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DAYS #20: Anne busts EJ/Abby, Sami breaks down




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Sami is in the garden, deep in thought, thinking back on her fight with EJ, his revelation about his raping her, and their son together, Johnny. Sami thinks of him, but for the first time, Sami connects her young son with EJ's ultimatum in the car during the snowstorm. Her pain, her feeling of violation, her sense of helplessness in the situation. She flashes back further in that moment to her rape as a teenager. She tries to stop the associations, but the flashbacks overwhelm her, she begins crying.


Johnny spots Sami from the house and emerges from inside to run over to her to give her a hug.


JOHNNY: Mommy!!


Sami winces at his touch, but holds it in. She tries to keep a cool head, but she still needs time to think and alone time. She hugs Johnny back, but pulls away quickly.


SAMI: Hey Johnny.

JOHNNY: Mommy, you look sad. What's wrong? Did you have another fight with Dad?

SAMI: Of course not, honey. I just...I need some time alone to think. But it's sweet you came to see me. But...I need you to do me a favour.

JOHNNY: What's that?

SAMI: I need you to go upstairs and do whatever homework you have. And I promise you I'll bring home something tasty from the bakery when you're done, okay?



Johnny excitedly runs back into the house. Sami watches Johnny run inside before breaking down in tears, slumping down in the grass.







Kim holds her hand out to Theresa again, as they stand in the hallway of the apartment block.


KIM: Look, Theresa, I tried to tell you I was coming to see the apartment about 6 times. You never answered.

THERESA: Well, I was busy. In fact, I'm still busy. I'm on my way out.


Theresa brusquely shuts the door to her apartment and locks it up, almost to prove a point to Kim that she's unwelcome inside. Before stepping away, she points her key at Kim.


THERESA: Look, do me a favour. Don't come knocking on my door for "friendly visits", and for God's sake, don't spy on me. I'm an adult, and I don't need you or anyone else in this family of Polyannas to come check up on me. Got it?


Theresa storms off to the elevator. Kim sighs heavily. The landlord stands awkwardly in the hall next to Kim, unsure what to do or say.


LANDLORD: So...I assume you've met your new neighbour before?


Kim shoots the landlord a look.




Roman, Kate, and Lucas are at Roman's office at the police station, going over Roman's discoveries on Jordan & Sheryl.


ROMAN: So...Kate, you are going to have to keep Jordan around at all costs. I see she's with Rafe. Support them, or at least appear to. Whatever you do, you cannot make it obvious that you're onto her. At any cost. Same goes for you, Lucas. I need you both to keep Sheryl on your payroll. Make it seem like nothing has changed.



Lucas looks sick after that statement.


LUCAS: I may have already blown that.

KATE: What do you mean by that?

LUCAS: Well, I ran into Sheryl at Club TBD earlier and I...I admit, I was acting really standoffish.

KATE: Do you think she suspects anything?

LUCAS: It's possible. But I think I can maybe calm her nerves later on. I'm gonna meet her for dinner at Chez Rouge after this.

ROMAN: That's good. That'll keep her suspicions at bay for now. Now, here's what we're gonna do. The ISA is going to send over an agent to work with you at MadWorld, and their sole function will be to suss out exactly what Sheryl and Jordan are up to, and they'll be working overtime to try to stop them before anything serious goes down.

KATE: Well, how will I explain this to my other employees? Is it going to be someone I can use? I mean...I can't just throw some random person into the executive team.

ROMAN: You won't have to. The ISA is sending Billie. That way, no one's suspicions will be raised, and you'll have someone who knows your company.


Kate smiles, impressed that Roman truly thought of everything with this plan.


KATE: Roman Brady, you're a genius.




Brady enters Chez Rouge. Maggie greets him at the door, a hesitant smile on her face.


MAGGIE: Brady.

BRADY: Maggie! Uh...I made...a reservation for two tonight.

MAGGIE: Oh really! Is this a date?

BRADY: Yes, it most definitely is, so I figured, where better to take a beautiful young lady than to the most intimate restaurant in town.

MAGGIE: Ohhh, don't flatter me, Brady. Come on now. I'll show you to your seat.


Maggie motions Brady over to a table, and talks with him as she heads over.


MAGGIE: I assume she's meeting you here, then?

BRADY: Yeah. She is, she should be along shortly so...


Maggie shows Brady to his seat. Maggie talks to him as he sits down.


MAGGIE: That's lovely. I'll be sure to send her your way. Listen...Brady, I want to tell you how glad I am to see you find someone new to connect with. I really do hope this is the start of a great new direction for you. You deserve it.


Brady smiles, somewhat surprised after not having heard a single word of praise in awhile.


BRADY: Thanks, Maggie. I appreciate that.

