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DAYS #64: Sonny confronts Victor, John asks Kayla a huge favour





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Jordan sits attentively at her desk at the hospital, waiting on Sheryl to fill her in on what the next step of their plan is.

JORDAN: Okay. Tell me, what's this great plan of yours?

SHERYL: Simple. I made a phone call today, to an old friend of ours.

Jordan's brow furrows, as she pulls her glasses off her face.

JORDAN: An old friend?

Sheryl leans in, smirking confidently at Jordan as she quietly tells her the name of their old friend.

SHERYL: Jerome Grant.

Jordan leans back, surprise plain on her face as the news hits her.



Sonny picks up his cell phone from the table at his apartment. Will and Gabi are milling about making dinner as Sonny looks back at them. He tries to be subtle as he makes his phone call to Victor.



Victor picks up his office phone at Titan, standing at his desk, and casually answers.

VICTOR: Victor Kiriakis.


SONNY: I need to see you immediately. We have to talk. Alone.


VICTOR: I won't be here much longer. Meet me at the office before we go to Brady's memorial.


SONNY: See you then.

Sonny turns to grab his jacket from the closet, and calls out to Gabi and Will.

SONNY: I have to go for a minute....there's a...uh...problem with a shipment at the club. Meet you at Town Square?

WILL: Alright.

GABI: We're just finishing up lunch before we go. You sure you don't want a sandwich for the road?

SONNY: No, I'll be fine. I can grab something fast at the club before the service.

GABI: Okay!

WILL: See you soon. Love you!

SONNY: Love you! Bye, guys!

WILL & GABI: Bye!!

As Sonny shuts the door, his positive demeanour immediately vanishes, as he sighs.

SONNY: Dammit, Uncle Vic. I'm not gonna let you take Will down this road. Not in a million years.



John arrives at Brady's memorial service, which is still being set up in the square. Spotting Kayla with Roman, John walks over casually to greet his friend.

KAYLA: John! So good to see you! I'm...so sorry to hear about Brady.

John and Kayla embrace warmly, as Roman looks on with a faint smile.

JOHN: Good to see you too, Kay. Appreciate it. How's everyone holding up?

KAYLA: Ah, well,you know...as good as can be expected.

JOHN: Understood. Listen...uh...Roman, can your sister and I have a little chat alone for a sec, I have something....kind of important to discuss with her.

Roman nods in agreement, collecting himself after his memory lapse minutes before.

ROMAN: Sure thing, John. It's good to see you.

JOHN: Same to you, man.

John and Roman exchange a quick slap-on-the-back hug as they go their separate ways. John casually grabs Kayla's arm as they walk towards a quieter corner of the square.

KAYLA: Okay, this sounds really important if you're sequestering me away in dark, dark corners. What's going on?

JOHN: Well...

John stops for a moment and takes a quick look around to see who's paying attention as he speaks.

JOHN: You know I've been away for awhile in Europe, right?

KAYLA: Of course, we've all been worried about you.

JOHN: Well...we need you to come with us. It's urgent.

Kayla looks surprised and taken aback by John's request.



Nick walks through the park just outside Horton Town Square. He calls Kate again.



Kate is now in her own office, indignant and annoyed by Nick's repeated attempts to contact her at inopportune times.

KATE: What?


NICK: Now, now, Kate. Is that any way to talk to someone who just got you exactly what you needed.


KATE: You'd better pray your little trigger finger didn't just land us in the unemployment line. Victor saw I was calling you and put together that it was your tip that brought John to the board meeting today.


NICK: Victor will only figure that out if you spill the beans. Which I know you won't since your very freedom depends on it. Am I right?


Kate sighs into the phone, fed up of Nick's threats but incapable of lashing out.


NICK: Now, sit tight, because now the real fun is gonna begin. And I'm going to make us gobs an gobs of money.


Kate continues to stand by her desk, phone in ear, suspcious of every word coming from Nick's mouth but playing along.

KATE: From your mouth to God's ear, my dear.


Nick laughs softly, but almost maniacally.

NICK: As long as you don't screw this up, everything you want can be yours.




Gabi and Will sit down to eat their lunch, as Gabi feeds Arianna. Gabi looks at Will, who seems zoned out a bit, not eating his lunch. Gabi waves her hand in front of his face.

GABI: Hey! Earth to Will

Will snaps back to reality and smiles, grabbing his sandwich from his plate.

WILL: Sorry. Just...had a moment there.

GABI: Where did you go just then?

Will sighs and looks down at his sandwich, suddenly feeling not very hungry. He puts the food back down on his plate and looks up at Gabi.

