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  1. Also, I still wonder about these Universal Soap Laws of SORASing:  


    1. The "Bill Lewis Jr Rule" - Little Billy, like most SORASed people, seems to have no recall of what happened to them while they were off screen.  I remember that he went to a European boarding school, but he didn't seem to have any memories of that time, he had no friends from growing up, and he didn't speak any foreign languages.


    2. The "Lucky Spencer Rule" - Despite the notoriety of their parents in the history of the town that they live in, SORASed people seem to have no knowledge of what happened to their family while they were off screen


    3. The "Matthew Cory Rule" - Despite the fact that most SORASed people grew up out of town, and many of them never returned for holidays,  they are immediately recognized by everyone in their city.


    4. The "Rick Forrester Rule"  - Despite the fact that most SORASed people have grown older by more than a decade, their parents and their family home looks exactly the same as when they left.


    5. The "Nick Newman Rule"  Despite the fact that many wealthy soap families have spent a fortune on private boarding schools, SORASed kids often attend the local public high school.

  2. RHONY - I feel like production is playing a prank on Barbara K.  She's in every episode, the other women constantly make fun of her wardrobe, and she went on the cast trip, but maybe because she threatened to sue last season, they won't give her an apple. 


    I also feel like Dorinda quietly disapproves of Tinsley.  Dorinda didn't stick up for Tinz when Ramona kicked her out of the car, she criticized her ringmaster skills, and I get the feeling that Dorinda does not think Tinz is bright.  There is an amusing Bravo aftershow on YT, Dorinda and Sonja are interviewed together by producers, Lu is by herself, Tinz is with Dale, and Bethanny and Ramona just don't appear.   This week Dorinda said that she wanted to be in the car with Sonja and Ramona in Miami because she knew them the longest, which seemed like a euphemism for "I was already  tired of Tinsley."


    Also, quizzing Sonja on what she remembered of Miami before she watched the episode is a very funny idea.



  3. On 5/29/2019 at 9:53 AM, Gray Bunny said:

    More of an opinion than a factual nugget: For all you DAYS fans that were already watching before 1995, at what point (pre-Internet, etc.) did it dawn on you that, "whoa, Marlena is like, possessed by Satan or something?!"  Because they don't flat-out say it right away (though you'd be pretty clueless if the levitation didn't give it away on Christmas Eve, but perhaps you never saw "The Exorcist"...) 


    Months prior to the levitation, Stefano had been luring Marlena away at night by drugging her, and then all day she would talk about "an evil spirit" that had over taken her, so it was clear something was up with Doc.


    On 5/30/2019 at 5:35 PM, Quent said:

    On ATWT, did Steve Andropolous ever get out of that Greek jail?


    When Dani Andropolous returned as a teen, (years prior to her affair with Craig who had kidnapped her as a baby), she lied to the other teens in town that her father was an international spy.  However, her frenemy Hal Munson's sister Nikki forced her to admit her was still in jail.


    On 5/30/2019 at 6:24 PM, Dr Neil Curtis said:

    Since Camilla Scott doesn’t play Melissa when she does return, is she still considered a singer? 

    This is just a guess, but she may have retired to raise her son on her own, which why he took the last name Nathan Horton, rather than his father's surname. 


    Which leaves the unanswered question: Was the late Emilio Ramirez (who died when Melissa defended herself against his sexual assault and pushed him out of a window on New Year's Eve 1990, a few weeks before she left town) Nathan Horton's father?


  4. 1 minute ago, victoria foxton said:

    Your confusing Dusty with Josh Clayton. Josh was a bellhop. Who Blackie suffering from writers block stole his song. Dusty was a WSB agent/Singer like Frisco. Both Blackie's exit story and the Terri/Dusty summer story were really bad. 

    It's the Jimmy McNichol /Shaun Cassidy thing. All 70s teen idol turned GH actors have merged together in my memory.  Poor Josh was a victim of the "Asian Quarter" storyline.  He took a bullet meant for Frisco and never wrote a song, (nor carried someone's luggage), again...

  5. 5 hours ago, juppiter said:

    ATWT: When Holden unknowingly slept with Rose when she was pretending to be Lily, she whispered to him what she wanted to do and he got a [!@#$%^&*]-eating grin on his face and said, "I thought you didn't like that?"


    What was it?! I always interpreted it as anal, lol.

    Not to be crude, but yes (excuse the pun).


