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  1. Wow, I had no idea JMR died so young.  It's one year after what we're reading now, so those must have been his final columns



    Jon-Michael Reed who wrote a column about television soap operas for The Times and 200 other newspapers in the United States and Canada, is dead of the complications of hepatitis.

    He was 38 and died at a New York City Hospital Friday, a spokesman for United Feature Syndicate, distributor of the column, said Wednesday.

    Reed was believed the first to regularly chronicle the daily dramas that appeared on American TV screens and each week offered a plot summary of the leading soaps which The Times had published on weekends for the past several years.

  2. Here's news I never knew

    Reportedly, he was unhappy at AMC, and Hugo Napier was just fired at ATWT, so he substituted in for the role (also the press spells Nick's last name in multiple different ways)



    More news I never knew

    Apparently cultural appropriation was not an issue in 1984, so if Tony Geary wanted to look like Bo Derek, he was free to do so, but ultimately Luke showed up with his iconic perm.


    I'm a bit shocked that a newspaper was willing to print this gossip about the firing to Leslie Graves from Capitol


    More news about the recasting of Tina

    However, rude her detractors may have been, they weren't wrong...


    Also, on the rude front, this odd note about the recasting of Ava on Loving




    Finally, speaking of rude, someone has taken Queen Lynda to task

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    It was Linda Borgeson (aka AW's Alice #5), but don't be so rude next time RG.  I can't believe Lynda printed it, it must have been her nasty, soap illiterate, editor.



  3. I really liked Elaine Welteroth's response to Sharon.  Because she noted that the issue not about supporting or defending a friend, it is about the need for public figures to use social media to call out racism.  If you like Piers Morgan, call him on the phone, but don't use your status to promote his behaviors.


    I think Sharon Osbourne and Whoopi Goldberg suffer from the same generational instinct.  If they've met someone, and had a pleasant working relationship, then they feel the need to defend or explain their character.  However, what they miss is the idea that men like Piers Morgan are cowards and would never offend someone to their face.  Thus, as an audience member, I don't care if Sharon or Whoopi like some old fool, I just want to know that they understand the boundaries of social interactions in modern media. 

  4. Reading the 1984 recaps got me thinking about how members of this board would react to iconic moments from the period.


    DAYS - Bo rescuing Hope from her wedding to Larry Welch on his motorcycle to the pop song "Holding Out for a Hero" was so much fun, but 2021 soap fans would commiserate about the fact Doug and Julie couldn't attend the party because they left due a contract dispute.


    GL - Josh Lewis being motivated to recover from paralysis by Bert Bauer after her amputation was inspirational, but 2021 soap fans would quibble that both of the long term actors who played her sons Mike and Ed were missing from Springfield when Bert returned.


    ATWT - Betsy and Steve's wedding was a ratings bonanza for the show, but 2021 fans would find fault in how long it took for them to get together, only to be torn apart weeks later when Meg Ryan left the show.


    It is not that 2021 fans are more opinionated per se, it just made me nostalgic for a time when fans had no more information than what was on screen, and could still be genuinely surprised, moved, or excited by the scenes of the day.



  5. 4 hours ago, John said:

    KV filled in as Tina in 1981 so Im shocked she didnt get it either

    at 1: 30

    Neither Kelli, nor the character of Tina, are very convincing as "business school" graduates.  It is no wonder that Tina's MBA was never referenced in later iterations.


    I hope we'll read about it on the Tumblr, because the casting was announced in November 1984, so it looks like Kelli only lasted a few weeks.  Also in November 1984 Marsha Clarke was fired from GL, so the timing makes it seem like there is some shenanigans going on at OLTL...


    Either way, Bo's prediction about Tina becoming Asa's second hand to replace Chuck was as likely as Didi O'Neil becoming the endgame for Bo Buchanan.  Although it is notable that she was the only O'Neil not to get recast.

  6. 2 hours ago, Franko said:

    Tonia going from (good) Grant to Frisco to Tony, who was also nearly paired with Ginny.

