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  1. If Genie comes back-and now that she is fired from Y&R, I think it's just a matter of timing-I'm gong to guess November sweeps-she'll be the new Viki. Because well, Viki was boring (sorry to any Viki fans) which fits Laura to a T. I do worry about where they are going with Joe Jr. On the one hand, redeeming him even a bit will be hard-on the other, I don't think he needs redeeming that much, to be interesting. I'm okay with him being bad. I am just not okay with the fact that Tracy likes him, and he is at least indirectly responsible for Alan's death (as far as we know now). JE gets ano
  2. "Clearly not" is right, hooked. And I for one don't want her to resist him for long. I know why it is I like them, something about them is very sweet, but also sexy....and yet there is so much automatic build up for angst there. There is almost an old fashioned soapy vibe to them-there's the class difference, the slight age difference, the fact that he was involved in what resulted in Alan's death-the fact that both of them are obviously battle scarred and probably scared of love. The alleged rape, etc. etc. Oh, there are just so many things automatically built in, and those are the kind of c
  3. Regarding whether or not our girl is "easy". Hmmm. She ain't no nun. Never has been. And while I think she's at least known the last name of the men she was with, there were times she fell into bed with a few men and she didn't know much more than that. I keep going back to David McAllister, who ended up dead and she was accused of killing him. She knew nada about him before literally lying in his bed, waiting for him. She has always been desperate for love, and poor thing..she always settled for sex as the next best thing, if she couldn't get love. I want her and Joe to work out. And I'
  4. Well yeah, there is that. I think if Luke left Tracy for her, I'd pop a vein . I do regret this regime has seemingly no plans to give Tracy and Luke the kind of scenes Tracy and Joe get. But.....I am glad Tracy gets them at all. I don't really care if Laura comes back, or if she and Luke hook back up. I won't be watching her scenes. *shrug* As long as my girl has a man that loves her, I am good.
  5. That's what I think, too...that there is something different about Joe, Jr, as opposed to Sonny's many other enemies. The main difference being that none of them expressed remorse over their deeds, and at least we've seen some of that from Joe. I still like him, and I like them. I cannot imagine Frank's point in showing Tracy with this man, only to kill him off. I suppose if he waits until Tracy has strong feelings for him, it could be good drama. Or, if Tracy finds out about Joe's "dealings" with Jerry and how Joe is sort of indirectly responsible for the Metro Court stuff and Alan's death.
  6. All right, I have watched more Tracy and Joe Jr scenes on YT. I change my mind: I like them. I mean, LIKE them. I keep seeing comments from some sources that say Joe Jr is going to be killed off, but I don't think so. I think pairing him with Tracy means the exact opposite, especially since the general consensus seems to be good. They are HOT. Like, not quite Paul and Tracy hot, but almost. I just told Funny it really sucks that Luke and Tracy never even got those kinds of scenes, because you know people are comparing the two in their heads, saying "yeah Luke and Tracy were never that hot"
  7. Had to come back and ask, because I forgot: what did Tony say about her at the Emmys? Anyone have a transcript or clip, or can you summarize it if you know? It sounds sweet. And about Edward....oh, geez. If the scenes made grown men cry, yeah, we'll all be blubbering messes. On the one hand, the very idea of him dying tears me up. OTOH, it's really past time for him to go. I think JI being sick, and the decimation of the Q's over the last fifteen years, just makes it all the more poignant. Ohhh...it's going to break our hearts, isn't it?
  8. Thanks halee, SoapBoy and Ms.Q for your help with my questions. Thanks hooked for the interview link. Jane called Tony her best friend. *melting* Did anyone else notice they are sitting just alike in that interview pic? What is up with TG's yellow pants, though? Last night I got to see a few Tracy/Luke and Tracy/Joe clips on YT. Does anyone know if any regular person still posts Q clips or GH clips? I know ABC put a stop to the entire epps being posted, but a few people used to loyally post Quartermaine scenes. Anyone here know if they still do? At any rate, I like the Joe/Tracy
  9. Oh and knh, I hope you did get the email I sent you, thanking you for the JE picture you sent me. You are so talented! funny girl, if you lurk at all....I responded to your PM.....sorry it took so long, have been so busy...... Hope everyone is doing well!
  10. I am probably going to get cable again sometime this month, so I might be able to watch the show but I guess I'll have to get DVR too, since SoapNet is no more (or is it?-I haven't kept up, last I heard, it was being cancelled). So I guess I need a brief catch up, I've read the last few pages of threads, so I know Tracy has a new man. But....what about the baby Sam was pregnant with? How is/was Franco a Q? Has anyone major been killed off or left town in the last....oh, several years? LOL Dumb questions, I know. But I know I am going to be so confused if I just jump back in and watch.
  11. knh I PM'd you my email. TY so much in advance. GH wise-waaait a minute. Back up the train. Franco was a Q? What was the purpose of that, unless his long lost kid shows up? Isn't he dead? And how was he a Quartermaine, anyway? I never knew JE's last name was Stein, and I've been a fan for decades. Learn something new every day, I guess. You guys make Tracy's stuff sound so GOOD. Does anyone know if a regular person posts GH and/or Tracy stuff pretty regularly on YT these days? I know at one point ABC had a fit and put a stop to people posting whole episodes...but what about Tracy c
  12. Have a good weekend, all. KNH, I know you used to do draw, and remember you posting a sketch of Jane that I liked so much I printed out. Now I have lost it. Do you still have a copy you can scan and post ? If not, that's fine...just remembered how good that pic was, and would love another copy.
