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May 30, 2007




-At the pier, Austin demands answers from Carrie. He knows something has been upsetting her for days now. He claims it seems like she has been hiding something since the night before their wedding at the Penthouse Grille. Sami tells Carrie that they are all family. They all love her and are there for her. It's ok. Carrie looks over at Victor and Kate. Lucas thinks Victor should leave but Kate says he can stay. He already knows, as does she. Austin, Sami, Lucas, and Roman are shocked and ask why they know and not them. Kate says it's a long story and that she just told Victor today. Eric says he knows too and Belle says the same. They just learned the truth today.

Austin begs Carrie to tell him what she is hiding. They are married. They took vows and he is there for her. They promised to be honest and she needs to be right now or their marriage is nothing. Kate steps in and asks Austin to let her talk to her. She takes Carrie aside and says:

Kate: You have to tell Austin and the others. We can't do this anymore.

Carrie: I don't know if I can.

Kate: You have to. You told Eric and Belle, right?

Carrie: Yeah.

Kate: Victor knows too. I had to tell him. Look, Carrie. Alan is working with the cloaked figure.

Carrie: I don't buy that. He was so good to be me for months at the cabin and...

Kate: Carrie, please. The police have hard evidence. I know it for a fact. I just found out he did something horrible to Will. I don't want to discuss it right now but he did. He is in league with the cloaked figure, who has also been helping Nicole keep your child. The cloaked person has Chelsea and Abby. He or she kidnapped them and I was kidnapped myself last night.

Carrie: Oh my God...

Kate: I'm fine but this has to stop. Carrie, you need to tell all because you and me need to tell the police everything. You need to get Evan and I need to tell what I know about the cloaked figure. You have no choice, Carrie. It's better for you to do it then have Austin and the others find out on their own in a worse way.

Carrie: Fine. I guess I have no choice. Lives are at stake.

Austin then comes over. Carrie turns, with tears welling in her eyes, and tells Austin she will tell him and everyone else the truth. Austin nods as Sami, Lucas, Victor, Kate, Eric, Roman, and Belle look on.

-On the cruise ship, Steve is lying on a canopy bed in one of the suites on the ship. He looks around to see antiques in the room and a painting on the wall in front of him. The room reminds him of something you would see in a souther hotel or mansion.

Meanwhile, Ernesto is watching him from outside when the MCF arrives.

MCF (via voice changer): Have things calmed?

Ernesto: Yes. He just woke up now. I did what you said.

MCF: Good. Do you have the music I requested? The stuff you found out about through Stefano?

Ernesto: Yes. Here it is (Hands MCF a cd). Are you sure you want to do this?

MCF: I must. I still need Steve to do as I will. He had behaved well up until today but, now that he tried to escape, I will need to do something to remind him that the lives of his loved ones are at stake. I offered him the answers to his past and missing years. I offered him the chance to recover his whole memory if he obeys me. I will give him a little taste of it now and then he will be where I want him again.

Ernesto: You are going to have him remember the secret, right?

MCF: Yes. It will give me yet another thing to hold over his head and it will keep him in line. I must get started. There is much to do.

Ernesto: Ok. I will be watching.

The MCF enters Steve's room.

MCF: I see you tried to escape to warn your little friends, Steve. Naughty boy. Didn't I tell you to behave? Oh well. You have behaved quite well thus far. I guess I will have to give you a little reminder about the terms of our deal.

Steve: What are your plans for Lexie, Abe, and Celeste? Why are we in Salem? Why...

MCF: Stop asking questions. Now...it's time for you to get a blast from the past.

The MCF then sticks a syringe into Steve's leg.

Steve: WHAT THE HELL?! Not that again!!

MCF: It's the drug that will help you remember, Steve. But...you will only remember what I want you too. Just a little to remind you of what I can give you. Your life, memories...everything. I can give you it all back. You just have to obey me and my wishes until the mission is complete.

Steve: What mission?

MCF: Nevermind. Now...Steve. It's time to remind you of the past. To remind you of a time...long ago.

-On another part of the ship, Forrest and Abby are asleep in their room. Chelsea is watching them and can't help but notice Forrest tossing and turning and mumbling something. She gets up close to hear what it is.