    From Y&R Nick sleeping with Grace thinking she was Sharon to B&B Caroline sleeping with Ridge thinking he was Thorne, it all happened through the backdoor, so the participants were not face to face.  It is the only reasonable way to explain these plotholes (excuse the double entendre).  The CBS female characters were just a little freakier than the rest. 

  6. RHONY - I can see why Jill Zaren felt cut out.  We went from two episodes that took place three days after Halloween, November 3-4, cut to a month later and it's Christmas!  Zarin must have been lost somewhere in the missing days of November...  


    I still don't get Barbara's "clay event" or why it wasn't worthy of its own scene?  However, Ramona's response to Barbara going out with her in Miami was as amazing as her ability to do her makeup while Sonja was going insane.


    But the real mystery of the season is how did Ramona manage that low cut gown without her boobs falling out?  I know they are lifted, but did she paste that dress to her chest?

  7. 11 hours ago, Khan said:

    Well, that might make the story much clearer...but it doesn't make it less stupid, lol.

    I would argue that the real stupid story was Terry's follow up when she dated Dusty Walker-the-bellhop/songwriter who was hypnotized into becoming an assassin every time she sang country music.  

  8. On 5/29/2019 at 2:00 PM, applcin said:
    On 5/29/2019 at 2:00 PM, applcin said:

    Going back a long time but, on EON, I wondered at what point they decided that Sky Whitney #1 wasn't the real deal? I know when the character debuted he was, for all we knew, Sky. At some point the Jeff Brown storyline started. Was that the plan all along or did somebody along the way go "I know, let's make Sky an imposter"?

    These were the only 2 questions that I knew the answer. 


    Jefferson Brown as Schuyler Whitney seems as if it was the plan from the start (although I can't get inside the writer's mind).  There were clues that Sky/Jefferson & Gunther/Bruno had a secret from when they first appeared in Monticello.  Gunther was always obsequious in front of others but would talk back to Sky when nobody was around (today, given Gunther's penchant for leather and "Sky's" foppish style, we would assume that they were in a sub/dom relationship, but those were more innocent times).  A review of their history supports the argument that they were popular characters written into a corner and in order for the actors to continue the real Sky and Gunther had to come back later.


    Sky arrived before the winter holidays in 1980, just a few months after Raven came back as a surprise witness for her stepbrother Draper's murder trial of his mother-in-law Margo.  Draper's defence tried to place some reasonable doubt on Margo's lover Elliott Dorn, but Raven scandalously admitted that Elliott was in her bed the night of the murder  Meanwhile, "Sky" double-crossed his ex-girlfriend Martine into being arrested as a jewel thief and bought The Whitney mansion with the proceeds in March 1981.  Which was clever because "Sky" didn't have the means or knowledge to access the Whitney family fortune, but he needed money for his imitation to be believed.  Nancy was rescued from The Rexford Clinic where Dr. Bryson had done the plastic surgery on "Sky" in May 1981.  Raven and "Sky" married in June 1981, and he was dead by February 1982.   The audience found out that "Sky" was an imposter right after the wedding.  "Sky" triple crossed and shot Gunther in October 1981.  So, the walls were closing in, Nancy was suspicious, and only Raven (and her inheritance) was blind to Jefferson's motives.


    On 5/29/2019 at 2:00 PM, applcin said:
    Also, on OLTL, why was it so hard to figure out which Gordon sister, the older Megan or the younger Sarah, was Viki's daughter if Roger Gordon didn't have any other children at the time she was conceived?

    Your logic is correct, especially because the whole story starts when Viki is going to her 25th high school reunion and finds out that she missed the final semester of her senior year (she later learns that is when she lived in Eterna).  Eventually, when she was finding her kid, she knew the person had to be 25 years old.  However, Roger didn't want Viki to know about Eterna, (to spare her the trauma associated with those memories), so he kept mum about the whole ordeal.   And, Roger's ecology group opposed Buchanan Oil's drilling efforts on Llantano Mountain which contained the remnants of Eterna, so there was some friction between the two families; and Megan and Viki's first encountered were not good.


    Also, there was an imposter named Christine whose father was trying to scam Viki into believing she was the long lost daughter, (while threatening Roger to keep quiet), so there was a period of time that Viki didn't suspect any of the other women in town could have been her daughter (the story pre-dates DNA testing). 


