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  1. 56 minutes ago, kalbir said:

    @ironlion @ChickenNuggetz92 @DramatistDreamer For whatever reason, Bill Bell let EB use his natural German accent instead of adopting an American accent but BB also didn't factor in EB's heritage into Victor's backstory. I remember a 1984 scene where Lorie compared Victor and Nikki's upcoming marriage as "Berlin meets Las Vegas", that was probably the only time I can think of that EB's heritage was worked into the story.

    I'm reading the 1984 summaries when Nikki found Victor's mother played by Dorothy McGuire, and certainly she did not affect a Tuetonic accent, nor did Victor's brother.  And when they finally introduced Victor's father, played by George Kennedy, he was supposed to be Canadian.  So the origin of Victor's accent is as mysterious as why nobody in Genoa City sounds very Midwestern.  Maybe his orphanage was run by German nuns?

  2. 23 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

    I hadn't watched that show since Christina Ferrare was fired, (or the early days when Steve Garvey's second wife named Cyndi was a regular), so I was shocked to read that up until now it was being produced two hours a day, five days a week!


    It was reminiscent of a time when Hallmark wanted to have a daytime lineup which included Martha Stewart, her food editor, and that show about training your pets.  I miss that kind of DIY, use-a-sheet-for-a-window-curtain, kind of content in the morning.  As tacky as most of it was, at least there was entertainment in the attempt at original ideas.  It reminds me of the endless parade of Canadian decorators sponge painting on HGTV in its heyday. 


    On 3/21/2021 at 12:33 PM, Franko said:

    There was a stipulation in Edward's father's will that the Quartermaine money could only go to legitimate heirs. I would think a good lawyer could find a loophole in that. "Fine, the $20 million from 1930 is off limits. But the $200 million since then is free and clear."

    The will is such "soap opera logic", no probate court would allow someone to bequeath their estate and then state how it could be spent.  Once Edward got his inheritance, his father had no rights over his bastard grandchildren and their fortunes; they're not the royal family. Also, ELQ was always Edward's company, not the family's business, so his cousins were not likely to benefit, or suffer, from the profits of those endeavors.  


    My favorite "soap logic" errors are when adults are written as if they immediately have rights to inherit a family fortune as soon as they find that one of their long lost parents were rich.   Doris Duke left a chunk of her estate to a woman who she adopted as an adult that she felt was a reincarnation of her dead daughter and Leona Helmsley left a fortune to her dog.  Proving that in real life rich people don't owe you money just because you share DNA.

  4. 1 hour ago, Franko said:

    how can John James and Ted McGinley be alumni of ABC's Talent Development Program if it started in July 1982? By that time, John was on Dynasty and Ted was on Happy Days.

    I am constantly amused when I find out that actors are using their middle name as their stage name.  As pointed out in that article John James's father and brother had the last name Anderson.  Now, maybe it was John's stepfather, but still I never stop to think when someone has a first name for a surname that it is fake (e.g. Lea Michelle & Chuck Todd)


    It is a good thing that Lynda and JMR went into soap reporting and not psychic predictions because from assuring us not to worry that Paper Dolls will return, to their hopes for the future of Berringers, they sucked at prognostication.


    1 hour ago, Franko said:

    The hottest controversy of winter 1984-85: Was Jack Wagner fired from GH?

    Whether it was 1985 or 1991, Jack Wagner's contract seems to always be an issue. 


    Would You Rather? (1984 edition) - Attend Ann Flood and Forrest Compton's finale party for Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow's holiday gala with surprise couple Lisa Peluso and Perry Stephens,  GL's Christmas party where Grant Alexander wore his "trademark" tux and an anonymous source remarked that he's a "weird bird, hot one minute, cold the next", or Bob Mackie's birthday bash for Brad Maule?

  5. 29 minutes ago, KMan101 said:

    LOL at random pop up cousin

    Between Alexandra, Celia, and Lorena, (not to mention Quentin, Betsy, Hal, and Herbert), the Q's were much more welcoming of distant cousins than they were of their own daughter Tracy.  Edward invested in the spa, paid for both of Celia's weddings, and gave Alexandra a top job at the family business, while Tracy had to withhold his heart meds just to get some scraps.  It also begs the question of why all of these rando's would come to Port Charles rather than the family's historic home on Long Island, where Tracy and Alan were raised?