  13. funny girl if you lurk here, I answered your PM. I have to admit, catching up on the comments, the birthday one made me go Awwww. Sounds to me though that using JI as an excuse for no Q's is just that-an excuse. I have no faith in GH anymore really....but for those of you still watching and enjoying it, I am happy for you. I AM happy to hear GH will get a fiftieth. I just hope there are enough vets left for it to have ANY meaning. Because to me, that's who should take center stage that day. Not crossovers from OLTL. Perhaps one day I will finally catch up on all the Tracy I have misse
  14. Oh, and sorry to hear about SOW folding. THey had a good run, 22 years and counting. Stephen Nichols and Hunter Tylo as Patch/STeve and Marina were on the debut cover. How sad is that, that I can recall that. I even remember the exact place I bought that first issue because it was a newstand/bookstore around the corner from where I worked at the time. I wonder who was on the last cover? Have they had a last issue yet?
  15. What is so obviously a slap in the face to the "non stars" is that there is no conceivable reason for shortening the opening that much. It only adds what, thirty seconds to the airtime each episode? I could see the logic and justification behind it if there were some huge airtime or monetary savings by doing what they did. But nope. Smells like spite to me. WOW. They do want to be cancelled, they just do little hateful things that don't seem to be done out of spite at first. Until you look at them from all angles. There's just no other reason for it. Unless I'm missing something? The s
  16. PS Funny I sent you a new PM. And my house guests are finally gone. YAY. Everyone take care and be blessed.
  17. *waves to everyone* Head spins. Robin is dead? Ethan already left? Ethan is a Scorpio or isn't? Is this what Luke lied about to Robert? Did Jane and Nathan get any scenes with each other before he left? How did his character leave? Is anyone important involved in the explosion someone was talking about? Jane isn't in the opening anymore? REALLY? Well, that says it all, doesn't it? Stupid show. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I even sought out a recap or a clip. I haven't posted at any soap boards besides this one in six months or more. Have not lurked here since the last t
  18. Ah Ms.Q, Lightning sounds like he is going to be a wonderful friend once he gets settled. Wow I come back and find LADY ASHTON posting. Will wonders never cease, God Bless you LA, and congratuluations on your wedding. Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and so far a wonderful NY. On Days, are EJ and Nicole still an item? I love them, or did when I last watched. I still have not watched GH. I too am mostly a Tracy fan, but if TG is leaving and Jane is staying, she needs something to do, no? Did JJ leave? Must have been uneventful if he did, huh? Honestly I think I'm just going to hav
  19. Oh, and congrats on the kitty, Ms.Q. What's her name?
  20. Hope everyone is doing well, hugs and prayers and belated Thanksgiving wishes.I have had house guests since Thanksgiving and four peeps in a tiny one bedroom apartment is VERY close quarters. They have nowhere else to go, though, and homelessness sucks, but it especially sucks at the holidays. So I have been BUSY as you can imagine. Funny, I PM'd you. Guys...I haven't done this in years, but my avatar needs a change. But how do you do it? I went to my profile and can't see where it allows you to change it. Help, please?
  21. Yes, JFP said those things, but Frons has said the same and worse, several times. They both have no business in an entertainment industry where a good majority of the viewers are the very people they are mocking. Such a blatant lack of regard for their audience. I cannot understand why they were not publically reprimanded for such comments. But then, the fact that they weren't, and that they are still in charge, is a huge part of the reason ABC daytime is in the toilet. I have always felt though, that they have never tried to get more viewers. I think the network has for years banked on the
  22. Here's the thing, though: wouldn't Jill have had to approve a Tracy mob story in the first place? Especially if Garin was talking about in the press? And the story got good responses, from what I heard. So even though I think Jill is ageist or sexist a bit, if anyone put the kibosh on it, I'd bet Frons over Jill before I'd think Jill went to Frons. Although BOTH of them have been quoted as calling anyone over fifty old (guess they're "old", then). So it's a toss up. I hate this show. Only an idiot would waste Jane Elliot. If and when this show does end, they'd better do Tracy justice. I
  23. I wonder if Jane has tapes of her old stuff like that? I bet she doesn't go on to things like YT to seek them out...but I wonder if she has tapes and goes back to watch her old stuff. She doesn't strike me as the type. I agree, I don't want Tracy in the room with JaSam, Q Thanksgiving or not. So I wonder where the AZ thing is headed since it seems to be more about Tracy than ELQ(unless he just sees Tracy as a means to an end).
  24. So when is our girl on for the Luke/accident stuff? Next week?
  25. Let's see if he delivers. I feel sorry for the guy, he is going to go down as the writer that killed GH, if it gets cancelled. But he shouldn't talk about stuff just to please people, then not follow through. THat DOES make him look like Guza. So okay. He can show he's different by actually doing something with these characters. Remos you know I agree: re GV and JE. DANG. They could've been hot. They WOULD'VE been hot. JJ, eh. Much like GF, and others, way overrated in terms of talent. But I can't blame him, he hasn't been given much in the time he's been back. Since I'm not watching, I don
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