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  1. Sean made me cry as much as Jane did, but really, they are the only two I felt during Edward's passing. Yeah, it still sucks that Edward's Tribute is what we got. I don't know how I feel about the will/Pickle Lila issue yet. If Tracy is going to do her own thing...it should be HER own thing, and her decision to do so. Did LOVE Ned and Tracy. Want more. Skye still sucks, and still does the Betty Boop thing. UGH Ms Q I have a personal q for you, Pm'd you
  2. Lante are in the promo because the Q's can't even have one episode all to themselves even when a character who has been around for decades, dies. This show blows sometimes. On the plus side, I look forward to Ned/Tracy, and even more forward to the explanation of why Dillon isn't there. Did anyone else's mind go to Dillon when Ellie told Spin that someone broke her heart? Because that was the first person that crossed my mind, but it could just be because Ellie is kind of Georgie-like. Still, it felt like an anvil that whoever the guy is, we know him.
  3. Why would Monica, a successful surgeon and isn't she still COS, need to put up her house for collateral to help AJ? Not to mention I'm sure Alan provided for her somehow, and she has stock in ELQ...... *sigh* The stupid plot point writing continues. But at least, if Monica loses the house and Tracy buys it, she can fire Alice. So there may be a bright spot to the idiocy after all. The worst part of that was, that KMc is the worst at reactions. She looked like she'd just been told her favorite TV show was cancelled...not that she was staring at someone potentially dangerous. But yeah, I totally rolled my eyes at the mask. I wanted to laugh. I'm sure that wasn't their intention. Therefore, fail.
  4. I don't know if you're replying to me or someone else, but I don't remember saying the Q's and/or Tracy were better off under Guza. I don't think that's true. I also didn't say Tracy is only with the Q's. But again, I don't know if you're replying to me or not. If you weren't replying to me, ignore my rambling... My issue is that her material feels like "filler" to me. It isn't about airtime. It's just a niggling "something" that I can't describe. You know, when something doesn't feel quite right. As if her scenes add up to nothing, for lack of a better description. They don't really affect plot. At least, not thus far. Joe and Tracy's interactions-while hot, and sweet-add up to nothing if there's no fallout. If Monica had truly thrown Tracy out or Tracy's actions caused Edward to have another heart attack-that would be fallout. But Monica and Tracy have a very mild fight and that's that. Joe would have shot Bernie and died whether or not he and Tracy were involved, so her saving his life didn't even matter. Him saving her life didn't matter either, because the one man that treated her as if had no agenda in caring for her, is no longer around. It just feels like it all has no substance or lasting importance. And it's not just Tracy's scenes. It's pretty much everyone's. Trey is supposed to believe Sonny killed his father, and he isn't even angry anymore. But nothing's happened to take the animosity away. It just disappeared. I am glad the new regime has made changes. It is a much more watchable show, in spite of all that I have noticed. And I'll leave it at that. I do like Luke and Tracy as friends, but unfortunately, I agree....in the end, if they get Genie back-and I can't see why they wouldn't-they will do Luke and Laura again. It may be the last episodes of the show, but they'll end them that way. If they didn't, I would be extremely surprised. Which is why I rooted so hard for Tracy and Joe. That's done and over, however.