Chelsea wonders what he could be dreaming about and who he wants to make pay. She wakes Abby up, who yells at Chelsea for waking her. She couldn't sleep last night and is tired. Besides, there is nothing else to do. Chelsea tells her what Forrest has said in his sleep and warns that she still thinks he is dangerous.

Abby: We know he has some secrets, Chelsea. He doesn't want to get into them or his life. He clearly has undergone some pain and torment. I wish you would let this go. You are like a dog with a bone. You never know when to let go.

Chelsea: Maybe but I am worried, Abby. You and Forrest have this bond and I have a bad feeling about this guy. He clearly has issues.

Abby: And you don't?

Chelsea: Ha ha. Look, I am just looking...

Abby: Out for me? I know. I appreciate it but Forrest has been harmless since we have been locked up with him here. Give him a break and lay off a bit. Your lucky you haven't offended him by now.

Chelsea: I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about you.

Abby: I'm fine. Now, I am going back to sleep. Don't worry.

Abby lays back down as Chelsea continues to watch Forrest sleep and says:

Chelsea: Sorry, Abby. Something is not right with him. I just know it and I won't just stand by and let him manipulate or hurt you. Who knows who he really is and what he is capable of.

-Back in Salem, Stefano is on the phone at the Dimera Mansion when Cassie enters the living room. Stefano hangs up the phone and tells her he has good news and bad news. One of his men just learned that that Alexandra, Abe, and Celeste were spotted in Milan, Italy at one of his lairs. Apparently, they had been searching Dimera's lairs of his all over Europe. Cassie asks why Abe and Celeste are there. Stefano says he isn't sure but the bad news is that the men Alexandra brought with her were found bound and gagged. Alexandra, Abe, and Celeste were kidnapped and loaded on to some cruise ship and taken away. Cassie is shocked. Stefano bets it was the MCF. Stefano threatens that he will kill that person, whomever they are, when he gets his hand on him or her.

Cassie asks him if there is any sign of the ship. Stefano says he has his people on it. He thinks it's weird that a cruise ship is being used. The phone in the living room rings. Stefano answers and seems happy about something being told to him on the phone. He hangs it up and tells Cassie he has great news. The ship has been spotted...in Salem. Alexandra is in Salem!! Cassie says they must get to the ship and get to her. Stefano agrees. Cassie thinks they should bring men but Stefano disagrees. They may cause whoever is behind this to take off. He tries to get her to stay back but she insists they are a team. He knows better then to argue so he tells her to follow his lead. They will do this on their own and, maybe, take this damn MCF down in the process...finally. Stefano pulls out a gun and says that the MCF shot him, took his daughter, and may have Tony. The MCF will pay for crossing him. He or she will pay dearly.

-Meanwhile, back on the cruise ship, Celeste is sleeping as Lexie and Abe watch her. Abe comments on how Lexie has been rather quiet for awhile now. Lexie says she is sick of fighting with him. She can't beleive he and her mother followed her on some insane quest to bring the Dimera's down and save her. Abe says they were just trying to protect her. Lexie rolls her eyes and reminds Abe that now, if they die, Theo has no one. He is with neighbors right now. Her father is still in a coma as far as she knows and there is no one to care for him. Abe says they will escape. They already are in Salem. Lexie says there is still the matter of who is doing this and what they have planned.

Celeste is tossing and turning while having nightmarish visions. She is having visions of a ship and blurred images on people on it. There is then a loud explosion and fire, followed by a rush of water and screams of agony. Celeste begins to cry out in her sleep. Lexie and Abe race over to her. Celeste then has another vision of two people on the ship. They are blurred so she can't make out their faces but the faces soon become unblurred after a shirt while. The two people kiss. The faces then slowly become clear and reveal the two kissing people as...ABE AND CELESTE!!!

Celeste wakes up, stunned. Lexie asks if she is ok. Celeste lies, not wanting to upset Abe and Lexie, and says she is fine. She just had a nightmare. It's just the same visions as before. Lexie tells her to just calm down and then goes back to Abe as Celeste tells herself:

Celeste: Abraham...why? I know we have gotten closer the past few months but...dear God. That would hurt Alexandra. It would destroy her, even if she is mad at us right now. It's sick. I must stop it from happening. I must not be like that with my son in law. I must.