  6. 15 hours ago, Franko said:

    Celia's dad was Quentin, son of Edward's cousin Herbert. For some reason, I'm thinking Alexandra was another of Herbert's children?

    I don't think Celia and Alexandra were siblings.  The writing was very careful to point out that Celia was a second cousin.  I assume because they didn't want viewers to be confused when she had an affair with her new found relative Jimmy Lee.


    Since everyone was so helpful with my first set of questions, I have a few more:


    Was Crane Tolliver Lila's first husband, or was he just trying to blackmail the Q's about Lila's first husband?  BTW I always confabulate GH Crane Tolliver with OLTL Talbot Huddleston; two creepy older killers with weird names.


    Susan Moore, and later Lorena, were obsessed by the idea that Lila or Edward could have been  bigamists, but (other than embarrassment), why would it matter if they were together for more than three decades and their children's inheritance was determined by their wills, not their prior marriages?


    I get that Lorena could have been Monica's cousin, but given Monica's backstory as a neglected orphan who found a substitute mother in Gail Baldwin, would she and Lorena really have any shared history?


    Did Jimmy Lee always know that Beatrice was his mother?  Because, why was he from the sticks while she was wondering around in Europe?





  7. We've moved quickly from the end of 1984 to the beginning of 1985


    First on the docket, we get confirmation of the Tina casting shenanigans at OLTL

    I find it amusing that she dyed her hair and now I really want to see those scenes


    Meanwhile, weeks after this odd party


    We got this news

    Of course, spoiler alert, Maule survives at least two attempts to kill off Tony before he finally bit the big one on GH


    And then there were 13...

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  8. On 3/18/2021 at 6:11 AM, KMan101 said:

    Didn't mean to quote myself but I wanted to add I'd probably keep Serena away from town. Scott's kids all die. LOL. It's so not funny but it's true. All three of his retcon kids were killed off. Serena needs to be untouchable. Though she does need to be in town, especially now. Scott has lost Karen, Logan, Lee, Gail and the retcon freak. 

    Oh, I was hoping Roger Howarth would comeback playing Serena, now that would be a twist (jk)

  9. Everyone cackles at a good bitch fight, but I've also always enjoyed the portrayal of close female friendships on the soaps.  Reading the GH summaries from the 1980's I was struck by the scenes between Celia and Holly.  At a time when intergenerational stories were unpopular, writers used a character's peers as talk-to's, rather than patrician mothers or tongue clucking aunts.  Celia could confess anything to Holly without judgement, and together they fought their way out of being held hostage at various times by the DVX, Grant Putnam, and Lorena Sharpe's spa hooligans.


    In the late 1990's we got a new generation of female friendships on soaps.  Inspired by girl-power and Sex & the City, we began to see cadres of young women supporting each other through the cruel world of romance, international spies, and suddenly appearing siblings.  Certainly the Fusion gals at AMC come to mind, as well as GL's bookclub moms. 


    Some of my favorite girlfriends of all time include:

    Lois and Brenda on GH

    Erica and Opal on AMC

    Nina and Cricket on Y&R

    Marcy and Franny on ATWT

    and a special mention to the short term, but fun, friendship of Tori and Julia on SB


    I was hoping to gather a list of women who never betrayed each other for love or money in soaps.

  10. 6 hours ago, FrenchBug82 said:

    Brooke was her equal in intellect and accomplishments. And fan affection, if not fame.


    4 hours ago, Soaplovers said:

    And other than a few men..she always took Erica's leftovers.


    Upon reflection, the Brooke/Erica rivalry almost arose out of thin air.  Early on when Brooke was involved with Dan, Benny, and then Tom, I don't remember any significant interactions between the two women.  Erica never pined for Tom, and given Phoebe's disdain for Mona, she and Brooke rarely socialized. 


