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May 28, 2007




-At the Brady Pub, Kayla comes out of the kitchen and tells Caroline she put all the leftover food away from the picnic. Caroline is silent. Kayla asks if she is still mad at her for what happened at the picnic. Caroline says of course she is. She is mad at the whole family for their antics. A day of family bonding that she hoped would at least lead to them all getting along turned into WWIII. Kayla apologizes but reminds Caroline she warned her that all the tension in the family could lead to something like that.

Hope arrives and asks if everything has calmed down. Caroline says at the moment it has but the family isn't together so that is why. Hope apologizes to Caroline about what happened. Caroline tells Hope it's not her fault. Kayla agrees, saying it's on her and the rest of the family. They ruined it. Kayla admits, however, that she isn't sure if the family can ever be happy and together again. Hope asks why that is and demands once again to know what is going on.

Meanwhile, outside the Pub, Kim is watching Kayla,Hope, and Caroline talk. Tears stream down her face as Shane comes up from behind and embraces her. Kim tells Shane it's no use. Her family will her forever and that will never change. Shane assures her it will be alright but Kim says he's wrong. It will never be alright again for her...or her family.

-At the University Hospital psych ward, Roman walks down the hallway to Marlena's padded cell with Dr. Barbara Harris. Barbara tells Roman that the Samantha personality has completely taken over Marlena and that she isn't optimistic that they will be able to bring back the real Marlena. Roman's mood turns somber, as he says that he wasn't getting his hopes up but it still hurts. He was prepared though. He just needs to be strong for the kids. He just hates that she is missing so much and will miss so much going forward. She is still there with them but not really and it's hard.

Barbara tells Roman that if he and the family need any counseling or help, she is there for them. He thanks her. They arrive at Marlena's padded cell. She is sitting in a dark corner. Barbara tells Roman she will give him a few minutes alone and to call if he needs anything. She leaves.

Roman: Marlena? Doc...

Marlena is silent. Roman calls for her again and still nothing.

Roman: Talk to me. Please!!

Marlena finally turns to look at Roman. She slowly gets up to her feet, walks over to the door, and says coldly:

Marlena: I hate you!! And...I AM NOT MARLENA!!! THE BITCH IS DEAD!!! DO YOU HERE ME?! DEAD!!

Roman jumps back in shock and is stunned by the evil he sees in the eyes of the woman he loves.

-At the pier, Kate continues to hold the MCF and Alan at gunpoint, demanding answers. Alan denies doing anything to Will as the MCF turns towards him and says:

MCF (via voice changer): Tell her, Alan. I want you to. Remember...the plan.

Alan: But...what if...

MCF: Nevermind. It's ok. It will help get things together. It has to come out sometime for everything to go as planned. Just do it.

Kate: What the hell are you two talking about?

MCF: Nevermind. Go ahead, Alan. Share with Kate what you did to Will...that infamous night. The night that Carrie gave birth and the night that Will learned who you really were after months of him thinking of you as some older friend that would save him from the principal when needed and so on.

Alan: You going to save anything for me to tell?

MCF: Sure. Go ahead.

Alan: That night...Will had found out who I really was. It was shortly after he learned that his mother had been raped by me.

Kate: Ok, so wait. You were using him. Weren't you? You were befriending him in secret for months. You helped him out to gain his trust so he would provide you with information. He would be like your bridge to Sami and Carrie.

Alan: Right. Now...I was forced to kidnap him that night. Carrie was in labor and I couldn't have him blow everything for me. He needed to be scared into silence. I knew that. I knew he needed to fear me and what I would do if he opened his damn mouth so...I took action. Perhaps it was extreme (laughs) but I thought it was appropriate. After all, I had committed a similar act with his mother...only this time a young boy was involved. A little weird but not after all I have been through.

Kate: Similar act...Sami. Oh My God. No...

Alan: Smart woman. Have it figured out, don't you?

Kate (fighting back tears): Please. Don't tell me...you didn't? God...please. You didn't...molest Will, did you?

Alan smiles and nods.


Alan sees Kate raising the gun up and makes a run for it. The MCF calls out to him but he takes off. Kate is about to shoot but the MCF grabs her, knocking the gun to the ground, and tells her to calm herself.

Kate: Calm myself!! My grandson was molested by a man who I am helping to cover for because of you!! That's it!! We're through. I am telling everyone everything I know about you and your little operation.

MCF: I wouldn't do that...if you want to live to see your beloved Will graduate.

