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-At the psych ward, Marlena bangs on the door, holding her stomach. When the orderly finally walks in, she tells him that she feels like crap and wants to see the doctor. The orderly tells her that she has faked this before and asks her does she want some more shock therapy. Marlena looks at the orderly, saying that there is no way she would fake it this time, and wants some attention. The orderly, after a few moments, agrees with her, and goes and gets the nurse on duty.

-On the pier, Roman, Victor, Kate, Austin, Carrie, Sami, and Lucas are worried about Eric. They hope he didn't go after

Nicole on his own. She could run off with Evan. Sami doesn't think Nicole would hurt Evan but still thinks they need to get to Evan fast.. Roman says he has men out looking for Eric, Nicole and Evan.

Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Eric stands in the hallway, banging on the door and demanding to be let in. Nicole holds Evan as she and Alan plot a way out of the room and the hotel. Nicole tells Alan that he better think fast. Eric is going to be through that door at any moment. Alan agrees but then tells Nicole that he has a plan. He tells her to let Eric in and he’ll take care of the rest. Nicole reluctantly agrees and watches Alan walk away as she walks to the door.

-Hope walks into her home and finds Bo sitting there on the couch. He apologizes to her for leaving her on the Fancy Face III like that. He just didn't think it was right for them to talk out in the open about what they need to talk about. It's private. He is looking through old pictures of the family and stops on a beautiful photo of his first wedding to Hope in England. He smiles as Hope slowly walks over to him and looks down at the photo album herself. Bo then looks to see Hope standing there and she looks at him as well. Bo smiles at her lovingly, saying to her.....

Bo: We sure were young then, weren’t we?

Hope (Sitting down next to Bo): Yes, we were. And you.......riding a stolen horse to the church.

Bo: Well, how else did you expect me to get there? Everyone drives on the wrong side of the street over there.

Hope: Yeah, well......between Emma Donovan trying to kill us and getting arrested after we were married, I should have walked away right then and there.

Bo: And......why didn’t you?

Hope: You know why. You’ve always been the man of my dreams. I can never walk away from that. Not then and certainly not now. I hope you can see that.

Bo: I can and always have.

Bo leans in and gives Hope a kiss on her cheek, which makes Hope smile. Bo then turns back around and continues to look at the album, saying.......

Bo: I’ve always wanted to be a man for you, Hope.

Hope: You always have been, Bo.

Bo: Not now. I can never.......

Bo’s voice not only trails off, it shakes with these words. He gets up and starts to walk off but Hope jumps up and grabs him by the arm. She tries her best to turn him around but now he is fighting her. He can’t even look at her with tears streaming down his face. He feels so ashamed. He feels like he let Hope down. He is convinced that he is no longer a man who can be a good husband, father and grandfather.

Hope sees this and begs Bo to turn around. With tears now streaming down her face, she yells at him....


Bo: (Crying) I can’t, Hope. I just can’t tell you what happened. You’ll hate me. I know you will.

Hope: I won’t. I love you too damn much to ever hate you! Just tell me what’s wrong.

-On the cruise ship, Steve is trapped in the luxurious room with the MCF standing close to him. He looks at this person, demanding to know the why, where, and when he kissed Hope. He wants to know more about these memories he is having. Did he make love to Hope? Did it get that far? The MCF tells him that his answers will come.....all in due time. As the MCF leaves, two guards come into the room and Steve begins to struggle with them. Steve yells at them that they both are making a big mistake. One of the guards then hits him over the head, staggering him. Then, they both carry Steve outside of the stateroom and into the hallway, where the MCF is standing.

Back at the psych ward, as the orderly turns around, Marlena grabs a water pitcher off his tray and begins to raise it over her head but hears someone coming and lowers the pitcher. It is another orderly, who is told about her illness, and then they both rush off to get the nurse on duty. Moments later, the nurse arrives, and tells the orderly to wait outside. After the orderly closes the door, the nurse asks Marlena what is going on. Marlena says that she has the same pains she had before and wants something for it.

The nurse tells her that the last time she pulled this crap she was locked up in solitary for a week. Marlena holds her stomach, yelling that she is not trying anything funny. She is in real pain. The nurse takes a moment before she finally relents and turns around to go get the orderly. At that moment, Marlena picks up the pitcher once again, brings it up over her head, and smashes it down across the nurse’s head, knocking her out cold. She then waits to see if the orderly heard anything and is relieved when she realizes that he didn’t.

