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  1. I bought The Yellow Rose on DVD a few years ago. I loved the way it started with the Champions vs. Jeb Hollister. Then two thirds of the way through the season it switches formats to the self contained format and I was bored silly. What a waste of a great cast.
  2. Network execs never learned their lesson about youth oriented shows on Saturday nights. In 1980 CBS put Secrets Of Midland Heights on Saturdays at 10 pm where it quickly died. So a year later when the producers took some of the actors and put them in a new setting as new characters in King's Crossing ABC did the same idiotic thing and put the show on Saturday nights at 8 pm where it died just as quickly as its predecessor.
  3. I don't know. It sure does look like him though!
  4. I remember seeing Last Summer when I was about 14. It was pretty shocking to my teen-age self. I always wondered why Catherine Burns never had a huge acting career. I also didn't know that she had passed away. RIP.
  5. Deborah Shelton did a lot of those radio ads in the 80's. I remember her doing them for at least two radio stations in my area (the Flint-Detroit area) long before Dallas and even before her role on The Yellow Rose.
  6. I remember watching that Dana Delany interview! It was on Later with Bob Costas and she was talking about the acting on soaps and taking shortcuts with the acting or something like that. And later I remember Jeanne Cooper saying in TV Guide that she was so angry she wanted to reach through the TV and grab her by the throat! That Jeanne Cooper, she did not suffer fools gladly!
  7. I remember seeing Marty West on a show called Dog Eat Dog in the early 2000's. Contestants had to do these really tough physical challenges and Marty did all of these challenges and ended up winning the game and $25,000.
  8. I remember watching Behind The Screen when I was a teenager. Debbi Morgan was in it and I believe Michael Sabatino was as well.
  9. I discovered soap opera magazines around the age of 12. My first was a monthly publication called Daytime TV. I lived for every issue of that magazine. There was another one I used to get in the late 70's/early 80's called Rona Barrett's Daytimers. Then of course I found Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Update, Soap Opera Magazine. There were all sorts of them. It's sad that with the exception of Digest they are all gone now.
  10. That whole Becky Lee return was weird. The sweet Becky Lee we remembered was replaced by a money hungry schemer. I remember it was very unpopular with both viewers and critics and Mary Gordon Murray, who had signed a contract, was let go I believe after her first 13 week cycle. And I don't think anyone was sorry to see that version of the character go.
  11. I believe the man in question is Christopher Durham who played Michael Jonas on OLTL for a brief time.. He had previously been on Capitol and Ryan's Hope.
  12. Ryan's Hope had a LOT of recasts during its 13.5 year run. Mary Ryan Fenelli-Kate Mulgrew was beloved in the role. Her first replacement Mary Carney was a good actress but being a theater actress she tended to shout her lines. Then came Kathleen Tolan who I thought was just awful in the role. The final Mary was the late Nicolette Goulet who I really liked but unfortunately no one could ever really replace Kate Mulgrew so the character was distpatched. Frank Ryan-Michael Hawkins was the first Frank and I thought he was one of the worst actors I'd ever seen. Frank #2 Andrew Robinson was slightly better but I think #3 Daniel Hugh-Kelly really brought that character to life. Two more Franks followed him, Geoffrey Pierson, a very good actor who has had a nice career and finally John Sanderford who I also really liked in the role. Siobhan Ryan -Original Siobhan Sarah Felder was a breath of fresh air. Don't know why she left but Siobhan #2 Ann Gillespie was decent. Everyone remembers that Marg Helgenberger was Siobhan #3. She was there for 4 years and really made the role her own. The final 2 actresses in the role, Carell Myers and Barbara Blackburn were ok actresses but they never felt like Siobhan to me. Patrick Ryan-No one could ever match Malcome Groome's Patrick. Of his 3 successors, John Blazo, Robert Finoccoli and Patrick James Clarke, Blazo is the only one I even remember. I didn't think he was too bad but he did not win over viewers. Faith Coleridge-I liked all the Faiths. Faith Catlin, Nancy Barrett, Catherine Hicks and Karen Morris-Gowdy. Most people seem to prefer Hicks, but Karen Morris-Gowdy was my choice for best Faith. Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge-This was Ilene Kristen's role to be sure. Her first successor Robyn Millan was awful and thankfully short-lived. Delia #3 Randall Edwards did a great job in the role and even got an emmy nomination. She left in 1982 and Kristen returned only to leave again in '83. In 1984 the wonderful Robin Mattson was cast but the general consensus, which I agree with, is that she was mis-cast in the part. Luckily Ilene Kristen returned in 1986 and stayed until the end. There were also numerous re-casts of Joe Novak and Nancy Feldman as well as Little John Ryan and Ryan Fenelli although once the characters were aged to near adulthood Jason Adams and Yasmine Bleeth played the roles until the end of the series.
  13. My vote goes to Jill Farren Phelps. As far as I'm concerned that woman destroyed nearly every show she's been involved in. Killing Maureen Bauer off GL, the horrific murder of Frankie on AW. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this but I believe she also fired Laura Koffman from OLTL when Koffman was going on maternity leave. Then of course there's the disrespectful way she treated Genie Francis not only on GH but also Y&R. And if memory serves me correctly she was the producer that famously told Jackie Zeman that "nobody wants to watch old people having sex." I think she was also the producer that got rid of Shell Kepler's Amy Vining after 23 years without even an on-air mention of where the character went. In my opinion she shouldn't be allowed to produce a commercial let alone a television show ever again.
  14. It was interesting to read about Saundra Santiago's two roles as Elena and Isabella. She actually had three as she was a re-cast as Carlotta toward the end of the show's run. She might have had four roles on the show as I do recall that she was originally cast as police officer Maggie Vega in 1992, but something happened and the role was re-cast with Yvette Lawrence before Santiago had started. (I'm not sure if she had ever filmed an episode as Maggie).
  15. I believe the set is Viki's carriage house. That's where Viki was living until she kicked Dorian out of Llanfair.
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