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  1. I am thinking (or perhaps wishing) that the reason they haven't cast Gina is that she IS going to be Tracy's kid, and they want someone who will be a perfect Q. I have read that they are looking for someone slightly ethnic looking, but come on. This is LA we're talking about. Finding the "right look" should NOT be a problem. There's something else going on there. Of course, it could be because GW is pulling a Guza and is not going to bring her on at all. I'm glad Tracy got her own preview. Thank the Lord. But so did Diane, who is nothing more than a day player, so....I can only hope GW will realize he has a gold mine in JE/Tracy, and actually feature her. I have to give him this-he's got more sense than Guza,(he actually USES cast members who are being paid, anyway, and doesn't waste their salaries by not showing them); and knows how to distribute airtime in a way that not only doesn't really take away from Sonny, Carly, and Jason-it kind of adds to their richness(for those who like them). I don't like the sound of JE not being on at least once a week-because there's no reason she can't and shouldn't be, really-BUT I have to admit, GW has me guessing where he is going with all this. Does anyone want to speculate, IF Gina is her daughter, what the situation was and why she has not confessed about it before now? My guess, IF she's her daughter: several scenarios: Gino's men never wanted her in the mob, and she felt someone was planning on doing her in-so she told them she was pregnant with Gino's kid to save her own skin-then had to get pregnant or buy/adopt a kid. If pregnant, the kid could be fathered by just about anyone. OR maybe, she drifted into an affair with one of Gino's family or someone else, and became pregnant, and either she tried to leave the family or they forced her out-and they used the kid as leverage-leave, and we'll tell the kid her mother died, and as long as you stay away, we won't kill you or your family. Those are just some thoughts.....I am one of the first to admit, Tracy doesn't really need another kid, but none of these people do, yet they keep having them, and GW DID say he wanted to rebuild the Q's. Can't you just imagine, Ned Ashton coming back and planning on running ELQ when Edward dies, only to walk into his mother's office and see his new sister sitting behind the desk? Can't you imagine Lulu and Tracy's relationship forever altered because Lulu finds out Tracy lied about having the abortion (if they wanted to do it that way) and that Gina was her "aborted" baby? Can't you imagine Gina and Tracy, the dynamics of that relationship basically like Edward and Tracy, with the roles reversed? Both of them pretending they don't really care if the other one can stand them, but both wanting that approval so badly? Or it could be that Gina does know Tracy exists, but believes her to be a family friend....there are so many ways to go with this.... Under Guza, no way we'd get this. But with GW, it's a possibility. Tracy with a daughter. It's too good to pass up.
  2. I don't think Skye tells Edward about the money-then she'd have nothing over Tracy. And I don't think Edward knows all of it, though he might know part. If Edward knew all or most, the story with AZ blackmailing her would end. No, there's more to it. Nex-I think at this point, I'd rather GF be back in scenes with JE. At least Laura has a point, somewhat, to being back, even if it's just to dole out boring advice. Skye just annoys me. I liked RC as Lorna a little bit, back on Another World, but otherwise, I don't care for her. I didn't even like her when she ignored Tracy. Skye is vapor to me, but when she claims something isn't for the money, and she doesn't want to hurt Edward-she's nothing now but a liar taking up space.
  3. I think the entrapment is figurative, he has her in a spot where she has to do what he wants. We kinda figured that was coming. I saw the same spoilers on SOC, but they also said Skye tells Edward the truth about Tracy's involvement in the mob. Shut up SKYE. Shut up shut up shut up. Useless wench. I am SO curious. Edward knew Gino and Tracy married. It was in the papers. Ned and Sonny talked about it. So does Edward not remember, or does he just not know she was the Godmother for a short while? A little history rewrite, but since we never got to see any conversation between Edward and Tracy over it, I'm okay with that.
  4. Hooked, I remember way back when he first came on, you didn't like Ethan. Has he grown on you that much? I've always liked him-and personally, he and Tracy are my favorite-by far-of the relationships between Tracy and Luke's kids. A little of that is that Tracy and Ethan understand each other in a way Tracy/Lucky and even Tracy/Lulu don't and probably never will. They are the latecomers-the outsiders-the black sheep-and they both recognize it in the other. They not only need more scenes, I'd love to see him and Tracy in the middle of each other's stories for once. The other part of why I enjoy Treat(my name for them, I know it's corny) is because NP comes alive in scenes with JE, and I have only seen him come that alive with TG and maybe BB. He knows he has to step up his game with her(TG probably warned him, LOL) and he has grown as an actor enough that he is up to the challenge. I doubt Ethan knows about Tracy when he agrees to help Skye. Skye probably feeds them a load of bull. Edward OTOH, would help Skye whether he knew about Tracy or not. He sucks like that. I am ready for Tracy's daughter, aka Gina, to come on board also.
