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May 29, 2007




-Cal and Katherine are at their hotel suite at the Salem Inn, Cal is still confused about why he saw Ernesto Toscano's face in his memories. Katherine tells him that it will all come back to him eventually. Cal says that is exactly it. He doesn't understand and doesn't know what all this together means. He has remembered so much but there is still so much missing that it prevents him from fully understanding it all. Katherine promises him it will become clear. He already has made so much progress and they only had one session. Cal says he doesn't know what he would do without his beautiful wife by his side. They kiss.

She tells him not to be afraid of what he will remember or what is to come. They will work through it together, no matter what it is. They are married now. Partners for life. That won't change. Cal pledges his love to her and she does the same. They kiss and then make love.

-At the Horton house, Alice is making doughnuts with Maggie and tells her how nice it is that they are spending time together. So much has happened and it's been forever since they enjoyed such a simple evening together where they can just talk and enjoy each other. Maggie agrees. Alice notices she seems rather nervous and asks what is wrong. Maggie says she is fine but Alice tells her she knows she isn't. Something has been upsetting her lately. It seems to have started ever since the fire. Alice reminds Maggie she is there for her and that she does not judge. She can tell her anything. Maggie is silent, not knowing what to say.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Doug and Julie have returned from seeing a movie. Doug asks her if she is ok. She seemed rather distracted during the movie. Julie says she's fine. She is just feeling a bit under the weather today. Doug asks if she has been feeling that way for awhile now. Julie says no and asks why he would think that. Doug says that something hasn't been quite right with her since he woke up from his coma. He asks her if she is keeping something from him. Julie is caught off guard and is speechless.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Jack is with Billie, Max and Nico, monitoring the surveilance cameras set up all over Salem. They are soon joined by Frankie and Greta, who ask if there are any updates. Billie shakes her head no and says it's getting hopeless. The MCF hasn't been seen since the wedding when she chased after him or her. Jack asks her again if she is sure Kate didn't see or hear anything else. Billie hits Jack, reminding him she doesn't want everyone knowing that. Her mother didn't everyone knowing that. Frankie, Greta, Max and Nico are confused so Billie fills them in on her mother being taken hostage by the MCF the night she went after the MCF. She assures them both she is fine but that she doesn't want anyone knowing about it out of fear that the MCF may target her or their family again.

Greta and Frankie understand. They tell Billie not to lose hope. Jack agrees, telling Billie they will get the MCF and find their daughters. Billie says she knows they will. She just needed to hear someone say it to give her strength. She thanks Jack for always being there for her. She doesn't know what she would do without him. Jack says he feels the same way. They embrace. Billie sees Greta whispering to her. Billie reads her lips, which seem to say, "Tell him...tell him how you feel." Billie shakes her head and seems to whisper softly back, "It's not the right time." Jack sees Frankie whispering to him to also admit to Billie how he feels. Jack shakes his head and softly whispers, "Not yet." Frankie and Greta both look on, frustrated, as Jack and Billie embrace.

Nico also watches, wondering what is going on with Jack and Billie and what the hell Frankie and Greta are doing and whispering. He laughs and shakes his head in disgust, saying "Love. The way people act and the things they do." Max tells him it's all worth it. He then says that they need to find Abby and Chelsea. if he loses Abby, he doesn't know what he will do. Nico smiles and says, "Hit by the love bug too, eh?" Max says to Nico it's a great feeling and he plans to tell Abby how he feels when they find her. Nico tells Max "Good for you" and gets back to watching the monitors.

-At Sami and Lucas's apartment, Sami is on the couch in Lucas's arms. Will is in his room and Sami asks Lucas how they are going to get to the bottom of what is wrong with him. How can they find out if Alan did something to him? Alan is MIA and no one else will now. Will won't talk to them either. Lucas says they will find a way. There is then a knock at the door. It's Austin, who says he needs their help. Carrie just up and left and he has no idea where she is. He checked a few places already and no luck. Sami asks why they aren't in Aruba and Austin explains how the weather was bad and they got moved to a morning flight tomarrow. Roman then arrives, telling Austin he got his call to meet him there. He asks what is up. Austin repeats what he told Sami and Lucas and says he needs their help.

Roman says he has it but asks Austin if he is sure he isn't overeacting. Austin mentions how Carrie has seemed off lately. even at their wedding. He knows something isn't quite right with her and now she just left without telling him. There was no possible place for her to go to. No one knew they were still in town except Belle, who they told because Carrie had left her cell at the penthouse so they needed to tell Belle to turn it off. There was nothing going on so there is no reason for her to leave him. Roman tells Austin ok. They can do this as a precautionary measure based on everything Carrie has been through and based on the fact that the MCF is on the loose. He suggests they split up. He tells Sami and Lucas to go off in the east side of Salem to search together. He will go North and Austin can go west. He will send some men out to help them and to search the south side. They all agree and head out to search.

-On the pier, Victor arrives as Kate races over to him and embraces him, saying she is so glad he came so quickly.