The scene then shifts to another part of the ship...Tony and Anna's cell. Both are quiet. Tony asks Anna why she isn't speaking to him still. He thought they cleared the air. Anna says she has nothing to say. They have been locked up together for so long. She just wants to learn what is going and get out of here. Tony asks if it's because of what he said the other day. Anna tells Tony to stop with the questions or, if and when they escape, she will never see or speak to him again. Tony begs her not to be so rash. It's just so boring to sit and not say a word to each other. Anna apologizes but says it's frustrating. She just wants to get out of the cell they are in. They have been locked up for months. Tony walks over and comforts her. He embraces her and says it will be ok. They will escape. Someone will find them or he will find a way. He promises not to let her suffer or be unhappy. He then kisses her head as Anna looks up at him, lovingly, and tears begin to well up in her eyes.

The scene then shifts to Steve, who is still with the MCF in the suite. The MCF puts on a CD. Steve asks what that is. The MCF says it is something that will spark his memory. The music sounds like that of a waltz. Steve is confused.

Steve: You know...I may not remember anything but, from what I know and based on how I feel, I don't like this crap.

MCF: Just listen, Steven. Listen to it and look at this shuite. The antiques, the painting, the canopy bed you are laying on...it must reminds you of something? A place you were in a long time ago...during those infamous missing years after you "died."

Steve looks around the suite room while listening to the music and the scene slowly fades into a flashback. It's a blurred flashback of two people. One is a man, who is revealed to be Steve, and the other a woman. The women is dressed in white but her face can't be made out nor can the rest of her looks. It appears they are dancing. The women speaks with a distorted voice and her words can't me made out at first but, now, they can be:

Woman: There is just something so relaxing about this music, isn't there?

Steve: I'm not too crazy about. Don't know why. I heard some harmonica earlier. Strangely, I liked that. Must be something connected to something that I like that I don't remember.

Woman: How are you feeling? I know the guards were rough on you again.

Steve: I'm fine. I had you to help nurse me back to health.

Woman: Well, I had to. I need you. Your all I have. I may not know your name and you may not know it but that doesn't matter. You are important to me and I can tell you are a good man, even if you don't recall who you are. We're just two lost souls, brought together in captivity.

Steve: I guess so.

Woman: We need someone...to confide in. To comfort us. We are that for each other. There is no one else here for us but us. I am so glad to have you here. It was so lonely until you came.

Steve: Well, I can understand that. I am glad to have you too, gorgeous.

Woman: Oh, please. I'm far from gorgeous.

Steve: You've been through alot. You came through it and that's great. And...you are gorgeous.

Woman: Thanks. Wow...(looks out the window as they dance) what a gorgeous night. Since we are on the subject of gorgeous.

They both laugh.

Woman: It's beautiful out there. You can smell the flowers outside as the breeze brings that sweet smell in here. The music playing...it just makes it...feel nice. It's truly a night of beauty. Too bad we can't be free to have nights like this. Instead, we are behind held against our will and...

Steve: Hey, just enjoy the night and dance. Don't think about all the other junk. Ok?

Woman: Yes. Your right. You always know how to make me feel better.

Steve: It's a gift (smiles).

They continue to dance as they get closer and closer. After a short while, they then stop. They appear to be looking into each other's eyes, smelling the sweet scene of the flowers an feeling the nice evening breeze. The music is affecting their emotions and so is their feelings of loneliness and being lost and not knowing who they are. The two seem to be staring longingly into each other's eyes. They then move in closer and closer until they...KISS!!

Steve then pulls out of the flashback and says to the MCF:

Steve: Who is she?! You tell me, damnit!! I kissed her!! I need to know when and why and...damnit...who?!

The MCF turns to look at Ernesto, who is watching from outside the suite and smiling, and then turns back to Steve and remaind silent.

-Back in Salem at the pier, Carrie prepares to tell Austin the truth. Austin tells her to go ahead.

Carrie: Ok...it all started after Alan rescued me from the island last summer. When he took me back to the cabin, I thought about everything. The paternity issue with you and Lucas and how it would affect the baby and our families. I asked Alan for advice and I just want to say that while he agreed with my decision, he did not come up with this idea.