MAGGIE: Don't mention it. So who is this young lady you'll be dining with tonight?

THERESA: Her name's Theresa Donovan, and she's oh-so happy to be here.


Theresa takes Maggie by surprise, and Maggie turns around, all the joy and hope washed from her face as she looks at Brady's date.




EJ and Abby are inside Abby's office at the hospital. EJ has come to break off their affair, and, believing they are alone, is being rather candid about the whole issue. Little do either of them know that Anne Milbauer is around the corner, holding her cell phone on record.


Abigail is feeling a little uncomfortable after EJ explicitly states that he wants to end their affair, but refuses to let it show. She maintains her alluring presence.


ABBY: Why would you want to give this up, EJ? What is it? Did Sami give you a hard time?

EJ: Let's not go there, Abigail.


Abigail wraps her arms around EJ's neck, leaning in slowly for a kiss, her speech softer with every word.


ABBY: Why not? We seem to go there over and over...and over.


EJ ducks away before Abigail can plant a kiss on him. Anne stands, excited as all get-out over how juicy the whole situation is.


EJ: Enough, Abigail. I'm serious. Look, I need you to understand something. It's not just that it's inappropriate for you to be throwing yourself at me in your workplace, but you have to remember, Samantha and I...we have children together. Alright? I can't be risking what may be my last chance to allow my kids to grow up with both their parents together. Happy. I lost that chance at a very early age, Abigail. I won't put my kids through it as well.


Abigail becomes increasingly pensive as EJ speaks. Her facade of confidence and sensuality cracks, and the insecure girl in her re-emerges.


ABBY: My God. I've been so stupid. And selfish.

EJ: Abigail, don't beat yourself up over thi--

ABBY: And YOU! You want to pretend this never happened. Don't you? Just sweep me under the rug? Or maybe you wanna pull me out on special occasions when you haven't been getting any from Sami, huh? Business trips?

EJ: Abigail, you know this isn't just some cheap sex for me. I really do care for you.

ABBY: But that's the thing...that's what I just realized. It isn't just some cheap sex for you. It's control. You aren't getting sex from Sami. She's controlling you. And you wanna feel like the man, in charge of someone's emotions. And that's where I come in. Right, EJ?

EJ: That's not it at all, Abigail, I'm telling you. It's...look, something happened tonight. Something took over in me, and I...I said something I really shouldn't have. But it made me realize what's important in my life. And what's important to me is my family. Samantha, and our children. They are my family.

ABBY: I understand that, EJ. I really do. Your kids need you, Sami loves you, but that's the thing. You love control more than you'll ever love her.

EJ: That's not fair, Abigail.

ABBY: None of this is fair. I wish I'd never gone to Smith Island in the first place.


Abigail turns around, shaking her head, upset, and thinking hard about that fateful trip to the island cabin.


ABBY: But that doesn't mean I just turn my feelings off for you. I still want you. I really do wish that we'd been able to keep going this morning.

EJ: (with a little laugh) It's not all that, I promise you. Sex in the office just makes a mess for yourself to clean up later.

ABBY: This isn't a laughing matter, though, EJ. Look, I really need to...I need to clear my head.


Abigail turns to head out of the room, EJ grabs her arm to stop her.


EJ: Abigail. Wait. I'm sorry this hasn't worked out in your favour. But remember. I'm always here for you. No matter what. I want to remain your friend.

ABBY: How's that even gonna be possible, EJ?

EJ: You'll find a way. Remember, you're important to me. More than you know.


EJ turns and walks out of the office. Abigail tries in vain to hold in tears, as Anne walks into her office, applauding slowly.


ANNE: You know, that performance could've won you an Emmy. Good work, Abby!


Abigail turns around in horror to see Anne in her doorway.




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You've got these characters down pat!! I can watch this on TV

The Sami/Johnny scene was very good...as Sami reels from that argument.

Abigail watches in HORROR!! LOL..BUSTED!!

Good mention of Chez Rouge...

And a plausible return for Billie....

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  • Members

Just incredible. Beautiful opening scene with Sami and her refelctions.

Another great scene at the police station and what a great way you are brining Billie back. This stupid Jordan story is really picking up and I enjoy that a lot.

You make my hate for Theresea grow stronger in each ep and I can't belive kim didn't snatch her punk ass up. OMG this is crazy how she is acting.

And what a great cliffhanger. loved Abbey riping into EJ. Her emotions r trong and valid . Good job in capturing that. And I cant wait to see what Anne does next. This is getting really good and things r really piking up. Good job Al, and great show!!

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I adored the open scene with Johnny and Sami. Anne's last line about the emmy thing made bust up laughing. I am so over Thereasa. Nice way to set up Billie Reed's return

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