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May 31, 2007




-Hope is walking around the pier when she comes upon the Fancy Face III. She comments on how this is the last place she can think of as to where Bo is. After this, she has no clue. She then sees Bo come up from below deck. She notices he seems like he is going on an excursion.

Hope: Running away again, Brady?

Bo: How did you...

Hope: Oh, come on. I know you. Besides, I checked pretty much everywhere else. You know...we had a close moment at the picnic. I thought we were headed for something again but then...

Bo: Then my family fell apart.

Hope: Because of secrets...a secret that seems to all about you. Bo...this has to stop. You can't just keep avoiding this. Whatever it is, just let me in.

Bo: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UNDERSTAND?! HUH?! I CAN'T!!! DAMNIT!! I want to. I just don't know if...

Hope: I can handle it. I can, Bo. I...

Bo: No. If I can handle you knowing.

Hope: Is this that bad? Bo...I love you. You love. Please. Don't throw everything you love and care about away. Tell me what is going on. Please.

Bo remains silent as Hope desperately tries to get to the truth.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip is drinking some brandy and is wondering when the MCF will call him with orders to begin the plan. He looks at the pill bottle that the MCF gave him to use on Victor and wonders if this is right. This is his father but he has also lost everything. His family doesn't give a damn and his father did nothing to help. It's about time he does what is best for him, just like everyone else. He will have Claire, Belle, and prove he is worthy of having more power and controlling the Kiriakis empire. He has no choice...he must do this. He must drug and aid in the kidnapping of his own father if he is to have what he desires.

Meanwhile, on the cruise ship, Steve asks the MCF again who he kissed. The MCF asks him to remember himself. Time is running out as the drug he or she gave him only lasts so long. Steve says he can't. The MCF asks Steve to remember other times with the woman. He plays yet another song that sounds like some sort of waltz, just like the song Steve just heard. The MCF tells Steve to recall yet another time in the same room. It's very humid and there is a slight breeze that brings in the sweet scent of flowers once again. The MCF urges Steve to look around the room he is in right now. The MCF reminds Steve the room in his memories is similar to that of the room he is in on the ship. Steve looks around and, absorbing what the MCF told him and hearing the music, he slowly drifts back into a flashback.

At this moment, the MCF leaves the room and walks outside the room to join Ernesto. Ernesto asks what's wrong. The MCF tells Ernesto that while Steve is focused on his memories, there is some business he or she must take care of. The drug that he or she injected into him will continue to help him remember for a bit longer so it should be fine. Just enough to keep Steve in line for as long as he or she needs. The MCF walks off as Ernesto looks in on Steve.

-On the pier, Carrie is begging Austin for forgiveness as Roman, Lucas, Sami, Belle, Eric, Kate. and Victor watch unaware that someone else is watching in the distance. It's James!! James realizes that the truth about Carrie's baby is out and that the boss needs to know. He takes out his cell and calls the MCF. The MCF answers his or her cell and asks what is going on. James tells the MCF that the truth is out about Carrie's baby Evan. The MCF laughs and says that everything is happening right on time and now he or she has one less thing to make happen. The MCF thanks James for the call and tells him to report back to the ship until he is needed. James hangs up.

The MCF then makes a call on his or her cell phone to Alan. Alan asks what is up and the MCF fills him in on the truth about baby Evan being out. The MCF instructs him to get to Nicole and get her and the baby to the ship ASAP. Alan says he will get over to her right now and hangs up as the MCF laughs.

Meanwhile, back at the pier, Carrie is begging Austin and everyone else to understand that she was only doing what she thought was right.

Austin: Yeah...but it was wrong and now the damage may never be rectified. How could this be right? My son...

Lucas: Uh...he could be mine too.

Austin: Right. Your son...is now with Nicole. He is bonding with her, just like he would've bonded with strangers if he had been adopted by someone else.. You isolated him from his real parents. I mean, I understand you didn't want the baby around tension and that you were afraid of Lucas and I coming to blows and causing more issues. I do get it but...you lied about the baby being dead, Carrie. You made us all grieve. How could you keep this from us for all these months?

Carrie: First off, I just recently learned Evan was mine. I had been suspicious since holding him at Salem Place but I had no proof. So, the day I asked you let us babysit Evan, I snuck out with him and had a DNA test done by a nurse I knew. I received the results the night of our bachelor and bachelorette parties. That is why I began to act so upset with Nicole around with the baby.

Eric: I noticed that too. I should also say that Nicole is not some innocent who took advantage of what she was given. She made this happen too, well before she was in contact with the cloaked one. She went to Victor and made a deal. He clearly helped her snag a job at Titan and pulled strings to get Evan adopted by Nicole.

Victor: That's true. I usually am discreet about matters like this but Nicole aided me in making it seem like her and I were engaging in some...uh...

Eric: You wanted to make someone think you were having sex? She was and still is my wife, Victor.

Victor: I know. We never did anything. I had my reasons. I wanted Maggie out of my life and it was all I could think of to cut her out of it.

Lucas: You hurt my aunt. You...

Victor: Not now, Lucas. This is no time.