WILL: Was just thinking about Brady, and Theresa, and...just how stupid this all is. I mean, we could here today and gone the next...and for what? I mean, seriously, if we don't live our lives to their full potential every day...there's no guarantee there'll be another chance, you know?

Gabi smiles and reaches her hand out across the kitchen table, placing her hand over Will's, and giving it a comforting squeeze.

GABI: I know exactly what you mean, and if there's one good thing to come from all this, it's that we're remembering that, and that every day's a chance to make our lives better...

Gabi looks at Ari, who's caught her attention, gurgling as she picks up a pea off her plate and puts it in her mouth. Gabi smiles as Will looks over to Ari as well.

GABI: ...And for our daughter too.

Just as Gabi says this, Will's phone rings. Grabbing it from off the kitchen table, Will looks at it, and sees Club TBD's number on the screen. Confused, he answers.

WILL: (into phone) Hey, what's up?



It's T, calling from the club, where a rush of rowdy customers are calling out to T, who's a bit frazzled behind the bar.

T: Uh...hey, Will! It's T. Any idea where Sonny is?


WILL: I...yeah, he's on his way to the club now, T. Didn't he just tell you that?


T looks confused, looking over his shoulder as he speaks, holding up one finger to a customer.

T: Uh, no. Sonny hasn't spoken with us since this morning, dude. Look, it's really busy at the club, and I can't get Sonny to answer his phone, so can you just let him know to come down here ASAP when he can?


Will looks to Gabi, a look of concern now on his face, as he answers T in an almost half-listening way.

WILL: ...yeah. Sure. K, Bye.


Will hangs up, and furrows his brow, confused by the exchange he just had.

WILL: Sonny never called anyone at the club.

GABI: Okay, that's weird.

WILL: Yeah, really. So, the question is, where the Hell IS he, and why didn't he want me to know about it?


Kayla looks over her shoulder to check and make sure nobody's paying attention to her conversation with John.

KAYLA: What do you mean?

JOHN: I mean, we need you. Trust me. I can't tell you anything more than that it has to be you that comes with me.

KAYLA: But....I mean, John, you can't expect me to just...up and abandon my job, my home...

John holds his hand up to stop Kayla midsentence. Kayla stops herself but is still unconvinced.

JOHN: I will cover your expenses, and the bills will get paid.

Kayla looks down, shaking her head. John's eye remain locked on her, regardless.

JOHN: I need your help. I'll even pay for Joey to come with you while you're away, we just need your help.

KAYLA: Why can't you tell me now what's going on? Who it even involves. You keep saying 'we' but...I mean, are you there with Shane? Bo? (laughs) Steve?? Haven't heard from HIM in awhile!

John leans over and almost whispers to her.

JOHN: Yes.

Kayla looks up suddenly, shocked by John's confession.

JOHN: I can't say anything more than that. But trust me, this is just as much a professional request as a personal one. Now...can I trust you to be on the plane with me tomorrow?

KAYLA: I...John, I can't just...go...I need to figure this out.

JOHN:: I can arrange a plane out for you by the end of the week if that works better for you.

KAYLA: Just....can you give me until tonight to think it over?

John nods, reluctantly agreeing to Kayla's terms.

JOHN: Sure. I'll wait.

KAYLA: Thank you. Come on, let's join the others. The ceremony should be starting any minute now.

John takes Kayla's arm and escorts her back into the crowd, he looks to her with a warm smile.

JOHN: Sounds good to me.


Sonny steps into Victor's office, where Victor stands before his desk, rifling through some papers. Noticing the door opening, Victor turns around to see Sonny. His greeting makes plain his sombre mood.

VICTOR: Sonny. What was so urgent?

Sonny breathes in deeply, mustering all his courage to stand up to his great uncle.

SONNY: I heard your associate offered Will a job today.

VICTOR: Ah, yes. Tyler ran it by me. He read an article Will wrote for his blog, said that was just the kind of angle we needed to promote our energy program at EnerNext. I figured you'd be thrilled that your fiance was able to get such a prestigious job so soon after graduating.

Sonny steps toward Victor, trying hard to not come across upset. He smiles a bit, but is clearly stammering in frustration, as Victor speaks, he tries to get Victor to end his long speech.

SONNY: I...uh...mmm...Uncle Vic, stop. Please.

VICTOR: What is it? I thought you were proud of Will.

SONNY: I am. And I'm thrilled that you all feel the same way. But you can't offer Will this job. You need to rescind that offer.



Kim stands with her police escort, in front of Billie and Daniel at University Hospital by the doorway of Theresa's hospital room. She holds in her hand, a copy of the restraining order against Billie.