-At the Salem Inn, Austin has fallen asleep in the tub. Carrie is out of the tub and is doing her nails so she can be all pretty for Aruba with Austin tomarrow. She finishes doing them and then goes to put the nail polish back in her bag. She then puts the bag in her dresser drawer. She thinks about the secrets she is keeping and can't help but feel guilty. She hates doing this but has no choice. While in the drawer, she is reminded of the DNA lab results that confirmed Evan was her son. It comes to her in that moment that she hasn't seen them. She searches the room and can't find them. She wonders where they are.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Belle is still reading over those very lab results and is stunned by what they saw. She wonders how Nicole's adopted baby son, Evan, could be Carrie's. Eric is still downstairs, calling out to Belle. Belle finally comes out of her state of shock and hears Eric's knocking. Eric has gotten the doorman from downstairs to let him in since he was concerned with Belle not answering. The doorman is happy to oblige since he knows Eric after all these years. Eric enters as the doorman leaves. Eric calls out to Belle and searches downstairs. He then heads upstaits. Belle realizes Eric is in the house and decides she should hide the lab results as it's Carrie's business and it wouldn't be right for her to show anyone or tell anyone.

Belle tries to hide it but Eric comes in the guest room just as she is trying to stuff the results under the bed. He asks Belle what she is doing. Belle says she is looking for something but Eric notices the envelope and papers in her hand and asks why she is looking for something with all that junk in her hand. Belle insists it isn't junk. Eric then asks what she has there then. Belle doesn't know what to say.

-Back outside the Brady Pub, Shane tries to assure Kim to have hope. Her family does love her. There is just alot of pain and suffering right now and they all need time. He tells her that her mother and her are ok. Kim says she knows her mother is upset with her too but isn't saying anything for the family's sake and because she is her mom. It's hopeless. She and Roman screwed up and now she has to live with it. Shane hugs her, saying he is there for her. Kim thanks him and says they can be there for each other while they are both shunned by her family and Salem.

Inside the Pub, Caroline reminds Hope once again it isn't her place to say anything. Kayla reiterates that. Hope says this must stop. The Brady family is falling apart and it seems this secret Bo has that everyone seems to be keeping is at the center of it. She is going to find out what it is...once and for all. The madness must end and the only way to do that seems to be through Bo. She is going after him and is going to get the truth from him. No matter what. Tonight!!

Hope grabs her purse and takes off. Kayla wishes her luck as Bo is so stubborn she will need it. Kayla apologizes to Caroline again and says with everything going on with Steve's disappearance and all she is stressed out enough without family issues making it worse. Caroline says she doesn't want to discuss the picnic and family problems anymore. She is tired and going to lay down upstairs. She tells Kayla to have faith that Steve will come back to her. Even with no memory, he knows he is connected to her and Salem. He will come back to her. Either that or Roman and the SPD will find him. Kayla doubts that but thanks Caroline for her support. They embrace as Caroline goes upstairs.

While alone, Kayla says she has waited long enough. She is giving Roman and the authorities only 24 more hours and then she is taking matters into her own hands to find Steve. He needs her. She can feel it and she won't wait no longer.

-Back at the pier, Kate tell the MCF to let go of her.

MCF: You tell anyone anything...so help me. You know what I will do. You know what I am capable of.

Kate: I am sick of you torturing me and my family. Torturing this whole town. It ends now. I'm not afraid of...

The MCF pulls out a knife and puts it near her throat.

MCF: You won't get the chance to say anything, Katie.

Kate: Ok. Fine. I will stay quiet.

MCF: You better.

The MCF lets her go.

MCF: If you do anything to defy me, you and your family will face my wrath. Understood?

Kate: Yes.

MCF: Good. I must go. Business to tend to. I am watching...like always. Good day.

The MCF leaves as Kate says she has to do something...even if it means she dies trying. It's the only way to really protect the people she loves. This must end...today!!

-Back at the Salem Inn, Carrie searches desperately for the lab results but has no luck. She thinks of where she may have left it and remembers having it in the guest room at Marlena's penthouse the night before and the day of her wedding since she brought it with her from the Penthouse Grille where she recieved it. She realizes that is the last place she remembers having it so it must be there. She quickly gets dressed and leaves, slamming the door behind her. Outside the room, she regrets slamming it, hoping Austin didn't wake up. Back inside the room, Austin has woke up. He puts a robe on and wonders where Carrie is.

-Back at the Penthouse, Belle tells Eric it's just a bunch of old junk that mom kept. She gets up off the floor. Eric looks at her and asks if she is ok. Belle says she is fine. Eric notices she seems jumpy. Belle says she is just a little wired today. She then hears Claire being to cry, which scares her, making her drop the envelope and papers. Belle says she will get it but Eric offers to help anyway. He picks up one paper and is stunned by what he reads. Belle tries to grab the papers but Eric won't let her. He takes two pages out of Belle's hand. He asks her where she got them from. Belle explains she found them between the bed and nightstand. Eric remembers Carrie stayed in the room. He is stunned and asks Belle why she was hiding the papers. Belle says she just found them right before he came in and didn't think it was her place to show them or talk about them.