    I thought it was humorous in the summaries when Frisco randomly decides to set Tania free, just as Felicia was introduced.


    From the on screen writing to the off screen publicity they really tried to make Brad Maule into hunk.  From his intro (was he screwing his mother's inattentive nurse, or was Frisco doing the deed?) to those stories about romancing his fiance in Europe, there was a constant PR campaign to make us want to like him. Unfortunately, the actor just never gave off a hunky vibe.


    Although no PR campaign was a forceful as this ad for the new Teen Disco in town.  They have free hot dogs and soft drinks!

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  7. 25 minutes ago, Chris 2 said:

    the Aztec Treasure, which dragged on for nearly a year

    Reading the plot highlights of 1984 -  Lorena Sharpe (Monica's insta-cousin), her spa, the murder of Jimmy Lee's mother, the whiny little orphan Mike and his constantly crying mother Ginny, not to mention the two Grants who were differentiated only by the amount of mousse in their hair, - all make the Aztec Treasure seem worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

  8. @franko called it Loving is on the move on the ABC daytime schedule (BTW no mention of if the Olympics were disruptive to ABC ratings).


    The obsession with weight continues, but this time its a guy so it is funny, unlike Laura Malone who have to give up breastfeeding her baby to lose 30 lbs.



    Of course, the irony of him "starving as an out of work actor" won't come true for a few more months



    Meanwhile, this little mentioned kiddo could have been the character of Theo on Y&R, and it wouldn't have required a retcon


    Remember the Alamo?  AW is taking Cecile to Majorca for the character's exit.  Meanwhile Tony Geary was ready to go to Mexico but had to settle for San Antonio, if I said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Felicia the blonde Aztec Princess would be cancelled by current social media mavens

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    On 3/2/2021 at 4:13 PM, Franko said:

    Something I've noticed while reading recaps of mid '80s AW: the murder stories tend to drag on a bit. For example, in 1984: David was shot in May but we didn't find out who actually did it until November.

    I find myself really into the David Thatcher murder mystery (as well as EON's Logan Swift's murder mystery).  Both are great examples of good plotting, (something propels the mystery forward every week, like Donna and her blue ring), it brings together a lot of disparate characters (although one wonders why Rachel Cory decided to go undercover in a dive bar to help Caitlin - were she and Sally even that close?), and the mystery is a useful tool to uncover other secrets around town (like Marley's parentage). 

  9. Upon further review Harry Dean Stanton was in the Wim Wenders' film Paris, Texas in 1984, (which won the Palm d'Or in Cannes that year), as well as the iconic film Repo Man.  So, one tends to think he was unavailable to play a part on One Life to Live, although he was in the soap parody Young Doctors in Love two years earlier.

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    Thus ends this thread's brief tangent into the life and career of Harry Dean Stanton...


    BUT, it's a helpful reminder that whether it is 1984 or 2021, you can't believe everything you read.

  10. So, I'm reading the 1984 pre-Olympics synopsis on Tumblr.  I recall Sky and Preacher's escape from the baddies in Mexico.  However, I hadn't remembered how forced the storyline was that created the need to go to Mexico and the literal cliffhanger.  


    While everyone in Montecello was trying to solve the masterfully setup mystery of who shot Logan, (in a locked room with a closed window), all of the sudden Alicia Van Dine gets caught up in a scheme to steal a chemical from one of Del's cronies.  The whole plot was a red herring, which wound up having nothing to do with Logan's murder.  Looking back, I would posit a guess that the network had a mandate for Loving, Ryan's Hope and EON to come up with an Olympics cliffhanger.  Then, EON wrote the Mexico trip (actually shot in Montauk), in order to not disrupt the planning of the ongoing mystery.  The same day a bomb was discovered at Greenberg's Deli on RH, and Jack got in a motorcycle accident after finding out that Dane was his biological father, while Mike and Jim were in a dark room when a shot went off on Loving.


