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  1. Does anyone else notice a stunning similarity between the recent breakdowns/spoilers and Guza's old breakdowns/spoilers? I do. This is still a very man centric show. And while I have absolutely nothing against a man centric story (or two), there are no current goings on that indicate to me that GW has any intention of making this show about women. Guess NLG should have held her tongue, cause now she just looks dumb for singing his praises. As Lainey said....wake me when Lacy are back together and have a story. And I'm not talking about Tracy having heartfelt hospital scenes with Luke. That's been done, and while I'm sure they will rock it.....it just sounds like a retread of what's been done several times over already. About GF- I don't care. I could expound on that, but it would be a waste of time.
  2. *louder sigh* I wonder what Nathan thinks on his way to work...... About Michele Val Jean, she was a great writer for the Q's, as well. I believe she wrote most of Lila's death material.
  3. Ethan is talking to pumpkins? *SIGH* Poor Nathan. Eh, what this Tracy fan wanted wasn't Guza fired so much, as it was that I wanted the Q's to be used and good stories for them, and I knew Guza wouldn't give it. Guza is still a crap, hack writer, regardless of whether he got people talking or not. But GW sounds boring, and that's worse.
  4. Ya know, as much as Guza got on my nerves..at least he generated talk....lol...I don't visit any other boards for the time being, I have no idea what's going on elsewhere, but if here is any indication....GH is zzzzzzzz. And they have such a dynamic cast. What a waste.
  5. Gah GW is as bad as Guza about dropping stories.
  6. Ugh I don't know, just hoping the TQ/Luke stuff goes forward , and quickly. It all sounds so boring to me..and I cannot fathom sitting through this show live.
  7. You have a stalker? Hhmph. All the cool stuff happens to you. ICAM. Tracy isn't a cheater. Never has been, never will be. So even though I didn't hear the lines...TY GW, for giving TQ back her TRUE persona.
  8. Remos you know I agree with most of that. Yep, GF is a has been-but so is JE and the others. The difference being, I think JE in her private moments has already realized it, while some others like GF seem not to. And hey if it were me, I'd go down fighting too, so, I can't really blame GF so much. She isn't ancient by any means, but by soap and Hollywood standards....she is. Of course, it's partly the media's fault. I get so tired of the "30 million people watched their wedding" crap. Yes, 30 million did, but it was NOT all because of LnL. If it were, then 30 million would have been watching before and after the wedding, but they weren't. There was the Charles/Di wedding around the same time that added to the hype, there was Elizabeth TAYLOR, for goodness sake(and methinks many, many viewers tuned in JUST to see her alone). Even if every single person tuned in that day just to see LnL..that was thirty years ago. People grow up, move on..and LnL haven't been a true couple in almost a decade. The media salivating all over LnL is just to me, even if I liked them...kind of sad. But I don't believe in constantly saying "remember when" so and so WERE so great. I'd much rather see something fresh for GF if she has to come back, and from her interviews...I think she would, too. As far as DZ...I know. That is a mystery. Very strange. I haven't watched in forever, I can't tell you whether or not to bother. I know nothing. I can tell you that if and when I start back watching (and I really do want to catch up on all things Lacy, but I am almost a year behind), I am just going to do the clippy thing. I can't watch GH live anyway, but if I could, I wouldn't. Clips of who you want to watch are just so much neater. No muss or fuss.
  9. I think DZ knows as much specific, verified information about GF coming back as John Ingle knows about the Q's being resurrected. Which is nada. He is probably repeating the same rumor we are all hearing. If he truly knew facts about it, I doubt they'd let him say so. I had already heard the online soap rumors for GF as well, so good to have those confirmed. That of course doesn't mean she isn't coming back to GH either, but I'm just saying I doubt anyone knows anything definite right now, because I don't think there is anything definite to know about her return to GH. I think Remos is partly right-I can't see GF bothering to come back, even for her fans, if all they are going to do is give her the airtime and "story" they seem to be giving JE. She is not going to like that, and honestly? I wouldn't blame her for refusing to come back for that, when and if she can have a bigger story and more airtime, if even on a web soap.
  10. Honestly, I haven't paid real attention to spoilers in years, but from passing glances, I don't see how Raven B gets anything right more than others. As far as I can tell, RB is on the level of the lady that does Wubs, or the GH2 site, or just about any spoiler site as it seems most sites copy from one another in some form or other, except for maybe any insiders on SD. I say that because people on SOC post RB's stuff all the time..and a lot of it turns out to be crap that never comes close to happening. If she's really an insider with good info, she should name a date when Genie will be coming back. But she won't yet, because right now all she's doing (I'm assuming RB is a she) is guessing, just like everyone else is guessing. Anyone who has ever watched the show could make an educated guess that if the show is about to end, Laura/GF might come back before the end. That isn't insider information, that's speculation. Add up that GF has been, from what I've read, a total bomb on Y&R, and I can also say every day for the next few months that GF is coming back to GH soon, and eventually one day I might be right. I've already laid out how I feel about Bora coming back, and/or LnL reuniting. People kill me with the constant Lunacy is boring comments...as if LnL aren't boring/wouldn't be boring? As long as Tracy isn't thrown under the bus for them, in any way, I no longer care. If they do reunite LnL, they should reunite them long enough before the show ends, that I can giggle at all the "lnL are boring" threads that are going to pop up. Because ya know, it's kind of a case of be careful what you wish for.