Victor: Why are you hugging me? We haven't hugged in...

Kate: Years. Sorry. I am just so upset and...forget it happened. Look...something horrible has happened. It happened months ago and...you are the only person I can turn to. I am in deep trouble. As our many others. Your the only one who I could think of to help. You have the power and influence. Victor...I need you. I need your help.

Victor: Ok. Calm down. Just tell me what happened. The cloaked figure. I got dragged into his or her plans, as did Carrie. God help me, Victor. I would've never stayed quiet this long and...God. I would've did something if I had known before that one of the cloaked person's lackey's...that one of them hurt Will.

Victor: Wait, I'm not following. One of the lackeys?

Kate: It was Alan, Victor. He molested Will. That is what I found out tonight.

Victor is stunned.

Meanwhile, on another end of the pier, Carrie is racing to get to Marlena's. She hates that she had to walk but she doesn't her car at the Salem Inn so she had no choice. She needs to get there and get to the lab results before someone finds them. She them bumps right into Eric and Belle, who tell her she's too late.

Eric: We were just on our way to you. I am so glad Belle knew you were still in town. I am glad you are. Maybe you can help us out with this (shows her the lab results).

Carrie: I...

Eric: Want to tell us the truth, Carrie? You can't lie about this. These are legit. Plus, the fact that you were so insistent on getting to them before someone found them...you just proved they are true right there. Just admit it.

Carrie (fighting back tears): I don't know what those are but...

Belle: Carrie, we're family. It's ok. Just tell us. Explain...

Carrie (crying): FINE!!! IT'S TRUE!! OK? EVAN IS MY SON!!! I GAVE UP MY CHILD AND I REGRET IT OK!! Now I can't get him back or tell anyone because of this damned cloaked person and...God, are you happy now? If that cloaked person learns you two know, we all may be in danger.

Eric and Belle look each other, both stunned and worried.

-Back at the Horton house, Maggie assures Alice she is fine. She just has alot on her mind and doesn't know where to go with her life. She lost Mickey, Victor, and her restaurant. Alice tells her to just listen to her heart. It will give her the answers she needs. Maggie embraces her, telling Alice she always knows just the right thing to say.

Meanwhile, Julie tells Doug for the last time that she has no secrets. They have been through so much over they years. She wouldn't lie to him. They have a marriage based on complete trust and honesty. Doug says he is pleased to hear that and gives her a kiss. Julie insists she just doesn't feel right today and it's been a rough year for her family and it's taken it's toll. Doug says he understands. Time will heal all wounds and things will be better for everyone someday soon. He is sure of it. They kiss again as Julie tells him she loves his optimism. Doug smiles and says he is going to tell Alice they are back. Julie nods.

Maggie comes out of the kitchen. She says she didn't even hear him and Julie come in. Doug says they were just being sneaky. Julie laughs. Doug embraces Maggie and says it's good to see her and that he will be right out to talk. Doug goes into the kitchen. Once he leaves, Julie lets out a sigh of relief, saying it's getting harder and harder to lie to him with his constant questions about her behavior. He just knows her too well. Maggie beings to panic, saying Alice questioned her behavior too. They know. Doug and Alice know. Maggie says they should just admit everything and be done with it. Julie tells her not panic. No one can find out or the Horton family will have it's name dragged through mud and they will both go to jail. Doug's heart will be broken. It will be a mess. She hates lying too but they have to. For their sake and the family's. Maggie reluctantly agrees, saying it looks like they will just have to live with the guilt they are feeling. Julie says it looks like it

-Back at the pier, Kate has finished telling Victor all about how she learned the truth about Nicole's adopted son, Evan, and how the MCF forced her into keeping the truth and making Carrie keep the truth. She also tells her about the MCF taking her hoatage the other night and all about the night Will was molested, the same night Carrie gave birth and gave up the child. Victor is stunned by it all. He chastices Kate for not coming forward but Kate says her family was at stake. She couldn't but now she has to. Chelsea has been kidnapped and the rest of her family has been screwed with by this person. Victor fills Kate in on how he has been helping Billie, Jack, and the rest of those involved in their secret operation to bring down the MCF. Kate thinks they need to tell the police and all the proper authorities. They all can't do this alone. Everyone affected by this monster has to unite together, along with the authorities, to stop all this terror they are going through.

Victor says they need to get to the police station now but Kate tells Victor they can't. If the truth gets out before Carrie has a chance to tell Austin, it may ruin their marriage. Victor says that is a risk they may have to take. Bringing the MCF to justice is more important. Victor tells Kate they better go to the station since a call could be traced. Kate reluctantly agrees and they take off.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pier, Carrie has just finished telling Eric and Belle everything. She assures them she was just doing what was right for her baby and everyone else. She knows it was wrong now. Belle says she understands but she should've trusted in Austin and Lucas more to deal with the paternity issue. Carrie says she knows now. She hates what this has done. Belle pulls out a tissue and tells Carrie to dry her tears. Sami and Lucas then walk up and see Carrie with Belle and Eric. Lucas calls Roman and tells him they found her and to tell Austin that they did.