  5. Will this be the first Tracy/Lulu since GW has totally taken over? I vaguely remember someone mentioning they had a short scene when Tracy was boxing Luke's stuff up, but I think that was GW finishing Guza...... OT: I think there is a bug going around here, I don't know if the weather change with all the rain brought it in, but a lot of people I know are sick and I have felt really weird all day long. I hope no one else is catching this mess, whatever it is. I feel jittery, like I drank a whole pot of coffee, even though I barely had one cup. UGH
  6. I just realized someone said JE's hair was shorter than ever. *sigh* There's no excuse, especially not now when there are such realistic looking extensions while short hair is growing out. She could pull it off when she was on Days and even on The City. But now, it's too harsh, but part of that is the color, too. She's better as more of a chestnut than a fiery red. When you get to a "certain age" though, very few women can pull off short hair. JE can't anymore. PLEASE TIIC someone tell her so !
  7. Of course, if the rumors are true and Gina is for Michael, that's not going to happen. Sucks for me, I guess. Although (gross) Gina and Michael would only be second cousins. It's been done before on Daytime with people closer than that in blood lines.
  8. TIIC need to give it up with Kristina. They could give that girl leprosy and show her literally rotting away onscreen, and I'd still roll my eyes at her very existence. She is an epic fail, and no amount of MORE "pooooooor Kristina" is going to make that waste of space likeable for me. Recast her, for the love of God, or kill her off. Lexi Ainsworth isn't talented enough to play an unlikeable character and MAKE the audience love her. Jane could give her tips, but at this point....I don't care anymore. I wish Gina would turn out to be Tracy's daughter. I honestly think that's the only thing that would make me search out clips no matter what I had to do. I am glad the show seems to be improving, and I adore JE, but GW is going to have to step it up to make me get internet at home just so I can watch.
  9. OH, I can tell you for a fact just being at SOC that the people who are maddest are the Jason and/or JaSam fans. They were so used to them being on every freaking day, and now that they are on just a *little* less, they can't handle it. I say they should seriously be glad that Jason/JaSam are probably still the couple with the most devoted airtime (they really are, aren't they?) and just learn to deal with seeing them less. I mean, it could be SO much worse. A SOC thread showed JE's airtime this year was just 35 days. 35 DAYS out of the whole year ! Steve Burton had three times that, and is still on an average of three days a week. But most of these people are so used to Guzafied GH that they don't know what balanced airtime means.
  10. What I meant when I said "involuntary" is that I think they told her to take time off when TG wasn't there-so they wouldn't have to use her. Kind of like they did Leslie Charleson and Jackie Zeman. With the only difference being, of course, that Jane got to come back. Jane is far too diplomatic and classy these days to openly diss her employers-but JE's comments about getting paid to do nothing, certainly could be taken more than one way.
  11. They'll probably re-write it that she DID kill Gino. WHich sucks if so, but....I cannot honestly fathom anything related to Gino/the mob that Tracy might have done or might be accused of doing. Let me state, if they do that, GW WILL be officially as bad as Guza. Tracy is a lot of things, but that.....I mean, I watched the whole thing unfold, and just....no. She was too terrified of his cronies, for one. If it's something that gives JE good story though....guess we'll wait and see.
  12. I thought the skimming the funds was the huge thing. There's something else Tracy isn't telling?
  13. Oh, I think JE's "vacation" was a forced one, not voluntary. Who knows if it will continue with the budget cuts/Guza gone? And I'm okay with Luke "saving" Tracy. If she needs it, nothing wrong with that. I'd rather she saved him after he rushes off to save her, because that defines them, I think. But if he or someone else had to help her, not a thing wrong with that. It does not make her "weak".
  14. Wait, now I'm confused. Skye is holding something over AZ's head or Tracy's? How stupid is she? If she is blackmailing HIM, she's not long for this world. I know with Guza, Tracy would not only not have a story or POV, she wouldn't even be on. BUT I don't know that saying GW is better than Guza is a ringing endorsement. has the Cassa crest ever been shown?
  15. So from recaps, it still seems to me that Tracy is still filler. Or maybe it's because GW is taking his time with the story, which is fine, better to take his time than be like Guza. With Gooz, TQ's ElQ "story" would already be over. Still, if JE's contract guarantee is only one day a week, you'd think GW would have more happening with her in scenes when she's on. It's not like he's got three days a week to spread this out. What is the deal with the fleur de lis on Asher's shoe that someone mentioned on SOC? If this were The Three Musketeers, it'd be the mark of a condemned criminal. LOL But it can mean so much. Helena, probably?