Belle hears Claire crying and says she needs to tend to her. Eric mentions to her as she leaves how it makes sense now. Carrie being upset around Nicole and Evan, her holding Evan at Salem Place and claiming him to be hers, and Evan being born the same day as Carrie's baby and being found at Green Mountain by him and Nicole only 30 miles or so away from the cabin where Carrie gave birth to him. It all fits together. Nicoles lies...everything. Belle asks what they should do. Eric tells her to find a sitter for Claire. They need to confront Carrie to see if these lab results are as legit as they look and true. Belle says that Claire is sick but it's only a slight cold and fever and this is a family emergency. She will call someone right now. Eric thanks her, saying he will need her. Belle leaves as Eric looks at the lab results, saying this may finally be the answer he has been looking for.

-Back at the University Hospital psych ward, Marlena tells Roman she has no desire to see him or anyone else and to stop coming. She wants to be left alone to make plans. Roman asks her for what.

Marlena: That's a surprise. Now...GET OUT!!! I DON'T WANT YOU HERE!!! MARLENA'S NOT HERE!! "DOC" IS DEAD??? GET OUT!!

Barbara hears what is going on and asks what is happening.

Marlena: I want no more visitors. I have too much to do and I have no interest in anyone who was associated with Marlena. Got it? If I have anymore guests for Marlena, when I get out of here I will make you my first target, doctor.

Barbara: You aren't getting out of here. Now...I will be sure you don't see anyone but I need you to calm down.

Marlena: Will do.

Barbara pulls Roman away, telling him he must go. Roman asks what she means by making plans and why she seems so confident she is getting out of there. Barbara says she is delusional. There is no way for her to get out. They have strict security guidelines and a great staff. She is going nowhere. Roman says that's good and says he will go now. Roman looks back at Marlena, with eyes filled with dejection due to his love for her being rejected by her. Roman says goodbye, this time not calling her anything, and then turns and leaves.

Marlena: Goodbye!! What a lovesick loser!! Pathetic.

Barbara: He does love you.

Marlena: He loves Marlena. She is dead. I killed her. It's time to move on.

Barbara: Whatever you say.

Marlena: Now leave me alone. I must go back to planning. There is much to do.

Barbara: Planning what?

Marlena: Wouldn't you like to know? (laughs)

Barbara just ignores Marlena's words and walks away from the cell door.

Marlena: As if I would tell her, or the great Roman Brady, my plot to escape. They will see soon enough...tonight. Yes, tonight...I make my move and get out of this hellhole. Finally...after all these weeks that feel like years. Tonight...I get back to work and finally begin my own mission. This time it's about me...no partnerships or alliances. Just me and my plan...for revenge.

Marlena laughs uncontrollably as the screens freezes on her face and then fades to black.


Cal to Katherine: I just don't understand. What does this all mean?

Maggie to Julie: They know. Doug and Alice know.

Austin to Sami and Lucas: I need your help.

Kate to Victor: It was Alan. He molested Will.

Eric (with Belle) to Carrie (showing her the lab results): Want to tell us the truth, Carrie?


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You all have no idea I have enjoyed catching up with your blog.

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I have so much catching up to do with this blog.

What the hell is up with Marelna!?! :blink::lol: Is she possessed? That sounds a lot like something MarDevil would say.

I love the Belle/Eric interactions. I'm sure many people don't even remember Belle has another older brother besides Brady.

I just want to know who this damn MCF is. Take the damn cloak off! It's almost June, it has to be getting hot under that hood. :lol:

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Great episode as always. Cedrtainly an effective way to get Kate to walk away from the MCF and Alan. Although Iwould have thought she would have shot Alan and not cared. That is my only concern. Maybe because it is something I would do to the person that did that to my grandson.

Love the Eric and Belle dynamic. It is excellent to see them together. I still want to slap Kayla. I just cant help it

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I have so much catching up to do with this blog.

What the hell is up with Marelna!?! :blink::lol: Is she possessed? That sounds a lot like something MarDevil would say.

I love the Belle/Eric interactions. I'm sure many people don't even remember Belle has another older brother besides Brady.

I just want to know who this damn MCF is. Take the damn cloak off! It's almost June, it has to be getting hot under that hood. :lol:

She's not possessed but she does come off like she is. She has multiple personalities. At one point, she had 3 other personalities in addition to the normal Marlena personality but the "Samantha" personality (which is the evil, vengeful, heartless personality) has become dominant and has taken over. More about this will be explained in the weeks ahead as far as why Marlena ended up like this. It all started due to all the brainwashing she dealt with last spring when I started the blog. After she returned from being presumed dead, she seemed ok but it soon became apparent she has gotten worse and here we are.

Oh, and Tishy, she was about to shoot but the MCF grabbed her and knocked the gun loose.

As for the MCF, it's coming. ;)

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This is a very exciting episode. And I LOVE the focus on Marlena here. And Kate has plenty of space here too. I really want to see how this Marlena story unfolds. I wish that DAYS in reality would do a similar story where they could investigate Marlenas dark sides. But thats unfortunately just wishful thinking since its probably never gonna happen. Thats why I love reading it here instead. Characters like Hope and Marlena are the ones that I really prefer to see the evil sides of. I look forward to see how this continues. Good job, PhoenixRising and Roman. :)

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