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  1. Where are those playlists of 1986 and 1987
  2. This!!! I hate they killed off Brad too. i'm glad you also think Scotty and Colleen should have gotten together with Traci and Lauren's history. Brad, Colleen, and Diane should not be dead. They all were critical characters for the show. Now that Kyle is on the show Diane would have had a place on the show....
  3. I believe they were well received, I loved AL's Colleen and still hate that they killed her and Brad off. Colleen had so many story possibilites including her getting with Lauren's son Scotty. That would have given Traci and Lauren reasons to still interact whether they were friendly or not concerning their children. If Scotty cheated on Colleen Traci could say well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. What could have been.....
  4. I always wished they had had a Lauren/Brad/Nikki triangle in 95. Imagine the bitchy interactions between them two.
  5. Damn!!! He had a lot of 2003 episodes the whole Safra/Tuvia wars with Nick turning Victor in. Why can't they just put up old episodes on CBS.com its annoying
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