BILLIE: You can't be serious, Kim.

Billie snatches the paper from Kim's hand as she spits out her words. Kim looks into Billie's eyes with smug malice.

KIM: 100% serious. You can't be within 100 feet of my little girl.

BILLIE: Oh, your little girl, hm? You're never going to see has an adult woman, are you, Kim? You know, like, an autonomous person who can make her own decisions about who she befriends? Or who she confides in? Or who she trusts?

Kim's cool toughness disappears in a flash as Billie cuts into Kim, suddenly emerges rage and vitriol as she stares Billie down and fires her own shot Billie's way, holding back the full volume of her anger.

KIM: I will not have you talk to me about my daughter. You have no idea about how things really were in our home, and you're not about to give me lessons in being a mother now.

BILLIE: Oh, right. Because you've done such a bang-up job!

KIM: How dare you?

Daniel steps in at this point to try to cool things down, but the two women's eyes never leave each other. Kim's police escort hangs back, trying not to get involved in case anything escalates.

DANIEL: Ooookay, ladies. Let's take a step back from each other a minute before we say anything we'll regret. We ARE in a hospital, after all.

Billie stands down a bit, turning to Daniel, a sarcastic smile on her face.

BILLIE: Oh, don't worry, Daniel. Anything I have to say to Kim, I can say through my lawyer!

Billie storms away, heading for the elevators, as Kim watches, a smile of satisfaction on her face, but she simultaneously breathes in deeply, as though it's all been a front. Daniel sees the emotion in her eyes and puts a hand on Kim's shoulder.

DANIEL: Are you sure you're alright?

Kim wells up a bit when Daniel speaks, she looks up at a concerned Daniel and smiles.

KIM: Oh yeah. I'm fine. (sigh) Thanks!

DANIEL: Alright. If you need to sit down a minute, you can use my office.

Kim smiles and takes Daniel's hand, squeezing it.

KIM: Thank you, Daniel. I'll be fine. Can I see my daughter?

DANIEL: Absolutely.

Daniel waves to the officer, who then steps away, heading for the elevator, as Daniel guides Kim into Theresa's room. As Billie waits for the elevator not far away, she looks on with pure disgust in her face. The elevator door opens, and Billie curses Kim before stepping on.

BILLIE: I swear to God, Kim, you haven't beat me yet.



Recommended Comments

  • Members

Jerome Grant.. Intriguingggg.

I love Sonny confronting Victor. I wonder how Victor will respond and also what Will may do if he finds out Sonny went to see Vic.

Wonder what John is up to with Kayla. Also what Nick is up to. Hope he has a good next move because hes playing a dangerous game with vic and Stefano.

And of course Billie and Kim still going at it. Stuff is getting down and dirty between them. And I think the tense moments are just beginning.


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  • Members

Jerome Grant is coming...Sheryl and Jordan's old friend...clever way to bring him onto the canvas

Nick/Kate - Nick is playing his psychological games with Kate...love it...little does he know that Gabi's playing him.

Sonny/Will/Victor - Sonny means well but he needs to butt out. He seems a little controlling about this..

John/Kayla - Kayla has been summoned by John. Like that aside about Steve...

Kim/Billie - Kim's emotions come to the fore here, and I like to see that, and she's getting satisfaction in serving Billie that restraining order

Good episode!!

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Smack down, well it was verbal between Kim and Billie. Wow cutting words. Im glad Billie is going to fight back. I do feel bad for Kim esp after what Billie said to her.

Will wonder about Sonny as Sonny tries to get Vic to rescind that job.

I love Nick and the power he has.

John wants kayla to pack up and leave Hey John I got some bills you can pay for me too.

I do wonder what this is all about....

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  • Members

What a drama filled show! I love it!!!

Sheryl/Jordan: They keep getting more interesting. Jerome Grant is a great way to keep them moving on up in the whole story line mode. I love how you continue to write them in the way that you do.

Sonny/Victor: Sonny..., this could spell trouble for you and Will. I don't like where this is going for them. If Sonny lays on to much, then Victor might want to go after more where Will is concerned. Victor has never wanted to feel defeated no matter if family gets in the way or not.

John/Kayla: This was probably the most interesting part of the episode. What did John mean? Will Kayla do this??? Interesting plot twist and some damn good mystery. I can't wait to see this story unfold.

Kim/Billie/Daniel: OH BILLIE!!!!!!!!!!! I loved her line in the elevator. I see maybe a catfight coming LOL.

Nick/Kate: Kate better watch out! Something might be coming her way that she doesn't want. And that thing is Nick. If Kate digs to deep, then Nick might have something for her, that she can't handle.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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