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#49 Thursday, June 7




Lily contemplates getting a little added enhancement

Drucilla and Sharon meet up for breakfast. As the two are awaiting their orders, Sharon asks Dru how she's liking working with Phyllis. Dru surprises Sharon, as well as herself, when she tells her that Phyllis has been easy to work with. Sharon, not able to hold back her feelings on the situation, tells Dru that the main reason why she was hired. Dru asks what she could be possibly talking about. Sharon points out that she had words with Phyllis when she was the family dinner party and found out that Phyllis intentionally had Nikki to agree to hire her as a way to get some cheap jabs at her expense. Dru asks if Phyllis was there when Nikki fired her. Sharon says that although she wasn't there, she knows that Phyllis was more than thrilled to find a way to stir up trouble in their friendship. Unable to enjoy her breakfast, Dru grabs her purse, set out to find her red-headed nemesis.

Lily is arranging dresses on the racks at Fenmore's when she overhears two women talking about breast ehancement surgery. Trying not to be noticed, Lily continues to pretend to arrange the clothes. One woman expresses how after getting her breasts implants her sex life with her boyfriend has been amazing. The other woman, however, questions if doing something like that is worth trying to get love and affection from someone. Lily slips away into one of the fitting room, and while staring at herself in the mirror, begins to see if getting a breast job would be another way to make her more attractive to Daniel.

Colleen is listening to music when she hears the doorbell ringing. Turning the music down, she walks to the door and opens it. She is speechless when Adrian smiles at her, scooping her up in his arms. She hugs him tight, asking him what brought him back so early. Kissing her lips, he teases that she was all he could think about. Plopping on the couch, she curls up against him and asks how the job went. He tells her that he had a wonderful experience but is more than happy to be home where he belongs.Colleen fills him in on the fact that JT is back; Adrian immediately asks her if he's been bothering her again. Colleen tells him that JT hasn't talked to her since after his arrival. She also mentions that Lily had been going through a rough patch with Daniel. As she is talking to him about Lily, she asks him if she changed her look would that make him love her more. Adrian tells her that the changing of one's appearance does not always get a person exactly what they want. Colleen tells Adrian that Lily could be headed for trouble.

At the athletic club, Nikki and Victoria are enjoying a leisurely breakfast together. Victoria comments that she tried calling her at the suite but there was no answer. She asks her mother where she was. Nikki smiles a little bit but keeps mum. Staring at her mother, Victoria insists she spill the beans on her whereabouts. Nikki tells Victoria that she had a romantic dinner with Victor and spent the night afterwards. Victoria nearly spills her orange juice. Smiling at her mother, she tells her that she hopes that the evening is what she hoped for. As they eat, Victoria asks Nikki if she would come with her to her doctor's appointment. Nikki beams from ear to ear, telling her daughter she wouldn't deny her the honor of going with her.

At Newman, Drucilla, on the hunt for Phyllis, spots her in the break room. Quickly closing the door behind her, she corners Phyllis. Phyllis, knowing that something is up, asks Dru what the problem is this time. Pointing a finger in her face, Dru tells Phyllis that she knows that she only hired her to make Sharon mad, as well as try to stir up trouble in their friendship. Phyllis places her coffee on the counter and tells Dru that she had her own motives for choosing her for the job. Dru is stunned that Phyllis doesn't deny her reasons for selecting her. Phyllis, however, gets the last say when she asks Dru that when she found that she was replacing Sharon, if she was secretly happy to be in the spotlight. When Dru doesn't say anything, Phyllis tells her that she needs to think of herself more, and a little less about Sharon if she wants the most sought after spokes model.

At home, Lily is happy to see Daniel is waiting for her. When he kisses her, she smiles, telling him that she's been thinking about him all day. Daniel tells her that she's been on his mind since their early morming love session. Lily, thinking about the conversation she overheard, debates on whether to talk to Daniel about her thoughts on breast surgery. Sensing that something is on her mind, Daniel asks Lily to tell him what's up. Shrugging a little, she tries to play it off as nothing, however, Daniel truly wants to know what is on her mind. Lily tells him that she overheard a conversation about breast implants and questions if it's something that makes women more attractive. Daniel is stunned by the topic of conversation and can't seem to find the right words to say.


Colleen: "Lily, are you serious?! Why are you even considering getting breast implants?"

Lily: "I'm not getting them, I'm just reading information, chill.

Victor: "Ji Min, I may have an job offer for you, if you are interested."

Amanda: "You can make it up to me by taking me out tonight.

JT: "Well, I can see you don't mess around.. When I say I owe you a date, you definitely collect that night."

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