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#50 Friday, June 8




Colleen worries that Lily is changing for all the wrong reasons

Lauren's day at Fenmore's was busy one. Three customers came in to pick up their alternated outfits, while another customer kept her busy with various questions on some of the clothing that she had displayed. Scratching her head, she almost wished she hadn't given Lily the day off. As she's straightening the racks of clothes, and checking to see if the fragrance bar was stocked, she didn't notice that Gloria walked in. Gloria approaches her, nearly scaring Lauren to death. When she catches her breath, she asks Gloria why she's there. Gloria said she wanted to find out why her daughter-in-law has been telling Michael to leave her high and dry. Lauren tells Gloria that it were time she learned to face the music without always expecting Michael to bail her out. Before leaving, Gloria tells Lauren not to punish Fen by keeping him away from his father.

Victoria and Nikki, shortly after her doctor's appointment, make their way into the athletic club and sit at a table. Victoria orders a club soda, while Nikki asks for water with lemon. As the women are looking over the menu and talking, Brad walks in. Victoria glances at him and continues to look at her menu as if he doesn't exist. Nikki can sense a twinge of tension in her daughter, and tells her to remember what the doctor said; not to let stress get to her. Victoria agrees stating that the doctor was extremely positive of her overall check-up. Before the women can continue their conversation, Brad, overhearing their discussion approaches them and asks Victoria why he wasn't informed about her doctor's appointment. Victoria tells him that she is no longer his concern.

JT stops into Crimson Lights to grab a cup of coffee when he spots Amanda sitting outside on the patio. Approaching her, he tells her how sorry he is for having to cancel their date with one another. Amanda asks him if he had serious business to deal with; JT quips that being a private investigator has its pitfalls. He asks her if there is anything he can do to make it up to her. Smiling a little, Amanda looks at him and tells him that if he wants to set things right between them, take her out tonight. Laughing a little, JT teases her by saying that she is definitely a woman with determination. He asks her if they should try again to go to the athletic club. Amanda takes him up on that offer and both leave for their date.

As Lily waits in the waiting room of the doctor's office, she looks around to see if anyone was there that she knew. Sighing in relief, she picks up a magazine to look at. She didn't know exactly how she would pose her questions for the doctor when she met her. Wiping her hands a little, she continues to flip through the magazine. The receptionist calls her name and leads her into the doctor's office. As she is sitting there, she looks around and sees a poster of a young woman; in the poster she sees the 'before' and 'after'. The doctor, Dr.Joanna Cray, comes into the room and greets Lily. She soon asks Lily what brings her in. Lily begins to ask her questions on breast surgery. Dr. Cray asks if Lily is considering having breast implants. Smiling a little, Lily admits that it has been on her mind; however, she really came in to get information on the ups and downs of having it done. Opening her drawer, Dr Cray pulls out a few brochures and pamphlets for her to read over. She tells Lily to call her anytime if she still has questions.

Ji Min didn't know why Victor wanted to see him, but he was curious to see what he could possibly want. Knocking on the door, Ji Min comes in and closes the door. Victor shakes his hand and has him take a seat across from him. Victor tells Ji Min how sorry he was in hearing that Jack let him go from Jabot; Ji Min shrugs off the mention of Jack and tells Victor that after some time, he believes that it was for the best. Smiling, Victor tells Ji Min that he has an opportunity that may make him happy. Looking at Victor, Ji Min asks him if he's going to be doing something that involves messing with Jack. Victor tells Ji Min that he has a legitimate job for him; and it doesn't concern Jack at all. He wants him to run a new division that will be part of NVP. Standing up, Ji Min shakes his hand, glad to accept the position.

Coming into Crimson Lights, Lily quickly takes a seat next to Colleen. She immediately apologizes for being late, telling her best friend that she had an errand to run. Colleen waves off her tardiness and fills her in on Adrian returning home. Lily comments that she can tell that she's thrilled that he is home, but teases as to why she's not with him right now. Colleen laughs and prepares to get up to get a re-fill on he cappuccino. Lily stops her and tells her she'll get it, and in the process of getting up, she knocks of the folder that has the brochures. Colleen picks them up and sees that they are for breast implant surgery. Holding one on, she asks Lily why she has it. Taking it quickly out of her hand, Lily tells her that she only was curious as to how women go through the process. Colleen is about to say something, but Lily stops her and lies, telling her friend that she is only looking at the brochures, she's not truly considering breast implant surgery. When Lily goes to get the coffee, Colleen looks at her friend with concern.


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