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DAYS #21: Seeing Rouge




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami sits in the garden outside the DiMera house. Guilty over her feelings of uneasiness with her son Johnny, and reeling from her resugrent memories of her rape by EJ, Sami is completely overwhelmed. From the house, Mary, the maid, calls for her.

MARY: Ms. Brady! Are you okay?

Mary steps out of the double doors out to the garden, and calls out to Sami again.

MARY: Ms. Brady!

Sami finally pulls herself together, snapping out of the despondent trance she was in.

SAMI: Oh...uh...Mary! Hi, I'm...I'm okay.

Sami gets up from the ground and dusts herself off. She tries to play off what Mary just saw and pretend everything's fine.

SAMI: I...I just...I fell, it's okay.

Mary doesn't believe a word Sami says, but awkwardly tries to play along, though she's still concerned.

MARY: Oh...uh...yes. Okay. I hope you're alright. Your son Will called the house. He's wondering where you are. I told him you were in the garden.

SAMI: Oh my God! Thank you, Mary. I forgot I'm supposed to meet him for dinner tonight. Uh...just tell him I'm on my way over.

MARY: Yes, Ms. Brady.

Sami makes a beeline for inside, grabbing her jacket and purse before Mary even gets inside.


Maggie turns to see Theresa before her, approaching the table at Chez Rouge that Brady has just sat down at. Maggie is shocked and incredibly displeased to see her there. She asks Brady a question, never once turning around.

MAGGIE: Brady.

BRADY: Yyyes, Maggie?

MAGGIE: What is she doing here?

BRADY: Uh...I think she just told you. She's my date tonight.

Maggie finally turns back around, suddenly seething.

MAGGIE: Oh, like Hell she is! I...

Maggie stops herself from continuing, realizing she is working. She quickly regains her composure and draws herself up, in an attempt to retain her professionalism.

MAGGIE: Theresa, I hope you two have a pleasant evening.

Maggie grabs Theresa by the shoulders and whispers in her ear as she walks away.

MAGGIE: (whispering) And if I find out you're hurting Brady in any way, you're going to answer to me. Got it?

Theresa shoots Maggie a look before sitting down.

Maggie walks with determination back up to the foyer of the restaurant, just as Sheryl and Lucas walk in. Maggie smiles upon seeing Lucas.

MAGGIE: Lucas! It's so nice to see you, Honey!

LUCAS: Aunt Maggie!

Lucas and Maggie hug before Lucas goes to introduce Sheryl to her.

LUCAS: This is Sheryl, she's our newest hire at MadWorld.

MAGGIE: It's so great to meet you, and I see you're getting on pretty well with the boss, hm?

Sheryl laughs a little uncomfortably at Maggie's comment.

SHERYL: Well, Lucas has been really really great to me. Put it that way.

LUCAS: The pleasure's all mine.

MAGGIE: Well, here, let me take you to your--

Maggie stops midsentence as Jennifer walks in, Liam on her arm, the two of them laughing as they step inside. Maggie's smile vanishes as Jennifer looks over to her. An uncomfortable hush fills the room.




Jennifer hesitates to greet Maggie, sensing the tension. But she finally does.

JENNIFER: Uh...Aunt Maggie! Lucas, and you are...?

Sheryl extends a hand to Jenn, unsure why there's such tension in the air.

SHERYL: Uh...I'm Sio..uh...Sheryl Connors. Nice to meet you.

JENNIFER: Oh, it's nice to meet you, I'm...Lucas' sister, Jennifer.

SHERYL: Oh! It's so nice to meet you too, uh--

MAGGIE: Shall I take you to your table, Lucas? Sheryl?

Maggie, obviously displeased with Jennifer, takes Lucas and Sheryl to their table.

LUCAS: You know, Aunt Maggie, Jennifer and Daniel have been broken up for awhile. I think it's good she's dating again.

MAGGIE: Lucas, I know. But I wish they wouldn't have come here on their first date.

