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ANOTHER WORLD 168 Rachel and Reginald reach an understanding



ANOTHER WORLD 168 Rachel and Reginald reach an understanding..

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

ALLEN’S SUITE - Allenblogentry-14971-0-35835500-1402192925_th is looking at the mirror, tying up his tie on his shirt, and Amandablogentry-14971-0-93056900-1402192943_th watches him as she lies in the bed.

Amanda: Did I tell you how sexy you look in that suit?

Allen: Which one? This, or my birthday?

Amanda (smiling): Well you know how much I love your...natural look.

Amanda gets out of bed, walks up behind him, and rubs her hand on his shoulders and chest. She looks in the mirror along Allen’s side.

Allen: You mean the same one that Adam had after Eve bit the apple in the…

Amanda: Garden? Don’t kill the mood.

Allen: Oh I’m not gonna let nobody take you away into some time machine portal.

Amanda: You'd better not. I’d go kicking and screaming.

Allen: So weird when you told me about that guy Jordan Stark and what he tried to do.

Amanda: He wreaked havoc on my family. He left my daughter to die.

Allen: I hope to meet Alli one day.

Allen stops all freshening up…

Amanda: You will. She’s a great girl.

Allen: Makes me think of…

Amanda: Your own daughter?

Allen: I always wonder how things would have turned out for me if I was able to be a father to her. Well I’m gonna be late for work.

Amanda: Okay. Have a great day babe.

Amanda gets a phone call as Allen leaves.

Amanda: Amanda Cory. Yes. You’re gonna email it to me?


GRANT’S HOUSE - Grantblogentry-14971-0-70786900-1402193007_th gets a phone call on his cell phone…

Grant: Yes. Okay.

Grant walks to the door, opens it, and there’s Christy Carsonblogentry-14971-0-25054600-1402193031_th with a baseball cap on.

Grant: Why are you wearing that ridiculous cap on your head?

Christy: Duh. I didn’t want anyone to see me...not yet anyway.


CORY PRODUCTIONS...Irisblogentry-14971-0-12054400-1402193081_th is packing her things in her office as she gets a surprise visitor...Coryblogentry-14971-0-03567900-1402193101_th, who knocks on the door.

Iris: Cory. Come in.

Cory: Guess you’re not gonna be here anymore huh?

Iris (sighs): Nope.

Cory: You seem a little bummed about it.

Iris puts a book in a box, stops and looks around the office…

Iris: Yeah a lil bit.

Cory: I’m a little surprised that you would be sad about leaving here. Didn’t you just inherit a fortune?

Iris begins to get a little choked up.

Iris: I did, and don’t get me wrong I’m VERY happy about that. I may be a Spaulding by blood, but Mac Cory is the man I consider my father. This was the company he built, and I wanted so badly to run it, but I don’t need it.

Cory: You can start your own company with your Spaulding money right?

Iris: Thinking about it.

Cory: You know I’m...I just wanted…to be here for you on your last day, just like you were there for me when we were looking for my dad.

Iris: That’s...that’s real sweet of you. Have you heard from your mother yet?

Cory shakes his head...

Cory: No. Nothing.


CAVANAUGH CLINIC - Rachelblogentry-14971-0-61431400-1402193131_th faces Reginald in his office. Reginaldblogentry-14971-0-93935000-1402193156_th has revealed to Rachel that he is the head of the Lumina Foundation.

Rachel: Did I hear you right? You knew Jordan Stark?

Reginald: Yes I did. I knew what he was doing.

Rachel: He caused a great deal of pain for my family, and you stood by and watched him do it! How could you?



Grant: You act like the paparazzi is after you.

Christy: I can’t take any chances.

Grant: You were in a limousine with tinted windows. I’m quite sure nobody saw you.

Christy: Come on Grant. I thought you’d be happy to see me. After all, I plan to live up to my end of the bargain.

Christy gives him an envelope.

Christy: I need a fresh shower before I go to the next place. You did set up my appointment didn’t you?

Grant: Yes I did. What is this?

Christy: This should help you get Jack Snyder out of the way, and you can get your beloved Paulina back.


Paulinablogentry-14971-0-36074400-1402193294_th walks up the door of Iris’s office and listens...

Iris: I can’t believe that. When is the last time you heard from her?

Cory: A few days ago.