  5. Yeah Ms.Q I remember we had some pretty memorable conversations about your family and how your mom hated Tracy, etc. Do ya'll ever talk about GH now? My mom was a stay at home mom for most of my childhood, and she watched ABC soaps. I don't think she hated Tracy, but I don't think she really liked her, either. She hasn't watched a single soap at all that I know of though, since she and my dad retired over five years ago. I think that says a lot about why ratings have declined. First, there's the technology. You don't even have to have a television now, to watch GH. Secondly, so many people back in the heydey of soaps, were stay at home moms-and there weren't nearly as many channels to pick from to watch. There have been times when I've been off work and gone to their house in the middle of the day, and if they are home, sometimes the TV isn't even on. I never thought I'd see the day my mom didn't give a crap about her soaps. She was one of those who REALLY got emotionally invested in them. She'd shout at the TV sometimes, LOL. And now? It's really weird that she couldn't tell you the first thing about any of them, although she knows OLTL and AMC were cancelled. I think Tracy is interesting with or without Luke. More interesting without him, because he made her far more pathetic than Joe ever did. Joe was bad-but he cared about her. I still have trouble sometimes convincing myself Luke ever gave a crap. The last interaction they had, does not help. Again...my issue with Tracy is not whether she is supporting or lead. It's the content of the material. It's the fact that it has a strange feel to it. As if they don't really know who she is. She isn't PC's answer to Dorian Lord. Just because they are both rich, spoiled, and around the same age-doesn't make them the same people. I don't think saying they are trying to make Monica/Tracy the Vicki/Dorian of PC is a compliment at ALL. Maybe quite simply because they are NOT Vicki/Dorian. Just like Tracy isn't Dorian-there are little similarities between Monica and Vicki. They can write them as frenemies if they want-but they should write them as they ARE-not as the writers wish for them to be. As far as Tracy and AJ-they are Q's, of course they are rivals. But she never "hated" him. Hated the things he did, yes. Wanted to get one over on him, yes. But hated him? I don't think she could truly hate her brother's flesh and blood. Resent? Yes, of course. But-that was before AJ shot him in the back. So maybe I can justify the hate now-but I hope they don't really go there.
  6. Yeah, I know some were flipping out about Steven helping Monica, saying he wasn't there, but I thought he was-he just wasn't played by SR at the time. Guys I am techno dumb. I don't know, other than advising you to look on YT, how to find the Courtney/Tracy scene after Lila died. I just remember Courtney trying to offer her condolences and Tracy dressing her down for a very brief moment. I think that yes, these writers are getting some things wrong, about the show in general and other characters and the Q's as well....but so far they are getting more right than wrong. I haven't watched today yet. My biggest problem is that this regime seems to also make Tracy the butt of Jokes, which I hate. I could at least laugh as well as groan, IF the jokes were funny. Thing is, I don't find Big Alice-or her idiocy-to be funny, and I never have. It could have a large part to do with the fact that I don't think Bergen whats her face can do comedy well. If it's deadpan stuff, eh maybe from time to time, but overall, I don't even think she can act, much less be funny. I realize she has nothing to work with-but I've seen JE take shows where she had NO LINES and was on for less than a minute and stole the entire show. So, eh. It has little to do with airtime or stories. Just imagine JE as Tracy, trying to put a sleephold on someone(I don't think she ever could or would, but THAT is why it's funny), and you'll see what I mean. Or you can feel free to disagree, whichever. For me I think it's more about the content of the material and how relevant it is. I mean, for instance, she could be on for a good majority of the episode, but unless she's given something to do that is either about her or that affects her or even someone she cares about.....I don't know. I still feel she's being wasted. I still feel they don't quite know what to do with her.
  7. I liked the fact that *finally* Carly and Sonny might have to admit to their actions against AJ all those years ago. Yesterday's confrontation scenes with Michael and Carly were good. I just feel that AJ is all the sudden too easily seeing AJ's side, which is setting AJ up for another screw up and for Michael to mistrust him again. I think, or I hope, that what finally happens is that Michael realizes none of the people involved are perfect, and all of us make mistakes...and he just lets it go and tries to get to know AJ and to put the past behind him. Because if he's expecting perfection, he's just going to be let down. I wasn't all that impressed with JE or Tracy yesterday. I am still feeling this odd "filler" vibe to a lot of her scenes. Almost as if they have no idea what to do with her. Just me? Okay. I don't really like the way the spoilers sound, either. I've never liked Alice, and never been shy about saying so. I don't find it amusing in the least that she'd put Tracy in a headlock and tie her up. First off, unless the purpose is to give AJ time to run....it's just stupid. Secondly.....it just makes me dislike Alice more, and if Monica allows it, not too fond of her right now, either. I did like that they showed Tracy truly concerned about Monica, yesterday.
  8. So I wonder exactly how many more days before they find Edward dead? Thanksgiving is fast approaching. And I'm sure that the show will make Tracy The Evil for wanting "revenge", but I really can't blame her.
