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  1. Well I'm just glad you're okay. I knew it was unusual for you not to post at least a couple of times a week,and when a whole week went by and you hadn't posted on SON,SOC or SB,I knew SOMETHING was wrong. I have kept you in my prayers. Just remember to take care of yourself and get your rest. And oh yeah Tracy rocks too!
  2. Okay I can see where Tracy might respect Skye and because Alan loves her,Tracy might even feel some kind of kinship with her. But I don't think either one of them will ever admit it. LOLOL What Tracy did by telling Skye to "go for it" with Lo...that was pretty cool. Ms.Q...where are you?
  3. Where is everyone? More importantly,has anyone heard from Ms.Quartermaine? I haven't seen her around in a week's time,that's unusual. Hope everything's okay.
  4. Bumping for the Tracy love. Monday was a good Tracy day and I heard Tuesday was a good day as well. Jane can do so much with the crumbs they throw her. She's just THAT good.
  5. Either Guza or Pratt said that back in June or July Ms.Q,but that doesn't mean a thing. The wedding was pretty nice. Liz makes a beautiful bride.
  6. I generally like Skye too but at that moment,no. I don't know why we can't see the wedding in flashbacks. Stupid GH. Tracy should be on today as the wedding starts today I think,but IMO the actual wedding will begin probably at the end of the show today,and since it's Liz/Lucky's day,I don't expect too much Tracy. Any guesses on whether or not TG will re-sign in January or Feb,whenever his contract expires?
  7. I love the fact that nothing Tracy ever wears will be mainstream or predictable. I loved the moment when Lorenzo came in and Tracy told Justus,(and didn't she hit him,too?)"Now's your chance.Intimidate him(about Lorenzo)". LOL For some reason,maybe it was M'Fundo's "woman are you CRAZY?" look,but I just loved that scene. Uh...I realize Tracy cuts people down all the time,but Skye's cutdown to Tracy after the "act like men" remark,was kind of harsh: "You mean,like YOU,Tracy?" Low blow even directed at Tracy. Jane and Tony had a moment where Luke frowned at Tracy when Lo and Skye stepped ou
  8. She was on. I haven't watched today though. Any day is a good Tracy day!
  9. Thanks for the info Ms.Q. Can't wait to see our girl at the wedding. Spoiler Below: * * * * * * *************SPOILER DISCUSSION BELOW************************************************ The week of the train wreck,Tracy supposedly advises Skye to "go for it" and go away with Lo. This tells me our girl must be falling for Mr.Spencer,unless there's more to it. How do you all feel about that? Me..I love the JE/TG vibe. But Luke treats our girl...not nice. So I'm conflicted. Also,Luke goes after Skye,so my guess is,Lo,Skye and Luke are all on the platform and see the crash? Anyway,Luke going after
  10. Jane rules and Tracy Q is my hero. And yes,I'm bumping this just because I had nothing better to do!
  11. I loved the Zoey/Tracy friendship too. But "defining" Luke? I don't get what you mean. And my opinion only,but I don't believe Luke loves Skye. He lusts after her,true enough. But I think that's all it is,and all it'll ever be. He just doesn't care enough to commit. Of course this is GaP's GH,next week he'll be at her feet professing his undying love. But he HASN'T ever said he loves her. Kinda strange for Skye to keep hanging onto a relationship with a man who can't say those words. About Tracy taking front and center,or the spotlight,or any prominent role in GaP's GH: it ain't gonna happen
  12. Good afternoon Ms.Q. About WK,you're right,but those are only the published airtimes. If I know Ned he'll want to be involved. About Tracy....I don't know,really. I can't see her being "hands on". We'll have to see. About Luke: He probably will be hands on,I can't see him sitting by and doing nothing. Maybe we'll get Tracy waiting with Lulu,that'd be interesting.
