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  1. I have to agree with you! Those other regimes had their issues but their was always something worth tuning in for. Somebody to root for, etc. You may not have liked the A story but the B story was good, the material may have been blah but the performances elevated it, or a bad story at least had a great payout. Even Pratt *shutters* had moments of greatness. This is the worst shape the shows ever been in. It's maddening that the suits don't seem at all interested in course correcting. Especially when other regimes got cut for far less.
  2. Not a thing! I'm also probably the only person that finds Freddie hotter than Chandler *hides* They're both handsome but I'll take Freddie...even with the hairy chest and weight gain.
  3. His casting still confounds me, such an oddball choice for Ridge. My top pick for a Ridge recast was Bradley Cole (Jeffrey-Guiding Light).
  4. Ashley & Victor I found the whole gaslighting plot totally skeevy & difficult to watch. They were so happy and Ashley was actually nice to Adam. Only for him to exploit their relationship which inevitably lead to her tumble. The baby switch was the cherry on top of this mean spirited sundae.This was the point where Adam's character went way off the rails. It boggles my mind that Jack remained friends with him after this. Heck this story should've been the death of Shadam. It was even more heart breaking because Victor had just lost Sabrina and their daughter not even a yr earlier. I actually liked this era of Y&R but avoid it on rewatches because it's just too sad.
  5. Well said! Each actress brought so many subtle nuances to the role of Jill (Bond Gideon also). Through every recast the DNA of Jill has remained, watching the different portrayal I never felt like Jill was out of character merely evolving over time. That continuity is a testament to Bell's writing and their strong performances. Contrast that with a character like Billy or Adam where it seems like each new actor is literally portraying a different person. (I also loved Brenda's version of Ashley )
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