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  1. Note: John Lupton, unfortunately passed away. Just an FYI.

    It's too bad that OLTL has grabbed Jerry VerDorn, he'd make a good Bill.

    As for Molly, I was in th epast going to bring her around and I was considering a very high-class bitch type for her (considering she married and had a doctor for a son, and seeing how bad Colin turned out, maybe doctor wasn't his choice career, but she was living vicariously through him or something). Marj Dusay could be an interesting possibility!

    Any of the kids, I would just scourge casts of other soaps. Drew Tyler Bell just left or is about to leave B&B, maybe he'd be good in one of the roles.

  2. Fueral Guest List


    Melissa Anderson

    Sarah Horton

    Bill Horton

    Laura Horton

    Mike Horton


    Tommy (brother), Sandy (Tommy's daughter, last seen as doctor who took the bloodtest in th e80's to prove Tony wasn't Stefano's!)


    Steven (Julie's brother), Spencer, never cast (Steven's son)

    Jessica Blake, Marie's daughter with Alex Marshall, possibly her husband Josh Fallon

    Susan Martin, former client, durign which case he fell in love with Laura, Julie's ex-best friend/nemesis

    Don Craig, former colleague who once went after Maggie's affections!




    Possibly cast his never befire seen sister-Molly Brady Murphy!



    Will (They really pushed him in babysittign Will during the SSK, could be a great character development to have him having had a great attachment to Shawn)

    Rex, Cassie

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