am really liking the recast and how obviously hurt Dillon is FOR Tracy.
  20. I should really be in bed. UGH I go back to work tomorrow. Anyway, my short take on the last few weeks: I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Dillon has his mom's back, and I think the new actor has awesome chemistry with JE. They always were one of my favorite Tracy "pairings" and I think that's going to continue. He left a boy, and came back a man, so yeah the dynamic will be different. But so far, a good different. SC's Dillon would have NEVER attacked Luke, and would have never said what he said to Laura (BTW that moment, telling her to walk back out if she didn't like what she walked in on, YOWZA. I w
  21. So that's a vote for no to the resemblance, Ms Q ? I can see similiar coloring for sure, but eh. I'm just excited about Dillon coming back. I am trying not to focus on the fact that most of Ned's scenes were not with his mom, and just hope they do Dillon and Tracy differently. As far as Tracy/Lulu, yeah I think they'll keep her in Tracy's orbit. Didn't Tracy say once that they'd always be family? So I think TraLu will be fine. Tracy and Scott. It could be a typo, might be Lucy after all, because really that makes much more sense. Still unsure how I feel about re-opening that particu
  22. The guy they are saying is playing Dillon, if in fact it's Dillon, looks like the first actor to play AJ, Gerald Hopkins. That was my thought when I saw the pic, anyone else? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFLXV8-UIAA02yO.jpg:large (possible new Dillon) Picked one of GH much younger as AJ for better comparison, does anyone else see it, or is it just me? Gerald: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=gerald+hopkins+images&id=CC0E4EE95BAFFDEDCFDF0BF6A813CFC9A96F9745&FORM=IQFRBA#view=detail&id=CC0E4EE95BAFFDEDCFDF0BF6A813CFC9A96F9745&selectedIndex=0
  23. Tony and Jane have both called each other best friends, so there's more to it than just a paycheck for them in terms of them getting to work with each other. Not that it really matters to me that JE and TG adore each other. It's cute, it's sweet, etc. But if it weren't true, it wouldn't bother me. I don't require actors that I like, to like each other. With that said, I wonder what the Scott spoiler is about. I liked Scott/Tracy as a couple. They were funny and sexy and scheming and HOT. But then there's the fact that he's another one of Laura's leftovers and I really just don't even want Ja
  24. Nothing for me. I'm giving them a chance to give me good Tracy and Luke before TG leaves, and I'm giving them ONE MONTH after TG leaves to show me they are going to use JE and give her a new love interest. If they don't start it up in that time frame, they're not going to IMO. The time after Luke's departure SHOULD be JE heavy, and if it isn't, that proves they have no interest in writing for her.
  25. So it's WK's last day and he gets a scene with Dr O, but not with his mom? I really really really hate this show. And I'm disappointed in WK-he should know by now some of us only watch this steaming pile for the Q's. He should have just said he and Jane don't get a final scene. I know, maybe he isn't allowed to say-but I can't help it. I am so.disappointed. No, I haven't watched yet, and now that I know no Ned/Tracy goodbye, I probably won't. We're supposed to buy TIIC give a crap about Jane, and Jane will have things to do when TG is gone, when they can't even use her now? UGH
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