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  1. I saw Ally Walker on SVU, I think it was last week, WTH happened to her? She looks terrible
  2. Don't remind me of that Talk about chemistry less pairing.
  3. I thought it was good until they decided to revolve the show around Caleb. I HATED Kevin & Eve together. Same here! I was pissed when the show was cancelled, especially since it got IMO pretty good ratings for being in less markets than the other soaps on the air at that time.
  4. Can't wait for tonight's episode!
  5. I really liked the Miracles Happening arc the best. Mostly cause of Kevin and Lucy's wedding, which was so amazing. Tainted Love was another favorite arc of mine Whomever writer it was to pair up Livvie and Rafe needed smacked. That had to be one of the worst pairings ever on PC. I think it was B&E *shocker*(NOT)
  6. I thought Livvie started out great, but got very one note and one dimensional("why doesn't anybody love Meeeee"-GMAB). KMo was also a much better actress on PC than on GH
  7. I HATED Kyle & Amanda. Love Peter & Amanda Yeah Sydney and Craig oozed chemistry. I too hated that bitch Samantha after she killed my Sydney
  8. One of my favorite moments was in the final episode where Peter & Amanda fake their death, then we see that they're on a beach somewhere getting married Sydney is my all time favorite MP character, followed closely by Michael, and I LOVED Megan, especially Michael and Megan. Sydney just rocked IMO
  9. One of my all time favorite soaps. The little soap that could IMO So do you all like the pre-arcs or arcs better?
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