  9. This is my issue. It did occur to me before you said this, perhaps there weren't enough people who knew Edward intimately, to be at the funeral. Then I thought, no, this is the perfect time, with all the returns. And as you have some insider knowledge (right?), you know others wanted to come back. So why no onscreen funeral? I get why none for Jason-Sam is the one who would do that , and she hasn't accepted his death yet. I *suppose* an offscreen funeral would be acceptable. TBH, the whole ritual of funerals on soaps can get boring. By the time of the funeral, most of us are cried out already. The real emotional impact won't be the funeral anyway-it will be the characters reacting (and acting out?) to the loss. And if no onscreen funeral, it's fitting it should be an ALL Q/only Q day. Only a Q can understand a Q-and that reminds me of Tracy's speech to Courtney when Lila died, about how it was HER mother that had died. Still.....IDK. No type of onscreen memorial service for Edward is going to set a lot of viewers off, I think. I want to see Ned/Tracy-especially if Ned really is mad at her for something. So is the Q day going to be Thanksgiving day, as I had heard rumored? Because that means Ned will be there for Pizza! And I gotta say....I am LOVING Michael/AJ. LOVING. That boy might be a Q at heart after all. And CD/SK have amazing father/son chemistry. It is almost like yesterday was a passing of the torch so to speak. Which is cool...but makes me sad, because it may mean there's no chance of SD coming back as anything but a presence. WHich totally sucks BTW.
  10. Yeah I admit it-when I saw Stuart, I cried. Mainly because of the sheer emotion in the scenes, though. But seeing him-, he was my first favorite male character tied with Scott, so I got a bit wibbly there. I thought what Luke said to Tracy was "I'll make it up to you some day", not "I'll be there when you need me". Obviously, he won't be there when she needs him, if he isn't there for Edward. I wonder though.........do we even have a set date for the funeral? Because if not-I mean I figured Lynn would be there for the funeral as well as the NB-and I thought I read she won't show up until after the first of December. So maybe TG is there for it if it doesn't happen in November? If Edward dies before Thanksgiving, they've already taped the funeral. You'd think spoilers would be spilling about everyone who came back. I do think there are going to be surprise returns they are hiding from us for it, though I'm not sure who. But anyway....sounds like it's going to air after Thanksgiving at least-they film three weeks ahead, or therabouts. Of course, they were setting up his death yesterday with Tracy's comment about his health, so maybe it won't be after Thanksgiving. Yeah Luke was selfish yesterday-he's all about himself, never asked Tracy about Joe or what was going on in her life. It just underscores they don't need to get back together, because he's not going to change. I did think though that his line about making it up to her is foreshadowing something, and I don't mean the future will issues. But what, though? Hmmm. Also curious and sad to hear Tracy say her sons aren't talking to her.
  11. Yeah, I'm glad I guess that some enjoy it. I've just never been one of them. The only way I'll bother is if Jane and Tony do something together. Luke would have to blackmail Tracy into it...or someone else would....that's the only way Tracy would be caught dead doing it....but it would be priceless to see them do ANYTHING.
  12. Thanks for the article, hooked. I miss Joe. Meh. Nurse's Ball. Don't care. Lucy comes back to do what? Show Sabrina or someone else how to organize it? Because they aren't smart enough to figure it out on their own? Dumb. I'd much rather see Tracy get a story than sit through another nurse's ball.
  13. I think so too, and I like them that way, but they will have to do something with Luke once Robert comes back, and since there is no man on Tracy's horizon, I can see them going there again. Personally I think it would be interesting to see TR and JE chem tested again. I honestly believe TIIC have been told or believe, that it is possible, that next year will be GHs last one, and I just want to see Tracy get that reasonably happy ending of finding a man who is into her. I do like Lacy as BFF's, but if they could write Luke as really appreciating her, without agenda, I might buy it. But who knows? LOL I thought Joe was a keeper and that was ended with a quickness. When I mentioned her following him, I meant how he was basically going to keep walking past her out of Kelly's and she had to say something to pull him back to her. It felt kind of desperate to me. I know Tracy is lonely, and I think JE gave an undercurrent of that in the scene, that she just wanted someone to talk to-but I just felt it made her look pathetic. She's always gotten along better with her men when they weren't married or "together"...so maybe she is just destined to never find that "one". I would hope she will, but......who knows?