Sami and Lucas walk over to Carrie, Eric, and Belle. They are stunned to see them. Sami sees that Carrie is crying and asks what is wrong. Kate and Victor then arrive while on their way to the police station. Victor asks what is going on. Kate sees Carrie's face and the lab results in Eric's hand and realizes what is going on. Carrie looks at Kate.

Just then, Roman arrives and embraces Carrie. He asks if she is ok. She says she is fine. He sees that she has been crying and says she doesn't look fine.

Roman: Honey, come on. What is wrong?

Austin: That is what I would like to know.

Carrie is stunned to see Austin.

Austin: Why did you run off, Carrie? What is going on? Give me the truth this time. Please...I'm your husband. Tell me what is bothering you.

Eric, Belle, Sami, Lucas, Roman, Kate, and Victor watch as Austin waits for answers and a horrified Carrie looks at Austin, wondering what she is going to do as the screen fades to black.


Lexie to Celeste: Mom...what is wrong?

Abby to Chelsea: What is your problem?

Chelsea to Abby: I heard him, Abby. There is more to Forrest then meets the eye.

Anna to Tony: Stop with the questions or, if and when we do get out of here, I will never see or speak to you again.

MCF to Steve: It's time for you to get a blast from the past.

Austin to Carrie: I want the truth. Right here, right now.


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Lots of storylines going on with several different characters involved. I also like how those little dialogue parts bring a very strong emotional touch when you read the storylines. Everything goes full force here everyday. Its too intense to ever feel bored. Im gonna check out the older episodes too, so that I can get a better view of how the storylines have progressed over a longer period of time. B)

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Great detail. I smiled so much that Alice was making doughnuts with Maggie. Excellent balance with Alice and the drama of Carrie and the baby. I could feel that Carrie was going to crack, as any woman would.

One thing I have to mention, and take it with a grain of salt. There is a lot of great drama in here, it certainly keeps me coming back for me. How about a little comedy to make us laugh? You already have great balance with the characters, this is just a little something with the type of stories. Please don't take offense, because you both know I respect the hell out of you :)

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  • Members

No problem, Tishy. :)

We always try to add humor where possible. There is some moments of humor and comedy coming up but we will take your words into consideration :)

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Thanks for the compliment, PR. It looks like you guys have some interesting stuff going on here, as well!

Have you said when the MCF will be revealed?

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Thanks for the compliment, PR. It looks like you guys have some interesting stuff going on here, as well!

Have you said when the MCF will be revealed?

Not really. I have thrown out a few subtle hints.

We are going on a hiatus. Friday is our last episode until June 18 so that will be a major cliffhanger show.

I recomment reading that one and keeping an eye out on the weekend. Alot more will be known then for sure ;)

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Intrigued by Maggie/Julie...mostly because I have no idea what it's about, since my comment campaign has made me start reading certain blogs hardcore for the first time lol

Victor/Kate was great to. Love to see him get all forceful.

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Intrigued by Maggie/Julie...mostly because I have no idea what it's about, since my comment campaign has made me start reading certain blogs hardcore for the first time lol

Victor/Kate was great to. Love to see him get all forceful.

Just as a brief refresher on Julie/Maggie...

Maggie and Victor began to develop feelings late last year. Maggie started involving herself in Victor's mob business and shady dealings. Victor grew frustrated. Circumstances led to him faking his death in January. He came back to Maggie to show her he was alive but that he was leaving her. He didn't want to put her in danger or to have her get hurt. He left town. Maggie kept the secret that he was presumed dead. She turned back to the bottle and had another relapse. One night, she spilled to Julie that Victor was alive while in a drunken state. Julie saw what Victor's absence did to Maggie so she confronted Nico and got the truth out of him about Victor. She tracked Victor down and convinced him to come home to either reunite with Maggie or cut her from his life completely as he left her in limbo. Victor obliged. The trouble is Doug had already been upset with Julie for pushing the Victor/Maggie relationship and siding with Victor alot due to her past with Victor. He warned her not to get involved or there would be problems. Julie lied to Doug about where she went.

Victor returned and set up a deal with Nicole...she helps him and he gives her a job at Titan and helps her adopt Evan. Nicole's part of the deal was she had to help Victor make it appear like they slept together. They did just that and Julie and Maggie walked into the trap and saw it. Maggie was so hurt she got drunk and set fire to Chex Rouge in a fit of rage. Doug tried to rescue her and ended up getting injured and was in a coma for months. Many other Salemites were in danger trying to rescue Doug and Maggie fron the fire.

In the aftermath, Julie and Victor teamed up to help cover up Maggie's involvement in the fire. Julie knew it would hurt the family name and that Maggie would be in big trouble. They covered up her drinking and pinned the crime on Marlena, who was in the psych ward and was associated with the MCF so she was an easy target. Maggie didn't like doing that but her and Julie have been lying ever since and it's worse now with Doug awake. Maggie is still angry with Victor too.

Hope that helps. :)

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