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ANOTHER WORLD 167 Reginald explains the past



ANOTHER WORLD 167 - Reginald explains the past

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

MENTAL INSTITUTION - Sharleneblogentry-14971-0-48067100-1401681561_th wakes up and Stevenblogentry-14971-0-61858800-1401681579_th is sitting over her.

Sharlene: Tell me Steven. What did Janice see?

Steven: I’m glad you’re lying down.

Sharlene: How bad is it?

Steven: Brace yourself.


CAVANAUGH CLINIC - Carlblogentry-14971-0-11176600-1401681601_th is packing up his suitcase and Rachelblogentry-14971-0-88954700-1401681618_th walks in, and Rachel smiles.

Rachel: Look at you. Up and about.

Carl: I had no idea when this would happen.

Rachel: I know that you don’t agree with the method in which I did it, but I had to save your life. I wasn’t going to lose you again.

Carl: It’s okay my darling.

Carl puts his arms around his wife...

Rachel: I’ve already called Elizabeth. Needless to say she’s very thrilled. As I’m sure Cory will be.

Carl: He might not be too happy to know that you lied about my whereabouts.

Rachel: I did it to protect him. I hope he’ll understand it.

Carl: How do you explain that to him without telling him?

Rachel: That Reginald Love is still alive? I have no idea.

Carl: I guess we’ll figure it out on the way home.

Rachel: Before we go, there’s one thing I have to do first.


REGINALD’S OFFICE - Reginaldblogentry-14971-0-66415300-1401681659_th is with Karenblogentry-14971-0-03177900-1401681679_th

Reginald: Where’s Michele?

Karen: I don’t know.

Reginald: What do you mean you don’t know?

Karen: I was going to give her a sedative, and I guess that’s when Lisa knocked me out. When I came to, she was gone.

Reginald: Well I think you need to find her.

Karen: I told you that Lisa is not going to get far.

Reginald: What are you talking about? What did you do?

Karen: I cut her brake cables.

Reginald: What?

Karen: She should be in a ditch by now.

Reginald, to Karen’s surprise, grabs and squeezes her arm.

Reginald: What if she had Michele with her!?

Karen: I...I...don’t think…

Reginald: That’s the problem!

Karen: Mr. Love you’re hurting me…

Reginald: You’d better get out there and find her, because if something happens to my great-granddaughter, God help you.

Reginald lets her go just as Rachel knocks on the door, and walks in.

Rachel: I’m sorry did I interrupt something?

Reginald: No...the nurse was just leaving.

Karen runs out and Reginald turns his attentions to Rachel...


Meanwhile, Lisa’s car is in a ditch. Lisablogentry-14971-0-75533100-1401681715_th is in the driver’s seat, still unconscious with blood on her face. Micheleblogentry-14971-0-33670300-1401681741_th (formerly Marissa) is in the passenger’s seat. She was unconscious but has come to, and looks at Lisa is horror. Michele has recovered her memories.

Michele: Lisa? Lisa wake up. Oh God.

She then reaches for Lisa’s cell phone, and sees that it has a small amount of battery left.

Michele: No...no signal. Gotta get help.




BAY CITY CENTER...Coryblogentry-14971-0-48261800-1401681769_th is sitting at a table and Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-74478300-1401681803_th walks up to him.

Cory: Hey Bridget what’s up?

Bridget: I needed your help with filling out this class schedule for BCU.

Bridget takes out her tablet…

Bridget: It keeps saying that I haven’t selected enough classes.

Cory (looking at Bridget’s tablet): You haven’t.

Bridget: How’s that? I mean, do you see these classes? They’re grayed out.

Cory: Because those are mandatory freshman courses. You can only choose the electives.

Bridget: Oh. That’s it.

Cory: Yeah, duh.

Bridget: I wish I was more like Michele when it comes to these things. She was like super smart.

Cory: That’s true.

Cory’s cell phone rings and he looks at it.

Cory: What number is this?

Bridget: Why don’t you answer it?

Cory: Amanda tells me I shouldn’t answer numbers I don’t recognize.

Cory presses “ignore”, but he has no idea that Michele was the one calling him from Lisa’s phone.

Michele: Cory. Cory it’s me. Please you gotta help me.

Michele is right outside the car. She looks at the phone and realizes it’s dead, then Lisa begins to wake up, but she is weak.