Kate: Ok...back to Carrie. She wanted to tell you, Austin. I had figured it out a little while before Carrie and confronted Nicole, who had just learned from the cloaked figure herself that he or she had intercepted the baby from Alan and given him to her and Eric that night. Nicole, of course, didn't care as long as she had him. I was called by the cloaked figure. He or she threatened me and my family. They then forced me to keep Carrie quiet when she learned Evan was hers. The cloaked figure called her and warned her that he or she would come after everyone she loved. We know what this person is capable of, Austin. I mean, he or she kidnapped me just last night.

Lucas: What?

Kate: I'm fine and don't want to get into it. This person also has kidnapped Chelsea and Abby. He or she is manipulating all of us. Carrie had no choice. She wanted to tell you. She didn't want to marry you with that secret over her but...she had to. It's the truth, Austin. Trust me.

Austin: Fine. I can see that. How about before, though? She still lied that the child was dead.

Lucas: Exactly and that is what perplexes me. It's so unlike you Carrie. You put us all through hell. That child could be mine.

Austin: Or mine.

Carrie (In tears): I know it was horrible. I am so sorry. I know it was wrong. I know I hurt you all.

Austin: You didn't trust us to handle this, Carrie. None of us. Lucas and I could've found a way to compromise or work it out. We may have yelled and screamed at times but we wouldn't kill each other.

Carrie: I was emotional. I over-reacted. I'm sorry.

Roman comes over to comfort Carrie, thinking this is getting to be too much. Sami agrees that they all need to step back and calm down. Austin turns away, saying he doesn't know what to say. He is so angry he is afraid he may say something he will regret. Carrie looks at him, in tears, knowing full well she may have lost the respect of the man she loves as well as the respect of many people she cares about.

Meanwhile, Victor's cell rings. It's Nicole. She says she wanted to talk him about Titan. She hardly gets anything to do and the rest of the staff is giving her dirty looks. Eric hears Victor on the phone and concludes it's Nicole on the phone with him. Victor says the staff never liked her during her first go round. Nicole says she knows Victor hates her being there but reminds him they had a deal. She did her part and she reminds him she knows that their little fake show caused Maggie to get drunk and burn down her own restaurant. She warns him that she will reveal that little truth to the authorities if he doesn't cooperate and remain silent about her secrets regarding Evan. Victor tells Nicole she no longer has to worry about his silence. Nicole asks what he means. Victor says nevermind and tells Nicole he will speak to the staff and will see to it she gets more to do, even if he is against doing that. Nicole thanks him and hangs up, wondering what he meant by not having to worry about his silence.

Eric then realizes that now that the truth is out, they will all be going after Nicole to get to Evan. The police and everyone coming after her could scare her off. He concludes that him going over alone and getting Evan may be better and easier. He can just say he wants to hold him and talk about his and Nicole's marital problems. Eric sneaks off.

-Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip's cell phone rings. It's the MCF...

MCF: It's time. Get Victor home and give him the drug. Get him into your car and bring him to the large cruise ship at the Salem Harbor. We're in port 3.

Philip: Cruise ship? I'm not sure about this...

MCF: Philip...if you want all that you desire and deserve you must do this. You must be willing to do what is necessary.

Philip: I guess your right. Fine. I will handle it.

MCF: Excellent. See you soon.

Philip hangs up, hoping he is doing the right thing.

-Back at the Fancy Face III, Hope continues her emotional plea to Bo.

Hope: We've all been through enough. All the lies with Zack, me pushing you away, your undercover operation with the ISA, and now whatever your hiding. I know you think you are doing right by keeping this inside but your not. Your tearing yourself apart!! Look what your doing to your family. Roman, Kim...

Bo: I don't care about them.

Hope: Why? What did they do? Why are you so angry at them? Is it enough to cause your mother so much pain? To destroy your whole family over?

Bo: I don't want to...

Hope (fighting back tears): Ok. What about Kayla? Your mother? How about Shawn? He is overseas with the Marines. What would he think of you doing this? How about Chelsea? JT? Me? You claim to love us. To want to protect us and be this hero. This loving husband. God...Bo! This has to stop. I beg of you. This is your last chance. Our last chance. Tell me the truth. Please. There have been enough lies...pain...suffering these past two years...please Bo. Trust in me. Trust in our love. We took vows. For better or worse. I am here. Through it all. I signed up for this. We both did.

Bo (turning away): Hope...

Hope: Think about Zack!! He is looking down on us. Do you think he likes what you are doing to yourself? To all of us? Bo...this isn't just affecting you. You are hurting yourself and all of us more by keeping this all to yourself then just telling us.

Bo: Hope...please. Just...

Hope grabs Bo.


BO (fighting back tears): ALRIGHT!! I'LL TELL YOU!! I WILL TELL YOU!! I can't take it anymore. It's eating away at me. I'll tell you..

Hope dries her tears and anxiously awaits what Bo is about to tell her.

Back at the pier, Lucas tells Sami he can't believe what he just heard. Sami says she can't either. It's horrible but she sympathizes with Carrie for what the MCF put her through. It was still wrong to lie though. Lucas agrees and wonders where all this leads them now.

