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  1. She is interviewed in Jeff Giles' book Llanview In The Afternoon. I don't recall Brenda ever getting even an exit scene. I think she just stopped appearing. BTW if you want to see her in a different role she did a movie called Troma's War shortly before her OLTL time. She's a plane crash survivor on an island where she and the other survivors battle terrorists trying to destroy America. She kicks some major butt in it!
  2. I really liked the first Andy, Bronwen Booth and loved her with Leonard Stabb's Hunter. I was so furious when she returned alone and Hunter was made out to be an abuser. Wendee Pratt's version of the character was so different that it seemed like a completely different character altogether.
  3. I would recommend the storyline that got me hooked in 1979 which was the Winter Austen murder trial and the subsequent story with Nicole Cavanaugh. That was riveting television!
  4. Regarding the Ivan Kipling storyline, the other girl living in the house with Cassie, Rob, Danny, ect. was Annie Barnes who was played by Rebecca Schaeffer, the young actress who later starred on My Sister Sam and was murdered by an obsessed fan in 1989. Annie and Danny left town together in the fall of 1985. When he returned the following year I don't believe he ever mentioned Annie again. I also remember Giulietta, although I don't remember how she was written off the show.
  5. I watched King's Crossing and have been trying in vain for decades to see the episodes again (as well as its predecessor Secrets Of Midland Heights) but have had no luck. Can't even find the opening credits anywhere. The only thing I've ever found are these few promos online. Edit: I stand corrected. Someone posted the opening credits on youtube!
  6. I don't know what the reasoning was behind their exits. With Jennifer Ashe and Ann Williams I guess once the story with Garth was over the show decided to move away from that particular topic. With Patricia Kalember it always seemed like they didn't know what to do with her. As for Shannon Eubanks who knows. They also recast John Shearin's Roger Forbes with Peter Brown. But there always seemed to be a lot of behind the scenes turmoil and abrupt cast changes during the entire run of the show anyway. BTW, I loved Pamela Blair's portrayal of Rita Mae. I wish she had been on the show longer. She was great.
  7. I remember Soap Opera Digest doing a review of Loving a year or two into its run and in it they said it was unfortunate that the show chose to dismiss talent like Jennifer Ashe, Shannon Eubanks, Patricia Kalember and Ann Williams. I felt the same way (although I did like Callan White in the roll of Ann). All four of them were terrific in their roles.
  8. I do remember watching it. It was just a summer series. I can't remember a single storyline from it but I do remember I didn't care for it at all which is surprising because being a Gloria Monty show you would think it would have been great since she had done her magic on GH. But my limited recollection of it is that it was a snoozefest.
  9. I bought The Yellow Rose on DVD a few years ago. I loved the way it started with the Champions vs. Jeb Hollister. Then two thirds of the way through the season it switches formats to the self contained format and I was bored silly. What a waste of a great cast.
  10. Network execs never learned their lesson about youth oriented shows on Saturday nights. In 1980 CBS put Secrets Of Midland Heights on Saturdays at 10 pm where it quickly died. So a year later when the producers took some of the actors and put them in a new setting as new characters in King's Crossing ABC did the same idiotic thing and put the show on Saturday nights at 8 pm where it died just as quickly as its predecessor.
  11. I don't know. It sure does look like him though!
  12. I remember seeing Last Summer when I was about 14. It was pretty shocking to my teen-age self. I always wondered why Catherine Burns never had a huge acting career. I also didn't know that she had passed away. RIP.
  13. Deborah Shelton did a lot of those radio ads in the 80's. I remember her doing them for at least two radio stations in my area (the Flint-Detroit area) long before Dallas and even before her role on The Yellow Rose.
  14. I remember watching that Dana Delany interview! It was on Later with Bob Costas and she was talking about the acting on soaps and taking shortcuts with the acting or something like that. And later I remember Jeanne Cooper saying in TV Guide that she was so angry she wanted to reach through the TV and grab her by the throat! That Jeanne Cooper, she did not suffer fools gladly!
  15. I remember seeing Marty West on a show called Dog Eat Dog in the early 2000's. Contestants had to do these really tough physical challenges and Marty did all of these challenges and ended up winning the game and $25,000.
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