LUCAS: Well...maybe they didn't know it would be such an issue. Cut Jenn some slack, Aunt Maggie. She's not had a very easy year, you know.

Maggie sighs in a sort of defeat.

MAGGIE: I guess you're right. I'm just...I'm not having the best night, that's all.

LUCAS: You're still worried about Brady.

MAGGIE: Aren't we all?

LUCAS: You can say that again.

Maggie looks over and Jenn and Liam, who are talking back in the foyer. She hands Lucas and Sheryl menus.

MAGGIE: Look, I've gotta get back to work. Here's tonight's specials, and here's the wine list. Your server'll be back in just a second to take your order, alright?

Sheryl and Lucas smile Maggie's way as she walks away.

SHERYL: Thanks!

Back in the foyer, Maggie approaches Jenn and Liam with a bit of a scowl. Jennifer, after the day she's had, is fed up.

JENNIFER: Aunt Maggie--

MAGGIE: Jennifer Rose, don't 'Aunt Maggie' me. You have a lot of nerve showing up here with a date. Especially after what you did to my son today at the hospital.

JENNIFER: What I did?? Aunt Maggie, I don't think you understand what we talked about--

Liam attempts to defuse the situation and interjects.

LIAM: Uh, Ladies! It's alright. Look, Jenn. Maybe we should follow your Aunt Maggie's advice and go somewhere. It's my fault for making a reservation anyway. I didn't realize there was a problem.

JENNIFER: No, Liam. Don't. We're going to have dinner here. Aunt Maggie, I know Daniel is your son and you want to defend him and protect him, but Daniel and I have been apart for awhile now. And it's time you accept that he and I are not going to get back together. Now I'm pretty sure Daniel was upset about our conversation earlier, but that is between him and I. Just, please. Aunt Maggie, I love you. Let me move on with my life.

Maggie takes a deep breath and tries not to cry, but is so filled with emotions over the crazy evening she's having, she can't help it.

MAGGIE: I know. I'm sorry, Jenn. It's not going to be easy. But I will try. I promise.

Maggie and Jenn lean in for a hug, and Maggie shows Jenn and Liam to their seat.

Lucas looks back at the situation with Liam and Jenn, before turning back to Sheryl.

LUCAS: Well that didn't look awkward.

SHERYL: What's the problem there, anyway?

LUCAS: It's...a long story. Look, what's important is that you're here. I was worried you wouldn't come after how I acted this afternoon.

SHERYL: It's okay! Look, I'm sorry I interrupted you. You seemed really preoccupied with work.

LUCAS: Yeah, that's...that's it. Working and...things. I just...I just want you to know that, I really do care about, Sheryl. You've worked so hard for us and...well, you've made my life a whole lot more interesting, too.

SHERYL: That's so sweet of you. I feel the same about you. You've made it so much easier for me since I came to Salem. I mean, I had Jordan but...well, you know how that was when I first got into town. It's nice to have someone like you to take me around and make me feel...I dunno. At home?

LUCAS: Trust me, It's been a pleasure for me. You're really special, Sheryl.

Lucas takes her hand and squeezes it on the table. Sheryl looks down at Lucas holding her hand and smiles, looking into his eyes.

Brady and Theresa talk about Brady's meeting today, telling the story of what happened. Theresa listens, but is somewhat distracted by the drama of Jenn, Liam and Maggie's encounter.

BRADY: So then Kate just starts whispering to Lucas, but she isn't like, actually whispering she's...are you even listening to me?


Theresa snaps out of it suddenly and refocuses on Brady.

THERESA: Sorry, was watching Maggie acting like a train wreck. She's about one nasty customer away from throwing herself off the wagon.

Brady turns around to see Maggie looking a little ragged, giving a piece of her mind to an apologetic waiter as they both make a beeline for the kitchen.

BRADY: Bit of a crazy night, I guess.

THERESA: I guess so. Anyway, you were saying.

BRADY: Ahhh, it wasn't important.

THERESA: No no, you were saying something about a big press conference tomorrow and you'll be on TV making all kinds of big announcements!