She then picks the nurse up and places her on the bed and starts undressing her. Minutes later, Marlena is shown putting on the last of the nurse’s clothes as the nurse is now lying under sheets on Marlena’s bed. She keeps looking out the small window on the door, surprised that no one has come to check on the nurse. She quietly walks over to the door and knocks on it, signaling the orderly to come open the door. When he does and walks in, he sees the nurse laying in Marlena’s bed, unconscious. Right before he turns to look for Marlena, she steps out from behind the door and crashes the other end of the pitcher over his head as he then slumps to the floor unconscious. Marlena then grabs his keys, looks at them both, smiles, and then calmly walks out the door, locking it behind her. She then looks around and finds that no one else is around at the moment and runs down the hallway. When she gets to the hall door, she unlocks it and, before it closes behind her, she is sprinting down the main hallway. Marlena is like a track runner, going through doors and down stairs and wondering one thing above all else.........

Marlena: Where is the f’ing outside door?!

-Back at the Salem Inn, Eric hears the door unlock and stands there as Nicole opens the door and gives him a look of guilt mixed with anger. She can’t believe that Eric would deprive her of this, a child, all for his precious sister, but she is at the same time ashamed that she has resorted to this type of evil act just to get what she wants.

When Eric takes a step in, he sees Evan lying in his crib. He looks at Nicole, who steps out of his way, but when he takes a step forward......Alan comes from behind the door and smashes a vase over his head, knocking him out cold. As both Alan and Nicole watch Eric lying on the floor, Alan tells Nicole that they have to get out of there. Nicole agrees but also says that if any more harm comes to Eric, there will be hell to pay. Alan chuckles and walks out the door as Nicole picks Evan up and takes one last look at Eric. She then walks out with the baby in tow.

-Back at Bo and Hope's house, Bo turns around and looks at Hope. It breaks her heart to see him like this, Bo is looking off, around the room, and will not look at Hope. Tears are streaming down his face and he can’t catch his breath. Hope pats him on his chest, crying at the sight of this grown man looking like a scared little boy. She steps forward, rests her head on his chest, and looks up at him, saying in a calm, loving, soothing voice......

Hope: Tell me, Brady. I’m not leaving you. The devil himself could not get me to take one step from your side, ok? I love you too much to ever let anything come between us.

Bo: Ok. Ok, Hope.

Bo catches his breath, and then, in one fell swoop tells Hope, the love of his life, that what has pushed him away from her for all these months and made him turn his back on his family and friends, was the terrible secret that......

Bo: Uncle Eric molested me when I was a child.

Hope is floored. She gasps at Bo and places her hands over her mouth. She looks at him as he stares at her, waiting for her response. Bo starts to back away from Hope but when he takes a step back.....she takes a step forward. He takes another step back and she steps forward again. Bo then stops and holds out his arms for Hope.

-At the Salem Inn, about thirty minutes later, Roman walks in with Kate, Lucas and Austin as Carrie walks in a few moments later. They see that he is sitting up in a chair, being tended to by EMTs. When Eric asks Roman how he found out, Roman tells him that he got the call when all of them were together that something was wrong at the Salem Inn. He was very surprised to find out that involved Eric. Carrie then asks where Evan is and a groggy Eric tells her and the rest of the group that Nicole has Evan and that her and Alan took him somewhere. He then says that he would have asked them where they were going but he was too busy getting bashed in the head.

Victor walks into the room and asks if Eric is alright, to which Eric responds that he is about as well as can be expected. Victor is happy to hear. Kate asks Victor why he didn't come in the room with them and Victor explains how he had a missed call on his cell and he was hoping it was Philip. He hasn't heard or talked to him much and that says alot as they live in the same house. Victor then asks Kate if she has seen Philip. Kate responds that she hasn’t and asks if he is ok. Victor says that he has been really off lately and blaming everyone else for how his life has turned out. Sami wonders if Philip could have something to do with Evan’s disappearance, to which Kate turns and tells her to shut up. Sami then sternly replies that for one, she is trying to cover all bases. And for two, she will be damned if she takes that from some hypocritical bitch with mommy issues.

Kate stalks towards Sami as Sami says bring it on as she takes a big step towards Kate. Both women have to be restrained by Roman and Lucas, who tells them both that with a baby missing, all they can do is go at each other? Victor agrees with Lucas, and tells Kate that she will learn to stop behaving like a spoiled brat. Before Kate can utter a word, Victor gets a phone call. It’s Philip, telling him that he would really like to talk to him. Victor agrees and tells him he will be at the house shortly. Philip says ok and hangs up. Victor excuses himself and tells Roman that if he needs his services, to let him know. Roman tells Victor thanks before Victor walks out the door.

