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#51 Monday, June 11




Brad refuses to be pushed out of his unborn child's life

At Jabot, Ji Min is heading towards Jill’s office to give her the remaining files he had on some of the cosmetics projects that he was working on. When he enters the room, Jill is thrilled to see him. She immediately assumes that Jack has hired him back. Ji Min immediately corrects her, telling her that he came to drop all of his notes/documents for the cosmetic line. Jill tells him that he should fight Jack to get a position back at Jabot. Ji Min tells her that Victor Newman offered him a position and he’s already accepted.

Nikki and Victoria are at the athletic club. Victoria is not pleased by being corned by Brad, who demands to know why she didn’t inform him about the visit to the doctor. She tells him that she no longer has to inform him of anything. Brad grabs her arm and tells her as long as she’s carrying his child; he wants to be informed of what’s going. Nikki warns Brad to back off. Glaring at her, he tells her that if her daughter wants to go to court, he can have that arranged. Letting go of her arm he tells Victoria either let him be a part of the baby’s life or prepare to fight for custody.

Colleen asks Lily again about the breast implant brochures. Not able to hide the fact that she is in fact interested in having a surgery, Lily admits that she has thought about it. Colleen is stunned that her friend would be so willing to change her body to keep her husband interested in her. Lily notices Colleen’s uncertainty, and hastily tells her friend that she’s only reading about the procedure and most likely won’t do it.

Sitting in his den of the Abbott mansion, Jack kept going over the figures and groaned in frustration. How could he be that short in shares to put towards Katherine’s stocks? After looking at the figures again, he closes his eyes to ponder what he plans to do. As he’s thinking, it suddenly registers in his mind that when Brad quit, he took his share of stocks from Newman. Picking up the telephone, Jack contacted Brad, informing him that he has a great business idea.

Shortly after Brad leaves, Nikki talks about the nerve of him to threaten Victoria like he did. Victoria tells her mother that he stands no chance of getting her child. Nikki excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Victoria is looking her purse for her lipstick when she spots JT with Amanda. Dropping her lipstick back in her purse, she watches them, feeling somewhat envious that JT is with Amanda.

After spending time with Colleen, Lily decides to go pay her father a visit. When she comes in, Neil is more than happy to see her, asking her how her day is going. She tells him that all is going well for her. Looking around the house, she asks if Dru is home. Neil tells her that she’s at work doing some mock photo shoots to. Lily, pleased to hear that, starts talking to Neil about her desire to take a few ‘summer classes’. Neil thinks it’s a great idea. Lily says that all she needs is a little help to get started. Smirking, Neil tells her to let him know how much she needs and she’ll be all prepared for summer. Lily tells him exactly what it will cost for her ‘classes’.


Phyllis: “You know what would look way better than that pose, Dru? I think you should….

Dru: “Stop right there, bitch. You’re not going to be running me around non-stop for this shoot.

Phyllis: “Well, as your boss, I can run you all over the place if I feel like it….”

Daniel: “So when were you going to tell me about your summer classes, Lil?”

Katherine: “For heaven’s sake, Jill. Cane and I merely had dinner together. It was nothing planned.”

Jill: “Save it Katherine! For months now, you’ve been weaseling your way into my son’s life trying to make up for your sins.

You will NOT keep me out of my son’s life this time!”


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