BRADY: Yes, indeed. And the best part is, once this deal goes down with EnerNext, I will be richer than anyone ever thought possible. Like...you wouldn't believe all the things I'm gonna buy you, okay? Like...you're gonna have a castle in England for yourself, and another for a fleet of horses, okay? That's how rich you're gonna be.

Theresa laughs at how ludicrous it all sounds. At that same moment, their drinks arrive.

THERESA: You know, you amaze me.


THERESA: Yeah. You're the only guy I've ever met who can come right out of an awful situation and just...spin it into gold.

BRADY: Believe me, Honey. Ignorance is bliss.

THERESA: Cheers to that.

BRADY: Amen.

Theresa and Brady toast, with Brady taking a good swig of his drink. Theresa drinks somewhat more daintily. Brady leans in and points to Theresa, with one eyebrow raised.

BRADY: You know what the best part of this whole press conference is, actually?

THERESA: What's that?

BRADY: You and I are gonna celebrate it all that night in Chicago, and we're gonna really party it up.

Theresa fishes in her bag stealthily and leans in at the same time.

THERESA: Well, you know...it's never too early to start the party, you know.

Theresa takes Brady's hand, and subtly passes a small baggie of cocaine to him. Brady hesitates to take it.


Abby is in her office at the hospital, shocked at Anne's presence, not to mention her implication that she overheard Abby's conversation with EJ.

ABBY: Uh...what are you talking about, Anne?

ANNE: Oh Honey, come on. You know what I mean.

ABBY: No, I don't have a clue what you--

Anne presses play on her phone and the sound of EJ detailing their morning office romp comes blasting out. Abigail's jaw drops, and she stutters, shaking as she points to Anne's phone. Anne meanwhile, has a huge 'gotcha!' smile across her face.

ABBY: Where...where did you get that?

ANNE: Oh Honey, you need to be more careful where you have your personal conversations. I mean, anyone could just...hide around that corner there while the door's ajar and just...record anything they happen to hear someone say about...having sex in the workplace with a major hospital board member during company time.

ABBY: Anne. Anne, give me that phone.

ANNE: Ah, ah, ah! Not so fast!

Anne pulls her phone away from Abigail's grasp. Holding one nagging finger up, Anne shakes it at Abigail, and takes a long moment to think about what to say next. She paces across Abby's office, taunting her. Abby is bordering on a panic attack when Anne finally speaks again.

ANNE: Now, here's the thing.

Anne stops and turns around, leaning against's Abby's desk.

ANNE: I know for a fact that if I played this for the hospital board, they would be...scandalized. But...and I'm sure you realize this because you're such a smart girl, so bear with me here...did you also know that if you're caught having sex while on duty at the hospital, you could be (fake gasps) FIRED?!

ABBY: You wouldn't dare tell any--

ANNE: ...And the one person I know would be more disappointed and shattered by a revelation like this coming out would be...guess who, Abigail?

Abby shakes her head, hoping beyond all hopes Anne stands close enough for her to grab the phone from her hands, she realizes Anne's threat.

ABBY: You can't...you can't tell my moth--

ANNE: ...Your MOTHER. That's right. And you know how much I would love that. So that means you have to do something for me.

ABBY: Anything. Please, Anne. I'll do anything.

ANNE: Anything?? You sure about that?

ABBY: Yes, please. Just please...make that recording go away.

ANNE: Quit. Put in your resignation tonight, and I'll be so grateful to have one less Holier-than-thou Horton to deal with every day, that no one will ever find out about your little sexcapade with Mr. DiMerRRRra.



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Loved the last scene. Anne had a field day being in control. great dialog. Anne shoulda asked for more than just for Abby to quit. I am not to sure what to make of the Chez rouge scene other than i do not care for Sheryl. And poor poor Maggie.

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THe slippery slope for Maggie...

Glad you are showing us that Liam is actually with Jennifer (unlike the TV version).

Anne better be very careful...she could end up swimming with the fishes.

Sami is becoming a basket case..

You explore characters very well...keep it up

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