  14. I think Tracy is being written as a fool, too. She almost seemed to be following him out of Kelly's like a loyal dog-and I hated that. I hate that she is following him at all. Enough of that. She is Tracy freaking Q. She needs at least ONE man that sees how awesome she is and does NOT have eyes for any other woman. She had one. They killed him off. And if were not for the fact that the Qs are starting to get awesome again, I might quit this show for that alone. I will NOT sit through Tracy making a fool of herself over Luke again. I won't sit through Luke getting dumped by Anna and deciding that because he is alone, Tracy is better than nothing. Never again. The ONLY reason L&T are at the party today together is because Anna blew him off. It's all just so very, very wrong. Tracy Q is NOBODY'S consolation prize-and it's high time, if Luke wants her back, that the reason why is because he realizes, REALLY realizes, what he is missing. I don't think that is going to happen here, but of course, with Robert back, Luke doesn't have a chance with Anna. But hopefully by the time he realizes this, Tracy will be too busy with another man, to notice. It's high time Luke fought for HER.
  15. I guess we all just interpret things the way we want, LOL...because I don't see that article as being overly pro-Luke and Tracy as a romantic couple. They've been married off and on for over seven years, and when asked who he'd choose between, TG says it's an impossible choice. Really? Anna, who he's know casually for just a few years(they were NEVER old friends) and a woman he exchanged vows with several times? An impossible choice-okay. Sure, he says he'd save her from drowning, but I don't like his justification of that or how he talks about Tracy. She "gets" him. All right. But maybe as a Tracy FF, I want someone who chooses her because he's about HER, and not about HIM. I want a guy who wants her because she rocks his world. My pov of reading it, it sounds like TG very much wants them to explore Anna/Luke(whether it lasts or not). And I don't want Tracy as some consolation prize when it ends. It's all so very, very wrong. And the sad thing is, it would take outstanding writing at this point, for me to ever buy Luke as being into Tracy because of her, and not because of him. I couldn't care less how much he might say he cares for her. I want to see it, and what I see is, a selfish character who only cares about what the woman can do for him. TG's comments back that persona up IMO. BTW-Tracy CAN swim. Her not being able to swim is Guza's retcon. She and Dillon's daddy Paul went swimming on their honeymoon. Plus, I vaguely remember past mentions (although I think the last one was when Jason AJ and Keesha were teenagers) that the Q's have an indoor heated swimming pool. Could be remembering wrong about that, though. The thing that makes Tracy call the cops: finding AJ? Doesn't seem like Tracy, though. Wouldn't she just use his existence to her advantage and blackmail him and Monica? Calling the cops? Eh, they might do it, but it seems OOC to me. I can see Monica hiding AJ in the boathouse, though. It's cold enough no one would go down there to get out a boat or for anything else(if that's where he is, obviously Tracy does, though, go looking for something). I can also see annoying Alice being in on it and tying Tracy up to prevent her from calling. But that all seems so stupid. Why not just let people know AJ is alive, since she obviously wants to? Why not just tell Tracy? Why tie her up-when they can't keep her that way, and she'll just tell when they untie her? I think that is the way it's going down, but it all just sounds dumb. Did love Tracy's scenes with Monica on Friday-only good part about the show other than AJ at the end.
  16. So I wonder if that has to do with Tracy's horrifying discovery? What could she possibly discover? Unless of course Joe Jr had been keeping records of his dealings, for blackmail material, and she finds it somehow?
