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  1. This episode was PERFECT! Dynamic. Well-balanced.

    I loved how Jill was ready give Jack hell and then he told her exactly what she needed to hear. How Dru went at Phyllis and how Daniel didn't really defend her.

    Oh Lily, Lily, Lily! Looks like Danny boy's got you now... I'm finding myself really loving this story.

    The Amanda character is certainly an interesting addition...

  2. Ooh, that final scene between Jack and Jill was AWESOME! It's so nice to see Jill in an actual story.

    Sick of Brad, but I am on the show, too, so surprises there :lol:

    Glad to see Gloria's going ot probably have to pay for the skin cream debacle, even if Mikey tries to help her out.

    Interesting bit for Lily and Daniel...Colleen's got a point. This story will be far more interesting to follow here than on CBS :D

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