Belle, Kate, and Roman comfort Carrie, who stares at Austin, who has his back turned to her. A crying Carrie begs Austin to talk to her...to say something. Austin is silent. Victor walks over and tells Kate he is going to leave and that she needs to fill Roman in on her experiences with the MCF. Roman agrees, telling Kate that he will need to ask her and Carrie alot. Belle then asks where Eric is. She just happened to be looking around and he is gone. Victor says he was near him while he was on the phone and then recalls talking to Nicole. He tells everyone this and concludes that maybe Eric went after Nicole to get to her in case she makes a run for it now that the truth is out. Carrie says they need to go get Evan them. Roman tells everyone to stay put. He will have his men check things out. They can't run around if they don't know anything for sure. Roman makes some calls as Sami and Belle worry about Eric. Carrie looks at Austin, who is still silent with his back turned. She begs him to please look at her and to say something. He remains silent with a stoic look on his face.

Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Nicole is holding Evan and trying to get him to sleep when there is a knock at the door. It's Alan, who pushes his way in. Nicole asks him what is going on.

Alan: The cloaked one called me. You have to leave with me now or you will lose Evan forever. The truth is out. Everyone knows. Austin, Lucas, Roman...

Nicole: Oh my God...that is what Victor meant. Maybe he told him. I don't know. I guess it was something about a DNA test Carrie had done that someone found and...

Nicole: When did she have that done on...

Alan: Nevermind. We have to go. You have to come with me now. Pack up some stuff and..

There is then a knock on the door.

Eric: Nicole!! It's Eric. Open the door. I want to talk to you. It's about our marriage.

Alan: I hate to break it to you but this is not about your marriage. Eric was there...he knows, Nicole.

Nicole: We have to get out of here.

Alan: Yeah but Eric is outside the door. There is no way out. We our on the 8th floor with a baby.

Nicole: What are we going to do?

A panicked Nicole and Alan look around for answers as Eric continues to knock on the door, yelling for Nicole to open up.

-Back on the cruise ship, the MCF returns to Steve, who is still flashing back to a time during his presumed dead years. He is with the mystery woman again. Her image is still blurred and her voice distorted. Steve is lying on the bed and appears injured.

Woman: They did it again. The guards...they were rough on you.

Steve: I had to protect you. They were hurting you.

Woman: I tried to escape. They just grabbed me hard. You shouldn't have stepped in. You truly are my knight in shining armor.

Steve: Yeah...well, nothing like saving a beautiful woman in distress.

Woman: You do so much for me. Your there for me...you have been since the day you arrived. Without you, I would be so lonely. It's so good to have you.

Steve: Same here. It's worth me getting beat up good if it means making you smile like you are right now.

Woman: Well, I don't recommend getting beat up everytime you want to make me smile.

Steve: Good.

Woman: You know, we don't even have memories of our pasts. We don't who we are or who each other are yet, it feels right we're together. I felt close to you since we met and I have only felt closer to you since then.

Steve: Yeah and the kisses are nice.

Woman: I'm sorry about that. It's just...

Steve: Getting caught up in the moment. The music always playing, the scent of the flowers, it only being us here...we're all each other has.

Woman: Yes. And everyone needs companionship and...comfort.

The woman takes Steve's hand and then pulls back.

Woman: I'm sorry. I don't know why I keep...first, the kisses. This is wrong. It's wrong for me to have kissed you and...

Steve: We kissed each other. We both did. None of this is wrong. How can something so wrong...feel right?

Steve then takes the woman's hand and kisses it. The woman then moves in closer to Steve, who pulls her closer. They then kiss and the passion between them intensifies.

Woman: Is this ok? Can we do this?

Steve: We're all each other has. We may never leave here or see anyone else again. We need each other. Right now, we need this. It feels...

Woman: Right.

They then kiss again passionately and begin to make love. As Steve turns the woman over on the bed, her face slowly becomes clear. Slowly the blurriness goes away and, as Steve turns the woman over once more as they continue to passionately kiss, the woman's face looks exactly like....


The flashbacks ends with Steve and the Hope look-alike kissing and appearing on the brink of making love. Ernesto smiles from outside as Steve turns to the MCF and says:

Steve: Hope!!! Why her? What the hell? Is this a game? Is this a true memory? A dream? Tell me!!

MCF: Of course, it's true Steven. It's right from your memories. It's right out of your missing years.

Steve: Why? When? How far did we go? Did I make love to Hope? What does all this mean? Tell me more, damnit!! Help me remember more!! TELL ME!!

Steve grabs the MCF, who pulls his hands off of him or her and walks away, looks down at Steve and laughs sadistically as Steve demands that the MCF helps him remember more or that he or she tells him more as the screen fades to black.



Hope to Bo: Tell me everything.




Eric: Open up this door!!

Marlena: Let the fun begin!!

Philip: I am so sorry, dad.


Hope: Oh my God.



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Oh, now Im really excited. I will be looking forward to read next episode. I have felt the suspense building up these latest episodes, so I realised that something big was gonna happen soon.

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