    The reports at the time were that there was a lot of network arguing about airing the Olympics in daytime.  ABC was losing ratings to CBS due to the expansion of Price is Right.  There were fears that the audience would sample the other networks and never return.  However, ABC sports was heavily invested and needed the commercial income because of the 1980 winter Olympics that were cancelled.  The compromise was that LOV, RH, & EON went on a two week hiatus, and AMC, OLTL, and GH produced 40 minute episodes.   It is interesting to read the behind the scenes stories while reading the synopsis because it provides so much additional information that I was not privy to at the time (to be fair, I was in middle school when this all aired originally).  It is particularly interesting to think about a time when ABC daytime and ABC sports were run like two separate companies, before acquisitions made everything merge into one being.


    It is amusing to me that production used that footage in the opening montage, (which today looks like it was shot against a green screen to very poor effect), when the actual plot was so inconsequential.

  11. 1 minute ago, DRW50 said:

    By this time Harry Dean Stanton wasn't a big name, but was a very well-respected television and film actor. I'd think if he was on the show it would have been in a guest role, like Uta Hagen around this period.

    It's not on Stanton's IMDB so I think it's the same editor who headlined the article about Bill & Susan Hayes leaving DAYS with a title about Search for Tomorrow, and confused Loving with Capitol.  That editor needed an editor.

  12. Harry Dean Stanton was fired from OLTL? Wikipedia & Soap Central list Arlen Dean Snyder as the first actor in the role, so it may be another case of JMR's newspaper editor getting facts wrong.

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    If it's true, I will remember this the next I feel underappreciated at work; some people just don't recognize talent.

  13. Filed under "soaps had money to burn" file:


    Perhaps to mark the celebration of the premiere of Santa Barbara ( and their expensive sets) and the fact that ABC soaps were on an abbreviated Olympics schedule


    DAYS went on remote to New Orleans


    Whereas AW's remote was in rainy Rye, New York


    All of which is especially odd when you consider that AW spent the time and money for a remote just when Nancy Fragionne left due to a "snag" in her contract negotiations



    Also, one hopes that the reporting on Cusi Cram, Beth Maitland, and Laura Malone's weight would not be published in 2021


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  14. In today's news from yesterday:


    Soap fans are full of questions about new guy on Capitol

    but this fan gets straight to the point


    JMR has the full story on Laura Malone and her "feud" with Chris Rich.  As reported above, Chris and Nancy were "cold" to Laura upon her return from maternity leave, and Chris referred to her replacement as a breath of fresh air.  Both deny actively seeking her replacement, but apparently Laura was interviewed on TV after she was let go and expressed her troubles about the backstage life at AW@will81's scan is too unclear to repost here


    Speaking of backstage intrigue regarding co-stars, we get this new bit of info regarding the casting of Kimberly Brady


    Much like PC from Red Bank, NJ, I hope things work out for Meg Ryan


    But I'm no so sure about Rick Porter's prospects (What are novelty cosmetics?)



    And I think we all share CC's concern about AW's Sally's insta-kid, but Lynda thinks that rating justify the retcon. 


    Finally, much like the Queen herself, Lynda has begun to refer to herself using the royal "we"

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  15. July 1984's entries were like deja vu all over again.


    I have always maintained that Q&A's in the soap press are fake.  However 37 years after someone confused soaps with Hemingway in this question

    Our own @Mitch said this in the Soap You Couldn't Get Into thread

    Sunset Beach..its just played like a parody..kind of like "The Sun Also Rises," instead of a real soap. The actors were plastic, not sexy!


    I researched and found that the Carol Burnett Show soap parody was called "As the Stomach Turns" and the SCTV parody was titled "The Days of the Week", so I am unsure of the source of this confusion.



    And maybe JMR was so snippy about Eileen Fulton's return in this article:

     Because two weeks earlier he published this comment


    Finally is it possible that a young Ron Carlavatti was posing as PL from Toluca Lake when he wrote this question to Lynda Hirsch?

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  16. @SFK Its from January 1984 and the party marked the inauguration of the mansion set for Mark and Paula Denning

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    See my Soaps of Yesteryear thread for other examples of editors making headline mistakes

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