    Finally, post-Eterna, she had no reason to believe that Roger had actually raised their daughter because she was told that Victor and Larry had given her child away (which included the retcon that Victor paid for Larry's med school so he would keep the secret).  Roger had secretly rescued baby Megan and ran away so Victor wouldn't find them.  Amusingly, (given Megan's vanity as an actress), Roger lied that she was a year younger so that nobody would try to track them.  So, Meghan thought she was 24, when she was really 25,


    The fact that Viki had felt partially responsible for the 1974 death of Joe Riley and Cathy Craig's daughter who was also named Megan was apparently just a coincidence caused by a change in writing staff. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Chris B said:

    Then you have the nonsense with Camille. First of all, why would she tell you about a People magazine article? That is insane. Plus she's always been clear that she IS upset LVP didn't go to her wedding but she understands and considers her a friend.

    Wasn't it ironic that it was People Magazine after all the Dave Quinn drama last week?  I think his biases have been made very clear.

  10. I went back and watched the YT edit of The Laurelton Mystery, which takes under an hour because they edited out all of the B-storylines of the time.


    This edit makes the story much clearer.  Patrick O'Connor attacked Terry Brock on the night of her high school Valentine's dance in a motel on Main Street.  That same night, Kevin O'Connor secretly killed Earl Moody who was trying to expose a problem with the well supplying The Purity Water Company and hid the corpse in the Town Hall, during the dance.  Earl's body fell onto Terry in the Town Hall when she tried to escape Patrick.  The town's economy was based on the water so they all agreed to cover it up and buried Earl in a shallow grave, not knowing for sure who killed him.  Terry began drinking too much and moved to Port Charles to be near her father DL Brock and his new wife Bobbie.  Which explains why Terry had a southern accent and her father sounded like he was from Brooklyn.


    Three years later, the O'Connor brothers move to PC to intern at GH just as Earl's nephew Neil Johnson arrives in Laurelton.  The Purity Water receptionist Sarah liked Earl and wrote a note to Neil to find Patrick in PC, who she suspected killed Earl because she knew he had attacked Terry the same night.  Also, Sarah and Patrick had equally inherited Earl's shares in the water company, which gave him a motive. Kevin was the first person to see Neil in the Brownstone, they argued, he stabbed him and hid Sarah's note under the floorboards.  Later, Kevin married Terry and killed her maternal grandmother Jennifer Talbot, the other major shareholder in the water business.  Kevin's plan is to frame his brother Patrick for murder and simultaneously drive Terry mad in order to be the sole inheritor of Purity Water. 


    However, once Kevin is arrested, he begins a double jeopardy plot when he learns from his illicit lover, law librarian Lucy Coe, that he cannot be tried twice for the same crime.  He encouraged Lucy to perjure herself in hopes of a mistrial, so he could not be tried again if more evidence was found.  His defense attorney/co-owner of the Brownstone, Jake Meyer, proved it when he found an article on double jeopardy hidden in Kevin's bathroom.  Kevin was much better at scheming than hiding bodies or incriminating notes. 


    It is slightly unfair to critique as one long story, as SOD did back in the 1986 Best/Worst Issue, because it is really two stories, the murder investigation and then the trial.  Also, it serves as a backdrop for Frisco and Felicia's engagement and the beginnings of Jake and Bobbie's romance.


    However, at least one quibble, Anna is delayed by having to walk from the train to Patrick & Terry's wedding.  Simultaneously, Terry falls into a fugue state and begins singing gospel at the top of her lungs while strolling down Main Street (someone should check if George RR Martin of Game of Thrones watched GH for the inspiration of Cersei's walk of shame).  Somehow, Grandma and the whole congregation hear her, but Anna never hears a thing.  That detail (and the fact that the O'Connor boys went from high school to medical interns in three years, and Sean Donnelly spends the whole story babysitting Robin rather than helping with the investigation, and Buzz Stryker was Terry's therapist rather than Gail Baldwin, and Anna didn't ultimately solve the crime) bothered me.

  11. I understand the sneering value of Casey the Alien, (and the fact that GH went from #1 to #8 during that time), but I want to put in a pitch for "single-Anna-the-detective" period of GH, both pre and post-Duke.  I liked the characterization of Anna as a mother to Robin, in their quaint cabin home, with her hair and blouses all buttoned up.  I liked how she mentored Frisco as a detective, as well as her fraternal relationships with  Sean and Robin's other godfathers. As much as I enjoyed Anna & Duke's tango, or Anna tying Robert to a column (which on re-watch has very little build-up beyond a single scene at Robin's school where she wishes her parents were back together).  I thought it was novel how long Anna remained on her own within a soap universe.  Given that the stories around her were not good, it still doesn't diminish how cool Anna was on her own.