-Back at University Hospital, Marlena looks around and spots the door that would lead to another hallway and then.......her freedom. But, she is spotted by a guard of the hospital and then suddenly hears the alarms go off. She runs for her very life as she is being chased by the guard. She runs through the door, down the hallway, and then through one last door. She is finally outside and, as she looks back, seeing the guard getting closer, she slams the door behind her and places a huge trash can against it. She then starts running though the parking lot and into the night. She stops long enough to look out over the city and then smiles evilly as she slowly walks down the street.

-Back at Bo and Hope's house, Hope looks at Bo and then takes one giant step into his arms. Bo breaks down and cries so hard in Hope’s arms as she rocks back and forth with him. All Bo can keep saying is...

Bo: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Hope. Please forgive me. Don’t turn away from me.

All Hope can do is say to this wonderful man, the man she loves more than her own life, is.....

Hope: My baby. There is nothing for you to be sorry for, ok?

Hope walks Bo slowly back over to the couch and sits him down. Bo rests his head on her shoulder as she holds him, rocking him back and forth. She softly tells him.....

Hope: We are going to get you through this, Bo. Don’t you worry about one thing. Nothing, or no one, will ever hurt you again.

Bo: Ok. (After a pause) Hope.....

Hope: Yes, my love.

Bo: Thank you....for saving my life.

Bo rests his head in Hope’s lap as he slowly falls asleep. Hope then responds to Bo, saying, as she watches him....

Hope: Anytime, my love.

Hope kisses Bo on his cheek and forehead and gently strokes his hair.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion sometime later, Victor walks into the study of his mansion and stops when he sees Philip standing there. He takes the brandy that Philip offers him. Victor takes the drink and thanks Philip, asking where the staff is. Philip says he gave the staff the day off. Victor walks past Philip and takes his jacket off, hanging it up and picking up his brandy, which he sat on the table. Philip plays it very cool as Victor starts the conversation, telling Philip that he has been very disappointed in his behavior as of late. Philip agrees, saying that being injured in that fire on the island and having a new face after losing his leg already really affected his head. He wrongly took it out on people that he loved very much. Victor sips his brandy and tells Philip that it takes more to being a man than throwing money around. Victor had to learn that the hard way.

Victor tells him that it isn’t anything that he didn’t have to learn himself. If Philip is to one day head the family, he must learn the fine art of subtlety. Philip agrees and then looks at Victor, asking him what is wrong. Victor is sweating now and tells Philip that he is starting to feel woozy. Philip rushes over and grabs Victor as he continues to lose consciousness. Philip sits him in his chair and Victor mutters Philip’s name and raises his hand to touch his face before passing out and dropping the glass on the floor.

Victor is now slumped in the chair, unconscious. Philip looks at his father and then goes around deactivating the entire security system. He then walks back into the study and walks over to Victor. He picks Victor up and drags him out into the back of the house. Philip then places Victor into one of the guest houses in the backyard so he can remain there until dark when he will move him to the cruise ship as instructed by the MCF. He then says to an unconscious Victor that this is something that has to be done......

As much as he truly hates doing it. Philip closes the door and walks back towards the house.

-Back at the Salem Inn, Roman alerts his men to be on the look out for Nicole, Evan, and Alan. Alan is to be considered armed and dangerous. Carrie can't believe she was this wrong about Alan. Sami reminds Carrie she warned her. Carrie turns away from Sami, who turns to Lucas and Belle to talk. Carrie goes over to Austin, who is with Kate. Kate tells Austin and Carrie she will give them some time. She leaves, Carrie begs Austin to say something as he hasn't in hours. Austin is silent, with his back turned to Carrie. Carrie thinks Austin blames her for this judging by how he is acting and looking at her after this. She begs him to understand why she did what she did. Austin says nothing.

Carrie (with tears in her eyes): It's over, isn't it? It's the end of us.

Austin remains silent with his back turned.

-At the pier, Alan pushes Nicole along. She is holding Evan and Alan is watching her when he sees policemen in the distance walking around the pier. He remarks that they must be closing in on him. Nicole tells him to stop acting like James Cagney and to get them all out of this. Alan pulls a gun and threatens Nicole that if he hears anymore smart ass talk, that will be it. She will not see another sunrise and then he’ll raise baby Evan on his own......and teach him how to REALLY make the world pay.