    It wasn't until Brooke hooked up with Adam that Erica began the narrative about how Brooke took all of Erica's leftovers.  Then, Brooke's relationship with Jack cemented their animosity.  It feels like various writers used Brooke to remind Erica that either Adam or Jack were the loves of her life.  Erica was usually willing to toss any guy aside, until she knew someone else wanted them.  Certainly Brooke never did anything to Erica to deserve her scorn.  They just happened to have the same taste in men. 

  11. I'm reading summaries of 1983-1984 on Soaps of Yesterday's Tumblr, but I was wondering if anyone has a link to more information, or just a good memory, regarding the Tale of Two Grants.  I know Grant came to PC with Celia (a distant Quartermaine cousin).  During the Prometheus Disk plot it was revealed that he was actually an undercover Russian agent. 


    Then, the real Grant Putnam comes to PC, and they start calling the other one Grant Andrews.  Putnam is secretly a psychotic maniac.  He kidnapped Celia.  Scorpio and Grant Andrews save her, Putnam is arrested.  He goes off to a mental hospital for a few years, then escapes, kills Philomena, and kidnaps Anna with his huge dog.


    Here's my questions:


    Did Celia first meet Putnam or Andrews?

    How long before the move to PC did Andrews take over Putnam's identity?

    Given that Putnam was responsible for his brother's death as a teen, did Andrews know that Putnam was a maniac when he assumed his identity?

    Why was Andrews allowed to stay in PC after everyone found out he was a spy?

    Didn't Andrews have another name besides Grant? (Was it an 80's thing that everyone decided his real name was too hard to say or spell?)

    Was it plastic surgery or did they just happen to look alike?

    How was Celia related to Alexandra Quatermaine? (and why did all of the Q cousins come to Port Charles rather than the family's home in Long Island where Edward and his brother were raised?)


    It seems clear that Putnam was an afterthought used to keep the popular actor on the canvas, but it created a lot of plotholes to fill.


  12. 1 hour ago, Pine Charles said:

    Do you feel Maria was a worthy adversary??

    I think of Maria as more of a good girl yin to Erica's bad girl yang; much like Tara was with Phil.  But, she did inspire the iconic "St. Maria of Wildwood with her push up bra tending to the sick and needy" in Erica's Woman of the Year Speech.


    Barbara and Brooke felt like rivals on an equal playing field.  They were accomplished ladies who posed a real threat to Erica's happiness.  Whereas Krystal was the kind of gal men would settle for when they could no longer handle Erica's needs.   After all, Barbara was present for another of Erica's most iconic fights when they spewed the word bitch to each other more times than have ever been heard in daytime tv. 


    BTW in Pine Valley or Llandview if someone offers you the Woman of Year trophy, you should definitely decline the honor because it was always the worst night of that woman's year.



  13. 3 hours ago, robbwolff said:

    Did they actually say Kincaid was too old to play Tom? If so, that's absurd.

    The world of soap headlines can be cruel (perhaps this was part of Ms. Fulton's infamous, but fictional, grandmother clause?)


    Also, can we give a hand to the ultimate “settle a bet” question  of the week - no, TL from Baldwin Park, Brian Patrick Clarke is not married to lesbian comedian Lily Tomlin, and Susan Lucci's mother is not Phyllis DIller.


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  14. There are two things I enjoy about this Tumblr; the headlines and the gossip


    The headlines this time were mostly puns about the cancellation of Edge of Night

    None of them were very inspired, nor were the stories, P&G wanted to keep producing the show but ABC affiliates wanted the time back to expand local news programming.   It was the lowest rated soap of the time, meaning that only 3 million people watched and it got less than a 10% share of the audience, which needless to say any soap would kill for in 2021.


    On the gossip front; they dated

    and they dated

    and Robin Leach (who was dated Jackie Zeeman) really got around


    Meanwhile the juiciest gossip was once again about actors being fired.  Bryan Cranston and John O'Hearly were fired from Loving.  Jason Kinkaid was too old to play Tom Hughes on ATWT, Dane Witherspoon was too stoic to play Joe on SB, and Joanne Pflug was too Christian to play Taylor on Rituals.  But, the jaw dropping story was that Patty Davis (first daughter of Ronald Reagan) was only on Rituals for two episodes!