  11. Speaking for myself only, where else would I talk about Jane? On a JE hate thread? My reasons for wanting JE to go are my reasons. People don't have to understand them. THere are LOTS Of things in the GH universe, for that matter, lots of fan bases-that I totally don't get or understand-but I don't pass judgement on them for liking who they like or hating who they hate. It may not make any sense to me, for instance, why Jason has ANY fans who think of him as a hero-but I don't make posts asking them why. To clarify, I don't want her fired. If and when she leaves, I want it to be her choice. I want it to be because she's done, or she gets a better offer, or whatever. Part of my reason for wanting it is because going online has become a habit now, and it's a bad habit I need to break for my own reasons. Although I suppose I could break it if I really want to, regardless of whether she is on the show or not.
  12. Well, I am happy you had good experiences with her in person. Is there any word yet on if Jane is the big name leaving in November? I don't think she's big to TIIC anymore, but I have hope she might have decided not to renew her contract, which is up coincidentally at the same time. Because otherwise, I got nothing. GW isn't going to go a blessed thing to "revive" the q's, and I am tired.
  13. Somebody needs to confirm or deny though, so the soap world can go on to a more intriguing discussion.
  14. Considering some of the things LA has posted/been rumored to have posted on Twitter, I'm not so sure she's acting with the brat thing. And I definitely dislike the character, but I'll straight up admit 90% of my hate is because of the idiots on SOC. Not all of the Kristina/Ethina supporters get on my nerves, but if it was their intention to make me want the character dead, they did a bang up job. At the very least, LA needs a gag order. Her comments to me are unprofessional. You don't diss your employer for trying to pair you with someone you don't want to be paired with (not public dissing, anyway) and you don't campaign like a maniac, CONSTANTLY bringing it up-to be paired with a certain actor or actress. LIke she has with NP. I get that she has a real life crush on him-that seems obvious, to me anyway. But there needs to be separation there. It's one thing to mention someone you'd like to work with-but that is not what she has done. I chalk some of it up to her young age and inexperience/immaturity, but for whatever reason, it rubs me as diva behavior and I dislike it, to put it mildly. But as you said...honestly I doubt she is out.
  15. So I guess it seems that Lexi is out. I don't know. I think some may be jumping the gun, but it seems all but confirmed officially at this point. As I said, I don't really care. I do NOT think it fair that pretty much every family on GH right now except the Scorpios, have two, three kids on canvas and the Q's have none. So I'm good with at least one of Alexis's and one of Sonny's going away. Problem is, I bet they are planning on recasting her, if so, Kristina isn't going anywhere. I'd feel bad for most of the fans if not for the fact that the SOC contingent has flat out made me loathe Kristina more than any other character on GH ever, including Laura. And I really don't think Lexi is exceptional in any way-there is nothing about her that makes her stand out for me. So if Lexi is leaving, but Kristina is being recast, not much will change for me. The character still sucks rotten eggs. If they don't recast.....I won't lie. I am going to celebrate the day Kristina leaves town. I don't think I'm lucky enough for her to be killed off.
  16. I honestly wonder sometimes if our bodies were meant to process too much meat or meat products. I remember reading one time that pork of any kind was one of the hardest foods to digest, but so is corn, LOL...so I don't know. I cannot deny when I skip the processed foods, even if do eat some meat, or skipping meat altogether, that my body just FEELS better. I don't think I could be a vegetarian altogether. I do literally feel my body craving the iron sometimes that only a good piece of red meat can provide. As far as dairy, I love milk even though I am lactose intolerant. I have tried "Substitute" milks and some are okay, but nothing beats cow's milk for me. I don't eat a lot of eggs or cheese, I eat them so rarely I don't see what giving them up will really do, I mean if you only eat them a few times a month anyway....but milk I could drink every day. I have tried to go organic, we have a good organic grocery store here, but Lord above so much of the stuff is expensive. Especially the meat. But I will say that I can tell a difference, no doubt about it, between organic and non organic foods. Especially the fresh produce.
  17. I saw the rumors about Lexi leaving, but I think they are just rumors. I don't have a problem with it, but it's more about the fact that I don't think Alexis needs 3 kids on canvas-or Sonny either-when Tracy has none. What is involved in making a "raw" cheesecake? Can you PM me the recipe?
