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On the cruise ship, Ernesto walks around to check on all the prisoners. He walks by Tony and Anna's cell and sees Anna lying down and Tony sitting in a corner. Ernesto notices that things still seem tense between them. This thought causes him to smile. He moves on and walks by Lexie,Abe, and Celeste's cell. He can see that Celeste is rather upset.

Ernesto: She must being having her little vibrations.

Ernesto laughs and then sees Abe and Lexie roaming aimlessly around the cell, desperate to find a way out. He smiles and moves on. He opens a door and goes up some stairs. He makes his way up about two floors and then walks down another hallway. He is now in what seems like the first class passanger area. He walks by one room and observes Forrest, Abby, and Chelsea. He can see Forrest and Abby talking and notices how upset Chelsea is watching them.

Ernesto: Wonder what that is about. No matter. No need to concern myself with such trivial issues.

Ernesto prepares to move on but then hears some faint screams coming from nearby.

Ernesto: What the hell?! That sounds like Johnson...

Ernesto races down the hallway and down the stairs, following the faint cries. Ernesto goes down a floor and gets down the hallway and then stops and watches from a distance. He sees several of his guards holding Steve back. They have him bound and gagged now. Steve tries to break free and ends up falling and hitting his head, knocking himself unconscious. Now that Steve is unconscious, Ernesto reveals himself.

Ernesto: What happened?

Guard: We entered Johnson's room because he had been awful quiet for awhile. It appears it was nothing more then a trap. He knew we would come in after awhile and we did. He ambushed us and tried to make a break for it. We stopped him but had to restrain him with ropes and shut his mouth with this duct tape. He kept saying he had to warn his friends in Salem, including his wife.

Ernesto: Hmm...I had a feeling he would rebel eventually. He behaved the whole way to Salem. He still does not know I'm on board, does he?

Guard: No.

Ernesto: Good. Put him back in his room and keep an eye on him.

Both Guards: Yes sir.

Ernesto walks off a short distance and then pulls put his cell phone to make a phone call. He dials a number and waits.

Ernesto: Yes. It's me.

MCF (via voice changer): Is there a problem?

Ernesto: Johnson just tried to escape to warn his wife and friends. Even with his memory issues, the guy is a pain in the ass.

MCF: I am surprised it took him this long to try something. He was rather subdued for quite a while. He listened to instructions well. Well, I guess it's time to remind him of the terms of our agreement. I still have much more to do with him. I need to keep him in line a little longer. I guess it's time to pull out the trump card.

Ernesto: You mean...

MCF: Yes. It's time we give Steve a little taste of the missing years he doesn't remember. I will be there soon. Look out for me.

Ernesto: Fine.

MCF: Have your men bring Steve up to one of the first class rooms. Actually...have him brought up to the southern comfort themed room. You know what I mean?

Ernesto: Yes. I will have the men do it now.

MCF: Excellent. See you soon.

Ernesto and the MCF hang up.

MCF: Get ready for a blast from the past, Steve. This is just the beginning of the fun that is yet to come. Tonight...it will be one hell of party!!

The MCF laughs as he or she walks down an alley on the west side of Salem and the scene slowly fades to black and then into...


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I say it again! This is how I wish the real DAYS could be. This is so exciting and intense. Not only do I look forward to read what happens in the Marlena story, but this story is just as exciting too. Tony, Anna, Celeste, Ernesto-They are all favourite characters of mine as well! :D

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