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  15. 3 hours ago, KMan101 said:

    I about died seeing how blunt they were about Don Stewart leaving. It's spot on. They were clearly on the quest for "hot and young" and I'm assuming they thought they could kill two birds with one stone by snagging Richard Van Vleet as Ed (making Ed more of a mix of Mike and Ed).

    There's been two comments about the language in the Don Stewart firing article. But, how about that awful headline? "bower loses a leaf"  - now that's an editor that should have been fired.  Is correct grammar and a basic knowledge of the subject being edited too much to ask for?

  16. 26 minutes ago, robbwolff said:

    One of the guys at the sanitarium, Benedict, protected Dr. Prentice by burying Maria and then drugging Laurie Karr so that Laurie wouldn't reveal that Dr. Prentice had killed Maria.

    Ahh, so that must have tied into why Laurie was released from the sanitarium at the end of series.  It is starting to make sense.  It may also explain why the bust was amusingly bad, because it may have been why Liz didn't recognize her sooner, as well as its slight resemblance to Lionel Richie in the "Hello" video.


    It's funny how the details get lost in my memory.  I recalled that Chris Egan had a son, but I forgot about Walter Ganz and his relationship to the whole cast.  It is great to have this resource to be able to remember everything.

  17. 29 minutes ago, robbwolff said:

    A lot of people forget that Edge ended with a second Olympics cliffhanger: the arrival of Marcia Cross as Liz Correll, who showed up in Derek Mallory's office with human bones. I thought it was a brilliant way to introduce a new intriguing character and mystery.

    I'm reading the 1984 recaps on Tumblr.  Who did the bust/bones turn out to be and why did people try to destroy the bust?



  18. 1 hour ago, victoria foxton said:

    Michael had another brother Eugene Garrison besides John.

    Yes, I had no memory of this detail but one week's recaps during the period when Caitlin was investigating who/where was Marley's father he interviewed Michael's grandmother who thought he was dead and a women identified as his ex-sister-in-law (unclear if she was an ex because she divorced Eugene, or an ex because everyone thought Michael was dead), but she believed Michael was alive.


    Then, there's no mention of them again, and when Michael comes back to Bay City, he makes no attempt to contact his local family.  To be fair, Britney thought he was at the Love Mansion to apply as a stable boy, so he was pretty busy mucking the stables and running an international conglomerate at the same time.

    2 hours ago, Xanthe said:

    Mother and Donna were supposed to both be abroad together during Donna's pregnancy, but Donna was actually in the cellar room. Since Peter and Nicole were not with Mother they could have believed that she was pregnant. I don't believe there is any terminus post or ante quem in the story that requires Mother to be dead before Marley could have been born, however. She was still alive when Reginald was fooling around with Mary, wasn't she? And Mary didn't get mixed up with him until after Cheryl was born which had to be later than Marley was born.

    fair point


    2 hours ago, Xanthe said:

    The secret room in the basement was also a huge feature of 1984. At one point Donna hid a wounded and delirious Catlin in the room (presumably after hypnotized Sally shot him).

    Cass, Kathleen, and Felicia were also caught in the secret room at some point


    Secret rooms were big during that period because there was also the "treasure cave" where the stolen poisonous Egyptian artifacts were stored, and the secret room at the La Soleil spa where Felicia underwent a "visualization procedure."

  19. 2 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:


    All of this does kind of prove that you really do need a continuity person when there's so much turnaround behind the scenes. Feel free to add any plot points that I might've missed.


    Bravo!!! and thank you, that was the timeline I wanted, needed, and desired!


    I hadn't even considered Ben and the fact that he was the same age as the twins.  Reg and Mary's original affair must have been quite brief, but memorable (pardon the pun), given that she was still having kids with Vince throughout her employment at the mansion.


    Now, do Carl, his marriages, love affairs, and children please.



  20. 54 minutes ago, Soaplovers said:

    When Donna came on..was there any mention of Marley..or was she created later on 1984 (retcon)?