  16. Yeah, except for that one time I mentioned when she was first on with that English actress playing her....I've never cared for her. I think RC comes across as wooden and bored, or maybe that's just the way she chooses to play Skye as being bored and above it all. The breathy voiced thing annoys me. Her presence to me could be better served by bringing back a more interesting Q. Come on, think about it now. How much more interesting would it have been if Brook Lynn were more like Granny, and it was her who came back to screw with Tracy by bartering with Anthony. At least in that case, there would be layers and mixed emotions as we'd see Brook conflicted about hurting Tracy, yet still wanting to do it. LOL With Skye, it's just petty jealousy(someone jealous of our girl IS nice, though) and hate. There's no warm feelings there, so there's not going to be layers to their scenes. It's just sounding to me like it's "nyah nyah nyah" from Skye to Tracy, and Tracy scrambling to cover her butt. It could be so much more if Tracy/Skye had a complicated relationship. They don't.
  17. Wow, I have tried the past few days to sign in and comment and it wouldn't let me. Anyway, I haven't been able to watch, but I think the people complaining the loudest are those who would complain no matter what because they are just looking for something to dislike. If you look hard enough, it's easy to pick apart anyone's writing. I personally love shooting down Claire Labine, who was good-but waaaay overrated IMO. And she seems to be generally loved. However-if even SHE were back-there are those who might have loved her last time, who would STILL complain. I just want the Q's and Tracy to get some good stories before GH bites the dust. I am glad GW cares about showing them and isn't just giving us lip service, like Guza always did. I am sad Luke's competition for Tracy is a crazy man-but I'm glad she has a story. I wish she was on more than once a week, though.
  18. yeah, they were not on the show, but they could have been mentioned, I don't remember it, though. Did they say Gina is Carla's? And didn't JE/LC also get the stand out scene in SID's last issue as well?
  19. Well I still don't have home internet, and I can't go onto YT or download clips at work. However there is always the public library, and I think I am going to start catching up on clips. I would have to do the YT thing there, because we aren't allowed to download there either. But I would like to catch up. My issue with Edward and the chest pains is, the man has had umpteen heart attacks. He's got to be over ninety or close to it. It's not realistic that he hasn't kicked it by now. And I do think another heart attack IS coming. If it doesn't kill him, it's going to be a JOKE when he does die.I will feel bad for JI to be out of a job, but surely he has enough from SS and his teacher's pension and money saved from GH to retire comfortably. I think the drama from Edward's death is too much to miss.
  20. I guess I can buy that she stole money before she left, I have a harder time believing she still had it all when she came back to town with Dillon six years later, especially since TW supposedly sent someone to rob the Q's in 2007. If the S family knew or suspected she stole it, that's the most unbelievable part, that they haven't come after her. Guess AZ will be offering his protection? So ELQ one way or another will end up in mob hands. Not sure at all how I feel about this. It's going to kill Edward. His chest pains and Skye's insistence that AZ leave Edward/ELQ alone? Yep, he's a goner.
  21. I do agree, JE/Tracy and TG/Luke have SO much yet untapped potential with a GOOD writer.
  22. Lainey there are several reasons I think that: Luke almost always has to have someone he makes eyes at, and there aren't many other women, if any, age appropriate to be paired with Luke, left on canvas except Diane and Alexis. Plus, as hooked said, Luke will be caught up in the Cassadine stuff. hooked if you have good insider info that they are doing Mac/Alexis and no plans for ALexis/Luke, I believe you. I just think it's a definite possibility, although it could be just to make Tracy jealous. It doesn't sound like Lacy are "together" though, if she's in one sphere and he's in another. And....I thought most people knew about Tracy and Gino? Maybe it's just that the majority of ELQ shareholders don't know? Surely the "big secret" isn't that she was a mob boss? How boring.
  23. I have a strange, sinking feeling that Alexis and Luke are going to hook up or be tempted to hook up. I know there are Alexis and NLG fans on here, but I just....cannot. And it isn't because I like Lacy. The Alexis/Luke issue or potential of them......BLAH. I'd rather he re-hooked with Skye or even started dating ALICE of all people. I cannot hang with Luke/Alexis. And honestly, if he wants Alexis, Tracy is better off away from that mess. I'd rather Tracy and Laura mudfight over Luke than Tracy lose Luke to Alexis. Just....NO.
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