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  1. LMAO @ Frankie posisbly being Greta's prince! And I'm loving Frankie and Melissa! -beats evil triangle-

    I loved Annie standing up for Will. Not exactly the person to give him such advice, but the way she said it, it's so true and inspiring! I could get behind her and Eric.

    Max/Erika/Abby I could do without.

  2. - Sami and Lucas will live many parents' worst nightmare when they learn the truth about Will.

    How ironic, I just wrote a coming out scene for Will for my BLOG (you should read and comment on my update :P)

    Wow. Great episode. I can see it now. To maintain custody of Zach, Bo and Hope are remarried :lol:

    Alan seems interesting. I think it would have made more sense for him to have had a job opportunity in Salem and maybe a fight with his wife, or something. But your way works!

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