  17. How does the wording "TG picks between Tracy and Anna" mean LUKE ? It sounds to me like the interview asks which one TG thinks Luke cares about most or would be better off with. As far as Luke not being done with Tracy, that could mean many things. Some of them NOT good. The more I experience it, the more I think this regime's story planning and writing isn't any better than Guza's. It doesn't sing the praises of the "stars" of the show quite as much, but it's still very schizo in terms of who loves who and what is going on. Even if I wanted Luke and Tracy back together-and I absolutely do not, at this point, although with GOOD writing, that could change- I'd be afraid with this regime to get invested in them again. Why get invested, when a week later, it could change? And yes I know nothing lasts forever on these shows, but it is a whole different animal I am talking about here. We aren't talking about a show where a couple is together for a year or so and then they drift apart. We're talking about no build up, and "suddenly" they realize they have feelings. Like the spoiler that says Anna is falling for Duke again. Ummmm....they haven't spent any time together. When did this happen? Luke just said yesterday he is crazy about Anna. Nothing about TG's line delivery or performance suggest Luke is in denial over Tracy. So next week, even next month, if he professes he can't live without her-where did it come from? It's bad writing. True romance needs build up. We aren't getting it. We got more from Joe and Tracy, and they were mostly about sex. NOW-if Luke spends more time with Tracy as a friend, and Tracy moves on again with someone else just as Luke realizes he still has feelings-THAT is a story. Luke spending Halloween with Tracy and professing at the end of the night that he's still crazy about her isn't a story. It's stupidity.
  18. Ned back full time or just for November sweeps? If back full time, *jumps up and down* If only temporary, Even though GH truthfully has enough men, they could find room for Ned I think.
  19. Okay, the part where Tracy tells Trey she and Joe were friends-I cried. Just something about JE-her tone of voice, the wording, the fact that Joe's death was tragic-it got to me. I would love for Tracy to somewhat take a liking to Trey and watch out for him. Thing about Tracy hearing Joe's deathbed confession about what he did: would be nice if Tracy was the one to figure out about Duke and help to bring him down. After all- I'll bet the only real link is Joe's admission. And since Tracy was the only one to hear it......without her statement, might be kind of hard to make a case. With my luck, it'll be all about Spammy and DeadJason. Oh, joy. Glad to hear it sounds like we'll get a Q Turkey day, but I think that is mainly because the new PTB figure it very well may be the last. I don't care though, at least we're getting it. Too bad no Dillon it doesn't look like. THAT would be awesome.
  20. Well, Joe won't be an issue for much longer, unless of course his death is faked or they bring the actor back as another character. Both scenarios I doubt. Thing for me is, I didn't watch this show for over a year and a half, not even clips, and JE was on it. They just played the same old song with Luke and Tracy, and wasted her like always, and I got bored with it. I never thought I'd say that and not watch when JE was on, but I didn't, not for a very long time. I started back watching because I heard they were using JE for more than just to hold someone's hand. I got very interested in Joe and Tracy because Joe is the first male in my memory to like Tracy for herself with no apparent agenda. I couldn't miss that. I think RS/JE have phenominal chemistry, and I think it's a major mistake to cut the actor. I want Joe for Tracy, because I'm a Tracy FF, and I want as a viewer, whoever Tracy wants. I've rooted for many Tracy pairings where I didn't even really like the guy, but Tracy did, and that's all that matters to me. Not that it matters now, I don't suppose. If they can do Luke/Tracy justice, and make them REAL- I might go for them again. Problem is, I don't believe they can or that they will.
  21. I guess if the docks stuff happens first, then he finds Tracy.....he dies when she is there? Oh, my girl. I also guess the spumor about Tracy getting arrested might be true. Monica turns her in for helping him, or Anna finds out, and arrests her, and that is why Luke is comforting her-because Joe is dead. I can't help it. I like Joe and RS. I am probably going to cry like a baby at those scenes if they play out anywhere close to what I am expecting.
  22. *cries* I don't want Joe to die. I don't want Richard to leave. Maybe I will write TPTB a letter and give them Remos's Interpol idea. Things got too hot so he had to bow out. Gah I really was starting to love him. Scummy and all. And yeah, RS and JE have more spark than JE/TG, but I liked him all on his own. Not happy. But I guess I hope that JE/RS rock the goodbye stuff. Poor Tracy. She gets a man who is into her for her, and...... Just please. No Tracy/Duke. Ian is a cutie, but Duke is creeping me out. No, just no. But no to Luke/Tracy as a couple again, either. So what's a girl to do?
  23. She was making a hand gesture and mouthing something, couldn't really tell, but I thought it was "talk to her" meaning Anna.
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