  13. coolkid I hadn't thought of it that way,but that would be nice...to have Tracy simply mention once that this or that jacket or earring or whatever was a gift. But that would mean paying attention to character instead of plot and GaP don't do that. I don't know....I really am trying not to complain,mainly because it won't do any good. But the spoilers and comments in the mags from Guza,et al don't leave me much hope that they plan on developing Tracy and Luke as anything more than comfortable married foes. * * * * * * SPOILERS DISCUSSED BELOW****************************************************
  14. Well you were right Ms.Q,no Tracy today.....what a shame that she's married to Luke Spencer and can't rate two strong days a week,even? But to be fair it doesn't seem that Luke is getting a LOT of airtime even though he's been on three days. Yesterday and today sounded minimal even for him. I'm trying NOT to complain. So,were Tuesday and yesterday good enough for me to watch? If so I'll catch it on SN this weekend.
  15. Okay. I haven't watched yet,so maybe the Luke/Skye convo was okay. What did Luke do to deserve the hot water treatment? Although I trust ya,if you say he deserved it,he did. I don't know if Tracy will be on tomorrow or Friday either but I hope she is,what makes you think she won't be? About the jacket...I do think Jane E asked wardrobe to copy her favorite jacket and make it out of many different colors and fabrics. I LIKE it... I know GM hates it. LOL Although I'm not too crazy about some of the colors. Oh,I was talking about the November sweeps spoilers: *********************************
  16. You see,it's comments like that that make me hate the character of Skye. It's almost like she's saying Tracy can't love or be loved. And to keep this a mostly positive post,that's all I have to say about that. The way I'd like to see it develop? I'd like for the upcoming spoilers to bring them together in a more conventional husband/wife type of way. I'd like for both of them to decide if they want it to be more,and then instead of playing games,just tell the other one. That'd be a nice start,and way different from Luke/Skye IMO
  17. Ms.Q what makes you think the story is Luke/Skye? I don't know,sometimes I think the same,but Luke sure LOOKED like he was having fun last week. As far as Tracy winning....I'd love it. There's a first time for everything,right? I mean she's won battles before...but when it comes to the man,she's never won the war. I'd love to see them have feelings too. We'll see. And ITA...I will try not to complain. At least we get to see her. ABout the spoilers...I hope it involves the Q's...but mostly I bet it'll be all about the Corinthii.
  18. Okay my thoughts after playing "catch up" this weekend: Monday's show: the scenes were too short but I loved how they showed Tracy as standing up for herself. Now,I realize it was played mainly for laughs,but contrast the way Tracy acted,as opposed to how Skye acted the next day,and tell me which one is a better match with Luke. I mean is there anything attractive about a woman who is in full capacity of her mind,just sitting and waiting on some guy to save her? Not for me. And I don't like the way Luke acts toward Tracy most of the time,especially considering she saved his butt more than onc
  19. I was thinking today about the CE scenes and others Ms.Q...my thought is,after being married five months,if TPTB were planning on moving them closer together,they'd be doing it by now. BUT...they've actually only been onscreen together for HALF that time,since TG has been on break. So.....are they moving at an acceptable pace considering that? Or,due to TG's breaks,should they be moving FASTER? LOL Am I making any sense? I guess I'm trying to feel what TIIC are thinking,what they are doing,and where logically,Lacy SHOULD be,in terms of their relationship,if they're going to be a couple. But
  20. I'm wondering....is THIS their big adventure? And if so....wow,what's Guza smoking? I mean,really? Cause Ms.Q..you're right...it will be over by the end of the week at this rate. Even if there's more to it,I expect it to be over by the end of the month,or November sweeps at least. Can I just say I love Tracy and she needs some meaty stuff to play? One scene every three months (the Charitable Endowment scenes were the last,back in July) are not enough.
  21. Jane/Tracy had about ten seconds of airtime on Friday's show but she STOLE it. JE is so awesome and funny and Tracy is just,well...TRACY! LOL Gotta love her.
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