    So Donna comes along in January 1983, mostly as an antagonist for Sally, and later Cecile, in stories involving Peter and Caitlin.


    Then, Marley comes home from school in May 1984, a week after the 20th anniversary when Alice came back to Bay City and David Thatcher (Sally's secret baby daddy) was shot.  Donna was involved with Carl, they hooked up again after their divorce a few years earlier in Europe.  Donna was housing Carl and his son Perry in the Love Mansion (which leads to the eternal question of whether Perry was older than Ryan, Carl's other son).  


    Donna was a suspect in the David Thatcher's murder because she wore a ring that Carl gave her which Sally remembered as being on the finger of the woman who shot David.  Given that (spoiler alert) David and Royal Dunning were involving in an illegal adoption ring, the ground was laid early that she was actually Marley's mother.  Donna also gasped whenever Marley kissed her boyfriend Ben and was overprotective in a different way than she had been with Peter or Nicole (her med school student/coke addicted model/reporter/lounge singer/murdering everchanging sister).


    Vicky was first revealed the next year in April 1985 in an amazing cliffhanger. Jake came back to the boarding house, and opened the door to find a girl who looked like Marley, but styled as a Madonna wanna-be in a seductive black leather jacket, smoking, and with a sultry lower vocal tone.


    The LaSalles (aka Reginald Love, Mary McKinnon, and Scott) came in August 1986, and Donna #1 left after seeing the fake photo of the triplets in November 1986 (which probably coincided with the expiration of Anna Stuart's original three year contract).

  21. I was reading the 1984-1987 weekly summaries on the Another World Homepage and once again I am struck by how the ages of the Love and McKinnon children don't make sense.  I know there was a change in writers and actors, yadda yadda yadda, but wasn't someone responsible for maintaining logic?


    First, in 1985, we have the stupefying scene of Donna telling Peter that she is Marley's mother.  Again, I get the dramatic purpose that Donna needed to admit her secret out loud so the audience knew her dilemma.   However, Peter was three years younger that Donna, wouldn't he have suspected that Marley needed to come from somewhere other than his mother who had already died when Marley was born?  I know Reg kept Donna in the cellar, (which was introduced much earlier in the plot than I remembered, I thought it was first mentioned around the time when Reg was trying to drive Donna crazy with the baby picture, but it was actually originally referenced during the Royal Dunning/David Thatcher murder mystery), but wouldn't Peter have been suspicious about the sudden appearance of a baby in the house when he was a teenager?


    Then, we have Cheryl and Scott LaSalle's ages, Cheryl turns 18 in the summer of 1986.  Scott was older and he was either adopted by the LaSalles or, as originally intended, he was supposed to be the triplet brother to Marley and Victoria who were 20 in 1986.  Therefore, wouldn't Reg and Mary/Marissa already escaped Bay City to adopt Scott in South America before Cheryl was born?


    Later, when the triplet photo was retconned, we find out that although Reg forced Michael to leave town before the twins were born, he allowed his brother John to be present for their birth, and now the birth happened in a secret room at Bay City Memorial Hospital rather than in the secret basement room by Royal Dunning in the Love Mansion.  When Donna was introduced she was the CEO/charitable board member/owner of the hospital because her budget cutbacks affected Marley's recovery when she needed her bone marrow transplant which lead to the reveal of Victoria.  So, she ran the hospital but had no idea that there was a secret room where she gave birth?


    Don't even get me started on how Vince McKinnon afforded boarding school for Cheryl.  The unsolved mystery of what was happening at the Le Soliel spa and rejuvenation center ( a contrived plot involving Felicia, Kathleen, some guy from Felicia's past who got plastic surgery, an architect who fell in love with Kathleen and Sally, and Cass being charged with murder in a case that dropped because the DA, with no apparent motive, withheld evidence).  Or the sudden appearance of multiple nephews related to Mac that had never been referenced before.


    Finally, an actual question that people can answer - when did they stop calling her Victoria and began referring to her as Vicky?  Throughout 1984-1986 she is always referenced as Victoria, even by Jake and Bridget, so who started calling her Vicky?

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