Lisa: Michele.

Michele runs to her.

Michele: Lisa? Lisa come on we gotta get outta here. You gotta get some medical attention.

Lisa: Take my phone.

Michele: It just died.

Lisa: Go. Get some help.

Michele: I can’t leave you here.

Lisa: I’ll be fine. You go. Go home.

Michele: No...Lisa...no..

Lisa gets weaker as she moves her head back and forth, then suddenly she stops moving and closes her eyes.

Michele: Lisa. Lisa wake up please. Stay with me! Lisa! Lisa!


Sharlene: Is that true? Reginald killed Evan?

Steven: That’s what Janice told me. I’m glad you let her out.

Sharlene: Wow.

Steven: She said she saw my great grandfather strangle Evan with a pole.

Sharlene: Why did he do it? Did Janice say anything about that?

Steven: She didn’t go into detail about it, just that she wanted revenge. She wanted to atone for not saving Evan’s life.

Sharlene gets up and looks away from Steven. She seems a bit dumbfounded.

Sharlene: So she poisoned Reginald to death. I killed someone.

Steven: You didn’t do this. Janice did it. You can’t blame yourself for this. This is a breakthrough. Before we can integrate you, you have to accept the fact that you are not responsible for Reginald’s death, or for anything that Janice did.

Sharlene: Did she say anything about Carl?

Steven: Carl Hutchins?

Sharlene: Yes. She poisoned him, too.

Steven: She did a lot of damage.

Sharlene: You see why I was hesitant to have you bring her out.

Steven: What else did she do?

Sharlene: She stabbed Mitch and tried to kill your grandmother.


Reginald: Rachel Cory Hutchins. It’s been a while since we last saw each other.

Rachel: It was in your suite before you ate your poisoned food.

Reginald: Shame. That meal was rather tasty.

Rachel: I came to...thank you.

Reginald: For what?

Rachel: Saving my husband’s life. If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t be alive.

Reginald: I’ve always had a great deal of respect for you Rachel. Even though you used blackmail to do it.

Rachel: I did what I had to do to save Carl’s life.

Reginald: I understand.

Rachel: But I do have to ask you something.

Reginald: What is it?

Rachel: How did you survive that poisoning after lying there so long?

Reginald chuckles.

Reginald: Mrs. Hutchins, I survived a fall off a clock tower. Did you really think a few drops of a neurotoxin could kill me?

Rachel: You sound like you have a feeling of invincibility.

Reginald: That’s because I do.

Rachel: How did you do it?

Reginald: I trust that you will keep your promise, because you love your family, because what I’m about to tell you, you mustn’t tell anyone.

Rachel: You have my word.

Reginald: Do you remember the Secret Garden?

Rachel: That sounds familiar. Wait a minute. That has something to do with Jordan Stark. He was trying to take my daughter with him, and I wouldn’t let him. Do you know about him?

Reginald: Know about him? I know him.

Rachel: I don’t understand.

Reginald: I took over. I am the Head of the Lumina Foundation.



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Cary I am just shocked by your shows lately. I mean the stories are just climaxing like crazy and I know there is more. And Reginald is now the head of the Lumina Foundation. That is just abosolutely shocking. I did enjoy the catchy dialouge through out this episode it shows our strength. I wonder what the fate of Lisa will be makes me nervous. The scenes you give Bridget and Cory to me are refreshing. Overall good work!!!

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Lumina and the secret garden. I dont get why Rachel was not shocked to see Reggie and why did Michele call Cory first?

Janice was so violent. I hope Sharlene is able to come to terms with what she did.

Lisa is dead?

Now not only fo we get Michele and Reggie we got Lumina too. This is getting intresting.

Another good one Cary.

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Poor Lisa :( I hope this isn't the end for her. And it's all Amanda's fault...well not really, but still.

Wow at the reveal about Lumina. It makes as much sense as anything in that story did.

I enjoyed the whole conversation between Rachel and Reginald.

The convo between Sharlene and Steven was good too. Important to the narratives.

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WOW. I'm intrigued by your venturing back into the Lumina story. That is exciting and hopefully you'll be able to make this story way better than the writers were able to on TV! I think you will though :D

The scenes with Sharlene and Steven were excellent.

So sad to see Lisa go. Hopefully she doesn't die from her injuries! :(


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