  18. Actually, in terms of animal products, I agree. I have not completely yet cut out meat, and I don't know that I will completely, but I can say that for the past few weeks I've had maybe two days where I ate meat, and I can tell a difference in how I feel. The doctor thinks the reason I have so much pain in one knee and my foot is that I have gout because of a high uric acid content or whatever. I've been reading up, and the advice is to avoid as much meat as possible. I thought it was ridiculous, but I have been almost pain free in the last few weeks. It's not that I even ate a lot of meat, I don't, I never have-but giving up the little bit I did eat has shown me there is some merit to it. It has also helped my circulation and other things. I do miss it a little-for the past two days I have been craving bacon something fierce, and I hardly ate bacon anyway, but I want some so bad right now, LOL. I am also craving chocolate chip cookies though (not at the same time) so maybe it's just a salty/sweet thing. Well, good for Bergen, I am happy for her. The weight loss is very startling, though. I wonder what a vegan cookie tastes like-no eggs, no dairy-I would imagine they taste like a sawdust patty. I'll stick with my regular cookies when I want one, though I have had carob chips instead of chocolate chips, and they actually aren't bad. WHen my sister had a lump from her breast removed years ago(non cancerous), she went on this carob kick. The doctor told her that her high caffeine intake, plus the sugar and fat in her diet, contributed to the formation of the lump. So of course there is lots of logic behind the vegan/healthy diet defense.
  19. Wow. I totally thought Bergen was a man in that pic, too. She's lost so much weight, I guess because of the cancer. She doesn't look good-I wonder if she's still undergoing chemotherapy?
  20. Too early to say that the decision has been made to end the show? I don't think so. Call it discernment, call it intuition, instinct, whatever you want to call it, I feel it in my bones and have for a little while now, and I'm not even watching. Things are too---uneasy. Even on message boards. I think a lot of people have come to this conclusion, and people think by not saying it out loud that they are delaying the inevitable. I personally don't care about it being cancelled as long as JE gets treated fairly. My only reason for caring about GH-the Q's-hasn't been a factor in YEARS. The Q's are dead, and GW has no plans to revive them. He's a spin doctor, like Guza. When I see something tangible and concrete-like bringing back contract players with major story-I'll believe he has any more interest in the Q's than Guza did. Until then, it's baloney. Perhaps I'm way jaded from years of reading Guza's load of crap, but I do think the show is on it's last legs and GW/Frons/TIIC are just spinning a web until the announcement is made. And I don't think GH will go web based, nor should it. I think AMC/OLTL going to the web is sad. The fans and powers that be should have let both shows end with some dignity. GH should end that way, God knows it has not been dignified for some time. It should go out that way, at least.
  21. I agree with Star in reference to Luke. I am kinda over Lacy to be honest, if GW isn't going to redeem Luke enough to make him worthy of Tracy, I'd rather they ended and Laura or Skye or anyone else can have Luke. My issue though, is that I would want it to be Tracy taking him out with the trash, not Bora "stealing" Luke away. Tracy deserves better, especially with GH likely ending, than to lose any man to that human potato. I don't think any woman deserves to be messed over for Laura's sake, but especially not Tracy. As far as GW-I don't think he was made HW to save GH. I think he replaced Guza because he's cheaper. I think any PR from the GH TIIC camp, is just them doing a tap dance, stalling the audience until Katie Couric's show is ready to air(isn't that who is set to take the GH time slot?) I think that the decision has already been made that GH is done. I think they just don't want to announce it because GH has far more rabid fans than AMC or OLTL, and TIIC believe the remaining fans would boycott ABC/GH if they were told it was going to be cancelled. Never mind how stupid it would be to boycott as a means of trying to save the show-I think TIIC believe the fans would do it, and they'd lose most of the sponsors as a result-and be in total financial chaos until the replacement show starting airing. I have thought this for a while, but something hooked said about John Ingle clarified it for me. If I'm remembering correctly, John said when he told her he was told GW was rebuilding the Q's, that Dillon was probably coming back and being replaced by JPL from OLTL. I remember thinking, that's just an internet rumor/spec. What is an 85 year old man doing repeating something that so far has only/mainly been online speculation? It just struck me as very odd. It also told me that most of the actors aren't being told anything, and if they are being told anything, it is appeasement so that the actors don't walk out before the show can end. I don't believe GW has any more intention of rebuilding the Q's than Guza had. I believe GW is just as bad as Guza in the sense that he writes what he wants to write (otherwise why is AZ all over the place and LC/JI can't get zip,and JE wouldn't have zip if not for interacting with AZ?) So, I'm for JE leaving any day. I don't want her going down with this ship. I want this character to die or leave town with dignity, and I have a feeling, if she is there when the show ends, GW will throw Tracy under the bus for LnL or someone/something else. I'd rather she had her head held up and exited in a good way.
  22. I just wonder how long the "story" will last with Anthony. It would be interesting to see Luke/Tracy versus Helena/Anthony in any capacity.
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