Iris: I’m sorry Cory. I know she is your mother, but she is unbelievable. How could she keep your own father from you? I mean you must be worried sick about it.

Cory: I am. I called Lizzie and she says she doesn’t know anything either.

Iris: Well when she gets back to Bay City I’m gonna let her know how irresponsible she is.

Paulina walks in.

Paulina: That’s enough Iris! I’m not let you bad mouth Rachel in front of Cory.

Iris: Were you eavesdropping?

Paulina: Cory, honey, can you leave us alone for a minute?

Cory: Um I guess...I’ll talk to you soon.

Iris: Sure.

Cory leaves and Paulina turns to Iris.

Paulina: So you’re trying to poison Cory’s mind against Rachel again?

Iris: Oh you all hold that crow up on this pedestal! Oh dear old Rachel can do no wrong! It’s sickening! She is not telling him where she took Carl, and you think that’s right? You’re just as crazy and irrational as she is.

Paulina: Why don’t you just finish packing your things and get the hell out of here!

Amanda walks in.

Amanda: Not so fast.

Iris: Oh goodness. Is this a tag team effort?

Amanda: I’m gonna give you a chance to answer.

Iris: What are you talking about?

Amanda: Tucker McCall and Operation Loco.

Iris hides her shock, and she wonders what Amanda might really know about it.


Reginald: Surely you know why Rachel.

Rachel: He had my granddaughter Jasmine hanging from a tree when she was an infant. He tried to take Amanda away from us, and he left my other granddaughter Alli to die, so forgive me if I don’t quite understand why you stood by and did nothing about it. Please enlighten me.

Reginald: I couldn’t risk being exposed. I had to lay low.

Rachel: Why doesn’t that surprise me after everything you’ve done to your own family?

Reginald: Touche. Everyone had to continue to think that I was dead in order for me to take over.

Rachel: He had to be stopped.

Reginald: Of course he did, but why should we continue to rehash the past?

Rachel: Does anyone else know you’re alive?

Reginald: No, and that’s the way it has to stay. I’m sure you’ll comply with that directive.

Rachel: A directive? I don’t work for you Mr. Love.

Reginald: But you do love your family.

Rachel: I know the deal we made, and I fully intend to stick to it, but if I find out that you come after any member of my family, I will take you down, just like I did to Jordan Stark.

Reginald: Safe travel home with your husband Rachel. You’ll need it to deal with your son.

Rachel leaves and Reginald gets a phone call.

Reginald: Bring them in.

Two orderlies bring a girl into Reginald’s office. One is holding her left arm, and the other is holding her right as she struggles to free herself...to no avail.

Girl: Let me go!

Reginald: Thank you fellas.

The orderlies leave, and the girl runs to the door trying to open it, but it’s locked.

Reginald: Thank you fellas. Hello there. I’ve been expecting you.

Girl: Who are you? What do you want?

Reginald: Oh you should calm yourself. After all, we’re family.

The girl is K.C. Burrell.blogentry-14971-0-02907600-1402193324_th



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Iris just can't catch a break. I can see her side and the side of the other Corys, but I tend to side with her, just like I did on the show.

Reginald is a very busy man.

Poor KC.

Christy is a trip.

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I know'd it. I knew the first plce Chrity Canyon first stop would be Grants.

I like Amanda and Allen's natural body suit talk. I had some images in my head.

I like how the love family and Cory's are intermingled in many ways. Micheal, to Reggie now to Lumina and the Midnight Love Garden.

it was nice that Cory was there for Iris. Nice to see Pualina.

I also wonder what is in the enevelope Ms. Canyon gave to Grant.

Another good read Cary.

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Christy is just going to be more trouble for Bay City! I like how in this episode you gave us drama along with a little recap of some of your stories. Cory should be so confused with all the people who are filling his mind. K.C. is gonna be in trouble it seems and that is never good. It was also nice to see Amanda and Paulina team up against Iris again. It causes some comedy. And plus what is in that envolope??? Your dialouge was also really good and catchy in this episode especially between Reginald and Rachel. Another good episode!!! Cannot wait for more!

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Loving the exchanges. Especially between Iris and Cory. Iris really needs someone on her side in that family. I quite love how vulnerable she really is, you show that side of her well.

Christy is giving me life. And I love Rachel standing up to Reginald. He better watch his back going up against the likes of her!

GREAT show.

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