Alan then spots an officer running down the steps to where they are standing and ushers Nicole under the pier. The officer looks around and ends up spotting Will, who is walking back home from school. Alan smiles evilly under the pier and Nicole tells him that he better not be thinking of what she thinks he is thinking about. Alan points the gun at her nose and stares at her while Nicole rocks Evan back and forth. She then stares at Alan and shakes her head, agreeing to keep quiet.

The officer bids Will good day and walks off down the pier. Will takes a few steps and then hears someone behind him. When he turns around, there is a gun pointed right at his nose and Alan is standing there staring at him. Alan tells Will that he will do exactly what he says or the only one walking away from this will be him. A terrified Will shakes his head, doesn’t say a word, and is lead away by Alan, who grabs Nicole by the arm and stalks off quickly with Evan in tow.

-Back on the cruise ship, the guards stand Steve up, who wearily asks the MCF what the hell is going on. The MCF simply replies.....

MCF: You wanted answers, Steven? Well, time to get one.

Steve: You are one crazy freak, you know that? (Yelling at the guards) LET ME GO!!! GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OFF ME!!!

MCF: Temper, temper, Steven. This is not the way one should treat their benefactor.

Steve: What?! You expect me to thank you for this? You fruitcake! I’ll thank you......by ripping your damn head off and pissing down your throat!! Now let me go!!

MCF: Steven.....you are real close to having that other eye of yours ripped out of the socket. I saw that once in Kill Bill Volume Two. So....are you going to be a good little boy and do as you’re told.....or do I get to pulling?

Steve contemplates his predicament and decides to obey orders. He finally calms down and stands straight up as the guards let him go. The MCF responds, saying.....

MCF: Excellent choice, Steven. Excellent. And, to answer your question, the memories you had of you and Hope were just a precursor to the main event. You want to know why you have been brought here?

Steve: I’m all ears. By the way.....you really need to get that cloak cleaned. The smell makes me want to puke. Amazing how you own a cruise ship but can’t go to the cleaners.

MCF: Silence! (Smacking Steve in the back of his head) You will be civil, boy, or else.....I won’t tell you why these people are here.

The MCF pushes a button on the wall, which opens up the drapes on anther stateroom. Standing in the room are Forrest, Abby and Chelsea. The MCF then says to Steve....

MCF: Now, you know your niece don’t you?

Steve starts to struggle once again and the guards grab him. The MCF continues, telling Steve....

MCF: I guess you are wondering why she is here, aren’t you?

Steve: No [!@#$%^&*], Sherlock. She hasn’t done one thing to be a part of this. Let her go.

MCF: Not yet, Steven. Not until I’m done.

Steve: Well then, whose the other dude? I don’t know him.

MCF: Actually, you do, Steven.....but we’ll get to that later. And the other girl? You know her, right?

Steve: Of course I know her. She’s Bo and Billie’s kid. My niece.

MCF: That’s right. Oh wait......that’s not right.

Steve: What?

MCF: Oh, yes. You don't know...well, very few do. Actually, only a few, including Hope. Chelsea is Hope’s daughter........but not Bo’s.

Steve: WHAT?! How do you know this?

MCF: Because I do. Believe it.

Steve: Ok. So, wait...are you saying that Hope cheated on Bo?!

MCF: That’s exactly what I’m saying, Steven.

Steve: Then if Bo isn’t her pops, who is?

The MCF takes a step forward, looks into the room at Chelsea.......

And then very slowly turns.......to look straight at Steve! The MCF then sees the shocked look on Steve’s face as it finally registers and remarks to him.....

MCF: Happy Father’s Day, Steven. Congratulations........


Steve stares at Chelsea as the scene freeze-frames on his shocked face and then the episode suddenly goes black.



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Chelsea is Steve and Hope's kid? How, I can see why, when? Stunned, I am stunned. Wow. I can't believe it. That is aweosme. Great timing with the reveals in this episode. I loved Marlena escaping. No hospital can keep Marlena down! Poor Eric, I really hope that someone will kill Alan soon. Although he is such a perfect evil man.

I have to wonder, will Nicole be redeemable? She has been a bad bad girl.

Excellent job. I am still stunned.

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Steve and Hope? Considering this probably happened during their time away, I can actually see this...it'll be tough for Bope and Payla to get through, though!

Not found of the smashing things over peoples heads. It gets repetitive :lol:

Philip's really crossed a burning bridge now, hasn't he?

I haven't even played, and I think I know who the MCF is! But I could be wrong.

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