Austin: I don't like where this is going.

Carrie: You all already know why I stayed in hiding and had Shane help cover for me while I was in hiding and so on. What you all don't know is the decision I made while in hiding...the action I went through with the night I gave birth. I was just doing what was right. I didn't want the baby to grow up with tension around him and people fighting. I didn't want you and Lucas to be at odds, Austin. I didn't want your mom and Philip, Billie...I didn't want people talking sides. Look...I was wrong. I should've trusted that you all could handle it, especially you and Lucas. But I didn't at the time. I regret what I did now, more then ever. I regretted what I did right after I did it.

Austin: What did you do?

Carrie: Austin...(looks at Kate, who nods. Eric and Belle give her a nod too) I...this is so hard...please forgive me...my baby...what could be our baby or my baby with Lucas...my baby is still alive!!

Roman, Sami, Lucas, and Austin are stunned as Eric, Belle, Victor, and Kate watch.

Lucas: The child you told all of us is dead...the one you may have conceived with me...he is still alive?!

Sami: Carrie...how could out put all of us...your family through this? Austin and Lucas...one of them is the father and you put them through hell.

Carrie: Your not one to judge, Sami. Oh, wait. I'm sorry. I didn't mean...

Sami: It's fine. Your right. I never did lie about something like this though. Not about a baby dying.

Carrie: Your right. It's horrible butI just thought I was doing what was best, like I said. I was wrong and I regret it. I should've trusted Austin and Lucas, as well as everyone else. I should've trusted they could handle it.

Carrie looks at Austin, who has his back turned to her.

Carrie (fighting back tears): Please. Talk to me.

Austin: I can't beleive you would ever do this. Carrie...damn!

Roman steps in.

Roman: Carrie...if the baby is alive...where is he?

Carrie: I gave him to Alan, who took him away. The plan was to take him to a hospital and drop him off so he would be adopted at some point and find a home but...something went wrong. The cloaked person interfered I guess...

Kate: With Alan's help...

Carrie: I still don't beleive that.

Kate: It's true. Alan gave the baby to the cloaked figure. He or she then took the child to Green Mountain Lodge and hid it in the bushes, knowing full well a certain couple would find it. He or she wanted to cause trouble for the Brady girls I guess.

Roman: Wait, the lodge? Nicole and Eric found Evan that night at the lodge.

Sami: The same night Carrie gave birth. The lodge was only 30 miles from the cabin.

Austin: Eric and I talked about it and how coincidental it all was. Damnit...it was all in front of me. You getting upset with Nicole and Evan around lately. You claiming Evan was yours at Salem Place while holding him. Everything. It's Evan, isn't it? Evan is...

Carrie (crying): My child. Evan is my son.

Roman, Sami, and Lucas are stunned as Victor, Kate, Eric, and Belle look on. Austin looks at Carrie in disbelief and then turns away from her as she touches his shoulder.

Carrie: Austin, please. Forgive me. All of you. Please...

A clearly angry Austin turns back towards a crying Carrie as they look at each other...face to face as the screen fades to black.


MCF to Philip: It's time.

Hope to Bo: I beg of you. This is your last chance. Our last chance. Tell me the truth. Please.

Steve to MCF: Tell me who this woman is. Now!!

Carrie to Austin: I just did what I thought was right.

Austin to Carrie: Well, it was wrong. Now...lives are screwed up and the damage may never be rectified.

Alan to Nicole: You have to leave with me now or you will lose Evan forever.


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Wow. I loved it. I am wondering, do we see somewhat of a crush between Abby and Forrest? Cause she defends him a lot!

Abe and Celeste have some serious chemistry, more so than Abe and Lexie. What a triangle that would be and one I would enjoy.

Sami should have hauled back and slapped Carrie like Carrie has done to her so many times. Sami has done many bad things, but never lied about a baby dying. Carrie got off easy on Sami's part....so far. I know that could change.

Excellent episode, I loved it as always

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This blog is written in such a suspenseful way. One can really feel how there are lots of secrets and twists just building up and being ready to explode anytime. This was a well balanced episode, even though I never really cared for either Chelsea or Abby. I rather the see evil Marlena get more focus. :)

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