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  1. Just a reminder for all Edgies, I post an episode of The Edge of Night M-F during the evening on my Youtube page. We are going to keep them going all the way to the end of the series, and hopefully after there will be some surprises uploaded. From time to time episodes with original ABC commercials will be uploaded. My episodes are screened on a nightly basis on Sharon (Raven) Gabet's Facebook page every weeknight, with Sharon joining in and watching the show with us, laughing and having a grand old time. Recently we were very fortunate to have Larkin Malloy who joined us in the fun. It w
  2. Thank you. It took me a while to get approved. I am the one posting the 1982/83 shows. GH80sfan on Youtube. I ran into trouble this morning trying to post the next TEON segment, with the music at the video Disco apparently. YT decided to delete the entire video. So there may be some heavy editing coming up or I may have to skip large chuncks. Either way I am going to try to keep the shows as uncut as possible even if I have to switch to another YT competitor....
  3. About 30 percent of the content from Sharon's videos have NOT been seen on other channels. But the quality of all the footage blows the other material out of the water naturally since her copies are direct from the studio masters.
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