  12. Today, I'm stuck on the logic of why Rick adopted Laura when he married Leslie?


    First, Laura was almost 18 and almost married to Scotty,  Second, the marriage didn't last that long.  Third, Leslie had just met and adopted Laura a few years earlier.  Fourth, she was on probation, so Rick was liable for her behavior on probation.


    I recently read a critique of pre-Monty GH that fans complained that the Webbers had taken over GH, to the point that one of them became Steve's son.  Given that feeling, what was the logic to have Laura become a Webber?

  13. 3 minutes ago, Khan said:

    He really doesn't live with Eric.  They've just run out of creative ways to redecorate the blue room.

    The last time I tuned in they were sitting in pajama pants drinking coffee, so I assumed they lived together, but you know what they say about assuming...


    Is he still rich and work in computing?  Have they mentioned the whereabouts of his twin?

  14. 2 hours ago, NothinButAttitude said:

    Been binge watching some of the 'Lucas is shot' arc and I've always wondered, was it John Aprea's decision to leave the show? I always felt Felicia floundered a bit after his death arc/alcoholism arc. 


    Also, what are people's thoughts on Jake's brother, Kevin? 

    As I recall the publicity when he returned as Alexander Niklos was that AW had to rehire him because he was so popular and they made a mistake killing him off.  However, no spoilers, but the magic did not strike the second time. Coincidentally,  I just watched a 90s short film starring John Aprea where he plays a reporter investigating male prostitution in Time Square. 


    I was also a big Lorna & Kevin fan.  I agree with the criticism at the time that it was an odd retcon given that we had already met so many McKinnon family members.  But, he was one of those characters who spoke for the audience when asking why Carl and Jake had never paid for their crimes.  Also, James Goodwin is an interesting actor, he had a big role on GL, dated a couple of soap starlets, and wrote a play that was a spoof on soaps at the same time.

  15. Soaps are my earliest TV memory.  We would come home for lunch from elementary school and some soap was always on the portable black and white tv in the kitchen (my parents fancied themselves intellectuals and only allowed one color tv until we grew up and they had a flat screen on every wall in the house).   Soaps were always associated with school holidays or staying home while sick (in Los Angeles we had smog days rather than snow days), but we would usually watch some soap daily during the summer.  My sister and I have joked that if her kids were allowed to watch what we did during lunch, and fed a steady diet of PB&J sandwiches, certainly someone would have been fired.


    In college, we had a central TV and I lived on an all guys floor.  As a young gay man, soaps were my only socially acceptable exposure to half-naked men.  I started watching GH in the afternoons and soon a crowd formed.  We would never discuss it outside of the lounge, but we screamed with delight at the Laureltown mystery.  I will never forget the hysteria that broke out when Terry Brock's singing cured Tony Jones's impotency.  It was truly the most fun I ever had watching TV and my friends from college still reference it.


    For some reason, I continued to read SOD until about five years ago.  At some point, it became impossible to keep up with the stories because the synopses were filled with nonsequiturs.  However, twenty years prior I was at the newsstand, every Thursday, to pick up a Soap Opera Digest, a copy of Soap Opera Weekly, and a box of Red Vines (having inherited a bit of snobbery I would never have subscribed because my mail carrier would know that I read trash).  Since then, I've collected all of the coffee table soap history books on Amazon, some for as little as a dollar, and some were worth less once read.  

  16. The wiki says that Robin Mattson's first airdate was October 1st, which would have been prior to all of this talk about the holidays.  BTW, gotta love a soap asylum where they let out criminally insane people for the holidays.  


    This is the setup for Diana Taylor's murder which will happen in February 1981, wherein a big part of the mystery depended on the fact that GH nurses wore capes as a part of their uniforms, even in emergency situations.


    Yes, that is Susan Pratt as the virginal nurse Annie. Jeff was juggling her, that cougar Dianna, and his ex-wife Monica in that one scene.


    I don't recall much sibling conflict amongst the Webber boys, once they got past the whole Monica-thing.  


    I find it remarkable that there are three different phone calls in that scene and the person on the other end got their own set each time.  It was an interesting way to break up a long scene.

  17. 2 minutes ago, vetsoapfan said:


    It had originally been written that Greg and Monica had had an affair, but I think the show later said Greg had raped her, in an attempt to redeem Monica.

    It could have been interesting if Greg was Dawn's father.  Unfortunately, after four recasts, an awful scene partner, and the return of Gloria Monty, nothing was compelling about Dawn.

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